with every tiny, sweet, torturous kiss, fitz could feel his steely resolve fading away. her fingers were in his hair, arms around his neck and her face was so close to his. she awakened something inside him that had felt dead for so long. he touched his lips to hers ever so softly and kissed her back, lingering on her mouth. he let out a soft groan and deepened his kiss. his hands went around her waist pulling her closer, melding her body to his own. with one swift move he picked her up, mashing her against the full length of him. she moaned and wrapper her legs around his waist.

fitz held her just so and took several strides towards one of the guest bedrooms. there was a soft sliver of light coming through the windwo from outside. he put her down and kissed her neck while his hands found their way under her blouse touching her bare skin. he unbuttoned her blouse and discarded the fabric on the floor. liv slipped out of her bra. at the sight of her breasts he could feel himself growing hard, his erection straining against his pants. his hands were at her waist again and his fingers began to explore the skin just under her pants. he unfastened the buttons at the front and undid the zipper. he pulled down her pants till she stood in nothing but her panties.

they stared at each other. God she was beautiful, he thought. and she's mine. he knelt before her, trailing wet kisses on her stomach, rubbing his hands on her thighs and over her butt. then he went lower and kissed her through her panties. liv felt weak with pleasure and put her hands on his shoulders for support. he continued his sweet torture using his hands, his tongue against her. he grabbed at the tiny fabric till they ripped under his strength. she was wet on his tongue. he played her like an instrument, tasting her, taking her to places she never dreamed. he loved her scent, and pulled her even closer till her leg was almost over his shoulder.

liv felt like she would black out and she screamed as she came. she collapsed against him and he held her for a few seconds. then he picked her up and placed her on the bed. in the darkness liv could hear the sound of him getting undressed. she was anxious to have him near her again. desperate for his touch.

he lay on top of her kissing her, plunging his tongue in her mouth and she returned every fiery kiss with her own. with every kiss it was like he was marking her, claiming her as his own.

"I'm sorry Liv." he said. normally he didn't rush their lovemaking but it had been so long. "I can't wait."

they both gasped when he entered her. it was a swift and powerful stroke sending strong pulses of pleasure through them both. he fit her so perfectly like putting on a warm glove. it was like lightning was moving through her and over her body. liv clawed at his back as he stroked deeper and deeper and she wrapped her legs around him. he looked down on her, loving the pleasure he saw on her face. he buried his face in her neck and murmured..

"…my sweet baby…"

he moved faster now, and with more urgency. he wanted to close the distance that had come between them. if he could, he would join their bodies together so they could never be separated again. he put his hands under her butt, pulling her closer to meet his thrusts. she felt so good, even better than he remembered. he felt like he was home. he never wanted to let her go again. he wouldn't. not this time. he loved her so much.

"I love you." said Liv as if reading his mind. his heart turned over. and he looked into her eyes.

"Say it again." he whispered

"I love you." she obeyed knowing he needed to hear it.

"Say it again…."

"I love you….."

she moaned in pleasure and minutes later he joined her in ecstasy.

they lay in silence holding onto each other. hands, legs, hearts intertwined, feeling utterly spent.