I have always been solitary, no need for anyone except my sister Jane and I, until it is, the day we visited Forks because of Edward and Bella's half breed offspring had been noticed and we were sent to kill it and its family. Jane had been entirely angry at the whole idea of letting them live, that I for once disagreed and left to go hunt in the night, waiting in an alleyway for some stupid mortal to walk by unsuspectingly I wasn't even thirsty at the time, but anger was coursing through me at my very own sister. I could hear people laughing drunkenly a few blocks away, perfect, at least 5 of them to quench my thirst, my eyes started to haze over knowing they were going black I hissed, there blood was full of alcohol but I didn't care just as long as I could get some human to sink my teeth into, they were only a corner away now and I could hear their pulses quickening with each step I licked my lips. I was about to lunge forward, when I heard a soft whimper and cry, it was the sound of an angel crying, to me at least none of the humans heard it,for it was 5 blocks away in an upstairs room in a house, the sound was like bells ringing an alarm for me to go see who owned it and so I did.

Without any real meaning to, I left the drunken people without drinking them to go see who owned this sound, I came across a tree next to the house he sound was louder now and the voice whispered over and over again ''help me! Help me!'', I climbed the tree which hung over like an omen, I stood in the branch right beside the window, it was dark now she wouldn't be able to see me if she wanted to. The voices owner was a girl, no more then 15 years old, she held a razor blade in her hand, I could here screams from I presume her drugged parents downstairs, tears fell as she pierced her skin with this razor, I remembered wincing I had heard of some people doing this now a days who were facing with depression and such I really hadn't hads an opinion of it and really could not care less. But this girl…she cried so horribly it made my insides crush, as she slit her skin.

I needed to save her and I would, I promised myself that, it had been 3 months, I witnessed her do this every night, I could tell she was going to end her life soon,I had to save her…I just had to. The night, when her father and mother were still not home, I took her away, I used my power on her and got her out of that hell she was used to, her arm trickled with blood and almost every urge I had was telling me to drink her until she was dry my throat hurt, but I couldn't kill her…I just couldn't. I had witnessed her write a suicide letter, for god sakes, so I sat her down under a tree in a forest in volterra and I went to hunt….

Lylas p.o.v

I awoke, from what felt like a dream, my hope of me cutting too deep this time vanished,I was not dead no, just sleeping I sighed as I got up ready to leave for school which I prefer to call hell, they didn't know my secret, they didn't know anything yet they judged me. I was unfamiliar with my surroundings though, my wrists hurt like I knew they would, like someone had bruised them I looked down to see them actually covered with bruises, I frowned, I hadn't hit myself, either had my parents that I know of anyway. They were in the shape of fingertips, strange, so was the fact I was in a freaking forest, I got up quickly surveying the area, I was under a large tree, sun pierced through the tree tops and I winced, how had I gotten here? I hadn't fallen over, my school bag wasn't here , so how in the hell had I got here? I heard a soft chuckle, my heart leapt and I spun around to face a monster. I stepped back, his eyes were red, brighter than blood, almost the same colour, his skin was pale white like someone had removed all the colour from it, his lips were full and naturally red and his hair was black and flipped over one eye, one red eye. Most girls would giggle in delight at the creature in front of me, yes he was beautiful but he was also dangerous, I had enough common sense to notice that and red eyes spoke for themselves, he had a small smirk on his lips as if he had an inside joke with me, I stepped back once more and as if it was his instinct he stepped closer just one step, I gulped.

''vampire'' I choked out, this was getting exciting, which was wrong of me to think, ''human,15, aqua eyes, black hair. Oh hmm we weren't playing the obvious game, were we''? he asked sarcastically, I roll my eyes, somewhat normally as if his actually alive and real, he took another step and I hissed out in anger, he did as well but more inhumanly like an animal actually. He rolled his burgundy eyes and sighed looking at me, I stared back calculating how many seconds it would take him to kill me probably less than 10. ''im not going to harm you, or kill you, I think you've done enough of that to yourself'' he muttered, I looked up sharply unconsciously putting my bracelets back around my wrists properly ''I don't know what you're talking about'' I murmured, he muttered something I couldn't hear and then sighed for the hundredth time, my mind travelled away from this place for a second to my real life where all my worries were, my mother and father drug addicts, the people at school, I actually preferred being in a forest with a monster then reality.

I looked back at the creature, he was staring at me as if he was expecting an answer ''huh''? I asked, he growled as if my answer was wrong because I hadn't heard him ''whats your name I asked, mines Alec Volturi'' He asked, Alec, unusual name I suppose, volturi sounded Italian or Spanish, I shrugged, ''why would a monster like you want to know a stupid pathetic humans name''? I asked, he shrugged back he ran his tongue along his white teeth like he was examining me, his gaze held onto my arm and he wouldn't stop looking, at the bruises I supposed he had formed ''did I do that'' he asked, I was getting very annoyed, ''no duh, jesus for a vampire you really are quite dumb alec'' I said, laughing at my own stupid joke, he only looked in my eyes and licked his lips with bright eyes lurching toward me I could tell he was joking for he was smirking, ''nice try Alec, vampires are only thirsty when their eyes are black and I know this because I notice things easily, especially with the Cullen's , but I suppose they don't drink humans or everyone in my school would be dead including me, so maybe you should haul your ass to my school and attend hmm''? I said, with a strange kind of hope he actually would, I had let out too much of myself to this vampire, my phone started to ring the ringtone startling me out of my rant

We all have our horrors and our demons to fight

But how can I win when I am paralysed?

They crawl up on my bed

Wrap their fingers round my throat

Is this what I get for the choices that I've made?

I finally answered the call, it was HIM. ''im watching you and your….friend.

The line went dead, I turned to Alec who looked at the phone in confusion, I licked my lips ''maybe you should take me to where ever you're going to''

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