Superguy2233 presents...


... just a quirky one-shot that I wrote because I had nothing better to do. The what if? is...

What if all of PewDiepie's characters lived together in one house!


All credit goes to frictional games and Pewdie.

The barrel tossed and turned in his bed. He hadn't slept for SIX WEEKS! Well... that's expected if you're an inanimate object. He lay there for a few minutes, waiting for either something interesting to happen or daybreak to near.

The former came first.

At about 2 A.M., the barrel heard a soft moaning from a nearby room. He got out of bed and waddled on his non-existent legs out of his bedroom. He passed Stephano's and Piggeh's rooms and followed the moaning to Pewdie's. 'Ah, he's dreaming about Marzia again.' The barrel thought, a devious plan forming in his head. 'Hehehe...' the barrel chuckled to himself; yet halfway through his evil laugh, he was interrupted by a voice with a sharp French accent; 'tonight's about to get interesting, I suppose.' The barrel whirled around, wondering where the voice came from. 'Jesus Christ, barrel, down here!' the voice whispered. The barrel looked down and noticed Stephano, standing in the hallway in golden pyjamas. 'Couldn't sleep?' the barrel asked. Stephano nodded. 'hold on, you like a good trick, right Stephano?' the barrel said as he leaned in to tell the golden man about his devious prank.

The next morning, PewDiePie woke to a nasty surprise. The Bro was in his bed. They awkwardly looked at each other for about a second before hearing a chuckle outside the door. At a sudden realisation of what had happened, they both screamed: 'BAAAAAAARREL!'

The end! I know it's cheesy and terrible and badly written, but hey; we can't all be perfect. Remember to R&R! If I hit ten reviews (positive ones) I'll make a part two, involving Pewdie's and The Bro's revenge!

Superguy out!