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After reading 'The Outsiders' and watching the film, I have been inspired to write a short one-shot about the greasers and how they cope after the death of Dallas and Johnny. I also wanted to incorporate something about the diversity between the Socs and the greasers, so I added a little romantic storyline between Two-Bit and a Soc of my own.

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Dallas Winston. We'd all heard about the tragic death of the rebellious greaser that had occurred only a month ago. Even us Socs had been affected by it and it certainly wasn't in our nature to be so shaken by an event such as this. My friend, Cherry Valance was especially shaken by the matter, it seemed. Whenever I talked to her lately, she seemed somehow distant, her eyes glazed with a thick sheen of moisture as she stared off vaguely into the distance; Dally had meant something to her, but just what he meant to her, I did not know. Marcia had told me something about a heated argument they had been involved in one night at the movie theatre, but I didn't see why that would make her so troubled after his death.

Apart from Dallas's death, us Socs had heard rumours of the death of a young Johnny Cade - another greaser- who had died rather horribly after himself, Ponyboy (a greaser I had heard Cherry discussing quietly on several occasions) and Dallas had heroically rescued a bunch of school kids from a burning church in the country. All of us Socs had heard about it and were all pretty taken aback. It wasn't in the nature of a greaser to get involved in something unless it was a fight. None of us could believe it.

Last night I went to the movie theatre with Cherry; She'd finally agreed to go after much persuading from myself and Marcia, who'd sadly cancelled at the last minute. She was spending the night with a boyfriend - a stuck up Soc I didn't particularly care for and never did.

We'd hitched a ride from my brother, Lou, who's always stuck up for me and offered gladly to take us. His bottle-green mustang slid snugly into the parking lot of the drive-in and Cherry and I hopped out, giving him a hearty wave before trudging over to our favourite spot.

"Later girls! Don't be too long now, Allison! I'll be waitin'!" I heard my brother call after me. I rolled my powder-blue eyes, a grin spreading across my face. Like I said, my brother has always stuck up for me. He's always been there for me.

We didn't particularly care what movie we were seeing; the whole purpose of this trip was merely to escape the monotonous gossip in our area of town. Which, now I think about it, was stupid since this was the place where Cherry first met Dallas Winston. We settled down in our seats, sipping absent-mindedly on two large cartons of coke we had purchased hastily before the movie started. The bubbles fizzed angrily, dancing upon my tongue, exploding like fireworks. That's when we saw them: the small huddle of greasers shuffling clumsily into the row of seats behind us, their hair coated in a thick layer of grease, pulling each sodden strand from their faces glimmering softly in the flickering light cast by the movie screen. I saw Cherry sink lower in her seat, praying not to be spotted. Were these the greasers I had caught her talking about? Were they previous friends of Dallas Winston and Johnny Cade? I had a hunch of these suspicions, and it turned out my hunch was right. With that long, flaming crimson hair of Cherry's, she was bound to be spotted. It was inevitable.

"Cherry?" A tentative voice came from behind us. I saw Cherry stiffen in her seat. This was nothing to do with me, I decided, and began sipping nervously on my coke. My eyes flickered to Cherry as she turned round to face the greaser.

"Oh, hi Ponyboy. What brings y'all here?" She asked, eyeing the other greasers warily.

"Needed a break from things, ya know." He replied softly. I could hear his voice wavering slightly as he spoke. So this was THE Ponyboy? He sounded different from the other greasers nodded before turning back round to face the movie screen, her arms folded across her chest. My stomach churned; I could tell coming here was nothing but a mistake. I could hear the other greasers whispering frantically behind us, furious voices hissing through gritted teeth as they tried their best not to make too much noise. I couldn't help but listen to their conversation.

"I told y'all we shouldn't have come here!" Ponyboy hissed under his breath.

"Shut your trap, Ponyboy!" Another greaser hissed. His husky voice made the hairs on the back of my neck stand...in a good way.

"Lay off Pony, Two-Bit. He's right, we shouldn't have come. It just brings back bad memories." Another shot back, his voice muffled slightly by the slurping of a coke.

"We can't just sit in the house all day doin' nothin', Soda!" The boy with the husky voice - Two-Bit - replied sharply. He sounded like someone not to be messed with. The name Soda must have meant only one thing- he was Sodapop Curtis, the incredulously handsome brother of Ponyboy who was famous among the girls at my school for being the hottest guy in town. I had to admit it, that boy was an angel sent down from heaven.

"I know, I know." Sodapop replied with a sigh. It was silent for a long, drawn-out moment before Soda piped up once more. "Is Steve comin'?"

