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This is in BPOV, just in case you wanted to know. I was originally gonna make it Bella then Edward, but since the story has already finished and this is a futuretake/outtake there's no need to do that just so it finishes with EPOV. Anyways, if you want any other outtakes just ask and I'll see what I can do! ;)

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The burning persists for an immeasurable amount of time, but I can hear everything that's happening around me. I can still feel Edward next to me; I can still feel his touch and his presence. It calms me more than anything, especially as my body jolts from the occasional heightened fit of fire.

I can also hear Edward's voice. He speaks to me regularly, for hours on end. Not once do I hear an apology, for which I'm glad; the last thing I want to know is that he regrets this… even if it is just because I'm in pain.

Instead, he tells me that he loves me. He tells me he cannot wait for our forever to begin and he tells me that he knows I know something about my change and more specifically, the colour of my eyes.

Which I do.

Alice had approached me a few weeks ago and notified me of a new vision of hers. In it, she explained that I had brown eyes but was clearly a vampire. We were both stumped for the next few days, but vowed to not say anything to Edward; I know that my love would freak out since we don't know why my eyes are brown in her vision and two, once we did know – and I am sure to this day that it's for a good reason and not a bad one – he will be thrilled.

I didn't – and still don't – want to ruin that for him.

And then, of course, after trying to figure out what it was, Alice called Eleazar down for a quick visit the weekend before the wedding. I panicked at first, thinking that Edward would come home and be suspicious, but he was on a hunting trip – his last as an unmarried vampire – with his two teasing brothers.

After just standing in the same room as me, concentrating on me extensively, Eleazar had discovered the answer.

I was a shield.

After a brief explanation about what the fuck a shield actually was, he told me that I was a special one. I asked him why and he explained in deep but brief detail; there were two parts to my shield – a physical and mental component.

Basically, my mind would be protected, and he presumed that I would probably keep a lot of my precious memories as a human as my mind would automatically protect those memories. But he really was excited when he began to speak about the physical component, smirking as he stated that "this was where it gets interesting".

I have to admit that I felt as if I was a science experiment when he told me that the physical component was the part that influenced my eye colour. And, if I could project both parts of my shield, I would not only protect and defend myself and others, but Edward would finally be able to hear my mind.

I can't wait.

And so, with a hurried thank you, Alice and I said goodbye to Eleazar before my pixie sister quickly did something or rather – she forced me to go upstairs and shower in her and Jazz's bathroom so I'm not really sure how she did what she did – to banish Eleazar's scent from the house.

Edward – and the rest of the family with the exception, I'm sure, of Jasper – know nothing. Absolutely zilch.

Of course, I feel terribly devious, but if all this secrecy means I get the pleasure of experiencing Edward's utter joy… amongst other things… when he can hear my thoughts then I'll do whatever it takes.

Just then, I feel the fire increase and my back arches of its own accord. My heart is pumping furiously, and my hearing is clearer than it was even a moment ago… which is strange since my hearing had become more acute already. I clench my jaw, praying I don't release a sound and cause Edward any unnecessary pain or worry. I had known this was going to happen – Edward had explained the process to me very clearly.

Then, all of the sudden, the pain rushes to my heart just as my heart gives out its last beat and I slump against the bed I'm lying on as the fire simply vanishes. I lie still, monitoring my surroundings with just my hearing for a few minutes.

When I feel the electric pulse of Edward's touch however – strangely warm, I quickly notice – I can't stop myself. I gasp, my eyes snapping open, immediately locking with Edward's. I gasp again just at the sight of him; it's as if I haven't been seeing him clearly because this Edward… well… well, he's… really…

To be frank, he's fucking sexy… and gorgeous… and perfect… and… you get the point.

He's wearing only a pair of jeans. His hair, bronze with now what I can see is streaks of brown and gold, is unruly, as usual. His jaw seems much more prominent, and his hand is… it is warm. I shake my head, clearing it of its consuming thoughts before I study every bare inch of him, whimpering as I feel lust swarm within me.

I swallow, my tongue seeping out between my lips to swipe across my bottom lip. All I want is to be in his arms and kiss the shit out of him.

To my surprise, I'm there immediately. It's with shock that I realise that because I'm a vampire now, the waiting period between thinking of doing something, waiting for the message to meet the brain and then span out to the rest of my body is no longer slow. Every part of my body is different now, more advanced.

So far deep into my thoughts, I gasp when Edward's fingers graze against my lips. My head snaps back around and my eyes dart to his black ones. All I can see in his eyes is love, possessiveness, need and… is that awe?

He smiles, leaning down and tightening his arms around my waist. I moan lightly, but he still hears it and I feel his responding growl, smiling at the sound of it. I lick my lips, my eyes flickering between his mouth and his eyes.

Finally, I can't take slow anymore, and I growl – a small part of my mind registering this with shock – before crashing my lips to his. His hands grip me, squeezing my firm flesh before they snake down to my ass. He pulls me up in his arms and I automatically wrap my legs tightly around his waist, never breaking our kiss.

In the next millisecond, were on the bed, Edward looming above me. His piercing, lust filled, black eyes are looking down at me and the look he's giving me is enough to make me orgasm on the spot. I lick my lips, whimpering as I try to get closer to him but he pins me down and cocks a sexy, dangerous eyebrow.

