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Chapter 1: The Mare I'll Never Had

Spike depressed face remained unchanged. His frown was present and his eyes was still red this didn't go unnoticed by Twilight who had put themselves in an expedition to try to brighten up her assistant day yet it only did little or no effect

"Come on Spike, Rarity isn't the only mare in your life right there could be many more out there just wait and you'll see" Twilight spoke yet it only cause Spike to tear up

"Rarity... Why must I be cursed to be in this dragon body?" Spike mumbled in his cry which caused Twilight to stop in her tracks

Silence came out of Spike's eyes as he remember the events that happened the day before Twilight took him on her expedition

-Two Day Earlier-

"Twilight! Twilight! Come here quickly!" Spike shouted as he burst out of the library door

"What Spike? What!" Twilight became prantic dropping her book and falling to ground as she fail to keep her balance

Spike then put to silence as he saw the stuffs that happen, after a minute of Twilight's frantic questions he then let out a giggle causing Twilight fear to turn into anger

"What! Why are you laughing is something should be funny in a crisis?" Twilight spoke

Just then Spike took out a wedding ring, a purple gem in an elegantly crafted golden ring out of his saddle bag causing Twilight to blush in a deep shade of red

Right there Twilight's pupils widened , a big smile became present in her face and just then she jumped up and down while squealing that can rival that's of Pinkie Pie

"Are you gonna... propose to...m" Unfortunately Twilight's words as Spike

"What are you talking about Twi? Spike titled his head in confusion

"I just want to show you the things I dug up" the dragon added

Twilight lost her grin at that sentence and she began to calm down, her happiness was now replace with a frown

"It's beautiful but what do you want to do with it?" The purple mare asked

"I'll give it Rarity" Spiked grinned at her which only caused her to frown a bit more

Looking away Twilight nearly shed a tear but she then hear a metallic clank sound coming behind her causing her to look back at the dragon

Her smile return as she saw what Spike pull out of his saddle back next, it was armor piece made of a mysterious metal and an even more mysterious ruin printed in it

"And this is for you" Spike spoke as Twilight slowly take hold of the armor piece

"I just wish I can find the rest of it thought"

"No problem Spike with the new spell I learned I can locate thing as long as he have a piece of it in our possession" Twilight smiled back

"Wow! Awesome so you can basically track down the rest" Spike smiled grew of joy

Twilight nodded

"Well anyway I'll be coming to Rarity to bring her some of the things I've dug up" Spike giggled as he ran to Carousel Boutique

Twilight can't help but to sigh and feel a slight sadness as she watch her assistant walk away

"He's growing up... a bit too fast" Twilight spoke then returning to hit the books

After that it was nearly night fall and the darkness of the night is clearly starting to sets in mostly because Luna is now raising the moon and looking at the clock she was it was more than 3 hours now

Getting worried she got up her chair and walked to the door but as she was about to open it opened just before her hoof made contact with the door knob

She let out a short yelp but it was replaced with a big gasped as she saw Spike

Tears was coming out of the baby dragon's faced with a long green snot in his scales

"Spike" The purple mare whispered but then Spike had run toward her as more tears came out

Twilight's maternal instincts kick in causing her to hug the now weeping dragon

"What's wrong?" Twilight asked

Spiked cried some more before letting out a "Rarity... She wants a stallion"

"That's not that bad is't" Twilight rubbed the dragon's back giving Spike

"But I'm not a stallion I'm a ugly fire breathing dragon" Spike spoke before letting out a cry

"Did she said that!" Twilight snarled, she was beginning to cry as well

"No but, but -" Spike burst of tears came following in

"Spike" Twilight thought back as flashes of memory came back to her and flooded her mind about Spike; the moment she hatched him, his days of being her first friend, her best friend and now her closest companion

She closed her eyes for a second thinking of something to distract the heart broken dragon, anything, anything as long as it could take Spike's mind out of this

She opened her eyes again looking at the furniture but nothing

Then it hit her (well not literary) the armor piece, it was incomplete, and looking for the rest of its parts would maybe distract Spike out of his depression

It's a long shot but she was pretty desperate and this might just be what he needs: An adventure

A moment later the crying stops, looking at the dragon she let out a smile as she wipe the tears out of the dragon's face, Twilight then began to take the now asleep dragon to his basket then before sliding his blanket above him Twilight press her lips to Spike's forehead as she said:

"Oh Spike your so cute when your asleep"