Chapter 10- Woe is Me!

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Ashamed as Twilight is Pinkie just uncovered it to her friends luckily Spike was still out cold which she was kinda happy about. If Spike knew these feelings stirring up inside her Spike might think differently about her. The uncertainty is too much for the lavender pony Spike is her first friend, her best friend, she knew him even better than his big brother Shining Armor and if his assistant leave him she would be devastated beyond measure. For she holds the dragon so dear the idea of him leaving her was dreadful. Even thought she felt little jealousy on his first crush the fashionista known as Rarity Twilight have a minor fear on that for the reason that she knew Rarity doesn't love her the way she does, and by love that far greater than what Twilight loved anypony.

So she kept it all this time, all these years.

"I'm sorry..." Twilight looked away

-In The Realm of the dead-

A void one might call it was all the dragon can see. Their were no pony, no creatures and no life that can thrive here, all was there was a mixture of light and dark swirling in the skies illuminating yet dimming the vision of the dragon. Spike was unsure why he is there, did he did a crime that this would be his would be punishment? Hell/ Very unlikely he thought for he is a dragon of noble integrity. Why circled his mind. Other than the mystery of being trapped in this unknown place Spike also eyed his body which is now returned to his original dragon form.

Just then Spike felt another presence in this void his trapped in. The figure came closer and closer to him but he is more confuse waht to do. If this pony is hostile he would be defenseless to protect himself yet... if this pony is not he could ask this pony for help and possibly get out of this plain.

But the dragon did not have enough time to decide. Behind Spike a pony, a pegasus to be exact had already step in front of the confuse dragon. The pony is a stallion; his coat colored that is similar to Rainbow Dash only a lot darker, his wings have a different shade of blue as it shine with a glow so strong. Yet the most noticeable feature in the stallion was his armor. An armor just the same as he has only his stallion form only bigger.

"Hello their little one?" He finally spoke, his voice as gentle as his pose.

Spike didn't answer soon he was still unsure about the stallion but still if this pony wanted to harm him he should have attack him when he have a chance not talk to him with kindness. He was about to answer him but again the pony had spoken first.

"You might be wondering why your here?"

Spike nodded.

"Dragon prince I bring port not a reason but a warning, on you, on your friends, a great evil is coming to you and your love ones."

"WHAT!?" Spike gasp

"Be warned an enemy of great power which can only be rivaled by its desire to kill, an evil entity so strong that it would make our Gods nothing but ants for a boot. Dragon prince only you have what it takes to end this insanity, madness and chaos."

"I don't understand I'm just a baby dragon! You must be mistaking! I mean how can I fight?!" Spike exclaimed

But the stallion's smile was enough seize his hysterical actions. His posture didn't change nor did his voice.

"Spike I seen you in your pony form, you saved your friends from feral animal, you saved a mare from a fire and most of all you are showing your potential."

"You saw?"

"Yes Spike I saw I maybe gone to the realm of the living but my servitude to justice will never end."

"You saw so that makes you my stalker." Spike joked causing a burst of laughter to the two.

"A joker you are Spike just like your father."

Spike jumped at the sudden sentence. This pony just mention his father or is he just joking. In Spike's mind he suddenly got the urge to know not on this pony's warning, he only took little consideration thinking of it like a joke, of that part but to his parents.

"My parents do you know them?"

The pony remained silent. His laughter quickly stopped replace with a sad frown.

"Answer me!" Spike ordered him but his silent remain unchanged.

"He is gone, a true hero he is..." He finally said tears bringing in the corner to his eyes

"He's dead but how?" Another question escaped Spike's lips wishing more to know about his origins.

Stallion turned on him once again this time with a stare that can turn the sun cold, a stare so serious. Instinctively Spike's feet began to move away from the pony.

"Dragon prince as I once said you hold a potential that holds no limit only you can deal with this disaster only can save us from this threat, me, Alpha and the Gods and Goddesses once fought this entity but we only manage to stall the inevitable. Resulting for dragons to be contaminated with a curse we call SINS, their lost of nobility and their war against us ponies which resulted to the death of our leaders."

"But I as I said to you I" Spike didn't able to talked anymore once the stallion took his hooves and place it on his shoulders slowly rubbing the scales as he do so.

