The not so distant future.

Fire consumes all if truer words were never spoken. Metropolis has pretty much been reduced to a smoking crater. A dark haired Supervillain in a black skin tight spandex with a lightning bolt emerged from the debris Black bolt smiles at his handy work seeing he killed at the very least Flash and Green Lantern with that attack among others.

A Woman explodes in a primal scream breaking through the debris. She's dressed in a revealing outfit of the stars and stripes with two symbolized Ws with Raven black hair and a Tiara. Black Bolt rushes her and she punches him in the stomach and hits him with a combination of punches to his face. When Black bolt is wobbly she takes out a sword and proceeds to cut his head off and leaves his body to fall.

Diana looked around the field and saw the damages so many of her friends have died today. 'Is there anyone I can help?' She thinks to herself. She sees Bruce strung up by her lasso around his throat with the Joker choking the life out of him.

"Batsie you've hung me up so many times this almost seems fair." Joker quipped.

Diana flew over to save Bruce but when she got close a missile impacted at all three of their feet knocking Diana away but killing Batman and the Joker ending their feud once and for all.

Diana tried to crawl back up to her feet but was stopped by a very strong purple hand slamming her back down face first and picking her up by her throat. She looked up and saw that her attacker was Lex Luthor in his battle suit accompanied by Kara's rogue clone Galatea.

Lex squeezed down and put pressure on her neck. "Call him."

Diana shakes her head no. She won't do it no matter what he does.

Galatea just smiled and lets a powerful stream of heat vision out on Diana's chest.

Lex just looked at her again. "Last chance Princess bring him to me."

"I can't." Diana bluffed.

Lex let loose an enormous amount of green electricity from his suit and it all hit Diana at once causing the Amazon to release inhumane screams of agony.

In the dark of space Superman is at the brightest spot right next to Earth's yellow sun recuperating after being worked hours on end for the past week. Clark hears a bone chilling scream even worse Diana's bone chilling scream. After Lois died because her school hobby of smoking came back to bite her in the ass hard Clark moved on with Diana. Hearing her scream like that caused Clark to move full speed back to earth.

Lex just smiled seeing Clark coming his way in the form of a shooting star. "That's it come to papa."

Clark never stopped his speed once and Luthor was sent flying out of sight dropping Diana and leaving Clark to fight Galatea. The kryptonian clone rushed Clark with a smile she was always the stronger of the two. "You can't beat me Clark."

Clark just caught her in mid air and slammed her head into his knee shattering her jaw and breaking her nose. She was never stronger Clark just always held back.

Galatea was wincing in pain trying to get to her feet. Where the hell did that come from? "Superman doesn't do that."

"Superman died with Metropolis." Clark answered grabbing Galatea and repeatedly punching her in the face. He hears something that sounds like a rocket and throws Galatea into it.

Galatea's eyes go wide seeing the rocket with a green tip. Lex was planning to kill them both. "You can't trust no…" She was silenced forever the moment the missile impacted on her and exploded.

Superman turned around and saw Lex had recovered as green, blue and gold bullets and blasts came his way. Superman flew through them and grabbed the guns off Luthor's battle armor and ripped them off. Superman grabbed Lex by his chest punching through his armor and hoisting him up.

"I Should have left you tied to that cornfield." Lex replied coldly.

Clark just looked at him with the same hate filled eyes. "And I should have left you at the bottom of the river." Clark threw Lex into the Daily planet and that was the last blow the building could take as every single story fell on Lex's very human head crushing him to death.

Clark walked over to Diana and cradled her body in his arms. "Diana, come on Mongul gave you a worse beating than this. You're the strongest woman I know come on. Please, Diana please wake up. You can't die. I can't lose you. Diana wake up!"

Clark felt a weakness he hadn't felt in years. Under earth's yellow sun he got stronger so it took longer for the effects of kryptonite to take hold. Clark fell to the floor and grunts in pain as Diana's body fell next to him. Clark watched as green ooze poured out of her mouth Lex's final trap. Clark looks up and sees a boomtube opening. Years ago he would have fought this thing quite easily by flying into him but now that it had freed its original body from the source wall Clark had struggled against him every time. He sees the blue boots and blue clothes along with the evil red eyes.