"Hope not." Two-Bit replied blandly. "He's been acting real strange since Dally-" He stopped short, his words trailing off into non-being. I heard the scraping of chairs and glanced over my shoulder just in time to see the boy who must only have been Ponyboy jump from his seat and stride from the movie theatre like a whirlwind ripping through a small town. His sunshine-blonde hair was greased back from his face and his green-grey eyes glistened with tears. He tore past Sodapop and Two-Bit, who was staring into his lap, a pained expression on his face. I looked at him for a moment, absorbing his appearance like a sponge:

His greasy hair was brushed back from his face except from the small duck-tail fringe that fell across the centre of his forehead. A pair of rusty-coloured sideburns framed his stormy-grey eyes which were alight with the dying embers of a joke he never had the chance to tell before Ponyboy's exit.

"Nice one, Two-Bit!" Sodapop snarled, before turning at rushing after Ponyboy. Two-Bit fiddled awkwardly with the metal zip of his thick leather jacket. I turned round hastily, the slurping sound of Cherry's coke carton as she drained the last dregs of her drink filled my ears.

"Think I'll get some more." Cherry murmured dully. "Want one?" She offered graciously. I shook my head silently, drawing my baby-blue Cardigan more tightly around my shoulders. Cherry left quickly, skipping out the theatre and heading over to the refreshment stand.

I felt the urge to speak to the boy named Two-Bit growing within my chest; the words rose in my throat before I could stop them and before I knew it, I had whirled round in my seat and was looking at him, a blank expression on my face. The urge to speak to him had suddenly stopped as soon as my eyes fell upon his strikingly-handsome face. He looked up from his lap, his hands twisting together anxiously. It was just me and him. My heart raced furtively in my chest and I tried my very best to calm it. He was a greaser, after all, but I've never really understood the diversity between us Socs and the greasers. It's always seemed pointless to me. A small smirk curved his thin lips. I saw the slender silhouette of a beer bottle-neck jutting from the pocket of his jeans and a smile crossed my lips.

"Hey baby," he said softly, his voice melting my heart like a block of ice. "you doin' okay over there?" I was flustered for a moment before clearing my throat, finding my voice at last.

"I-I just heard you speakin' with those friends of yours," I said timidly. I never was much of one to talk. I usually left that to Cherry or Marcia. I realised now, as the flow of words tumbled from my lips that it sounds mighty weird when you tell someone that you've just been eavesdropping on their conversation, but he didn't seem to mind. He cocked an eyebrow coolly as I kept talking. "And, well, don't feel bad. We all heard what happened to Dallas and I'm sure your friend will come round soon enough..." I rushed, the words almost inaudible as I trailed off.A smile split Two-Bit's mischievous features, wreathing his face with an essence of scatterbrained recklessness.

"I know, baby," he began, my heart jolting at the word 'baby'. As much as I thought highly of Sodapop, Two-Bit sure was the most attractive greaser I'd ever seen. In fact, he was more handsome than most of the Socs we hung around with, too. "It's been hard for all of us, lately. What with Dally and Johnny gone," I could hear the hurt in his voice and my expression softened into one of pity. "Nothin's like it was back then. You Socs must'a heard all about Dally, right?" He said, his dancing grey eyes sparkling in the light of the movie screen as he looked at me. I nodded sadly, my neatly-brushed ash-blonde hair flopping in front of my eyes limply. What was it about him? He should have looked to me like any other greaser who strolled the streets, a bottle of beer clutched in his hand, a carefree swagger in his step and a penknife stuffed snugly in the back pocket of his white-wash jeans. But to me, he seemed different somehow. But I bet most of the girls at my school would think nothing of him.

"Yeah, we all heard about Dallas." I said gravely, a small tremor of nerves in my voice. He was the kind of guy that could make anyone he talked to at ease, but even as I sat there, submerged in casual conversation with him, I was still on edge. He made my heart race in my chest, thumping underneath the soft fabric of my duck-egg blue cardigan. The way his handsome face was highlighted by the light of the movie screen illuminated his chiseled features and stormy grey eyes. He looked so...perfect. It was silent for a long moment, before my stammering voice sliced the silence like the sharpest of blades, making Two-Bit look at me, our eyes meeting before flickering away as quickly as they had met. "You guys'll be okay, won't ya? I mean, after Johnny and Dallas..." I muttered, trailing off.

"O' course we will, baby," Two-Bit said, his grin not quite meeting his eyes despite the smooth tone of his voice.