"I don't think so, my love," he purrs and I moan as his lips descend on the swell of my breast, trailing down… all the way to my stomach as he shuffles between my spread legs.

"I want you, Edward," I breathe, knotting my fingers in his hair and licking my lips. He grunts as I tug on his hair harder when his tongue seeps out of his mouth, barely touching my skin.

"Your wish, my command," he growls, his black, feral eyes meeting mine before he ducks down and unleashes the greatest pleasure I have ever known. I call out, my back arching high off the bed; all of these sensations are so heightened right now and I'm not sure whether it's because of my new and improved body or whether it's the fact that Edward has no reason to hold back… and he sure as fuck isn't, anyway.

Edward's always been talented in the bedroom department… in every way… so it doesn't take him long to bring me to the brink. I'm keening and tugging on his hair, shouting and chanting his name and with just a flick of his talented tongue, he brings me to my orgasm.

He swipes his tongue slow and long against my centre, taking everything I give and when he's done and I'm panting heavily, he crawls up my body so we're face to face.

"We should really be hunting right now but I need you too much," he whispers and I groan in lust at how selfish he's being. This is a whole other Edward I'm seeing right now and I fucking love it.

"I don't care," I breathe, winding my arms around his neck and with my now-natural speed, I flip us over. Sitting up, with my hands now trailing over his delicious chest – don't ask me when they pulled away from Edward's neck – I look into his eyes with a smirk. "I need you too much, too."

He sits up and I squeal a little as it causes me to tip back. He chuckles, winding his arms around my waist and pulling me tightly against his chest. He leans in, pressing his lips to mine with such force that I feel as if the breath is knocked out of me.

"I love you, Edward," I whisper, breaking the kiss. Looking in his eyes, there's only one thing I need to say now. "Make love to me."

He smiles softly, kissing me again as he grips my hips, lifts me and then enters me. We moan softly in unison and my head falls to his shoulder as he slowly sinks into me. I press slow, lazy, wet kisses to his shoulder, closing my eyes in bliss as Edward's arms tighten around me, squeezing me to his front.

Edward's lips trail up and down my jaw. As our hips press together, I push on his chest and he immediately understands, falling back on the bed, pulling me with him. My hair falls around our faces like a curtain. Our eyes close as we thrust together in a slow, sensual and seductive pace. This is not about any need as such, but our love for one another and closeness.

Our climaxes are not met with shouts or growls but with low moans and whimpers as we look into each other's eyes. The love shining in his and mine – as I can see reflected through his heavy-lidded eyes – is heavy enough that I can almost feel it in the room.

Edward gasps suddenly and I frown as he flips us before getting up off the bed. I quickly follow as he begins to pace and I watch him with my arms crossed for a while. Finally, I can't stand not knowing what's going through his very complicated mind any longer and I flit to stand in front of him, eyebrow raised and hands on hips.

"Mind explaining what's wrong?" I say, feeling just a little miffed.

He swallows, looking into my eyes again before he begins to pace once again. I sigh, but listen intently when he finally speaks. "Love, your eyes are brown. Now, I have no idea how this has happened but don't worry, nothing's wrong with you, I'm sure of it. I'll find out what's going on, I swear to you."

I can't help but laugh, which only causes Edward's head to snap around once more as he pauses. His eyes narrow and I immediately stop laughing as he flits to stand before me.

"Is this what you were hiding before I changed you?" He asks nervously, curiously. He raises an eyebrow at me and I nod, smiling shyly as I look down. He brings a single finger to my chin, pulling it up so I look at him. "Why didn't you say anything? And what is it? You obviously must know why this is happening if you knew this small detail…"

I smile, "I do know and I wanted to surprise you… are you ready for your surprise?"

He swallows, "by all means, my sweet."

I smile but then bite my lip. "Um, well, I only know what this is… I have no idea how it's supposed to work and for me to try and figure it out, you need to be on your best behaviour," I say, stepping forward.

He groans and steps back a little, managing to keep his eyes from straying down to my chest. "My love, you are naked in front of me and you honestly expect me to not touch you?" He purrs in my ear and I whimper, purring instinctively as his thumb brushes against my puckered nipple.

"I am hoping so…" I breathe, opening my eyes to look into his. "That is, if you want your surprise…"

He swallows, lowering his hands and I clamp my mouth shut so I don't whimper in disappointment as he stops touching me, standing perfectly still. "I would really like that, actually."

I nod and look at him firmly, "stay perfectly still, Edward."

He nods and I close my eyes, biting my lip as I try to find my shield just as Eleazar had explained during his visit. I smile widely when I find it, frowning as I concentrate on lifting it. I try in many ways; imagining a curtain, imagining myself physically lifting something. Eventually I give up, instead focusing on actually lifting it.

Edward's gasp of my name tells me I've done so and I smile widely.

Surprise, baby, I think. Edward's hands are touching my body again and the sensations lead to thoughts of what we'd just done minutes before… lingering on the finer details. Edward growls, pulling me back onto the bed.

We stay there for several hours… although, that may have to do with the fact that I keep lifting the shield to show him my mind as we make love… which just makes him go wild.

And I smile, knowing that the decision to become a vampire is the right one. Who needs forever as a vampire when I can have forever as a vampire with Edward?

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