Hello again everyone! This is chapter two for "My Happiness"! I'll try to make the story longer this time!

Summary: Sasuke and Yui are individuals that are different in many ways. Especially in... SWEETS! Will this hot-tempered boy and this happy-go-lucky girl will be able to be together?

The story so far...

The After School Tea Time perform for the ninja prom in Konohagakure. In the prom, Yui annoys Sasuke by spoon-fed him with a cheesecake. Sasuke is REALLY mad, and Yui apologizes. Just as they chat, Yui reveals that she has a heart failure. The question is... Will she be his happiness?

Disclaimer: Masashi Kishimoto, kakifly

Sasuke's POV

I couldn't possibly forget what she said to me that night. She says that she found out she had a heart failure. What's wrong with me? Why do I have to worry about the girl that make me embarassed in the ninja prom? Suddenly I am her bodyguard now. But, I don't know. I just wonder, what her friends and her family will think after hearing that she has that illness.

She is currently sleeping on my futon, since I have to be HER bodyguard, I didn't have a choice but sleep in another futon. I look at her. She is drooling at her sleep. But I have to admit she IS kind of cute when she sleeps. Wait... No Sasuke. Do not get tempted. This is why boys often feel nervous when sleeping BESIDE girls. But never mind. I am not going to be involved in some sort of teenage love affair.

I wonder what she dreams in her sleep. Maybe it's about food. Or maybe it's about her friends and family. Or is it possible that she dreams about... ME? AAGHHH! Sasuke! Why do you always think about HER? I never ever felled this way before. That is when I heard she said...

"Sasuke, I'm sorry."

And even I didn't know why she has to say that. Maybe because of what happened earlier at the prom. Maybe I should go to bed. Thinking about her is rather, tiring.

As I wake up, I already heard the sound of guitar music. I knew she already woke up before me. Wait, she WOKE UP before ME? I rush towards the living room and see her making rice balls. I approach her and she gives me a rice ball that she makes.

"One spicy rice ball for my bodyguard! No sweets!" she gives me one with a very passionate face.

I kind of had a bad feeling as I take a bite of the rice ball she made for me. And it is VERY... HOOOOOOT! She laughs as she sees my red face.

"WHAT DID YOU PUT IN HERE?" I yell at her and stomp my left foot.

"Wasabi..." she shakes her hand when she sees me staring at her. "Okay! A lot of wasabi!" she scratches her head.

"May I know why?"

"You said you like spicy food."

"But not TOO spicy!"

I sigh. Well, it's not her fault that she made that spicy, SUPER SPICY, rice ball though. I did say that I love spicy food. But she didn't have to make it super spicy either. Look at her. Yesterday she cries on my shoulder as she told me about her illness. Okay, it's not awkward, but... Cute? AAAAAGH! SASUKE! Stop thinking about her being cute!

To distract my thoughts about her, I turn on the TV. It is the time where every channel premieres the morning drama that is popular among ladies these days. I sigh as I look at the scene.

The drama is called, "I Am Sorry, but I Love You". It is about a girl, who is a thief that fells in love with a rich guy whose money she robbed. Another girl is in love with the rich boy too. She is rich though. Don't ask me why I know this stuff. The hokage talks about this on and on everytime I meet her.

"Mayoru..." the girl holds the boy hands. "Do you know the amount of the money I stole?"

For Pete's sake, why need to ask that?

"You stole from me one hundred billion dollars!"

This guy is too rich to be true. Why I could buy the whole village.

"That... Is," the girl suddenly holds his face. "The amount of love I gave to you. Mayoru, I love you."


Yeah, yeah... Then the bad guy, bad GIRL, comes in and destroy it all.

"You dirty filthy girl!" the bad girl points at the good girl.

"Rayumi!" the girl steps away. "Mayoru, I have to go..." the good girl hold his hands.

"Shisaki... No..." the boy hugs her before she leaves.

And then the police came and arrest her. To be continued. Applause everyone. Seriously...

"If that guy doesn't hug her she couldn't be captured." Yui comments as she eat a rice ball. "This soap opera just want to lenghten the show."

"Yeah..." Just then I look at her in astonishment. "Wait, you, a GIRL, didn't like this soap opera?"

"Soap operas are the things that Ritsu, Mugi, and Mio would watch," she drinks some water. "I prefer Fullmetal Alchemist (Disclaimer: Arakawa Hiromu)".

