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Davis stood in confusion of where he is he could have sworn he was just in his apartment not that long ago. Davis was pulled out of his thoughts by a very similar moan to him as he runs upstairs and hears it again along with gasps and a bed creaking. He makes it to the room and sees something that disgusts him. Tina in bed straddling Clark the two are having sex until Tina lets out a very familiar scream to him and they both come crashing down gasping for breath.

"Damn! How did you do all that?" Tina asked.

"I aim to please." Clark's simple response that made Davis' stomach turn as unknown to him his eyes turned red.

Tina just smiled planting little kisses on Clark's chest until she rests on her elbow. "Well now it's my turn to please you so the million dollar question becomes what does Clark Kent want?" She shapeshifts into Chloe "Petite blond" Tess "Fiery redhead" Lana "Hot Asian" Kyla "Indian"

Davis feels sick to his stomach and anger he hasn't felt since his blackout days so he heads for the door he'll deal with this when he levels off. He turns around and finds the door is gone replaced with Clark and Tina still in bed. There's no getting away from it.

Clark just cupped Tina's face. "How about a brown haired beauty with a glowing green skeleton with superstrength so I don't have to hold back."

Tina happily shifts back into herself and straddles Clark. "I can arrange that."

Tina sees Davis has caught them and just lets out a moan before turning back to Clark as he spins it around so she's under him. Clark sees Davis and just smiles. "What you didn't really think the monster would get the girl did you?"

Bone protrusions started coming out of Davis's body as his skin turned grey and he shouted. "CLARK!"

Granny and Deesad stood over their handy work Doomsday is actually asleep in bed. Deesad just smiled envy was what got him going. "He's ready."

Lex was woken up by someone gently caressing his back he takes the hand and turns around seeing Lana lying in bed with him. Lex just kisses her. "What were you doing?"

Lana smiled and kissed him and smiled. "Just playing with your scar"

Lex smiled and took her hand. "You know most people will be weirded out by scars they always fear what's different."

"Well not me" Lana replied sliding it through her fingers. "Your scar is my favorite thing about you. Coming that close to death made you a different person than the guy teaching Patricia Swann the breast stroke. It made you a better man; it made you the man I love."

The two just kiss gently. Lana smiles and asks. "Did you talk to Tess about Isis yet?"

"She wants to wait until after graduation I think she feels like a mother seeing all her kids off to the next step of their lives." Lex replied. "Speaking of which get dressed it's your graduation too."

Lana hopped out of bed and started getting clothes together its graduation day and much like everyone else she knows she's off to Met U. after this.

Clark was getting dressed for the big day. He sees Tess scrambling for clothes as well for the celebration she packed ahead. "Not that I didn't mind the midnight phone call and what resulted from it but why did you call exactly?"

Tess was sliding her dress up while responding. "Lex let Lana spend the night. I love my brother but I don't want to hear him… making love."

Clark zipped up the back of her skirt for her and kissed her neck. "I understand, but Lex and Lana don't seem to be slowing down."

"I really need to get a place of my own." Tess quipped.

Clark laughed at that. "So you're moving out"

"Seems like it." Tess replied.

Clark thought about it hoping this doesn't come out too needy or desperate. "Want a roommate?"

Tess laughed until she saw that Clark was as serious as he gets. "You want to live together?"

Clark thought it through a while now he just wasn't sure how to say it. "I'd like to try. I know Kara is by no means a farm girl but Raya loves the quiet and the grass here so the farm's not a problem. And I can be here in seconds if Lindsey needs her brother or anyone else does. I'd like to try it Tess."

Tess smiled not believing it. "OK I'll look for a bigger place."

They were both dressed and realized this was it them taking the next step. Tess was curious now. "So what are you going to do with your life?"

"Become Earth's greatest champion." Clark quipped.

Tess rolled her eyes playfully, she walked right into that one didn't she. "That's a good job for Kal El but what about Clark Kent."

Clark tied his tie thinking of the one thing he'll miss from Smallville High. "I'm thinking of trying to get a job at the Daily Planet. I hate to say it but I miss the Torch."

Tess nods wondering if maybe he'd just miss Chloe. "So you're back on journalism?"

"Best way to know what's going on in the city work for the press." Clark countered. "And you said I liked working for the Planet."

"Until you became a bumbling reporter you did. So what's going to happen when it comes time to be bumbling again?" Tess asked.

Clark smiled he planned this one out ahead. "Zatanna offered to work some magic on my glasses makes it seem like we've always been two different people and they'll change my eye color to green when I wear them as opposed to the bright blue they always are."

Tess caught on from here. "And since everyone has seen you in glasses for the past 2 years add on however long it will take for you to go public and no one will ever be the wiser."

"That's the general idea." Clark replied.

Tess just wrapped her arm around his. "I like it. Now come on Mr. Kent you lets get you out of high school."