Clark just looked at him Lex left a Trojan horse and Clark is now powerless. "You can kill me Darkseid but the people will never bow to you."

Darkseid looked at him as his eyes lit up. "I broke these people before. Without you I will break them again. Goodbye Kal El." Darkseid fires his omega beams.

Back in the present Emil is a frantic wreck trying to wake up Tess. "Tess, Tess, come on wake up."

Tess just stared at Emil. "Oh god it was horrible…Why am I on the floor?"

Emil looked at her. "You can't be serious." He turns around and picks something off the floor to show to Tess. "Any reason you decided to use the Helmet of Naboo?"

Tess cringes when she sees it as the memories are flooding back to her. She had one last showdown with Daddy dearest before putting one in the black hole that is usually a person's heart. She put on the Helmet of Naboo to see where Lex's clone was lying about if he was still alive after she checked the lab. He was at Luthorcorp and she frowns because she sees what her brother is going to and likely will do at some point since she wasn't in that big battle but maybe she can use it for her advantage.

Emil looked at her. "Tess are you OK? Any echoes in your head."

Tess just grabbed onto him and kissed him deeply one last time. Emil moved his arm around her neck and hair pulling her closely. He thought this was just a one time thing because of what happened in Vegas. They come up for air and Tess breaks away. "I have to go."

Emil's brain came back online in time to stop Tess. "Where are you going?"

"Summerhault and then I need to see Zantanna." Tess answered as she got to the door she stopped and whispered. "Goodbye Emil."

"Are you high?" Zatanna asked.

Tess just shrugged she could very well be but she doesn't see another way. "Jury is still out but I don't think so."

Zatanna just walked to her fridge getting something. Anything with alcohol in it she needs a freaking drink. "Say for one second I completely lose any trace of sanity and agree with you and actually cast the spell. Who do you think Clark is going let you sacrifice to do it?"

Tess just frowned. "You're looking at her."

Zatanna just looked at her. "Tess, no this is insane."

Tess took a drink. "Squashed by the world's biggest redhead."

Zatanna guzzled a shot and looked at her. "What?"

"That's how you die." Tess answered. "I watched every person we have and every person we will ever have die horrible deaths. Oliver shot in the back of the head by Slade his splattered into Chloe's face. Chloe frozen and shattered by an assassin called Killer Frost, Bart caught in the equivalent of a nuke, Victor ripped apart by an evil version of Kara do you want me to keep going."

Zatanna took another shot seeing the tears in Tess' eyes. "Actually I'm begging you to stop because I believe you. What do you want me to do?"

Tess just looked at her. "Work the spell and never tell Clark."

Zatanna just nodded and soon enough worked the spell she saw Tess out and watched her leave for her car. "Goodbye Tess."

Tess walked into Luthorcorp looking a lot braver then she felt. She looked over and saw Lex Luthor in the boss' chair. "I had a feeling I'd find you here. I saw the lab."

Lex turned around in his chair. "Long time sis"

Tess looked at him. "Did you always know?"

Lex just smiled. "Why do you think I recruited you and looked after you as my own flesh and blood?"

"You used me." Tess accused him.

"Semantics" Lex replied.

Lex got out of his seat and walked to her. "I'd say dear old dad did most of the abusing. Wouldn't you, I guess the bullet in his chest answers that question huh."

Tess walked up to him. "He wanted nothing more than to have you back again."

Lex just looked at her approvingly. "And what did you want Tess?"

Tess just frowned. "Something I'll never have."



Lex just held her. "I love you sis."

Tess is confused maybe it's not too late like with Alexander. Tess feels the knife enter her stomach. No wait there it is.

Lex just looked at her. "You know I'm actually saving you."

Tess fell but Lex caught her before she hit the floor. "From what?"

"From turning into me." Lex answered.

Tess just laughs its actually brotherly affection in Lex's own twisted way. She reached up and touched his face with a special glove. "It's too late Clark already did that?"

Lex reached up and felt the substance on his face and wiped it off.

Tess just looked at him. "It's the neurotoxin you started at Summerhault." She's starting to feel her life slip away. "It penetrates…"

"Thermal tissue" Lex finished.

