Alec was annoyed at my ''human'' walking, who could blame him though really, I was too slow for my own good or I would end up being too fast and he'd think I was stupid and clumsy. He smirked at me when I sighed heavily, ''I'll meet you there I think'' he murmured cockily, his smirk growing wider as he was gone in a blur. The hallway was strange now, the walls started to squeeze me it seemed, forcing their way onto the sides of my head making me paranoid as ever, it was a long walk for me at least to the door. What if a vampire saw me, what if they didn't like me, what if they thought I was a freak? I bit my bottom lip and pulled out my phone, plugging my headphones in and listening to a song on shuffle:

She doesn't look

She doesn't see

Opens up to nobody

Figures out, yeah she figures out

Every line she can't decide

Every thought short of suicide

The Fray- Little House

I shuddered and changed the song, I couldn't think about hurting myself already, not yet. That would betray what Alec told me, I couldn't spill blood in a castle full of vampires, it wouldn't be good and they'd hate me for it if I lived.

And all I can taste is this moment

And all I can breathe is your life

But sooner or later it's over

I just don't wanna miss you tonight

And I don't want the world to see me

'Because I don't think that they'd understand

When everything's meant to be broken

I just want you to know who I am

Iris-Goo Goo Dolls

I was almost about to pass a corner when I heard HIM. It was him, it was his familiar chuckle, and it sent ice through my heart I froze on the spot, my heart beating so quickly I should've passed out. He was right there, right beside me I could feel it on the hairs on my neck, I could feel his coldness, I could feel his hatred I could feel his anger, I dropped my phone and my headphones, but I didn't care, it seemed like it took forever to hit the ground though, tick tick tick tick SMASH. I almost didn't notice it, all my thoughts were focused on HIM, I took in a deep shaky breathe and turned on my heel to face the god awful demon spawn he was. I stepped back instantly; he had an evil smirk on his chalkie white complexion, his red eyes stood out too much, like he'd just fed, his jet black hair was still tousled in that way that used to make me feel weak, now it made me frightened and angry. His naturally wide eyes examined me, drinking in every feature every scar, like he was drowning into me, I blinked.

His face was suddenly an inch apart from mine, his tall figure looming over me looking right down into my blue eyes his smirk never lifted either did the cold emotion in his eyes. He went to touch my lips, I flinched away, my lips trembled, tears falling down from my eyes like droplets fall of of leaves when you knock them. He was kneeling slightly, I gulped as his face moved ever so slightly nearer, my eyes wide adrenaline pumping, I couldn't stand to look at him so I closed my eyes, praying, praying he wouldn't touch me, I opened my eyes. ''Leave me alone Xavier'' I whispered, it broke the silence with a long deep slash; he gave an animalistic snarl and chuckle as he looked at my eyes still so cold. ''I'm sorry Laylay why don't you speak up a bit, I can't hear you'' he said menacingly, his eyes glowing with dark twisted humour, he was about to move closer when his eyes suddenly snapped past me to something. He growled, his chest rumbling ''I think, you heard her, don't make me tell you again'' I breathed a sigh of relief, it was Alec, though his voice sounded off, like he was choking on anger. ''Shut it Witch Twin'' Xavier snarled, I heard venom being spit on the ground, I couldn't move, I was afraid if I did he would snap my neck in half like he told me a couple dozen letters ago.

I could feel Alec's mist coming over towards us, it was around my ankles which I suddenly couldn't feel he was about to attack Xavier. ''STOP ALEC''! I yelled out franticly, spinning around, already pinned by Xavier's strong arms, they held me in place as I beared witness to Xavier's gift yet again. Alec dropped to his knees in pain, though I knew what it was like, the pain, it crept into your mind. You would see, the worst thing imaginable, but it was personal, each ones ''pain'' from Xavier was different. He figured out all the kinks in your brain and used those thoughts to create bad things and project them into your eyes, you would literally see and hear what he wanted you to hear. It was horrible, you couldn't move, only witness whatever he made up in his mind to put in yours, it usually had something to do with the people you loved the most so I assume Alec was seeing his sister be killed or worse.

Alec was wincing, his eyes wide in terror, it was too surreal. Seeing the Alec Volturi scared and not being able to do anything but be there. He was looking directly in my direction but his eyes weren't there, his soul wasn't either, his face was morphed with terror a she let out a strangled cry, I shoved forward a little not that it did anything ''STOP IT NOW XAVIER!'' I screamed, suddenly Alec was on his feet again, looking at me like I wasn't really there. He reached out his arm like I would fade away; his eyes were just laced with worry and worry, but suddenly snapped it away, shaking his head glaring at Xavier like he was the worst person to ever become a vampire, which he was. Alec's fists were clenched up in anger, he was seething in a crouch, ready to spring, ''now now Alec, we wouldn't want my Laylay to get hurt now would we''? I flinched as he called me that, and when his damned head was resting on my shoulder from behind me. Something in Alec's mood changed at that statement, his eyes went bloodthirsty black, his anger was more than before he was violently shaking as he snarled viciously, looking dead straight into Xavier's eyes and advanced towards us.

I felt the pain like no other, Xavier had spun me around and kicked me in the stomach so hard that I flew into the brick wall, the force making it dent and my back and body giving an awful CRACK as it did, the pain was too much. All I could hear was my name being shouted in an echo over and over again, I winced as my body gave out from under me.

If I could just slip away

From this world

Will it come back to me

In the end

When everything is not what it seems

And It wasn't meant to end


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