"I know you can Spike you are the son of Alpha the strongest dragon to walk the Equestria and only you are immune of the curse."


Then Spike's vision began to blur. His body begun to weaken as like what happened to him when he arrive to the post office to see Twilight. Slowly he can feel his eyes telling him to close them.

"Spike I am Blazin Comet champion of the skies take care of the body I given you as it will aid you well in your final test." And with that the stallion banish as Spike's vision turned black.

Spike's body banished the moment Comet finish the sentence feeling a brief sadness that this young one will be force to face a demon that they fail to defeat.

While sighing to the void another presence was felt this time it was a dragon,.

Looking at the dragon Comet know what the dragon wanted, his expression covered with sorrow, regret and sadness.

"You should have said something to him, it would be nice if he talk with his father."

The dragon emerge from the darkness of the void exposing him fully to his companion.

"With all the crimes I did, it would be a miracle for him to forgive me." The dragon spoke his voice filled with sadness just like he is.

"His your son Alpha he will and surely will forgive you." Comet took side with him. Alpha the once strongest dragon of Equestria now taking refuge at the champion of the skies company for his mistakes, for his crimes, and for his foolishness

"It wasn't your fault Alpha the curse forced you to do those horrible things to us." Comet reminded him

"No, the curse only magnified our evil desires the desires we kept in our the deepest and darkest part of our heart, I was a fool to let it consume us specially my student."

A shiver came to Comet's back if this student Alpha is talking about is Omega Spike would need to unlock his unlimited potential soon, before Omega see him.

"Princess Celestia, Luna my love, this maybe a fight we can not win." If Comet have fingers or claws like Alpha he would have clenched them, feeling so useless was really getting in their edge and what's worse is that all they can do was done and so is their time. Dead as they are they themselves know all they can do now is pray, pray that the Dragon Price will won against odds far greater than they are.

-Meanwhile in Canterlot-

While the city burns to ruins the dragoness known as Omega Zero walked the charred road looking at the skies now covered with a thick shade of smoke.

"Just wait my prince once you're in my arms Alpha's plan will soon succeed, this curse the ponies labeled us will make us stronger and it's drive will make us even more."

On her path she was a tall armored unicorn his eyes stained with angered on his enemy, his target the dragoness who destroyed his town.

"Dragon you shall pay for your crimes! I Shining Armor will see to it."

The female dragon let out a chuckle.

"Your welcome to try stallion."

Raising his hoof Shining Armor commanded his fleet to attack, it was a large platoon of pony soldiers many are pegasus, some are unicorns but they have one goal in mind. To seize this dragon.

But even with these number of enemies Omega didn't showed fear only a sick smile was present in her lips. Taking her blade Omega braced herself for a dash. And sprinted she did. Her speed was unmatched even by the soldiers, she was like a blur to them and with that her blade begun to glow.

"Raikousen!" (Lighting Flash!) Her voice boomed and so was her blade.

A barrage of electrical beams hit all the guards at once leaving them unconscious to the ground. All but one.

Even after all the electricity surged to his body Shining still manage to keep his ground determined to stop this opponent.

"Stop right there monster.."

"Surrender pony you I enjoy fighting not killing."

Must... stop...her... those thoughts motivated him along with his family.

Again using his magic Shining once again attack the dragoness. Taking his blade the beam cast by the dragoness had unleash to hit the pony captain and sure enough it hit him.

"Easy enough." Omega commented

"Why do this?" Shining Armor ask, clinging in to the last of his consciousness he had.

"For Alpha, for the dragon kingdom..." Omega sheets her sword, taking a steps closer to the injured pony.

As weak Shining became from his injuries his sight remained with the dragoness, regretting not able to spend a lot more time with his family, but in his mind it's the only thing he regretted, not being a soldier for justice not dying all of those things he will do so with a pride in his chest.

The moment Omega was in front of Armor the injured pony knew what would happen next, his end, the monster would kill him and his life would be over now and then.

But what the dragoness did next mystified him even more.

"Hey soldier do you have a smoke?" Omega ask


"A smoke, a cigarette a stick of pleasure! Damn! What do a dragoness do just to get a smoke here?"

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