Oliver was up high on the Eiffel tower replicate in Vegas picking off Parademons with his long bow next to Chloe whom was plowing threw them with the bow of Orion. Billionaire and wife shooting people with arrows atop the Eiffel Tower any other day that would have caused quite the scene and been quite the story. Oliver hears something in the distance and presses the button on his bow changing the arrowheads from explosive to a whole different surprise. A Kandorian lands on the tower next to him and Oliver quickly fires an arrow into his shoulder as he falls to the floor.

Basquat pulls the golden arrow out of him and throws it away to the floor. "Fool who do you think you're dealing with?"

Oliver wasted no time and kicked him the balls and hit him in the face with his bow knocking him down but not off the tower. "Just another human"

Lindsey stood by Conner's crib. She knows she's not supposed to touch him but she can't let this bad old lady take him.

Granny smiled she can take them both very easily considering all she has to do is let the girl tire herself out by using her abilities. "Come here angel let me see the two of you."

"No" Lindsey hit Granny as hard as she could in the stomach and the elderly woman went flying hard into the wall Granny rushed again and Lindsey pushed her away. Lindsey felt tired but at least Conner is safe as she collapsed and sleep caught up to her.

Granny got to her feet and calmly walked to the kids. The recklessness of youth and how easy it can make things sometimes, she closes in on Conner and just smiles seeing the little guy too young to know what's about to happen. Granny goes to touch him when another hand grabs hers. Granny turns around and sees Tess staring at her. "Lutessa?"

Tess quickly delivered a head butt wobbling Granny and bloodying her nose before kicking her into the wall so hard that there's a Granny shaped hole in it with the old woman stuck in it. Tess moves in a blur and tackles her through the wall and clean out of watchtower as they land on a car completely destroying it.

Lex walked down the stone walls with Zatanna and Mr. Miracle. This place genuinely creeps him out. He imagines this is the place that people like Satan and Hitler go when they die. "How far are we?"

"Not far now." Scott assures him. He's thankful for his escapist tricks but even he doubts he could get out of here. "Just don't touch the walls. If you do you're not coming out of them."

"So why do we have to go so far into the wall?" Lex asked.

Zatanna was distracted from this she knows not to touch the wall. "Because in order to do the spell we have to find Darkseid's original body."

They all stopped as seeing a boom tube open in front of them as a small squadron along with a man in green who came out with a sword looking a knight.

Scott looked at him well it could have been worse. "Steppenwolf"

Steppenwolf smiled and took out his sword. "Mister Miracle, happy hunting"

Andrea rolls out the way of a club that smashes through the pavement. He's still the same mindless mongoloid he was back then. Andrea jumps up and kicks him the face. As he smashes through a building window and comes crashing down to the floor.

Kalibak breaks through a different window with a furious roar. "Child, do you honestly think you could hurt me?"

Andrea just stood there waiting fro him to make the next move. "Yes because you have bigger daddy issues then anyone on earth. I saw pictures of Darkseid's original body and I'm guessing the grey skin came from him. Yet you're the only one here on field duty. He must really loathe you considering you're the only one of his children here."

Kalibak snarled in fury he is Darkseid's son and he will make his father proud. "I'll break you in two."

Kalibak swung over head and Andrea dodged the attack. He swung across and Andrea hopped up to flagpole to avoid the strike before coming with a kick to the face in a kick to the face.

Darkseid hoisted Clark up and punched him clean through a building. "You still hang on to what is lost Kal El."

Clark got up and wiped the blood off his mouth. "We're not done yet Darkseid. Look around even with your planet's arrival imminent people still clamor to hope."

Darkseid looked around with X-ray vision and saw some of the omegas on people's skulls are disappearing. He looks to the TV and sees Clark's people fighting his inspiring hope among the humans. "A last minute cling of desperation Kal El, candles burn the brightest right before they are extinguished."

Clark threw a punch but Darkseid caught him with a headbutt and a backhand. Clark took the fight to the sky not wanting anyone else in Metropolis hurt from debris. Darkseid took to the sky and tackled him back down to the top of the daily planet and pinned him down with the Omega beams. "We are at an end Kal El." Darkseid reached into his coat and pulled out a lead protected knife.

Jor El was fighting off parademons until he saw Darkseid pull out a gold plated knife. If he uses that this is over and his son's great destiny will mean nothing since he'll be dead and his grandson will never know his father. Jor El moves in a blur and gets between the two wrestling for the knife with Darkseid. Sadly Jor El was a scientist that mastered in science while Zod was a soldier. Darkseid kneed Jor El in the stomach and methodically pushed the knife down into Jor El as it pierces his stomach.

