Gender Dislocation

Prologue – Prelude to Gender Dislocation

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November 11th, Japan, IS Academy

"Yamada! Status Report!"

"Orimura Sensei! It is them again, the ones who attacked during the Cannonball Fast! They are all attacking the personal IS holders and the pilots in training ISes!"

The IS Academy had faced various attacks before, but none worse than this.

The attackers came without warning, and when they did the alarm system did not go off. Their first target was the only thing attaching the academy from the outside world, the private monorail. They blasted the whole middle section of the rail lane.

Ichika and his friends were together in 4th arena training when they heard the noise.

All assumed that it is an explosion coming from the sempais' IS training in neighbouring arenas, all save Laura. From the first time she heard the explosion, she knew that something was not right.

This was mostly thanks to her non-IS military training with explosives before the introduction of the IS by a certain genius, But before she could voice out her concerns, they struck again.

After taking out the monorail, the attackers attacked in groups of five. Three groups began to focus their attacks on each of the four arenas while other groups began wrecking havoc everywhere by shooting beams and missiles randomly in all directions.

The whole academy became in a state of chaos with staff and teachers alike doing their best to comfort and lead the students to safety.

IS Academy 4th arena, Ichika POV

We were practicing IS maneuvers when we heard the explosion.

"It's probably the seniors. If I recall correctly, Tatenashi-sempai is in the 3rd arena and I heard that she is fighting four second years who challenged her at one go, so things can get quite hectic." Houki said.

Tell me about it, who would survive an onslaught coming from the strongest pilot in the academy?

But looking at my friends, only Laura frowned, but then her expression brightens, as if she hit a big understanding.

"Laura, is there something wrong?"


Before Laura can finish, an explosion occurred in the protective roof of the arena.

A group of five IS pilots hacked their way into the arena by blasting their way from the protective roof.

"Ichika! It's the [Silent Zephyrs]!" Cecilia commented, readying her beam sniper rifle.


Seeing the IS unit plus the twisted smile on the pilot's covered face, Ichika began to recall her self-introduced identity the other day on September 27th.


A girl around 15- to 16 years old. But, that face abnormally resembled Chifuyu-nee.


The girl opened her mouth. A faint smile surfaced on that face, and that expression doesn't resemble Chifuyu-nee even a little bit.

"I am you, Orimura Ichika."


"Sorry to trouble you earlier…"

"! You, could you be [Silent Zephyr]'s - "

"That's right."

The girl took a step toward me.

"And my name is - "

"Orimura Madoka." (LN Volume 6)

Ever since I failed to ask Chifuyu-nee about family, I had kept quiet about it. But the thought of family just never leaves my head.

Sometimes during lunches, whenever my friends incidentally brought up the topic of either Phantom Task or [Silent Zephyrs], the image of Madoka's face came to my head.

Then before I knew it, I started thinking about family again.

I must had spaced out for too long, because I would soon get hit by either Rin, Laura or Houki, something about not focusing and not giving full attention.

Also, whenever I met Chifuyu-nee on the road, I realized that I tend to be quieter.

I think the reason is because the realization of family began eating into my conscience.

Because whenever I see Chifuyu-nee, I also began to see Madoka in her image. This is because they look so alike.

The only difference I managed to point out in my memories is that instead of Chifuyu-nee's long pony tail, Madoka's hair is only at shoulder length.

Somehow, I began avoiding Chifuyu-nee.

Because once I see her, I would eventually demand answers. And I know, Chifuyu-nee would not say a thing about the forbidden taboo.

I did try once again to talk about it before. It was recently three weeks ago when Chifuyu-nee detained me for not answering the right questions in class about the advances of the IS compatibility rate.

After facing a whole hour of lectures, I brought the topic up. But once I said the word 'family', she gave me a very stern look and left me without saying another word.

But now, I am facing Madoka again.

Frowning, I brought my full attention to M, Madoka or whoever she claimed herself to be. But then I also saw a familiar face.


She is piloting the same eight legged 2nd generation IS [Arachne] that was stolen from the USA. Phantom Task must have repaired it somehow despite the huge damaged inflicted by Tatenashi during the school anniversary (LN volume 5).

"The other three are piloting [Raphael Revive]s" Charlotte grasped.

Turning my attention, I saw the [Raphael Revive]s. But the enemy's [Raphael Revive]s are currently facing off several numbers of 2nd and 3rd year sempais with their own training units.

This means that we are only facing Autumn and M.