"Paralyzing all cognitive recognition." Tess finished explaining

Lex just looked at her no point in holding a grudge now. "How long?"

"30 seconds" Tess answered.

"What will I remember?" Lex asked.

Tess just looked at him and shakes her head. "Nothing, the world before this moment won't exist to you."

With that Tess dies and Lex walks away. While his memories are erased one by one Tess' memories are going through her head one by one starting with Clark's death as Zatanna's spell is triggered by her death. Tess feels a pull as she goes through the memories.

Tess feels fuzzy and warm and protected. She looks down and sees someone has his arms wrapped around her with blond hair. Well either Lex has no memory of Clark and this is heaven or her crazy ass plan the helmet showed her actually worked and the person hugging her is.

"I swore that if I ever made it off this island, I'd change. I wouldn't waste my life. That starts now."

Yup it's Oliver the spell actually worked there's one for magic. So the neurotoxin scrambled Lex's memory and gave them some form of a chance in the original timeline and now it falls to her to make sure they have a chance in this new timeline she created.

One of her kidnappers said. "Let's go!" The man walks towards them. "Boat's ready. Let's go."

Morgan stared at the two. "Hurry up."

Oliver throws a makeshift weapon that goes through a certain flower and stabs Morgan in the shoulder. Tess headbutts and punches out the other man.

Oliver stood there impressed wondering where that came from and turned to Morgan. "Careful. That flower's poisonous."

Morgan groaned in pain. "You're not gonna leave me here to die."

Tess just kicked him in the ribs. "You want to live?" She kicks him again for when she couldn't defend herself originally. "You crawl down to the leech pond. Make some new friends."

Oliver smirked and turned to her. "Are you ready to go home?"

Tess just nodded.

The helicopter was on its way home and Oliver turned to Tess and put on a charming smile. "So are you doing anything when we hit land?"

Tess rolled her eyes she read Lex's journal and Lionel's Veritas journals but this was the start of her and Oliver. Something that will not be happening this time around. Mainly so she can be spared the pain of walking in on Oliver cheating on her and the shock of wondering how the waitress bent her legs like she did.

Tess breathed deep and started. "Oliver you're a nice guy but right now I just want something simple and single."

Oliver just nodded he could understand that being kidnapped for so long. "Damn shot me down. Well I tried no crime in that."

Tess just smiled. "I do want to say thank you though for saving my life. I get the feeling when we're back on land that I won't be the only one."

Oliver just smiled. "No you won't. You saved my life Ms. Mercer and I won't ever forget that. If you ever need anything you let me know."

Tess just nodded. She'll definitely be cashing in on that one more than once.

"So what's next for Tess Mercer?" Oliver asked.

Tess just smiled as she knew exactly what to do next. "I was thinking a family reunion."

Lionel Luthor was hard at work finalizing his son's transfer to the Smallville plant. Lionel was signing paperwork for his company until he heard a page from his secretary and answered. "Yes"

"Your child is here to see you Mr. Luthor."

Lionel just rolled his eyes not believing that Lex is still fighting him on this. "Send him in."

To Lionel's surprise it's not Lex that enters its his daughter Lutessa. How did she even find out who she is. Lionel just lets it play not changing face. "And who are you?"

"Tess Mercer" Tess introduced herself. She then handed Lionel a piece of paper. "I think you had a different name for me."

Lionel unfolded the paper and saw her adoption papers. How the hell did she get these? "And what can I do for you Ms. Mercer."

Tess just smiled. "I heard you're dumping Lex in Smallville. I need a place to live so I'm hoping you don't mind if I live with him in the manor."

Lionel just looked at her. "You come in with these papers that are obviously forged and you expect me to just make you a Luthor."

"Not forged." Tess answered. "You wouldn't believe how many claws and whips I had to go through to get that. But I could always blackmail you for it."

Lionel just smiled. "Whatever you have Ms. Mercer I'm sure that statute of limitation has already expired."

Tess just grinned it's fun getting the upper hand on Lionel for now and will keep his focus on her like she wants. "I'm pretty sure it never runs out on murdering your parents."

Lionel just looked at her. "That was a tenement fire as the courts ruled it."

