The deep breezes…they touch my hair and skin.

Yoyo stands by my side, my friend, my brother…we look out into the seemingly harmless Tokyo land.

"Hey…where are we to meet the others, yo? I want to go enjoy the festival…" Yoyo whines gently next to me. I grin happily and tousle his green hair in a fit of happiness.

"Dude, you need a dose of patience. They'll be here."

A loud grinding sound confirms my suspicions and Yoyo and I both turn to see several figures coming along. Corn screeches to a stop next to us in his best attire, even forgetting that he wasn't wearing his tall trademark hat. Even most of the others were missing some of their usual digs; Gum was without her helmet, Combo's boom box went MIA, only to be replaced with a small carrier radio, and Rhyth, who had a weird idea of wearing her red aluminum-like chest covering, was actually without it, choosing to revert almost back into the attire of our old days.

"Sup, guys? See, I knew they were comin'," I said with a grin to Yoyo. Yoyo gave a tiny pout and helped the others all set up their strange items. A long picnic blanket…some food…Now even I was surprised.

"Guys? I thought we were going toward 99th Street?" Corn laughed and forced me down on the blanket.

"Beat. Dude. This is a good place for the 'works too. Kibogaoka isn't just a place for water and Immortals. See, over there?"

My goggled eyes shifted to the horizon as the wind blew past and revealed flashes of lights and explosions of color. The others screamed and shouted with delight as more fireworks continued to erupt. I don't know what came over me at that moment, but I found myself doing something I haven't done since I first became a rudie…

…I took my goggles off and enjoyed the breeze.