"You can count on it." He winked. A small, foolish giggle escaped my throat; I sounded like such an idiot! I mentally kicked myself for being so embarrassing. Where was Cherry? She'd been gone for so long now, I thought she might as well have wandered off, but I didn't want to leave Two-Bit in order to find her. He had me entranced. He beamed at me, pleased that his remark had made me laugh.

"Hey, wanna sit up here with me until ya have to go? I'm sure Cherry won't mind. She's a fine girl. So is Marcia." He said, patting the empty seat beside him. How could I pass up that offer?

"You know Marcia?" I asked, hopping over the row of seats to join him, sliding into the scarlet plastic seat beside him.

"Sure I do, I even asked for her number once." He said, glancing down at his lap. "Fancy a smoke?" He said, yanking the carton of cigarettes from his pocket. I ain't never smoked in my entire life, and I wasn't about to start, either.

"I'll pass, thanks." I said, giving him a grateful smile. "Wow, I had no idea." I said, fiddling with the hem of my skirt.

"Ah, she didn't have any interest in me, why on earth would she?" Two-Bit said, and I felt the pity for him rise up in my chest, pushing down upon my lungs.

"Oh, come on," I said, trying desperately to cheer him up. "I'm sure you get all the greaser girls!" I said with a grin.

Two-Bit cracked open the bottle of beer from his pocket on the sturdy back of the seat in front, a crisp fizzing sound emanating from within. He took a quick swig before saying, "Yeah, but maybe I'm sick o' these greaser girls who want nothing more than to spend the night."

I looked at him, wide-eyed. My cheeks flushed with a crimson hue of embarrassment. "What d'ya mean?" I asked him, avoiding meeting his eyes that seemed so intense, so soulful.

"I mean maybe I want a real smart, cute girl...like..." His eyes met mine as he trailed off before they flickered to Cherry, who slid into the seat beside me, the coke carton clutched in her hands. "Mighta known you'd be up here with him." Cherry scalded under her breath.

My brow furrowed. I was annoyed that she'd broken that perfect moment between Two-Bit and I; I was eager for him to finish his sentence. "What d'ya mean?" I snapped. I could feel Two-Bit's eyes on me, but for once ignored his burning gaze.

"I mean I told ya I wasn't too fussed on hangin' round with these guys, I thought you'd guess that after the way you saw me talkin' to Ponyboy." She hissed, flipping her glossy scarlet hair over one shoulder.

"Well maybe it's none of your business whether I talk to Two-Bit or not!" I yelled defensively, aware that my voice was rising. Thankfully, there weren't many other people nearby watching the film.

Two-Bit shifted in his seat, he cocked an eyebrow at us. "Hey girls, don't fight, I-" He began, but was cut off abruptly by Cherry.

"You stay outta this, Two-Bit!" She shrieked.

"Don't you dare yell at him!" I growled, unsure why I was defending this greaser so protectively. I barely knew the guy. "I'm sick of you holdin' a grudge against everybody because of Dallas Winston! You don't even speak to Ponyboy when you meet up with him and yet don't you think he's feelin' awful about this whole thing?" I said, aware that I was standing up now, looking down at her. I'm smaller than Cherry in height, but now I loomed over her, my eyes ablaze as they fell across her pale face. My cheeks burned with anger, I could feel them growing hotter by the second. I hardly noticed that Two-Bit was watching me. My hands curled into fists; they shook with the violent fury coursing through my veins. I turned on my heel and swept out of the cinema quickly, too angry at Cherry to even think about what I was doing. I slammed into someone, my face slamming into their shoulder so hard I thought I had broken my nose. I reeled backwards, clutching my face with both hands. The pain was unbearable. I was afraid my knees were going to buckle.

"Oh, glory!" I heard someone cry.

"Shoot, Soda, she's a Soc! You gotta be more careful!" Another voice hissed.

I felt a hand close around my wrist, pulling me roughly to my feet.

"Jesus, I'm sorry." The voice said once again. My blurred vision cleared to reveal the handsome face of Sodapop Curtis looking at me with concern. "Hey ain't you Cherry's friend?" He asked curiously, diving into his pocket to retrieve something.

I nodded, gnawing on my lip to stop myself from crying in front of possibly the most handsome boy in town. Sodapop handed me a cloth, thrusting it in front of my face. "Uh...thanks." I said, taking it and dabbing at my nose carefully. When I pulled back the cloth I saw it spattered with tiny crimson dots. My stomach did a funny jolt and I sighed.

"Hey, we're real sorry." Ponyboy piped up, running a hand through his unnaturally blonde hair. I could see he really was sorry.

I shook my head, an action which I regretted because it made my vision sway dangerously. "It's fine, honestly." I mumbled through the cloth given to me by Sodapop.