Tess just sighed she knows talking to Lionel is out of the question until she has all 3 stones so she just takes it from here. "Look Lionel we can argue and play bluffs and gambits all day. You can even try to kill me but I wouldn't recommend it with all the lawyers and others all with in the event of my death or disappearance instructions to disseminate…well, you do the math. I have no interest in seeing you go down for your crimes Lionel I or a scandal I just want a roof over my head."

Underneath Lionel would be smiling this was a Luthor. Maybe he shouldn't have been so quick to abandon her after what happened with Lucas. He can always make it look like she's crazy if she's ever foolish enough to talk. "I figured being adopted would make those Luthor claws of yours dull but they seem as sharp as ever Lutessa. If you really want to live with your brother so bad be my guest."

Tess just looked at him she's going to have to keep an eye out on him. "Thank you Lionel."

Lex just smirked as Tess told her story to him at the mansion. It's no surprise to Lex that Lionel cheated on his mother now he's got living proof a sister. Tess just finished her story.

"So are you OK." Tess asked.

Lex just nodded. "It bothers me that it caused my mother pain. But at least I have a new baby sister out of it. Make yourself at home."

Tess just smiled. "Thank you, so um shower."

Lex just gave her instructions that Tess already knew. Lex saw she was leaving and just said. "So when were you going to tell me sis?"

"Tell you what?" Tess asked.

Lex just smirked. "That Pamela Jenkins was your mother."

Tess just laughed emptily so much for keeping that a secret she knew her mother meant a lot to him once. "I thought I kept it well hidden. I didn't want to stir anything I didn't even know her."

Lex just frowned her eyes and hair gave it away. "Yeah well apparently neither did I. Make yourself at home sis."

Tess just nodded and left. Kind of amazed that Lex showed genuine feeling. She actually liked talking to that Lex OK that's another thing for the list.

Tess took a shower the warm water running down so she can collect her thoughts she has so much to do. First she has to get in a believable accident and have Clark save her. Stop Doomsday because as much as Clark won't admit it he never fully recovered from Davis' rampage and although he pieced back together his friendship with Chloe it was still broken to the day they died. If she can keep Lex as the good man he started as that would be even better as the two of them could stand together to save the world from Darkseidbut she's not holding out hope for that one. She can also try to save some of the meteor freaks in this place and add them to the league four in particular. And a big one on her list save Jonathon Kent as that was Clark's ultimate corruption. She really does need to sit down and work on that list.

Tess wraps herself in a towel and walks to her room. Lex's security is as lax as it always is. Tess goes into her room for a change of clothes and finds something that is definitely going to screw with the timeline as she sees an elderly woman sitting down on her bed. She watches the woman hard at work with a needle and thread just as she was outside her hospital room waiting for her to die after Zod burned half her face.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Tess asked.

Granny Goodness just smiled. "Now is that any way to treat your granny. And perhaps you would like to get changed sweet Lutessa."

Tess looked at her lack of clothing. Probably would have been a lot more threatening if she had more then a towel on. "You're not my granny I escaped remember. And considering what you strip from people's minds I don't think nudity should offend you."

Granny smiled. "True you know I have a new angel gifted from the meteor shower you don't want to be around when she starts jumping up and down having a temper tantrum."

Tess stared at her. "Make your point or you're going out the window."

Granny just smiled. "My girls have all sorts of gifts. One of my girls can even read minds like trespassers and thieves."

Tess just looked at her refusing to flinch even an inch.

Granny just looked at her. "Stop this mad attempt to change fate Lutessa I beg of you."

Tess just stared at her. "No, now get out."

Granny just got to her feet. "Very well child but just know altering history usually has a butterfly effect. If the bad times come I hope you are ready to pay for them."

Tess watched Granny leave and went and got changed into a business suit. She headed downstairs as she agreed to go to the factory with Lex. She also groans realizing what day it is and hopes she can still hold her breath underwater like she used to in these days since they're going to hit Clark after the factory. Then the fun should really begin.

Author's notes

Tess's death just seemed like yeah we have Lex back so screw her. Horrible way for a Luthor to go out.

Up next: Secret Keeper and the first recruit.