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When the news of Sasuke's 'coming out' hit the newsstands, it made a splash. Everyone was talking about it. Everyone wanted a piece of it. They wouldn't leave Sasuke alone. Everywhere he went he was hounded by paparazzi. Sasuke was everywhere but Naruto was there to, by his side.

Suddenly they were the golden couple or the very root of sin itself- depending on who you asked. Everyone wanted to know who Naruto was, this stranger in the world of riches with golden hair and happy-go-lucky attitude. He seemed like such an anomaly in Sasuke world. It was like Naruto was just a figment of Sasuke imagination come to life.

Sakura had immediately asked for an annulment. It was easier this way but she made the Uchiha family swear that they would pay for her father's surgery although it didn't matter. Her father died the day the transaction went through. It left Sakura rich though. She was rich, sad and completely alone.

Sasuke was doing slightly better, except for the anxiety he felt sometimes. Every now and then, Sasuke would have a violent panic attack where he believed that his father was coming to send him away again because he told everyone that he liked men instead of women. Sasuke was fired from Sharingan Corps but he didn't seem to mind so much. There were violent protests to get Sasuke instated. That was the story that followed Naruto and Sasuke around, you either loved them or you hated them.

Sasuke hated his panic attacks and didn't understand why they kept happening. During an episode, he would begin to hyperventilate until he believed he was going to die. They made him feel weak but years later, when they had finally stopped, he looked back and realised why.

His last panic attack had been at a formal gathering. The people there were generally accepting of them and Sasuke thought they were 'okay' which was something when it came to Sasuke.

But Naruto was late and as Sasuke stood there, in a room full of people who only really liked him because he had money and a charismatic boyfriend, he began to feel that familiar weight on his chest. He looked around but no one saw his obvious discomfort. He ducked out of the room, feeling the beads of sweat pop on his brow. He looked around like he was being chased and then simply disappeared.

When Naruto arrived, someone greeted him and said, "Your boyfriend is in the closet."

Naruto laughed, "I think you will find that he is very openly gay now."

The other man laughed but then his face dropped to all seriousness, "No. I mean he's actually in the closet."

Naruto frowned, "I'll go get him then."

He walked away, up the stairs and away from the party. He walked up the stairs and into a bedroom. He found Sasuke in the closet. He knew he was there but he didn't go in. He just sat down by the door and listened.

"Sasuke?" He said quietly.

He could hear Sasuke's breathing but Sasuke would not answer him.

"Are you alright, Sasuke?"

Finally Sasuke answered, "No," He said.

"I know but you will be. I promise one day everything is going to be alright."

"How can you know that, Naruto? How could you possibly promise me that?"

Naruto didn't speak for a long time but he finally said, "Because I'm here now."

Sasuke took in a deep shuddering breath, "Naruto… you still don't know half the things I've done. You don't know what I did when-,"

"I don't have to know," Naruto interrupted him, "But if you want, one day, you can tell me."

"You'd leave me."

"No, I won't."

Sasuke sighed, "Who can possibly love me? I'm out of my mind."

"Doesn't matter. I love you. I love you so much. I love you so much that it hurts, Sasuke. It actually fucking hurts and when you say these things, that I'm going to leave you, all I can do is laugh because all those years I was without was a nightmare and I don't think I can do it again. So listen to me, you selfish, vain, wounded rich boy, I fucking love you. Okay? I love you."

Sasuke fell silent then said, "I love you too. You know that. Sometimes it's hard for me to show it. Sometimes I'll mess up and I'll act cruel but I've always loved you. Always."

Naruto laughed, "So now that we understand each other, will you come out of the cupboard."

"Oh, god no. I'm staying in here for the rest of my life. Do you know what's out there?"

"Terrible people?"


"I'm out here too."

Sasuke smiled, "That's true."

"Then come out here and see me?"

"Naruto, do you remember when we first met?"

He screwed up his face at the memory, "I do. I remember thinking you were a bastard."

"You were right. I was but then we spoke through the walls."

"Those apartment had ridiculously thin walls." Naruto said nostalgically.

"Back then, it was like you were only real when I couldn't see you. It was your voice. It was your personality that reached me through the walls."

Naruto laughed, "You corny bastard."

"It's true though. You were only real to me, I only fell in love with you when I couldn't see you."

Naruto heard movement beyond the cupboard door, "And now?" he asked.

"Now I need to see you. Now your voice is not enough."

Sasuke opened the door and looked at Naruto, "You beautiful idiot," He said, "How is it possible, out of all the people in the entire world, that I fell in love with you?"

Naruto smirked, "You're such a romantic."

Sasuke kissed him softly on the corner of his lips, feeling Naruto's smile wrinkle his whiskered face.

"Are you okay now?" Naruto asked.

"Yes," Sasuke said, "I'm fine."

After that, Sasuke's panic attacks slowly decreased in intensity until they finally stopped. Naruto believed that they were a symptom of Fugaku's oppression on Sasuke's true nature but Sasuke knew that wasn't true. Sasuke was always afraid that Naruto would leave. Sasuke had abandonment issues to the point where it became poetic and he was constantly afraid that one day, Naruto would leave him but now he knew that he and Naruto would stick together like birds of a feather.