"Guys, let's split targets." I said.

"Rin, Houki and Char, you guys take down [Arachne]. Laura and Cecilia, you guys take down [Silent Zephyrs] with me."

"""""Got it!"""""

No time to argue about who fights with who, now we are fighting the enemy!

Activating Ignition Boost, Ichika charged at the [Silent Zephyrs] with Cecilia and Laura giving long range support.

IS Academy Command room, Chifuyu POV

Blast it! They have thought this whole attack carefully. Such an attack would only create further confusion amongst the younger students.

Trying to stay calm, Orimura Chifuyu analyzed the situation.

Right now, there are at least three groups of five attacking the arenas while five others are just randomly shooting anywhere creating chaos.

The enemy ISes are mostly compromised of 2nd generation [Raphael Revive]s. Looking at their registration, they are the ones that are recently stolen from one of France's shipment cargos meant to be sold to the third world countries.

"Yamada! What is the status of the students?"

"Orimura Sensei, the majority are already in shelters with staff teachers. Most of the seniors are already out there fighting in training ISes."

"What's the situation in the arenas?"

"Ichika and his group are fighting five of the enemy with several seniors. Student council President Tatenashi is in 3rd arena with four 2nd years in their training suits. 2nd year England's representative cadet Sara Welkin is in 1st arena…"

Due to a certain abnormality in the first years, the IS Academy had more IS cadet representatives and personal ISes.

Considering the capabilities of the ISes available and the skill of their respective pilots, the students might hold out against the invaders, but there is always a need to plan for the worst.

"Yamada! On my signal, contact the Government. We are going to need all the help we can get!"

"O-oh, Hai!"

IS Academy 4th Arena, Ichika POV

The plan to deal with Phantom Task was discussed for a number of times whenever the topic was brought up during lunches.


"Considering the fighting abilities of [Silent Zephyrs]'s pilot, the pilots of Phantom Task must be very skilled."

"Their pilots are strong. I suggest we attack in groups if we want to survive another assault."

As usual, Laura's comment and suggestion was more than enough to get everyone serious.

"Bah! It wouldn't be a problem if we all stick together" Rin replied

"I think Laura is suggesting what to do when all of us are not together." I followed up.

"Good, you are paying attention. As my bride, you should keep up listening to me in future."

Oh! I got praised by Laura, considering that she is Chifuyu-nee's student. That is pretty rare.


Oww, Rin what was that for?

"In-In that case Ichika, you should stick with me all the time. [Akastubaki] and [Byakushiki] are a pair, so it would not be a problem."

"What? No Ichika, you should pair with me, my [Blue Tears] is identical to [Silent Zephyrs]."

Sigh... here we go again.

"Cecilia, I do not think that we will just be fighting [Silent Zephyrs], there should be other strong pilots out there right?"

Wow, that is pretty accurate Char.

"How about we categorise each other?" I said, gaining everyone's attention.

"If we are going to fight in a group, I think there is a need for us to really know who is supporting and who is going to move in to preoccupy the enemy."

"Fuu, you think well for my bride. Then Ichika and Houki, you guys should stick to your charge-in-and-kill strategy"

"You mean… like tanking the enemy?"

"Yes, since both your ISes and fighting styles are more orientated to close range combat. Plus, both your ISes are the only ones already at the 4th generation level. Considering their capabilities it would be suitable for you two to be the tankers"

"Hmm, that makes sense…" Well, glad that Houki agreed.

"I guess that makes Char a… all rounder?"

"Eh? Why?"

"Hmm, because [Raphael-Revive Custom II] has all long, mid and close range combat attributes. Plus with your Rapid-Switch, you have the capabilities to be an all rounder."

"W-Wait Ichika, My [ShenLong]'s Impact Cannons 'Ryuhow' can switch between long range and medium range. Plus with my 'Souten Gagetsu' I guess I am an all rounder too."

"That's great, now we got two people who can both tank and back-up."

I merely summarized what we talked about, but now Rin became gloomy all of a sudden… wait, what's with that 'please praise me more' sulking facial expression Rin? Haven't I commented you already?

"Hmph, if it is all about suppressing fire, my [Blue Tears] will be more than enough. Don't worry everyone, I will continuously pound the enemy with my 'Blue Pierce' and my 'Bits', ho-ho-ho."

Wow, Cecilia just activated her ojou-sama mode.

"I think I will fall under the all rounder file too. My [Schwarzer Regen] has both long and close range combat capabilities. Plus with my AIC, it should be beneficial if I can switch between long and close range combat."

