Clark was watching Tess explain the situation he has to admit this is kind of disappointing. With all the threats out there apparently all he has to do is push back a planet with Kara and Raya. Well everyone's here at least even J'onn. Bruce isn't here but Tess seemed certain that he'll show up once it hits the fan. Everyone watches as watchtower's security system flares up and as a picture of the earth shows with seven anomalies on it.

Tess went to work and saw it. "OK they really learned from their mistakes last time."

Oliver looked at the screen just looks like a bunch of blobs to him. "What did they learn Mercy?"

Tess frowned and started to explain. "They're boomtube openings, Darkseid is going to flood the earth with parademons so mankind is too busy with fighting to look up and get the hope they need to overcome the darkness."

Tina shrugged. "We have an army right here to keep them busy. We can buy Clark the time."

Tess frowned Darkseid is so much more powerful in this timeline. She has one last card to play. "Clark, Kara, Raya, can you get our weapons from the fortress."

The three kryptonians nod before disappearing. Tess walked over to the vault and calmly opened it. All that's kept there now are costumes and weapons. Before anyone can even realize what's going on. Tess grabbed the helmet of Nabuu and put it on her head. Jay moved in a blur and got it off her as Tess was sitting down trying to repress the madness. She never wanted to wear that thing ever again but she got what she needed. Jay handed her the cocktail Kent uses to stay sane.

"Hang on to Clark and Conner it will help." Kent says being through this a thousand times. Losing Inza was when he first started losing his mind.

Tess downs the medication with a bottle of water and buries the voices she can deal with her potential insanity later. She takes a piece of paper and writes something down before handing it off to Zatanna. Zatanna smiles knowing backwards magic when she sees it.

"Em ot adrab gib htrof gnirb spilakopa fo noipmahc eht htrof gnirb." Zatanna read and turned to Tess. "Could have just said 'Bring Barda here' "

The two are cut off by a pink flash that turns into Barda sucking face with a very little guy. The girls smirk and Tess just clears her throat.

Barda instantly backed away from the little man. "I have the traitor." She looks around and sees she's on earth. "What is the meaning of this?"

"We brought you here and we need your help." Tess finished.

Barda smiled wryly. "What power in this universe would make you think I would help you?"

"If we win Darkseid will be gone for good and you can have the life you wanted with Scott." Tess replied showing she knows who the little guy is.

Barda thought on it a world without Darkseid and a life with Scott. "We're listening."

Tess looked at her well at least she's not attacking. "We need your mother box to get rid of Darkseid. You can give it to us and go, you can stay and fight we'd appreciate it, But we won't think any less of you if you want to stay out of it."

Scott listened to the words he's not sure how much he's going to be able to help but Barda isn't going to like it. "I'm in I'll fight with you."

Barda was surprised at this. "Scott"

"I'm tired of Granny's tests." Scott finished. "I'm tired of being hunted like an animal just to spend time with you. If we win Apokalips will be behind us that is something worth fighting for to me."

Barda nodded. "But if we lose Granny will unleash hell on us."

"Just a little more then usual." Scott quipped knowing how much his life sucks.

Barda rolled her eyes she hates that she loves that man. "We're in."

"Welcome to the team." Tess finished.

They watched as Clark, Kara, and Raya each came with a big lead box of their own.

Lex smiled watching the three back off. "Now why am I not surprised we're ready for something like this."

Tess opened the box as a blue light hit her seeing the blue and gold kryptonite arsenal. Clark has proven that the green one causes pain but when a kryptonian feels that pain they still have more then enough time to superspeed away. She sees a pair of sunglasses along with a new quiver and longbow. "Oliver"

Oliver straps the quiver to his back and puts on the sunglasses he hits a button on the longbow and sees all different types of arrows he can shoot show up on his glasses. "Oh I'm going to enjoy this."

Tess pulls out a more traditional long bow. "Chloe"

Chloe shakes her head. "The one I have is more advanced."

Carter smirked knowing what it is. "You've been spending too much time with the green bean that's the bow of Orion. I saw that actually used to stop the darkness before."

Chloe ran up and took the bow. "Well now I know."

Tess sees a pair of gloves with blue kryptonite tips at the hands. "Kyla these are yours it's the same material from youe costume." She distributed the weapons to everyone this was going to be a knockdown drag out brawl.