Clark got to his feet in a blind rage and hit Zod so hard he sailed through the air. Clark caught Jor El before he fell to the floor. "Okay, hold on. I'll get you help."

Jor-El is breathing heavily. "Kal-el... I'm so proud of you… so proud.

Clark went to pull the knife out but Jor El slapped his hand away. "Please... don't go. I can save you."

Jor-El looked at him weakly he's not letting Clark touch the gold kryptonite. "Save... the world the easiest thing a parent can do is give up whatever is necessary… for their child."

Clark watched the life leave Jor El's eyes and desperately tried to wake him up. "No… No!"

Tess hit the wall with a resounding thud leaving a Tess shaped hole in it as she got back to her feet.

Granny moved in a blur how the heck is she doing this. "You're only avoiding the inevitable Lutessa. What are you going to do when Apocalypse shows up in earth's spot? You will be alone."

Tess stood ready to continue the fight. "I will fight you until my dying breath Conner and Lindsey will never be your latest play things."

Granny rushed Tess who countered with a punch to the face. Tess followed it with a knee to the stomach as the area trembled followed by a backhand knocking Granny back.

Granny grabbed Tess' arms and headbutted the red head. "That was a little low."

Tess stared at her as her eyes glowed red and blasted her with heat vision into the wall. "Yeah but so was that."

Granny pulled herself out of the wall. "I have had enough of this behavior young lady. You will give me those children and the radion ball this instant or I will wipe out ever memory you have ever had of the kryptonian!"

Tess shook her head defiant to the end. "Never"

Granny rushed her in a blur and Tess reached into her pocket and pulled out the star blade. Granny couldn't stop herself in time and ran right onto the blade clean through some vital organs.

Tess plunged the knife deeper into her. "Clark and Jor El figured out how to liquefy the radion. They poured it over to the star blade and let it harden. Plan Z there's your radion."

Granny glared at her and with the last of her strength she can muster shoves Tess in the chest forcing her to lose her grip on the blade as she lands on the floor not moving an inch. Granny smiled before falling to the floor succumbing to the wound as she died.

Andrea flipped out of the way of an attack with Kalibak's club but caught a foot right to the face as she smashes into the wall and hits the floor hard coughing up blood. Kalibak stood tall over her. "How did you think this would end?"

Kalibak stood ready to bring the club down on her until Andrea was surrounded by a flash of light as the Star Spangled kid appeared. Sylvester blinded Kalibak and quickly got Andrea away as Kara flew down and tackled him. creating a trench in the street.

"I thought you two were in Russia?" Andrea asked.

Sylvester just smirked. "The Parademons stopped coming so my guess is Apokalips is just about here. Lana sent us here."

"Lana, what happened to Tess?" Andrea asked.

Sylvester shrugged. "We lost contact with her. Watchtower was hit and when everyone came to she was gone Lionel, Pete, and Jonathon are looking for her as we speak. And considering what Superman is fighting as we speak mum is the word."

Kara repeatedly hit Kalibak with blow after blow until Kalibak surprise attacked her with his club to the side of her face as she went flying through the air. Kalibak got to his feet and growled at Andrea as he threw his club at her. Sylvester saw and with only a moment to act and no time to charge his staff for a teleport he pushes Andrea out of the way and takes the full force of it.

Jay came up to fight Kalibak and saw the result of the attack on Sylvester as Andrea holds the broken Star Spangled kid.

Andrea looks over the wounds. "It's not bad."

Sylvester feels nothing but an endless cold which he knows is shock. He looks at the staff "G…g…give this t…t Co…"

Andrea shook him trying to wake him up. "Hey who do I give this to? Answer me!"

Jay glared at Kalibak in raw burning hatred. Kalibak just shrugged him off. "Do you have something to say little man?"

Jay turned and ran in the other direction. Kalibak just shrugged watching the Flash run away. "Loser" Kalibak turned around and was knocked on his ass hard as he fell to the floor.

Kalibak got back to his feet but was quickly knocked down again this time spitting up blood. Andrea was trying to figure what was happening all she knew was an invisible man was beating up Kalibak as he falls to the floor repeatedly until he disappears completely.

Andrea got to her feet and looked around. "Flash, where are you? Supergirl did you see something?"

Kara shakes her head. "No, I was just watching Kalibak fall over again and again and then he disappeared."

Andrea walks around touching forward until a blue portal rips open where Kalibak was. "Whoa"


The angel's eye shot open in shock. "Jay"

"There's a force, a speed force it's calling me home. I have to go now." Jay said never sounding so happy before.

Andrea shoves her head and hands through the portal. "No, we're not loosing anyone else take my hand."

