I haven't read Darke yet, and i've not read any of the books in ages!

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Dear Diary,

You know, when I used to think about being a Princess, when I was a little girl, before I found out the truth, I thought it would be great. Now, I'm actually quite bored with it.

Everyone always tells me what I should and shouldn't do. I'm always being bossed about, and I'm the Princess, oughtn't I being doing the bossing?

Anyway, not everything about being a Princess is bad. I love the Palace, the Queen's room, especially. I always feel at home in there. Peaceful.

But the part of being a Princess, where you have to act all proper, is harder than it seems. Much harder. I bet the last time you walked around with books balanced on your head, you were joking around. Not with me. My Princess tutor is deadly serious about posture.

Still, Mum and Dad are always with me, and they keep my life fun, so it's not all bad.

My nightmares are the worst. Ever since I was mistaken for Esmeralda, I have nightmares about her poor dead sisters. Especially because I sleep in the same room poor Esmeralda's mother imprisoned me in.

I like talking to the ghosts at the palace, although many of them call me Esmeralda, rather than Jenna. I don't know why they can't just remember! I mean, really, how long does it take to remember the name of your soon-to-be queen?

I feel like I'm going crazy with my studies, all this stuff about sticking your pinkie out when you drink something, which is both stupid and extremely uncomfortable. In fact, after my first lesson about it, (I know, a full lesson about how to drink like a Princess), I almost swore to never drink again, just so as I didn't have to stick out my pinkie.

My parents pretty but keep me sane. Oh, and Sep of course! He's great, even though Marcia still kinda scares me… I love the Wizard Tower, mostly because it always has a special message for me on the floor. It's really cool!

Anyway, it's getting quite late, and I have many more lessons tomorrow, (too many, in my opinion), so I must go to bed!


Princess Jenna xoxo

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Sophia xoxo