Plot: Bella is part of the Cullen clan but isn't with Edward she is the only one without a mate until the new girl Angela Webber arrives at Forks

Full plot: Bella Cullen is the only member of the Cullen without a mate and that's how she likes it that is until the new girl Angela Webber arrives at Forks high school and for some reason she can't keep away though her family are worried about her she ignores their pleas and befriends Angela even though she could put Angela in danger.

Angela will be a little different in this story.

AN: All characters and such belong to Stephanie Meyer

Chapter one

Angela's POV

Maybe this wasn't such a good idea, I should have argued more as I looked out my bedroom window the rain had been constant since this morning; it was putting a dampener on our move from California to Forks.

Thinking back I should have argued against it if I only knew what it would be like here. Forks was a small town about an hour's drive from Port Angeles which was the closest town here, Forks was also covered by forests it looked beautiful on the way here and I was excited but that soon turned to horror as the rain set in.

Alas I can't change what has happened now so I had to grin and get on with it, I grabbed my bag from the bed and made my way downstairs, mum and dad had gone to work already, I went around to make sure the house was locked up before I left.

I jogged over to my car, it was a few years old and did belong to my mum before she bought her new one but I loved it, by the looks of things my car wouldn't really be out of place which I was thankful for.

I drove slowly towards school, the rain had gotten heavier and I could barely see out of my front window, I didn't realise how close the school actually was until I nearly missed the turn to the car park I had to slam on the breaks hard which nearly caused the car behind me to crash into the back, when I looked into my mirror I saw a beat up Chevy behind me.

The person in the car beeped their horn for me to move, I blushed and started my car again this time turning at the right point. Once my car was parked I noticed the truck behind me had stopped and parked up next to a posh silver Volvo, I didn't wait for whoever it was to come and have a go at me for nearly causing a crash, I pulled my jacket hood up made sure I had my bag and jumped out the car. I hurried to the main office doors and went inside.

The woman behind the desk looks up at me with a kind smile, I moved over to the desk I was shy around people I didn't know so it felt like years before I actually reached the desk.

"Can I help you dear?" The woman asked, I looked at the badge she had attached to her cardi her name was Anne.

"I'm Angela Weber I am new here" I began "I was told to come and pick up my timetable" she added, Anne nodded with a bright smile on her face.

"The town is buzzing about the fact you and your family have returned" Anne said as she looked through a file, I blushed at being the gossip of the town she was going to hate that.

"Oh that's well nice" I tried to sound happy about it but well she wasn't. Anne handed over a map and my time table with a smile.

"Well I hope you enjoy you're time here" I nodded and left the office.

I checked my time table as I left the office I was so wrapped up in finding my next lesson I didn't see the other person turning the corner, when I did I prepared myself to fall flat on my face or back.

I opened my eyes to see that I hadn't in fact fallen, that someone caught me, their eyes were a dark gold and dark hair framed their face.

"You should really watch where you're going" my rescuer said amused they stood me up straight.

I felt my heart skip a beat literally, my saviour was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen she was shorter than me with long brunette hair she was pale with ivory skin I didn't see much else as I looked away hoping she didn't think I was a freak.

"I'm sorry I was just finding out where my first class is" I replied quickly I tucked my hair behind my ear; it wasn't an unusual thing for me to do.

I noticed the girl in front of me tense she made her hands into fists she clenched hard it looked almost painful I took a step back in case I offended her though I didn't see how I could have.

"I should go" the girl mumbled she avoided me as she went in the opposite direction I watched her as she walked, I was confused but didn't shout or ask her what was wrong in fact I didn't even get her name.

Lunch time

It had been a long day and when lunch finally came around I was glad, maybe I would see that girl again I didn't build my hopes up high but still it would be nice to have a name to go with the face.

I made friends with a girl called Jessica, she was shorter than me but her bubbly personality made up for it, we were sat at a table she introduced me to the others but I couldn't remember their names, there was a guy who seemed just as excited as Jessica, a guy with his head buried in a comic book and a girl with a permanent snarl on her face.