Clark is looking at red duffel bag wondering what his wife and Kara had made for him. What exactly did his wife whom he loves dearly make for him as she was in charge of it? He hears the door open and sees Jor El enter. "Jor El what are you doing here?"

"You intend to fight Zod and this Darkseid creature yourself?"

Clark nods. "I'm the strongest person here. And since he's possessing a kryptonian he won't have kryptonite on him. I'm the best one to stand up to him until you know"

Jor El nodded in silence it's a good plan if they can pull it off. Jor El pulls out a blue kryptonite dagger. "But I will not let you fight alone."

Clark smiled finally seeing Jor El the way he imagined his father. "Just let me get dressed." Clark pulls the new suit out and just stared at it. "I must have really pissed Tess off lately."

Chloe and Oliver were each getting dressed for the big fight. Chloe was aiming the bow of Orion. "This is a nice bow."

"Wonder why I wasn't allowed near it?" Oliver wondered curiously Chloe's become quite the sniper but he's still better.

"Tess probably thought I needed the extra help." Chloe supplied. "Since we're all about to horribly die it might give us a couple seconds."

Oliver looked at her. "Hey we're not dieing alright I didn't survive on that island and meet this incredible woman just to be picked off by an inbred demon or a clone."

Oliver kissed on top of the forehead and pulled her mask down. "We're not going anywhere."

Lex was loading up a pair of guns. Lana came in and saw him. "So you're going?"

"I'm accompanying Zatanna and our new friend to where they have to go." Lex answered. "I don't trust the eleventh hour hero."

Lana poked him in the chest. "You make sure you come back to me. I want to marry you."

Lex nodded his head and kissed her for what could very well be the last time. "And if that's not good incentive to come home I don't know what is."

Kyla and Alicia are stocking up for the fight. Alicia looked to Kyla and saw the sad face. "Sorry it didn't work out with you and AC."

Kyla shrugged. "There's always more fish in the sea. What the hell kind of a name is Mera anyway?"

"I was going to say what kind of name is Arthur I always though it was Alan or Alexander." Alicia joked trying to cheer her up. "Well look at the bright side."

"We're all going to die in three and a half ours?" Kyla offered. Two worlds are about to smash into each other what bright side.

"No, that there's going to be hundreds of things you can take this aggression out on… Then we'll die." Alicia joked trying to keep it light.

Tina came into the room and grabbed the last kryptonite dagger for herself. "So are we ready to die yet?"

Kyla smiled as the three started walking out. "Are you kidding me I'm killing you myself and telling Davis the demons did it?"

Tina chuckled. "Well hey that's not a bad idea do we have red paint around here?"

"We can work something out if not that's what knives are for." Alicia quipped as the three shared one last laugh before going back into the main room.

Everyone was standing there waiting for Clark and Jor El. Jor El came out first followed by Clark. When Clark came out everyone except Tess stood in awe.

Clark saw the stunned silence and rolled his eyes. "I knew it. I look ridiculous."

Chloe was the first one to reboot her brain. "No you look… really good."

Clark rolled his eyes seeing the looks from the girls.

Davis just smirked. "Guy walks around in that they know he's not afraid of anything."

Andrea rolled her eyes. "And you walk around in your underwear when you beast out so what does that say about you?"

Tess looked up and smiled seeing Clark in the traditional suit. She saw brief glimpses of it in her vision of the future but during the final battle with Lex Clark's suit looked more like a lame unmasked Batman's then his. This was the blue suit designed with help by Kara at the fortress this was supposed to be his Christmas present but no time like the present. Red underwear over it the red and yellow crest and the cape with an S on the back this was the first Superman suit and Tess' favorite. "You look great. Clark."

Tess walked up to her and kissed him. "You look ready."

Clark pulled out a steel box and gave it to her. "Here make sure you don't have to use it. Seriously plan Z"

Tess nods. "I'll do my best. But we both know if you didn't have your powers you'd use it in a heartbeat to protect Conner."

"You can protect Conner better at the fortress." Clark pleaded really not wanting them to stay here it's not like watchtower wasn't broken into before.

Tess nods she could but she can't. "Clark we all agreed we're staying right here. This way I can watch out for everyone and not bring anything down on the fortress."

Clark joins the others and Tess stares at the group. "This is a worldwide epidemic countries are doing what they can but they're overwhelmed. Flash, Lupa, Angel"

Jay, Kyla, and Andrea step forward as Tess continues. "Andrea your old friend Kalibak is leading a charge in Paris. Care to say hello."