"Oh yeah, Edward is kind of cool." I nod in agreement. "Mio is, your band's bassist right?" I ask.

"Yup!" Suddenly she smirks. "Do you have a crush on her?"

I blush madly in embarrasment. "Wh-wh-why of course NOT!"

"I didn't like him!"

"Mio is a girl."

"Oh, yeah." I continued. "I didn't have a feeling for her at all!"

"Why, I only have feelings for YOU!"

Yui suddenly pauses. Wait... WHAAAAT? What did I just say to her? I only have feelings for you?


I look at her, nervous.

"I didn't know that you are the tsundere type (check wikipedia if you don't know what is tsundere)." She said, giggling.

"Tsu-tsundere? No! I am just joking after all!" I giggled. What was I thinking? I could hurt her feelings. But luckily, she is not the dramatic type. While Yui keeps on teasing me, I didn't realize that somebody is watching us.

"Feelings for her? I see..."

We walk around town together, sightseeing. There is a summer festival today and she loves summer festivals. It is from the afternoon till midnight. I have to admit, she looks beautiful in the red yukata she wears. Still, how could I forget what happened this morning. I just confessed to her! And we only just met! Well, no harm in enjoying the festies eh?

"Hey Sasuke!" she calls me, cheerfully.

"What?" I ask, looking at the booth she points at.

"I am never good at this stuff, catching fishes," Yui begs at me with her puppy-dog face. "Could you catch one for me?"


Catching fishes is easy for me. On the first try I could catch a goldfish for her.

"Wow... Thank you Sasuke!" she smiles at me gleefully. I have to admit, she is kind of cute when she smiles.

Just as we leave the booth, we saw Naruto and Sakura walking together. Naruto notice me and runs towards us.

"Hey, Sasuke!"

I wave my hand towards him. The usual happy face I see everyday, Naruto... Man, if he doesn't defeat me then the village is still on the brink of danger.

Sakura and Naruto look at both of us. They both smirk.

"Dating, I see," they giggle.

"N-no! I am just doing my job!" I blush madly, embarrassed. I've to say, Sakura usually is the one that feels what I am feeling right now. Look at this idiot couple. Well, never mind. I already have Yui beside me...

"Hey, you two see Yui?" I ask them, panic.

They both shook their heads.

"I actually saw her being dragged towards the cliff!" says the man from the booth earlier.

I run immediately when I heard that. Suddenly, it's too late... She is already pushed from a cliff.

"NOOO!" I screamed. I ran down towards the river and saw her floating. I quickly swim and grab her in my arms. I put her on the ground and start to press her stomache so the water could get out. And suddenly, like my body is controlled, I gave her, my air.

After I gave her air, she starts to cough water and looks at me. "Sasuke..."

I start to let out tears suddenly and hug her. I didn't realize that there are many people watching us. But I am not embarrassed this time. I am just, worried about her.

"It's okay now, it's okay..."

Yui changes her clothes and manage to stay till night. We are not going to miss the annual festival's main show. Naruto blurts out back at the infirmary that I kissed her like in sleeping beauty.

"Man!" he pats me in the back. "His face is as pale as paper!"

Well, it is okay. I did promise myself that I would let my feelings flow. Besides, seeing her happy, makes me happy too. That gleeful face is something you rarely see nowadays.

We ride a boat and we float on the lake. Everyone is holding the lanterns and so do we. I ask her before if she is afraid to ride the boat after what happen back then. She said that as long as I am with her, she feels safe. Cute right?

As we ride the boat while waiting for the fireworks she sang to me a song.

The days we spent together…

Would be my precious memories forever

As long as we're together, no one can break us apart…

Because, we are a melody and a harmony

Without each other we are just a lyric

And all I want to say to you

You are the best melody

Because we are a water and a flower

Without each other we didn't feel complete

So I am number two

Divided by the number of you

I clap my hands after she finished singing. She sits on the boat again and looks at the water on the lake. Just as she looked into the night sky, the fireworks are lighted on. I look at her face as she looked at the colorful fireworks.

"Hanabi!" she says gleefully. She looks at me. "Sasuke wa, zutto, atashi no hanabi!" (tr. Sasuke is my fireworks forever).

I smiled at her, and as I lean to her, I kiss her.

Suddenly I blushed. I don't know how red it was. But it was… sweet? NOOO! Better not to turn this story to lemon. But… but… I just, I just.