I looked around and noticed a group walk in, they were beyond stunning, they looked like models, they walked in twos the first of the couples were the tallest, the guy was built like a bear he had a grin on his face as the woman next to him looked ice cold, she had long blond hair and a body to die for she didn't really give any one her attention as she walked past it seemed like she was the more dominant one in their relationship.

Second came a different couple, the guy looked like a statue his back was straight and his face tense as his eyes were wide he looked like he really didn't want to be here, the woman next to him was much shorter and she had a bounce in her step she had dark hair which stuck up everywhere and seemed light on her feet.

The third pair were much like the others beyond beautiful he was tall but not as well built as the other two his bronze coloured hair was sticking up in all directions, next to him stood a woman with strawberry blond hair much smaller than her partner like the blond woman before her she was full of grace.

"They are the Cullens" Jessica interrupted my musings I turned to look at her "they moved from Alaska about a year ago"

"Yeah most of them are together" the girl with the snarl added "apart from Bella" I didn't notice another but as soon as she said it I saw another walking in not long after them.

When I had a good look I noticed she was the same girl who saved me before I didn't notice what she was wearing but now I did, she had a rock chick look about her, she wore black skinny jeans, boots a white band shirt and a leather jacket like the other two women she had a grace when she walked, she easily managed to move between crowds and dodge chairs as people got up.

"That's Bella" Jessica told me even her name was beautiful she found her way to the table the other Cullens sat at.

"The first two were Rosalie and Emmett" a guy with blond hair said in a dream like voice as he stared at Bella seemed like she had an admirer.

"Then behind them was Jasper and Alice, Jasper and Rosalie are twins and Mrs Cullen is their Aunt or something" Jessica continued when the guy didn't I tried hard to remember his name but couldn't "The last couple was Edward and Tanya" she finished.

"Bella thinks she is so perfect" the girl with the snarl, well snarled she really didn't like this Bella much.

"Lauren be nice" Jessica scowled Lauren didn't reply just stuck her nose up in the air and turned away.

My gaze found its way back to the Cullen table this time however I didn't focus on the couples just Bella. I don't know it wasn't like I was a lesbian I had plenty of boyfriends back home I was considered attractive even though I wasn't popular though most of them were put off by my height I was tall for a girl, I stood at nearly six foot.

"Bella is watching you" Jessica whispered in my ear I pull myself out of my thoughts and saw that she indeed was, there wasn't any anger like before she didn't seem so tense either in fact she looked amused again maybe she remembered who I was. I blushed at the sudden attention but soon she was pulled out of our staring contest by the blond woman who seemed angry that Bella was looking at me.

The bell for the end of lunch went I noticed in the blink of an eye that the Cullen family were gone I followed the blond guy, Mike! I did remember his name, as he took me to History.

When we arrived I noticed the only seat available was next to Bella, as if she knew I was looking at her she looked up but any trace of that amused expression was now gone and all she did was glare before looking back down at the desk, I placed my bag under my desk and sat down next to her I noticed she moved away slightly and her fist was clenched.

"Hello" I began, I tried to just ignore the look of pure hatred she had on her face and make a conversation but she simply ignored me I was a little hurt and not used to someone being so cold and distant I decided right then and there that I would not make the effort with her.

I loved English history it was much greater than our own I took down every bit of detail that was on the board. I found it was easy ignoring Bella she was so silent in everything she did that I barely noticed her unless I looked over which I didn't I had a feeling that wouldn't go down to well with her.

The bell rang for the end of class and Bella was up and gone without even a backward glance maybe Lauren had good reason to hate Bella she did seem like a bitch to me, Mike waited for me after class and even walked me to my car he was a nice guy but not the type I would go for.

When I got home I threw my bag by the stairs no one was home yet so decided to watch TV until someone did turn up.

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