"I'd love to." Andrea replied.

Tess nodded. "Tina the Furies are reigning hell in Shanghai."

Tina nods. "I'd love to get my hands on Lashina you know that."

"Good" Tess replied. "Then Changling, Scream Queen and Powergirl can go there."

Davis had a problem with this. "Wait I don't want to leave her side in this."

"I didn't think you would." Tess replied. "But... Zodseid is in Metropolis and I want you to back up Clark and Jor El if it's not enough."

Davis sighed he can't argue especially if the beast can just keep recovering. "Consider it done."

Tess gave out the remaining orders to everyone sending them on their way. She's grateful Clark upgraded their satellites with Kryptonian technology so they're not in the dark like last time.

Lindsey watches as Clark and Jor El fly off with Davis jumping after them. Zatanna Lex and Mr. Miracle open the boomtube and walk through a portal. Tess sees the only ones left here are the Kents, Pete, Lana, Lionel, Conner and herself. She hits a button as a bunch of steel grates come down turning watchtower into an iron bunker.

Lindsey looks at her dad. "I go too?"

"When you're older." Jonathon replied.

"How old?" Lindsey asked.

"50 or 60" Jonathon replied causing Martha to glare at him.

A military helicopter is moving towards the Daily Planet with a three star general in the cockpit. All these worldwide disturbances they each check in with this dark haired man who is currently on the roof.

Darkseid smiled seeing the helicopter come his way and hits the back with an Omega beam as the helicopter quickly loses altitude. The general is thrown through the loop when he sees the blast knock his daughter out of her hiding spot in the back as she falls out the open side door.

Sam Lane's eyes shout out in panic. "Lois!"

Lois fell out the window she knew something was up when the general said he loved her but she didn't expect all this. To Lois' surprise she's caught by a man in blue and red.

"I got you." Clark said catching Lois in one hand and the helicopter in the other and flew them both to the rooftop.

"You got us who the hell has you?" Lois asked.

Clark smiled and put the helicopter down as he gently flew to the roof with Lois gently putting her down before leaving.

Sam got out of the helicopter. "Lois who was that man?"

Lois just tuned him out with star crossed eyes who was that man?

Jor El lands on the roof of the planet across from Zod. "Zod you must stop this madness."

Zod looked to Jor El and glared at him and cut loose. "Why would I listen to you? You who has betrayed me and used your science for your own ends to help your family and spurn mine."

"I did no such thing." Jor El defended himself.

"You are lying." Zod said walking directly into his face the anger ever clear. "You used your science to help your son and his human whore conceive a child. When all I asked for you was to return to me my son. Considering we are both standing here we both know this is not the first time you played god. Maybe if you had listened to my plea we wouldn't be in this mess."

"Perhaps I am to blame for you losing your son. We stand here mere shadows of our former selves. But I assure you my friend the life Kal El and his chosen have made is not through my science. I am sorry old friend."

Zod grabbed him by the throat as his eyes glowed red. "You dare show me pity now." Zod blasted with the Omega beams as Jor El shouted in pain as Davis hit the roof and shoved Zod clear through three buildings. Davis jumped down and confronted Zod still in human form. "For a god you're not that tough."

Darkseid tried to attack him but something inside stopped him. He let Zod out to have some words with Jor El. What's keeping him free and messing with him. Darkseid sees the boy and smells something familiar about him. He's his child on some level and Zod must recognize it. The two struggle for control until Darkseid takes over and hits Davis with the Omega beams.

Davis covers up as the beams hit him. The bone protrusions come out as his eyes glow red when he's forced to transform to save his life. Seeing him as one of Jor El's experiments he gives control back to Darkseid. Doomsday just grabs him by the head and punches him in the face sending him flying.

Carolyn, Ted, and Carter were in Germany fighting off the parademons there with help from local police.

A kryptonian lands at Carter's feet and to the kryptonian's surprise he went flying compliments of a glowing blue mace.

Carolyn saw three more coming and shouted at them destroying the parademons weapons but also the Kandorian's ears.

Ted just backhands one with a pair of blue brass knuckles. "Why did Tess put the three of us together?"

"We know how we all think we've all worked together for years." Carolyn supplied.

Ted kneed a Parademon in the stomach and followed it up with a hook to the face. "I just don't feel right leaving the kids on their own."

Carter whacked a Parademon right in the skull with his mace. "We gotta let them grow up at some point. Right now all we can do is believe in the kids. We taught them well. So hopefully that will be enough."