"So… let's conclude this discussion." I followed.

"The Tanks: me and Houki"

"All rounder: Rin, Charlotte and Laura"

"Support: Cecilia"

"So we will fight in groups of 2s, 3s or even 4s if possible. Each group will have one tank while the rest are either support or all rounder." I concluded.

"Sounds good to me." Laura, Rin, Char and Cecilia agreed.

Good, now we will be ready for what is to come.


All of a sudden, I felt an intensive pressure coming from Houki. Maybe she did not like the idea of being the sole tank in a group? It's not my fault that both of us are the only tanks around.

"So in the case when we are attacked by Phantom Task, we would respond by fighting one enemy pilot in groups just as discussed."

Flashback end…

It was this group format that Ichika and his friends are using right now to fight with Phantom Task.

Ok, let's get down to business. Ignition Boost!

Ichika used Ignition Boost to close his distance between himself and M, raising 'Yukihira' for a frontal assault.

M responded by releasing 2 Shield Bits to counter Ichika's 'Yukihira'. At the same time, she did reverse Ignition Boost to increase the distance.

Well, at least I succeeded in something, you are now preoccupied with me.

"Cecilia! Laura!"

Soon M was being pounded with long range attacks.

Cecilia's sniper rifle and Laura's .80 caliber heavy rail gun are known for their high devastation that can damage the energy field to a considerable extent.

But facing these threats, the preoccupied M managed to recover fast.

She easily evaded Cecilia's beam shot but barely avoided the .80 caliber rail gun shot, to the point where her energy shield was grazed at the portion of her left shoulder.

Ichika pressed on, hacking M with 'Yukihira'.

He was followed by Laura who switched to her beam sabers with Cecilia providing suppressing fire with her Bits.

M switched to her bayonet and launched all her Offensive Bits. To the surprise of Ichika, she managed to counter his assault and commanded the movements of the Offensive Bits at the same time.

How can she do that? I thought you can't move as you need to command the Bits carefully?

Nonetheless, M performed the impossible.

"Laura, Cecilia, deal with the Bits! I'll get her attention!"

On hearing and seeing that M had deployed her Offensive Bits, Laura switched into AIC.

"Cecilia, snipe them the minute I halt their movements!"

Same place, several minutes before, Houki POV

"Rin, Houki and Char, you guys take down [Arachne]. Laura and Cecilia, you guys take down [Silent Zephyrs] with me."

"""""Got it!"""""

Immediately, Houki drew 'Amatsuki' and launched a volley of red colored lasers directed at Autumn.

Just now, I would have joined Ichika to fight [Silent Zephyrs] to finish it quickly… but guess I have no choice.

"Rin, I am going to charge, try to flank it. Charlotte, I'll leave you to backup."

Not waiting for an answer, I charged in using Ignition Boost.

Seeing the volley of red colored lasers, the eight-legged IS pilot immediately took evasive measures.

She managed to dodge most, but only most.

Out of the four beams, only one managed to land a hit on two of the eight legs.

After activating Ignition Boost, I immediately drew the second Katana 'Karaware' and shot it's beam slash.

The IS [Arachne] was still stumbling from the previous beam volleys, but the pilot was well trained enough to avoid the beam slash from 'Karaware'.

But just as she dodged the beam slash, she immediately got hit by [ShenLong]'s Impact Cannons 'Ryuhow'.

As she continues to stagger, she was then pounded by Charlotte's 'Vent' assault rifle.

"Don't underestimate me you damn brats!"

Shouting out loud, the pilot of [Arachne] then switched four of her eight legs into shooting mode.

"You, the one with the [Raphael Revive], you're the weaker one so I'll kill you first."

The four legs began to pound volleys of shots towards Charlotte.

"Rin-san, Houki-san, flank her at the sides." Charlotte shouts as she began evasive maneuvers to avoid getting shot.

Easier said than done…

While Rin and Houki began assaulting [Arachne] at the sides, the other four legs that are set on melee began counter attacking them.

Despite their skills in close range combat, it is difficult to get close to the pilot's body when you have to fight four legs at once.

Whenever they attempt to close in, they could only focus on blocking and attacking one leg at one time.

But while they are focusing on a leg, the other legs would knock them away.

Even if they could take the enemy's legs two by two, the enemy is formidable.

"Damn it, that bitch is doing well for a 2nd generation pilot." Rin cursed

"Rin, draw her attention. I'll try to hit her from the top."

