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Dru's POV

I vaguely remember saying something about Chris before I passed out, but now I was cool. Submerged in a pool of water. It was pitch black, yet I was peaceful.

The tattoos were controlled, but I could feel their hum on my skin. I swam, and swam, I was completely happy. Until I heard a laugh. I small tinkling sound. It got closer, more darker and more evil, until it rang out in my ears. It was haunting my head. Every nook and cranny in there was invaded by this laugh. It was dark and menacing.

'Druuu.' It sung. My tattoos started reacting to the voice, as if pleased. My blood ran cold. Unfortunately the tattoos just got hotter, slowly becoming unbearable. I couldn't scream though. I was holding my breath, that seemed important. I know that I could breath for some reason, but I didn't want to open my mouth. At all, like it was forbidden.

'Dru, my sweet. Are you ready? Are you ready to meet me- your soon to be husband, and your creator?' I kept my mouth closed. I wanted to yell, and run and scream, but the water seemed to be holding me in place. The water was calming, like it was with me. Fighting with me.

I screamed out in my mind. No! Go away! The laugh stopped. Like it heard me.

'Thats not right.' The voice said.

That's when I woke up, and my scream now became audible.

Christophe's POV

I thought I had her. That she was finally at the same level as me. We had been so good, and then I had to go and pull a stunt like this. Proposing. What was I thinking, of course she would choose the mutt, again.

I kicked my dresser in annoyance. Now I've lost her for good. Fantastic.

The breeze from my window made me shiver. I was walking around without a shirt, and a pair of jeans. I was about to rummage through the draws and find some sort of clothing suitable for sleeping in, when a scream rung out through the halls of the school. Dru.

I ran, as fast as I could, and I saw tons of others racing for her room. I turned don another hallway before I was smashed into the lockers next to me. I was a bout to retaliate but I saw a face. Shanks. Well, this was interesting.

'Well, to what do I owe the pleasure, Shanks'. I said, my tone dripping with sarcasm. 'In case you haven't noticed, Dru needs me, so if I could leave...' I let the word draw out, but Shanks just let out a harsh laugh and added reassure to my throat.

'Your not going anywhere near her. She asked me specifically to keep you away from her. There are others that can help her, much better than you. If you had gotten over your whole alpha male thing, then you would have seen that drus a PERSON. With feeling. You can't just propose and think, bam, she's gonna get over everything and come running to you. It..it just doesn't work that way dude.' I was rendered speechless. Dru doesn't want to see me? She, she wouldn't have said that. No. Of course not.

'Liar.' Was all I said, before I flung him off me, and knocked him unconscious after a lot of fatal blows to the head. Dru wouldn't like me hurting her friend, but she would hate that they were keeping us apart...she loves me, she wouldn't say anything to hurt what we have. Never. We belonged together, and we were going to be happy. But I had to get rid of the competitors. First, I would make sure MY Dru is ok. That MY Dru isn't harmed. I continued running towards her room, determined to show her that no matter what she does wrong— like refusing my proposal— she is mine. And I intend to keep it that way.

Drus POV

I writhed in pain on the bed. My tattoos glowed a bright red, and white swirled sometimes. It was worse than before. No matter how much water people poured on me it didn't work, if anything it made it worse.


That voice.

Dru-Girl... You can fight this.

Mum. That's who it was. My own mother was talking to me from the grave. Her words seemed to sooth the pain, Enright for the water to try and cool it down. I stopped screaming. I opened my eyes to see just in time Christophe barging in, and Ash jumping up and down at the edge of my bed.

Christophe. No, I don't want him here. That's what I told Shanks before, to keep him out. The way that Christophe has been acting lately, and plus the added proposal , was kind of scary; Possessive. Always going on about how he loves me and we belong together. I know it sounds sweet and everything, but it's more creepy and pedoish.

'Chris?' I said, and gulped. It was now or never. He had to know we weren't going to work.

'Yes, Baby. Sorry I took so long, that scumbag, Shanks, tried to stop me. Ill have him taken away.' He said, coming closer and pushing my hair away from my forehead. I moved away from him, and looked at him. He better not have hurt Shanks.

'Chris, I need to talk to you.' I took a deep breath. 'This isn't going to work, Chris. As much as you say it will, it won't. We don't belong together. We're not a match made In heaven, and no matter how long you look at it, I'm not in love with you, you knew I wasn't even remotely ready when you proposed and it hurt, hurt that you wouldn't care about me enough to consider i wasn't rady than claiming me as your own.' He had an arrange of looks, from love, to shock, to sadness, to out right anger.

'Chris. I did tell Shanks you keep you away.' I said, but it was a mistake. He had his hands around my throat and pressed up against a wall. I was too weak from the tattoos to be able to fight back.

'You DO love me, Dru. You have no choice. You WILL love me, Dru. Or Graves gets it. Got it?' He said. Graves. gravesgravesgraves. He has him!

'You bastard!' I said, and gained enough power to kick him in the shin, making him drop me, I landed a roundhouse kick to his head as he was down, and ran for the door. Which was when everybody decided they would stop eaves dropping and come to my rescue. Nat looked hysteric, like she was being held back the whole time.

I looked to Benjamin. 'I want him locked up.' I said. He wasn't going to hurt me, or Graves.

'Dru—' he wanted to know if I was okay first. I held up my hand to silence him. And he just nodded, Nat enveloped me in a hug, and whispered different ways of killing Chris. I blushed at a few of them. She pulled me back, and looked at me.

'You okay? Really?' She said. I nodded, and ran off, down the hallway. I heard Nat call my name out, but i wasn't listening, I had to make sure Shanks was ok. He can't get hurt because of me.