Jonathon aimed his shotgun as the door started shaking. Looks like Tess was right as usual. He sees Lionel get behind him with a revolver. The metal bent the other way and ripped open as Granny goodness came in and the guns flew out of their hands and landed at her feet.

Tess stared at her. "What do you want?"

Granny smiled. "The little angels and the radion ball, Apokalips is coming and despite how much your team fights there is no ways to stop it. Come home Lutessa, we will welcome your family with open arms."

Tess looked at Conner whom is sleeping through all of this and grabbed her gun. "No, for the first time in my life I feel like I have a purpose beyond redemption. It is my job to make sure my son doesn't have the same life I did and make the same mistakes as me. He'll have a good life on Apokalips but he'll be a monster and I will fight to stop that until my dying breath."

Granny's smile left and she waved her hand knocking the gun away from her. "I've had enough of that tone Lutessa you can die with the rest of this planet in 2 hours." Lionel and Jonathon rushed her but she simply waved her hand and knocked them aside into the steel. Pete tried to tackle her from behind but she moved in a blur and threw him into the wall hard. "An unexpected gift from studying you lover's blood."

Lana went to give her a roundhouse but Granny caught her foot and smiled before launching her into Tess and Martha knocking the three women down.

Tina was knocking away everyone who was fighting her. She's using her strength and shapeshifting abilities to their fullest. She has to admit she's enjoying using her superhuman strength for some good. Lashina glares at her and tries to strike her with her whip but Tina just catches it mid lash and pulls her down to her feet kicking her in the face.

A Kandorian grabs Dinah from behind and the scream queen yells right into his ear.

Two female Kandorians fly down ready to attack until Raya takes them out with overhead clotheslines knocking them into a building.

In Australia AC moved through the water continually hitting the Kandorian foolish enough to dive in after him. They might own the sky but the sea is all his. AC jumps up to land and sees two kryptonians with glowing red eyes. "Oh sh…"

Fortunately however the two were taken out by a glowing green wrecking ball.

AC looked up and saw Alan coming down in his red and purple get up. "I had that."

"Yes I could tell by how big your eyes were." Alan quipped as Parademons charged them.

AC stood ready but watched as a green serpent like creature charged right into them knocking them all aside. "OK bro I have to admit that one was pretty cool."

"I didn't do that." Alan informed him.

The serpent turned back into Jonn's Martian form. "I recommend you two remain focused. It's still far from over."

Clark fought through waves of Parademons as he and Jor El caught up to Davis, and Zod or Darkseid whatever you want to call him. Clark landed on his feet. "Darkseid it's over."

"Is it?"

Clark nods. "My father sent me to protect this planet from things like you. And I will fight you with my dieing breath."

Darkseid smirked. "Look around you Kal El see how many of your precious humans fell to me. It must make you sick."

"They're far from perfect and it might be easier to hate but it's stronger to love." Clark replied.

Darkseid rolled his eyes that was sweet sick on a whole new level. "Is it? Eons have passed since I came across a force that could tip the scales to the light." Darkseid held his hand out and telekinetically pulled Clark to him. "You're a beacon of hope. Everywhere you go your light will annihilate my darkness if you are not stopped. You will surrender to me; you will give your soul to me."

Clark spat out. "Never"

"Then I will annihilate you." Darkseid threw Clark as hard as he could as he smashed through building after building until coming to a stop at the edge of Metropolis.

Doomsday snarled and rushed to punch Darkseid who ducked under the attack. Doomsday punched again but Darkseid used both hands to catch the blow and wrenched it in the other direction breaking his arm. Doomsday hit him with a headbutt wobbling him and Darkseid struck back with one of his own and then grabbed the creature by its neck. "Come back from this."

Darkseid hammered Doomsday right in the chin with an uppercut knocking it clear into the sky and quickly out of Earth's atmosphere since Doomsday doesn't have the power to fly it can't come back by itself. Darkseid smiled seeing the creature fly out of sight and sets his sight on Kal El. He moves in a blur and sets his foot on Clark's chest.

Darkseid smirked seeing his eyes. "I hope you appreciate, Kal-EL that everything that happens to the people of this planet from this point is on your head for opposing me. The skies will rain fire, the oceans will boil, and the streets will run red with the blood of billions. Only then, after your last pitiful hope is extinguished, will I end your life. Let's go!"

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