Summary: AU - Medic!Naruto. He was an overqualified medic-nin, a prodigy in his art and also well off financially. His life is perfect, so once it's ruined when the Hokage decides that he should be out in the field more and meeting people his age, how will he adjust?

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"The Boss's Boss"

"...So you see, Hokage-sama, the patient had an issue in which his kidneys were completely burnt by internal chakra use. I suspect that he-"

Hiruzen Sarutobi looked at the young teen before him and sighed. The teen wore a long white coat, specially made for doctors that have been professionally sanctioned. Underneath that was a simple, silky white shirt, a chuunin vest over that and straight, black pants.

"Naruto-kun." He spoke but to no avail as the teen continued rambling.

"...overdid his training again. But the idiots working down at the ER thought he had an underlying condition because the patient would not wake up. So, my suggestion is-" The boy continued in a drawling voice, and the Third Hokage twitched in annoyance. He hated when the boy would get this way - he seemed to space out when giving long reports.

"Naruto-kun!" He spoke a bit higher. The boy finally snapped his head a bit.

" fire the entire ER crew..." He finished lamely, and grinned. "Sorry about that, Hokage-sama."

Hiruzen just nodded, "No matter. However, I do not have power over what goes on at the Hospital and its internal affairs. You should go over this with the Head of the Medic Corps, your master, am I correct?"

Naruto sighed. "Rin-sensei is very close with all of her employees, even the most incompetent ones. She won't fire anyone." He replied dejectedly. "I don't have time for such trivial manners, Hokage-sama. If the ER cannot handle even the simplest of assignments, how will I ever handle all of my affairs?"

"What affairs you lazy boy!" The old man thought to himself quietly.

In this current generation, Uzumaki Naruto was perhaps one of the greatest medical minds to have ever graduated from the Corps. Ever since that fateful day many years ago, when he had broken through boundaries and had graduated from the regular ninja academy at the age of eight - he then advanced through the medical corps at a similar rate, taking a mere three years. That had been four years ago in itself.

So here and now stood a young, certified diagnostician whom was only fourteen years old, nearing fifteen, and already held one of the highest paying jobs they had to offer in Konoha.

One would think of the boy as a crazy workaholic. Hiruzen could not help but feel that it was the exact opposite according to his own, personal observations over the years. The fact of the matter was, he worked very few cases a week, and thus, had all the time in the world to get anything he wished completed.

And here, he was now complaining about not getting enough time to himself!

"Naruto-kun, I cannot fire anyone." The old man said, and the boy before him seemed displeased. "My boy, what are the affairs that you must get done? Why not simply hire some genin team to get it done for you?"

The blonde sneered, "As if I would trust a bunch of wet behind the ear genins with my affairs."

"Then how about chuunin?"

"They wouldn't understand my craft, Hokage-sama." He replied easily, "I'm afraid that my reason for visit it complete, I'll see you another day."

"You have no affairs." The Hokage said boldly, making the blonde sputter for a split second.

"O-of course I do!" Naruto replied, "I'm afraid I must leave now..." He tried to go for the door, had it not closed right in his face.

The old man sighed, "Sit down Naruto-kun." The teen complied and watched as the Hokage pulled out an immense file, almost filling out a part of the desk, and placed it in front of him.

"No..." He muttered, recognizing those papers.

"Yes..." Hiruzen said in the same tone, and pulled out the top most paper.

"A summary of hours registered in the walk-in Clinic, something all medics need to do every year as a standard requirement of employment." He started, "Uzumaki Naruto. Hours registered this year: Zero. Hours registered overall: Five."

The blonde's chin folded down to his chest. The Hokage knew the boy loathed clinic duty and let out a tiny smirk.

Naruto looked about ready to puke at the mere thought of being forced to do clinic duty.

"Now is the time for you to say...ah, what do youngsters say these days...oh yes! I believe the term is known as: 'Parlay'."

It was now the doctor's turn to raise a brow, ", I'm not a pirate. 'Negotiations' is fine with me."

The Hokage chuckled, "You are to become a field agent..."


"Yes! Because you are without a shadow of a doubt the laziest shinobi I have on my forces!"

Naruto replied indignantly, "WHAT ABOUT HATAKE AND THE ENTIRE NARA CLAN!"

Hiruzen nearly conceded to that point. "Well, Kakashi's served many years in ANBU. He was also apart of the third war...And the Nara clan are excellent providers of medical herbs and other stuff."

"Oh excuse them for doing their jobs." The blonde muttered to himself, "I work from nine to five everyday. I solve all the cases that are brought to me with the utmost efficiency!"

"Yes, all two of them a week." Sarutobi deadpanned. "And the last time you had a clinic patient, you sent them home crying!"

"And cured." Naruto finished. "Why a field agent? Why not just make me a specialized ANBU healer or whatever job you can come up with?"

Sarutobi pulled out another file, "The last mission you had was three months ago. An A-rank to Kumo." Naruto muttered something about 'annoying climates' but Sarutobi ignored that, "Fact of the matter is, you can potentially be one of my best overall shinobi. Not just as a doctor."

Naruto sighed. "You're not letting this go, are you?" The old man nodded. "..."

"...Fine!" Naruto knew that no matter what, the Hokage will have his way. The man had the power to make his life more miserable than ever - so why not take the less evil route, the blond doctor thought.

The Hokage smiled. "Excellent. Now the have no complaints about being on a team, right?" The blonde shook his head, knowing how important it was to have a team.

"As long as they're competent..." He muttered in a low tone.

"Right. You see-" He was cut off by the door suddenly being broken into, revealing a young woman who had a note in her arms.

"H-Hokage-sama! It's from Kakashi's team!"

The old man frowned and read the coded note.

He then smiled.

Naruto did not like that smile one bit.

"I have a mission for you already, Naruto-kun! How about that, it must be fate."

"You're starting to sound like this one really annoying Hyuuga I know." The blonde deadpanned.

"It seems Kakashi has called for back up. His team ran into the 'Demon Brothers' on their way to wave. They are chuunin leveled Mist shinobi and are known associates to Momochi Zabuza, Demon of the Bloody Mist."

Naruto waited for him to go, so he did. "The mission was to escort a bridge builder and oversee his safety until his bridge is completed. Kakashi has his genin team with him. I want you to back them up, seeing as how there are no medic-nins on his squad."

"...Very well. Can I do this one solo?"

"I'm afraid so. The team I had in mind for you are not on the clock yet and every other squad I can send are not quite as formidable as you." Naruto nodded.

"...So, I'm to head to wave then?" The Hokage nodded and threw the mission briefing to him. "Good luck."

Naruto sighed. "By your leave." Hiruzen nodded, allowing the doctor to leave.

Now alone, The Hokage smiled and laughed happily.

"The future is looking bright. Now all of that potential isn't being wasted inside of his humongous office."


CH. 1 will be the official start of the story. Prologues are usually meant to be very short so I did it like this, just a basic introduction and premise, nothing more. Anyone who watches television will recognize the House influence and I assure you, it will not be like that. But I will try my absolute best!

Tell me what you think of the prologue, thank you.