Honestly I don't know. It felt magical, unlike my FIRST kiss. And it is with Naruto. But, I didn't mind that. Her lips (Ew Sasuke, don't tell that) Oh, I mean, wait, author! (Party crasher huh? HOHOHO! Okay, move on). It feels like the cheesecake she gave to me yesterday on the ninja prom. The hokage's friend was right. That cake brings me my happiness. Shiawase...

"Anata wa, ore no shiawase da." (tr. You are my happiness)

And we didn't notice that the others look at us. Some just shocked, and some were smiling at each other.

"I told you that she is the ONE!" Naruto tells Sakura.

Sakura nods in agreement. "I guess, if she was here when the Akatsuki came, we wouldn't be together huh."

Meanwhile Ten Ten and Neji just look at each other. "Sasuke could be a romantic guy too huh."

Neji just look at Ten Ten. "I can't bring myself to say that."

And from that day, yes, that is the last day... We are having a happy time together.

After the festival, we got home and sleep in separate futons of course. Instead of drooling in her sleep, she is snoring now. Well that's okay, I love seeing her cute face when she is snoring. Just as I was thinking about that, suddenly, like that feeling was taken from me, yes, now I remember.

It was when I was given a piece of cake from the hokage's friend. I was feeling dizzy as I took a bite of that cake. And then, although in fragments, it came to me what she says.

"You're eating a... Love cake, preety boy."

So, now, the feeling I felt from morning till now, it's, fake? After she sang to me that song, it couldn't be, right?

Instead of thinking about her, now I am thinking about myself. Guess I am back to being the old me again. I look at her again before I close my eyes. And yes, this IS, the last time, we are going to be like this...

I woke up in the morning and as I turn my head right to look at Yui's futon, it's empty. Well, she must have gotten up first. After all, I heard the sound of the TV. I walk towards the living room, and there it was, empty. It's not a surprise though. She must have gone somewhere that even I didn't know. Calmly, I just take a bite of the rice ball she made. Luckily, today she made a normal rice ball, with salmon in it.

I turn on the TV to see the usual morning drama.

"No," Shisaki look at her kidnapper. "Why, why Yuuji?"

"Look," Yuuji look at Shisaki in the eye. "I do this for you. If not that Rayumi girl would've kill you."

"But Mayoru..."

"Who cares about the rich guy?" Yuuji looks at her, laughing. "He is going to marry Rayumi after all."

The end. That is how dramas are. Sometimes the bad ones wins, and the good one lose. Apparently, Mayoru ends up having a love rival.

I walk out of my house towards the ramen shop. As usual, Naruto is eating there. He turns and waves his hand to me. "Morning Sasuke!"

He runs towards me and pats me in the back. "So..." he smirks. "How's it goin' with her huh?"

"Not much."

"What do you mean not much?" he stomps his feet. "Where is she now?"

"How do I know?" I said to him in my usual straight face.

To my surprise, he slapped me in the face. He says that he totally see that I have feelings for her.

"Why don't you look for her?"


He looked at me, astonished.

"Someone gave me a love cake and accidentally that is why I have this strange feelings!"

He looks down for a minute, and kicked me in the stomach.

"This is WHY I hate you!"

And I, just stand there, didn't realize, that I have make a very HUGE mistake.

"So, you gave a love cake to him?" Kakashi look at the hokage's "friend". "To basically fall into a trap when he search for Yui?"

"You've got it right big guy." she smiles evilly. "Too bad they kisses, so that's it, the spell is broken."

"Who is the kidnapper?"

"The most wanted guy in this village of course."


Kakashi calls Sakura immediately, asking for all Jonins to search for Yui.

Ooh... Interesting. But, the murder weapon is a bubble gum? Well, whatever. See you until the next chappie! Oh, but do you want to know what happened to Yui before she was pushed?

Yui searches for the other Houkago Tea Time members in the festival. "Oh Ricchan, Mugi-chan, Mio-chan!"

"Well, hey, hey there Yui!" Ritsu waves

"So, we have a little plan for you Yui!" Mugi looks at Yui evilly.

"I-I will not going to do this!" Mio trembles in fear.

And the rest is history. Well that's all for this chappie! I have fun writing about Mayoru, Shisaki, Rayumi, and Yuuji. Until next time, RnR please!

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