Kara saw another bllur coming up fast. Kara thinks fast and wastes no time melting the blocks of the road in front of her. Causing the red and yellow blur's feet to get stuck and knock him into the sky as he tripped. Kara watched as Kyla came down in her hybrid form and pulled Andrea out who pulled out Jay and the portal closed.

Kara focused on Bart and grabbed him in mid air. "What the hell were you thinking?"

Bart shrugged having no idea. "I don't know. It's like something was calling me home."

Jay nodded knowing the feeling he didn't even listen to Andrea she had to literally yank him out by his arm. Whatever is happening to Kalibak now is likely too good for him. "If either of us go that fast again we're not coming back."

Bart turned to Kara. "Thank for saving us beautiful."

Kara looked to the sky and saw Apokalips coming not even 20 minutes left. "Save isn't the word I'd go with but yeah you're still here."

Kara goes for the planet but is tackled by a squad of Parademons.

Tina dodges a whip from Lashina as she gets back to her feet. "I've been waiting for this."

Lashina smiled as she cracked her whip. "I thought we had a lot of fun last time."

Tina rolled out the way and tripped her legs up knocking her down. Tina kicked her in the face and when no one was looking she kept kicking her while she was down. Letting out months of frustration on the fury as she remembers when Lashina flogged her. Raya saw it and stopped her if only to keep her from being infected with the darkness. "That's enough."

Raya looked to the sky and went for the planet but was jumped on by a big pair of shes followed by a squad of parademons.

Darkseid got to his feet and calmly dusted himself off. Well he wasn't expecting that. He went to the sky ready until a pair of missiles impacted on his back destroying his jacket. Darkseid turned around and saw a giant wing shaped like a bat. Darkseid hit the jet with an omega beam right on the wing as Batman ejected himself from the plane using his cape as a glider he shoots a grappling hook into the building and launches himself feet first at Darkseid.

Darkseid smirks until he sees green groves in Batman's feet as he knocks him into the building leaving a Zod shaped dent in it.

Batman shot another grappling hook and went into the building as Darkseid wiped blood from his mouth and his eyes glowed red. "Flee"

Batman ran from the Omega beam and jumped out of the window onto a parademon knocking it to the floor and using it as a shield from the Omega beam.

Darkseid floated down and Batman threw a set of explosive batarangs at him. The objects exploded but did not harm Darkseid. "Impressive no one has even been able to dodge one of my Omega beams." Darkseid moved in a blur and crashed into him and Batman struggles to get up. "Just give up."

Before Darkseid could charge up another round of beams Clark crashed into him. Clark got to his feet determined. "That man won't quit as long as he can draw a breath. None of my friends will. Me? I've got a different problem. I feel like I live in a world made of cardboard, always taking constant care not to break something, to break someone. Never allowing myself to lose control even for a moment, or someone could die. But you can take it, can't you, big man? What we have here is a rare opportunity for me to cut loose and show you just how powerful I really am."

Clark punches Darkseid with all the rage and everything he has and the god goes flying through the sky as Clark chases after him repeatedly attacking him in the face. Batman watches as a red and blue tornado forms in the sky as Clark continually hammers Darkseid until he slams him to the floor with a double axe handle along with burn marks all over his face.

Darkseid got to his feet coughing up blood. "Impressive Kal El, but what makes you so sure you can stop me when you couldn't before?"

Superman looked at him with cold eyes. "Because this time I won't stop until you are a greasy smear on my fist. Let's go."

Lex was shooting the Parademons with his guns Mister Miracle was doing all he could to avoid Steppenwolf's attacks.

Steppenwolf held his sword at Scott's throat. "I expected better from a child of New Genesis."

Scott rolls his eyes. He can't believe he'd actually prefer to be Darkseid's son. "Maybe I'll surprise you."

Steppenwolf went to cut his throat but Mister Miracle pulled an easy getaway for him and slipped up Steppenwolf's feet as he tripped and touched the wall. The wall acted in its own accord as it grabbed Steppenwolf pulling him in making him a piece of the source wall. He turns to the parademons. "As Darkseid's son I order you to stand down."

Zatanna and Lex watch as they all kneel down to him. As the three ran deeper into the source wall they're stopped by a puzzle stopping them from reaching the worst of the worst.

Scott looked at it. "Not good, you need to be a very smart to figure this one out and even I can't do it."

Lex studied the pictures for a moment and rearranged pieces of the wall until it formed the Omega symbol in glyphs and the door opened.

Zatanna looked at Lex. "How the hell did you do that?"

Lex had a smug smile on his face. "I guess I'm over qualified."

Zatanna ran and Scott pointed out Darkseid's original body.

Zatanna went to work chanting as her eyes turned white.

Clark unloaded on Darkseid leaving a trail of blood through Metropolis. Darkseid landed in a building stuck in a hole but quickly pulled himself out.