Raya, Kara, Tess Jonathon, and Martha sat down Lindsey took a spot on her mother's lap with Carter, Kent, Carolyn, Ted, Dinah, Lex, Oliver, AC, Bart, Zatanna and Andrea. Everyone was here today as they all sort of grew into adoptive families and Lana had no parents to attend the event so they could use all her tickets. Everyone smiled in attendance as the kids started coming up Alicia was first up but Raya heard something coming their way.

"Oh no" The kryptonian whispered.

"What?" Tess asked.

Raya shrugged this is too much if this is what she thinks it is. "It's nothing I can't handle alone. Enjoy the show they earned it." Raya moves to the back until she's out of sight and then disappears in a blur.

Kara watches as Tina gets her diploma and hear the ruckus Raya and whatever the hell that thing is making. She gets up to help Raya out. what the hell is she fighting? "I'll go see what's keeping Raya you keep watching."

Clark smiled getting his high school diploma he looks over to the stands and sees almost everyone applauding for him except for Kara and Raya who are mysteriously missing. Clark joins the student body and decides to give an ear out to find them. He hears a bunch of rumbles and crunches until he finds them.

"Hey you put her down." Kara shouted.

A loud crash was heard and Clark just hears Raya. "Son of a bitch" He hears something like a truck smash into a beast from the sounds of it. Clark walked back as Lana was walking forward. "I could use a distraction."

Lana nods walking to the principal. Clark told her the truth and she was surprised to say the least. The only thing that really shocked her is Clark actually blaming himself for her parents' death. She told him she didn't and said it was the equivalent of a baby surviving a car wreck.

Lana smiled and took the diploma and the she feigned a dizzy spell and hit the floor as everyone rushed over to check on her or look at the scene. Clark just smiled and ran at superspeed as Bart and Lindsey watch him go.

Tess just turned to Lex. "What was that about?"

Lindsey started to try to struggle to break free form her mother it wasn't hard to do but Andrea grabbed her and put her on her lap. With her meteor enhanced heart pumping she has a better chance to hold her down.

"Clark go" Lindsey said trying to muscle free.

"Clark left" Tess asked as she turned to Bart.

Bart pointed behind him. "He took off full speed that way."

"Go see why." Tess ordered.

Bart just looked at his feet. "These are new shoes. Nice ones even."

"Bart" Tess just gave him a blank evil stare.

Bart shriveled under Tess' stare. "I'm going."

Bart took off in a blur and watched the scene with interest he saw Kara on the floor a big gash on her head with blood pouring out. He runs into the forest and sees Raya on the floor blood pouring from multiple wounds and hears a loud rumble. He goes deeper into the woods and sees Clark throwing jabs a big grey monster but keeping his distance with a bloody face. Bart runs back he knows how strong Clark can hit and if that thing can take it Bart doesn't think he'll get up again if that thing gets his hands on him he's dead.

Bart moves back in a blur as no one sees him. "OK so Kara and Raya are down and my amigo is fighting the Incredible Hulk's inbred cousin."

"What's this thing look like?" Tess asked.

Bart got a picture together. "Demonic red eyes, gray skin, bone protrusions."

Tess just got up and ran for the graduates. The last name has been read and her group is all in one spot celebrating. She ran right up to Tina. "Tina, I need to talk to you."

Tina looked at her saw she was stressed out. "Tess what's wrong?"

"Has Davis been acting weird to you lately?" Tess asked. Tess could see it in her eyes as Tina nervously tried to figure out what to say. "Tina you've got to be honest right now. If we have any chance of saving him you gotta answer me."

Tina frowned but answered. "You're just going to put him in that place Raya told me about."

"Not yet Tina I promise you that is not plan B its plan C but right now I need to know." Tess answered.

Tina nods and confesses. "He says he's been hating Clark lately a lot more then usual. Ever since Granny had me flogged"

Tess nods and explains. "A piece of that monster must have survived in Davis after we separated the two. Watching you get whipped must have pushed it out of him and restored the beast."

Tess turns to Alicia. "I need you to go to watch tower and get the black kryptonite from the vault."

"What about the gold bullets?" Alicia asked.

"Leave them they won't do a thing to him now." Tess answered.

Clark dodged Doomsday's punch and a tree was knocked down in result. Clark ducked under another fist then back flipped over the next one. Clark tried for a punch but Doomsday hit him in the stomach and got another hand on his throat. Doomsday followed it up with a flurry of punches to his face and body before shouting "KAL EL!" and hitting him one last time sending him sliding across the floor.

Clark pressed his hands to the floor to get up but when his face was at even level Doomsday punched him again. Doomsday went to deliver another attack but shouted in pain as it was hit in the back as a light flashed once again separating Davis from the beast. Doomsday snarls and swats Bart away into the air as he came crashing down hard.

