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Chapter five

I was excited, for the first time since I moved to Forks I was excited, I knew that I should be scared, I mean Bella Cullen is a vampire, I should be scared but I couldn't find myself to feel like that, a beep from outside told me Bella was here I grabbed my jacket and bag shouted bye to my parents and left the house.

Bella was sat in her car, she hadn't taken her eyes off me as I got in next to her "Good morning" she whispered as she backed out of the drive.

"How was your night?" I asked, Bella shrugged "I have a question I want to ask" I whisper, Bella looks over at me.

"Ask me anything" she replied I was worried I mean what if she ran off again; she has been known to do that before and now that we have kissed I don't think I would cope which is a scary thing to think about considering how long I've known her.

"I know that vampires drink human blood" I began, I looked over and noticed how white her knuckles were from gripping the steering wheel, I could swear I heard a crack.

"Yes" Bella replied, she tried to keep her voice even I could tell but she was struggling with it.

"How do you and your siblings manage to be in school?" I finished the tension still hadn't left her body but she smirked which was good at least she didn't tell me to get out the car.

"Angela" she began "I will explain it all when we get to my house but don't be afraid we won't hurt you, I couldn't hurt you" she whispered, I almost melted at it, but I knew the seriousness behind those words, that this girl who looked like a weakling could kill me in less than a second.

It didn't take long for us to reach her house, as we parked next to a Volvo I looked around in wonder, the house was surrounded by forests it was in the middle of no where but yet so big and bright, I had to admit I did consider it being dark and gloomy, those years of watching bad vampire films I suppose.

Bella got out the car first just as I was about to open my door she was at my side opening it for me, she held out a hand for me to take, it was the first proper time I realised how cold she was but yet I didn't feel it at all.

The front door was opened as soon as Bella closed mine, her sister Alice jumped over to us Bella rolled her eyes but hugged her sister, Alice then turned to me and hugged me, I could see the tension in Bella's posture and her eyes narrowing until Alice let go, her whole body then relaxed Alice turned to Bella.

"I wasn't going to hurt her" Alice pointed out, if Bella could blush I think she would have soon the big guy Emmett walked over he had me in a bear hug and swung me round I laughed and tried to hug him back but he was too big for me to get my arms around.

"It's great to finally meet you" he said with a bright smile on his face "Bella needs to get laid" Smack! It seemed everywhere vibrated as Bella hit Emmett on the back of the head and glared.

"Unless you want me to kick your ass in a fight again shut up" Emmett's smile faded and a look of horror crossed his face as he pouted then made his way back to Rosalie who smirked then hit him again but this time not as hard.

Bella laughed as she showed me inside, I could hear a TV on in the kitchen and chopping I looked over at Bella who was smiling as she lead me to the noise, when I walked inside I saw two people making something to eat, one was a man with blond hair he seemed very young to have a family even the woman next to him with her Aurban hair seemed very young.

"These are my parent's Carlisle and Esme Cullen" Bella said from behind me, they both shook my hand.

"It's very nice to finally meet you Angela" Esme was the first to speak I blushed and played with my fingers I felt Bella's cold hand on my back which relaxed me.

"Well I am going to have a chat with Angela" she glared at everyone but her parents "don't disturb us" she led me then up the stairs and into I suppose her room.

"I'm sorry about my family, I have been alone a long time and they are happy that I found you" Bella explained she remained standing as I sat on her chair.

"That's fine you all seem really close" I replied Bella nodded I shifted about uncomfortably as Bella sighed running a hand through her perfect hair.

"I should start from the very beginning" Bella began "I was born in 1622, I lived a simple life with my parents that us until a passing vampire bit me, he left me for dead" Bella paused I wasn't sure what about what to do so I opted to let her come to me if she needed.

"The pain was horrible I hated what I had become and spent a few days just ignoring my thirst that is until Aro and the Volturi had arrived, they took me in I rose through the guard ranks, I was the best fighter they ever had, and the best tracker and I loved it until I met Carlisle the first time" she chuckled at the thought of it, it made me smile "his diet interested me, but I was respected at the Volturi so I stayed but the second time he came to visit in the 1870's I decided to join him and become what he was"

"What are you then?" I asked

"We only drink the blood of animals, that's why are eyes are golden" She replied, I noticed how bright her eyes were now "I am as good as Carlisle when I control my thirst I guess my first thoughts as a vampire never really left me I wanted to be more than this monster so I worked hard to be how I am today, to some at school it seems cold and hateful but really I am just protecting them" She shrugged.

"What was your human life like?" I asked.

Bella sat down next to me and grabbed my hand gently "I don't remember much of it, if I'm honest I get bits and pieces now and then, I guess it was a happy childhood I had a loving family, our village was attacked by vampire's I spend weeks in the forest, I woke up with no memory of my past life Alice sometimes has visions and tells me about them which them causes me to remember some of my life" I sat listening to her, it amazed me at how in control she was.

The door to Bella's room opened and her brother Edward walked in, I heard Bella growl in her chest.

"Sorry to disturb you but Esme has food ready for the human" he told us, Bella looked over at me and smiled she stood offering her hand to me I took it, Edward just rolled his eyes and left the room.

"Did I offend him?" I asked Bella just smiled but didn't reply I followed her through the house and into the kitchen, a meal was set on a plate ready for me to eat I sat down and Bella followed suit, the food was gorgeous.

"So you said about Alice having visions does that mean there are others in your family with gifts?" I asked as I ate Bella nodded.

"Yes we all bring gifts over from our human life, Esme brought her love, Carlisle his control, Emmett brought his strength" Bella began I frowned what about the rest? Bella then answered my unasked question "Edward can read minds a good gift but one that can be annoying, Alice can see the future though her visions aren't always set in stone and Jasper can control peoples emotions" she finished.

"Wait what about you?" I asked Bella chuckled.

"Trust you to remember me, I have a few gifts I am an excellent tracker I am also a shield I can protect myself from mental attacks and also others from mental attacks as well as physical that's why Edward doesn't like you" I was confused what did I do?

"What did I do to him?" I asked as I finished my meal.

"I am protecting your mind from his gift he can't read you and it annoys him" Bella replied "I thought that maybe you would like your privacy" she shrugged looking at her clenched hands I smiled softly that was sweet of her I reached across and took her hand, she looked up at me with a small smile on her face.