"Is Cherry still watching that film?" Ponyboy enquired, gazing eagerly in the direction I had just come from.

I nodded sadly, still tending to my nose. I saw Ponyboy's eyes glimmer with a optimism. Hopefully he would be able to talk to her properly.

"Well, we'll see ya later. Sorry again about your nose, doll." Sodapop said with a wink before striding off towards the movie theatre; Ponyboy trotted behind in pursuit.

I nodded. "It's okay!" I called after him, wincing as I wiped away the crimson liquid running down my lip. I sat down on the hood of a parked car nearby. Luckily, the car had no one inside. My head was spinning and my knees shook with the urge to buckle. The fall seemed to have knocked me sick. I cast my eyes to the floor in front of me, which was spinning sickeningly. Suddenly, a pair of boots appeared in front of my eyes, their outlines slightly fuzzy. I raised my head slowly to take in the appearance of the figure before me. I thought it would most likely be the owner of the car whose hood I was draped across like a limp ragdoll.

Thankfully, I was wrong.

I looked into the humorous and happy-go-lucky face of Two-Bit. My vision slid into clear focus when my eyes fell upon his. They were dancing with a mixture of enthusiasm and concern. Had he followed me? Had he seen me collide with Sodapop? The thought made my heart flutter within my ribcage. My breath caught in my throat. "Shoot. I didn't even get to finish my sentence." He said, taking a step towards me, his hands in his pockets. "Hell, I don't even know your name."

Flashes of heat erupted across my face. "My name's Allison." I whispered, my voice hoarse. "Allison Maddox."

A smile spread across Two-Bit's carefree face. "Nice to meet you. Mind if I call you Ally?"

No one had ever called me Ally before, but the way the word sounded on Two-Bit's Tongue made me realise how much I liked it. "Not at all." I said, looking at him.

"Well Ally, I never got to say this. I must be out of my mind to say it but...maybe I want a real smart, cute girl to hang round with. A girl like you." He said softly. His voice made the pace of my breath quicken considerably more. I could hardly believe his words. A girl like me? The dying embers of his voice echoed in my ears.

Two-Bit sighed despairingly. "I knew I was stupid to say such a thing." He said, fiddling awkwardly with his jacket.

"No," I found myself saying suddenly. "No, you aren't." His head snapped up, and he looked at me so intensely that I blushed.

"R-really?" He said, a grin so wide splitting his handsome features that it almost reached the rusty sideburns beside both ears.

I nodded earnestly; my head was no longer spinning. Two-Bit seemed to have cured me. Suddenly, his cloudy grey eyes widened as they fell upon the trickle of blood meandering down my lip. He reached out a broad and muscled arm, brushing away the snaking trail gently with his finger. It didn't hurt, but still, a whimper slipped from my throat at his touch. As he got closer, my heart-rate kicked into gear. I could barely breathe. He wiped the bead of scarlet liquid upon his jacket as if it was nothing, his fingers snaking across mine to take the cloth from my grasp. He wiped the blood congealed around my nose with such gentlemanly delicacy that I could barely believe that he was a greaser. A greaser that likes to suck back on a few beers at that. I'm sure I must've looked real attractive with blood clotted around my nose and around my lip, but Two-Bit seemed oblivious to my atrocious appearance. He leaned in real close so that our noses almost brushed tips. Our eyes met and I could feel his warm, alcohol-tinged breath on my cheek. My hand reached out and grasped the back of his long, greasy locks, perfectly styled and combed back. Then...

"Glory, Two-Bit! Looks like you got lucky tonight!" Came a heckling voice from behind.

Two-Bit drew away from me, rolling his perfectly grey eyes. Disappointment filled every orifice of my body. "Hey Steve." He said in a dull tone.

"Fancy a Pepsi? I'm gaspin'." Steve said, throwing an arm casually round Two-Bit's shoulder.

"Yeah, I'm real thirsty too." Two-Bit replied, giving me a quick wink. "Fancy comin' along, Ally? You can apologize to Cherry while we're there."

I nodded, "Sure." I said as Two-Bit wriggled out of Steve's grasp and placed his own arm around my shoulders.

I wanted to make him happy, especially after the death or Dallas Winston and Johnny Cade had affected him and the other greasers so badly. I'd never really mingled with greasers before, as a soc, it's never really been my style. But everything felt different with Two-Bit; it felt pure, golden. I remember the line of the poem by Robert Frost we'd studied in class.

'Nothing gold can stay'

Well in my eyes, Two-Bit was gold, and he could certainly stay. For good.