Title: The Strength to go on

Pairing: Faberry, is there any other?

Rated:M for future chapters

A/N So this is based off of "that girl65" universe of "Run the Heart" and "Parachute" which are amazing stories. I have been honored to be allowed to continue the story:D

What we are is the sum of a thousand lies

What we know is almost nothing at all

But we are what we are 'til the day we die

Or 'til we don't have the strength to go on

'Til we don't have the strength to go on

Stepping off the bus into the rain, the two girls were immediately assaulted by the sounds of the bustling city. To say Quinn was overwhelmed was an understatement, but looking at Rachel quickly erased any sense of fear. She had never seen her little star smile so big.

"Isn't it wonderful, Kitty?" Rachel said grabbing Quinn's hand momentarily looking at the star tattoo on her forearm then spinning her around laughing. Laughing along, Quinn couldn't help herself but spin with her little star. Others were passing by, giving amused and annoyed looks, but she couldn't give any less of a fuck. The joy radiating off of Rachel was more addicting then any drink or drug Quinn had ever had.

"All right little star lets get out of this rain, we still need to find a place to live and I'm hungry." She couldn't help but laugh as Rachel pouted jokingly. The change had been happening gradually on the bus, the further from bum fuck Lima they had gotten but Quinn was amazed at how much weight had lifted from the goth in such little time.

"I finally made it, Daddy's," whispered Rachel. Taking the punk girl's hand she pointed to what seemed to be some kind of run down dinner. "We can try there it looks good enough."

Quinn eyed the place with suspicion noting the name "Sal's", the S blinking off and on. "I dunno it looks kinda of Shiesty, Rachel, I would rather not get mugged our first day here."

Laughing Rachel responded, "It's not like it will be full of pedo's or anything, besides there is already one right here." Nipping at Quinn's nose and pulling her toward what they didn't realize would be one of the most important places of their young lives.


A/N: yea this was like REALLY short but I wanted to see if anyone liked it before I continued. So gimme some feed back and let me know what ya think:D Song used "The strength to go on"-Rise against