Houki then flew higher and higher until she is at a considerable distance above [Arachne].

"Houki-san, if you can do it, do so now, my shield energy is getting low."

Charlotte seems to be losing energy too much, got to find the right time.

Focusing on [Arachne]'s movement, Houki discovered a weakness.

While defending against Rin, the pilot cannot shoot at Charlotte at the same time.

The best way to catch her off guard is to make her focus on Rin and Charlotte at the same time.

"Guys, on my mark, use long range attacks to get her attention."

The pilot of [Arachne] remained preoccupied with Rin and Charlotte.

Just a little bit more and she will forget about me, at that point, I will strike.

[Arachne] remained switching focus between Charlotte and Rin.


Rin barely got away from the four melee legs while Charlotte managed to hit [Arachne] draining its energy field.

Just a bit more…

The pilot of [Arachne] switched her attention to Charlotte. Remaining in one spot, she focused in shooting Charlotte with the other four legs.

3, 2, 1


Together, Rin and Charlotte fixed ranged attacks on [Arachne].

Moving 'Karaware' and 'Amastuki' to her sides, Houki unleashed both the volley of beams and the beam slash directly below her.

[Arachne], unaware of the above attack got hit directly without a chance to retaliate.


Needless to say, due to [Akastubaki]'s attack, dust filled the area where [Arachne] was standing.

"Rin, Charlotte, pound her now!"

Together the trio began to bombard the area of dust.

But then all of a sudden, the three of them got hit by beam shots from a completely different angle.

Being aware of this new threat, the three begin maneuving away from the location.

But from where the attack was coming from…

"Wait, aren't those [Silent Zephyrs]'s 'Offensive Bits'?"

Same place, several minutes before, Ichika POV


Shouting, I continuously attack [Silent Zephyrs] with ''Yukihira''.

I did my best to keep Madoka's attention onto me so that Laura and Cecilia can take out the 'Offensive Bits'.

As soon as the 'Offensive Bits' are gone, half the battle would be won.

However, what I hoped would take a while…

"Cecilia! You missed again!"

"L-Laura-san! Why aren't you using your AIC properly?"

For some reason, the two that I hoped would do their job fast are not being quite successful.


I continued to attack Madoka, but she successfully managed to repel my blows with [Silent Zephyrs]'s bayonet.

Facing that twisted smile of my would-be imouto, I consistently pound her with Reiraku Byakuya.

However, whenever I thought I would hit, she would evade it.

Thinking that barrier void attacks won't work, I created some distance between us.

"[Byakushiki], I don't know how to do it, but please, deactivate the barrier void function from ''Yukihira''."

As I continued to hack towards [Silent Zephyrs], I feel a little lighter.

Stealing a glance at my energy field, it has stopped decreasing.

Somehow, for some reason, [Byakushiki] knows what I was wishing and responded fluently.

"… So your IS can respond to your wishes… but you can't deactivate the barrier void attack on your own, pathetic."

Madoka's sneer voiced in my head. Looking at her, she still has that twisted smile.

Why do I get the feeling that if that helmet comes off, I would see a face so twisted it would be divided by two, like the face of those people who kills for fun.

Damn it… whenever I think of that face I think of Chifuyu-nee.

Seeing that face being twisted, I would most likely vomit. I can't think of Chifuyu-nee's face having that kind of look.

Damn it! If I am going to continue to fight Madoka single-handedly like this, I will lose in no time.

"Cecilia! Laura! Are you guys done with the 'Offensive Bits' or not?"

"No! This is because Cecilia always keeps missing!"

"W-What? Laura, Your AIC is not working either! I can't shoot moving targets with 100% accuracy!"

"Fine! Both of us are at fault, but that pilot of [Silent Zephyrs] is sure something… Wait, why is it that the 'Offensive Bits' are not shooting?"

"What? … Now that you had mentioned it, we have been trying to catch it with Laura's AIC for me to snipe it. But the 'Offensive Bits' has stopped firing since…"

Is it due to me continuously hacking Madoka that she has to focus more on me?

"Fuu… I guess you figured it out."

All of a sudden, Madoka initiated reverse Ignition Boost.

Then the 'Offensive Bits' started firing again, catching Laura and Cecilia off-guard.