Back with everyone else Lindsey is going nuts in Andrea's arms until she breaks free and disappears in a blur.

Tess saw the scene in shock. "Oh shit… Alicia."

"She's too fast I can't catch her." Alicia replied trying and missing her.

Kyla ran after her in wolf form but was trailing behind fast.

Lindsey came to a stop to see her big brother a mess on the floor and she hits him trying to get him back to his feet. Lindsey turns around and sees something that scares the 21 month old toddler as she screams for someone to help her as Doomsday raises its fist. Clark is woken up by the screams of his little sister and in one quick movement is in a blur and in the air burying his feet in Doomsday whom is sent flying deep into the forest from Clark's dropkick. Clark picks his little sister up and checks her for injuries and is forever thankful she's not hurt.

"Kara, Raya"

Kara moved in a blur but tripped over a rock she's hurting just like Clark is. "I heard her scream is she OK."

"Take her" Clark insisted as he handed her off to her.

Kara looks in Clark's eyes and sees a look she's never seen before. At least from him anyway. Whatever that thing was just pissed off Clark in a big way. Kara takes Lindsey from him as Clark bends his knees and takes off after the creature in one big flight.

Tess appeared in a green haze and quickly with Alicia and ran for Kara. "Is she alright?"

"Just a little spooked." Kara assured her. "Though if I was that gray thing I'd be pissing my pants right now I've never seen Kal El so angry before."

Tess walked over to Davis whom had a guilt ridden look on his face. "What happened?"

Davis shrugged. "I had this weird dream where Clark was sleeping with Tina right in font of me."

Tess rolled her eyes great all of this is because he has jealousy issues. "Why would Clark… ever sleep with Tina they're friends… and honestly I think Clark might die if he had sex with Tina her bones are laced with poison to him. Come to think of it it's probably what kept Doomsday suppressed so long since he came back."

"I know but when Clarks said he wanted to sleep with just Tina no shape shifting it sounded like something he would say. So how are we going to stop the beast?" Davis asked changing the subject.

Tess just took his hand. "We're not." She puts something in his hand. "You are."

Davis opens his palm and sees it. It's black kryptonite. "You want me to refuse with the beast… are you high?"

Tess shakes her head no. "The people that made you designed it so that you were a beast with a man in you. I'm sorry but that was the situation you were born into. I'm giving you a chance to take control of your life to be a man with a beast as a part of you."

Davis shrugged. "And if I just watch my temper form now on."

Tess just snatched his arm. "The beast will always be a part of you no matter how much you run from it. That beast is a part of you so who's going to control your life you or him?"

Doomsday landed on the floor of the forest making a crater from the impact. The crater tripled in size when Clark crashed into it burying Doomsday deeper into the hole. Doomsday snarled and ran at Clark who caught each hand in his arms. Clark delivered a headbutt and sent Doomsday back wobbly. Doomsday tried to punch but Clark ducked under it and kicked the creature's legs out form under him. Doomsday went to pull itself back to his feet but Clark jumped up and tagged him with a stiff right hand coming down followed with a kick to the ribs. Doomsday moves as fast as it could back to its feet as it shouts the name of the person he's here to kill. "Kal El"

Clark feels some ribs break when Doomsday lands a punch on his side and Clark coughs up blood from the blow. Doomsday grabs Clark by the throat and hoists him up delivering a stiff combination of punches to his chest and face. Clark snarled in fury within its grip as his eyes glowed red and he hit Doomsday in the eyes with two blasts of heat vision blinding the creature.

The creature dropped Clark on instinct and started swinging randomly. Clark ducked under its oafish swings and delivered a few well placed jabs to its face knocking him back and adding to the assault with haymaker wobbling the creature. No one ever messes with his family. Doomsday tries one last blind swing and Clark ducks under it countering with an uppercut knocking it into the air along with causing little vibrations through the forest. Clark bent his knees and took off after him. Clark flew up to Doomsday's stomach and unloaded in a flurry of punches to the creature's stomach following it up and finishing with a back flip kicking it in its face. Clark flew higher to the point where he was now above the creature waiting for it until he smashed it in the back of the head with a double axe handle as Doomsday came crashing down to the floor creating a massive crater.

Kyla ran out followed by the others with a bloody Raya carrying Bart over her shoulders.

Raya looked at the floor in shock this was Zod's ultimate weapon and Kal El has just left it in a pool of its own blood. "What did you do?"

"I hit him." Clark replied and just shrugged. "I hit him a lot."

Kyla shifted back into her human form. "You did a lot more then hit him you snapped. What really happened?"

"He went after Lindsey so much for human emotions making me weak huh?" Clark asked falling to his knees as the adrenaline wears off and Tess catches him.

