"Oh god," I gasp, grimacing. "Get a room… one that doesn't have me in it!"

My parents – Renée and Charlie – are going at it.

In our fucking lounge room.

And when I say going at it… I mean, wet dog panting.

I shudder.

It's worse to even think about… let alone see it.

Mum squeals and looks at me, abashed, as if she hadn't realized that I was in the fucking room.

Gee, thanks… but I am.

"Sorry, baby," she says and she reaches out to touch me.

I jump off the couch and smile, showing no teeth.

"Yeah… bye."

Hello Everyone!

Welcome back for my second ever drabble! This one, unlike the first, is a vamp/human, mating story. It came to mind when I was just trying to write something. It started with that first line up there and now it's… well; it's a fully-fledged story with its awesome plot and everything.

I think you guys may just like it… I hope so, anyways.

This is technically the 9th of July... even if only by 38 minutes.

Currently, I'm watching the Wimbledon men's final and I'm going for Federer.

But... back to the drabble. Basically, the way it's going is 5 chapters a day. Giving the fact that there's ten chapters of Bella... then Edward... then Bella etc., it's 2 days of Bella, 2 days of Edward and so on.

Now... drop me a review to tell me what you're thinking and if you're with me... I sincerely hope that you are.