He saw Clark coming to him and simply smiled before throwing him to the ground and hitting him with a very weak pair of Omega beams then grabbed him by the throat in desperation he needs Clark to cross the line. "Yes, yes I killed your father. You know when I was your age I sent my father to the source wall but you don't hear me whining about it."

Clark burned Darkseid's hands with heat vision freeing himself and brought Darkseid's head down on his knee knocking some teeth out. Clark delivered a headbutt along with a pretty stiff right hook knocking Darkseid through a couple buildings and onto a car denting it around him. As Clark looked him square in the eyes as his glowed red.

Darkseid looked to Clark and smiled. "Come on Kal El. Finish it."

Clark's eyes went back to blue as he calmed down. "No, because that's exactly what you want."

Clark flew high and caught Apokalips right before it made contact with Earth's atmosphere but the darkness is so powerful the planet continues to drop. Darkseid's eyes glow red. He'll stop this once and for all right now. The Omega can be used for more then destruction and Kal El won't be back in time if he's zapped to Pluto. Darkseid takes aim as an Omega symbol appears on his skull and he shouts in agony as he's ripped from Zod's body. Clark watches as Darkseid is rushed through Apokalips and off into space god only knows where.

Zatanna keeps her spell up as Darkseid goes flying into the wall his mind and body fused back together in the source wall trapping him for all eternity.

Zod got up and watched as the son of Jor El struggled to keep Apokalips back. Zod aimed for the sky. But when he got there he watched as Kal El started pushing back the planet as seeing the heroes defend their planet inspired enough hope to overcome the darkness without Darkseid around. Zod watched as Kal El pushed the planet away. Zod studied him and saw Clark looking around the planet earth for something.

Clark grabbed a piece of clothing and measured the direction following it and realizing where it stopped.

Zod realized what he was doing. "You're looking for that beast aren't you?"

Clark frowned at the sad truth. "Not looking for you knocked him into space at a really bad angle." Clark flew in the same direction followed by Zod as each of them started getting stronger and stronger. Clark came to a stop with the trail ending at the one place he didn't want it to Earth's yellow sun. "Oh no"

Zod looked into the yellow battery the source of his powers. "Tattered clothes don't mean anything he can still be out there."

Clark just shakes his head and flies back for earth followed by Zod.

Zod and Clark fly back for earth. Upon arrival they are stormed by the remaining Kandorians. Zod instantly stopped them. This war is meaningless and not even their war now. He knows Kal El has taught the people here how to protect themselves claiming it would be a potentially endless war that would bring nothing but destruction to both sides.

"Stand down, brother and sister Kandorians. Kneel before Kal El." Zod ordered as they all kneeled before Clark as a sign of respect. Kara and Raya flew in overhead and were overwhelmed by the sight. It wasn't just the Kandorians the people that saw Clark take off to bounce back Apokalips were applauding and making all kinds of noises as a sign of respect.

Eventually all the other super heroes started showing up through blurs, flying and teleporting. Clark took in the sight it was hard to imagine writing this as a topic for where you see yourself in five years as his principal requested. He wonders what Tess is thinking seeing this picture at Watchtower. All the heroes take their bow as a world full of hope welcomes it's heroes but Clark also sees that there were losses to keep the darkness back. Davis is no where to be seen but knowing his power he doesn't think it's over at least not yet anyway. Ted taught him an old saying believe half of what you see and less of what you hear. Jor El is gone and so is Sylvester apparently seeing Andrea hold his staff.

Chloe smirked seeing this scene in awe. She always knew Clark would change the world but nothing like this. "This is unreal."

Oliver nodded in agreement there was something overwhelming about it. "Big difference then hiding out in the shadows isn't it?"

Bart chuckled. "Well at least we'll have the costumes for it."

Carter rolled his eyes but seeing the people here applauding actually full of hope for the future maybe the JSA's mistake was hiding in the shadows. Andrea charges up the cosmic staff as the superheroes disappear.

Bart runs into watchtower fast as they all start heading up the stairs. "Did you see those people? They were so happy and I just can't deny how incredible it is to be a part of that."

Alicia smiled this was Tess' big vision. She has to say she was glad to be a part of it. "I know it was such a rush but I don't think I'll ever forget the smiles on those people I teleported away from danger but I will say one thing it's good to be..."

"No. no." Dinah stopped her. "Boyscout saved the day he should say it."

Clark rolled his eyes this is because he was from Kansas and raised on a farm isn't it? "Fine, there's no place like…" Clark opened the door and saw Jonathon holding an upset Lindsey and Martha doing all she could to comfort Conner as tears run down her eyes. "Tess?"

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