Davis walks over to the creature that has haunted his nightmares since childhood. He has no idea why Tess is so certain of this but he made his choice. He puts the rock on the creature's chest as a swell of energy hits him and the two are made one.

Tess studies him carefully. "Davis are you still in there?"

Davis nods his head. He feels good very good he can feel the creature in him but it's nowhere near as bad as it once was but it's there. "Just checking something." Davis eyes glow red as bone protrusions come out of his hand and his skin turns gray revealing Doomsday. Doomsday looks at his hand and smiles as the protrusions recede and he regains human form. "Oh yeah I'm going to have a lot of fun with this." He holds his stomach. "After the 500 bruises Clark left heal up"

Tess smiled as Clark collapsed completely shutting his eyes. "Clark, Clark, Clark wake up… Don't you dare die on me not now! CLARK WAKE UP."

Clark looked at this white light its brighter then anything he has ever seen before. Clark got his eyes to focus and he realizes it's just Emil holding a flashlight and he leaves the room. He looks up and sees a bunch of yellow lights bathing him in fake sunlight. He smiles seeing Tess reading a magazine.

Tess smiled seeing Clark is awake. "Hey"

"Hey" Clark replied. "Am I the only one in the infirmary?"

Tess nods her head yes Bart healed up quick he was lucky. "Everyone was here I convinced them to go the graduation Party at the Talon. Your parents took Lindsey home."

"Why didn't you go?" Clark asked.

Tess smiled. "I doubted that the party would live up to the actual event."

Clark smirked at that. They did make a mess. "Well you should know by now Smallville puts the special in special occasion. So what's with the lights?"

"Graduation present from Dr. Swann and Patricia at STAR labs yellow sun radiation. Doomsday beat you into a coma these will help you heal up quicker."

"How does he feel about Bridgette Crosby?" Clark asked.

Tess frowned having read that from Lex's journal Bridgette poisoned Dr Swann so she could give the element to Genevieve for a very high price. However Lex thanks to his obsession offered more and Genevieve had Jason kill her. The same thing happened in this timeline only Swann had new cameras set up in secret after being warned by Clark and both Genevieve and Bridgette were caught. "Betrayal is never easy but considering the car wreck of Veritas I think he'll be ok."

"So what exactly did you do to Davis?" Clark asked kind of curious. "Jor El told me that the destroyer couldn't ever be controlled."

Tess nodded fortress dad had it right there. "Black kryptonite has a very unique effect. It splits you up but when the two halves are merged back together. It's the repressed half that's given dominance."

"Where did you learn that from?" Clark asked.

"You" Tess answered. "I learned it from you. Jor El brainwashed you and created an alternate called Kal El in your place. Your mother used black kryptonite to free you from Kal El and you two 'struggled' for control."

"Define struggle" Clark asked.

"You moved his arm out of the way and pushed a black rock through his chest to reabsorb him back into your subconscious. Sadly that's also how I think Lex started to stray towards evil. His journal said he was making some kind of super fruit that split him in two and from that point on after you put him back together the darker Lex got control of the wheel it seemed whenever I read his journal it just kept getting darker from there."

"So Davis has control of the beast now?" Clark asked. If Davis can control it Clark is living proof that he'll be an interesting addition to the team.

"For Tina's sake I hope so." Tess answered. "And if not he was nice enough to volunteer for optical implants so we'll be able to see when he snaps or not. He knows how dangerous Doomsday really is."

Clark yawns. "He deserves a chance."

Tess nods in agreement. "I know and he will. Get some sleep Clark I'll be here when you wake up."

Clark just nodded weakly as he started to doze off.

The members of the JSA waited patiently for the meeting they're going to have. Carter rolls his eyes seeing a car shaped as the US flag actually show up. He silently wonders how Checkmate was unable to find him all these years.


Sylvester Pembleton just came out with a smile. "Gang's all here"

"What we could manage is here." Ted corrected him.

"So why am I here?" Sylvester asked.

Carter just smirked. "We're getting what we can of the JSA together and we're working with a new group."

"Well that explains what why I'm here. And why all of you guys are together. I figured Dinah would have cut Carter out of her life completely."

Carolyn smirked. "I go by Carolyn now. And I'm working with him for the sake of everyone even my daughter is in the group. For the record you weren't easy to find. So can you help us or not?"

"So why did you summon me now?" Sylvester asked. "If Dr. Fate was in play you could have found me in seconds why wait."

Carter looked at him. "Because the woman that brought us together has her own enemy with very cruel attack methods. The attacks are getting more and more desperate we believe that we're coming up on the endgame real soon and we're going to need all the help we can get to stop it. If Ted and Carolyn hadn't trained him we could have lost our big guns today."

Sylvester recognizes the look in Carter's eye it was usually followed by them saving the world. "You don't need to say anything to persuade me old friend I'm in."

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