Wha… did she just read my mind? Damn it! Why it is that women are always able read my mind? And on top of that, they are extremely accurate when it comes to telling what I am thinking…


Despite the fact that she can maneuver the 'Offensive Bits' to hit others and fight me at the same time, the fact that me continuously being in front of her, forces Madoka to focus more on me.

When that happens, her ability to maneuver the 'Offensive Bits' becomes more limited to the extent that she can only move the 'Offensive Bits' just so that they can't get hit.

So if I apply the same strategy for my part but alter our group work just by a tiny bit…

"Cecilia! If I keep attacking Madoka at close range she will have no choice but to focus more on me than the 'Offensive Bits'."

"When that happens, her ability to move the 'Offensive Bits' becomes more limited. That's why she stopped shooting you. She can only move the 'Offensive Bits' to the extent that they won't get hit."

"Eh? That sort of make sense… but how could- "

"No time for questions. When I attack her at close range leave the 'Offensive Bits' to Laura. I need you to snipe her when she is not paying attention."

"G-Got it."

Keeping the enemy's attention on one person while the others attack where the enemy will least expect.

That's the advantage in ganging up against a better pilot.


I charged at Madoka again.

Even if she successfully dodged, I must keep her attention on me.

But then…


Turning my attention, I saw dust rise around an area where Rin, Houki and Charlotte are fighting Autumn.

"Rin, Charlotte, pound her now!"

That's Houki's voice, but it's coming from above.

Then the trio began to bombard the area of dust together, from two different sides and from the top.

But then all of a sudden, the three of them got hit by beam shots from a completely different angle.

Being aware of this new threat, the three begin maneuving away from the location.

But from where the attack was coming from…

"Wait, aren't those [Silent Zephyrs]'s 'Offensive Bits'?" Houki shouted?

As I looked to where Madoka is standing right now, she immediately used Ignition Boost and flew towards the cloud of dust that has yet to clear itself, such that I merely see a blur of dark blue and white as I turned my head.

She then manipulated the 'Offensive Bits' such that they form an arc around her with her back towards the cloud of dust, to the point that a mathematics maniac would describe her current pose to be a perfect spherical sector.

She than begin using the 'Offensive Bits' to shoot whoever that got near the dust cloud.

"Autumn, I was hoping that you would be better than this."

"Shut up you damn brat! Don't get cocky just because you are using [Silent Zephyrs]."

Ok, looking at the situation, the two of them are together.

We have more numbers as we outnumber the two of them 3 to 1.

But considering their ISes capabilities, a combination attack from the two of them would make devastating impacts to our sides.

This means, we've got to intersect them before they can come up with a proper plan, and fast.

If worse comes to worse, we will have to rely on a major back up.

That is, [Akastubaki]'s One-Off ability to restore energy levels – 'Kenran Butō'.

If Houki can keep restoring my energy level, I can continuously keep pressing them with Reiraku Byakuya until they use up their power.

It would be more beneficial if she can restore the whole parties' energy level too.

But that would mean that I would have to stick to Houki at all times…

Oh no! Looks like those two are talking of a plan to break out. Got to do something!

"Laura! Cecilia! Hit [Silent Zephyrs] with range attacks!"

"Ok!" "Leave it to me and my [Blue Tears]"

"Rin! Charlotte! Do the same with [Arachne]!"

"Range attacks again! Are you out of your head?" "Rin, just do it, Ichika must have some sort of plan."

Leaving the four of them to do their job, I turned to Houki.

"Houki, I need energy replenishment. Replenish your energy too, once we are done we are going to take out [Arachne]"

"Got it!"

As Houki moves to link my IS with her's, I looked at how everyone else is doing.

The seniors are doing well. They outnumber the other three enemy [Raphael Revive]s with three more people.

From the time we began fighting, the seniors had drained the shield energy of one of the enemy [Raphael Revive] and are pressing the last two.

Well, more like one, since one of the remaining enemy pilots is protecting over her partner whose IS has stopped functioning.

They seem to be doing much better than us! We really got to keep up.

"Ichika, your energy level is restored. What now?"

"We'll ram [Arachne]. Houki, I need an attack to split the two of them."

"G-Got it."

Switching to 'Karaware', Houki unleashed a beam slash between [Arachne] and [Silent Zephyrs].

After that, we both used Ignition Boost to close in on [Arachne].

But then, all of a sudden another explosion happened at the other side of the arena.

Following the explosion, a beam particle was fired between Houki, me and Autumn.

As the two IS from Phantom Task regrouped, I turned my attention to the new interceptor.

It is an IS unlike those I have ever seen so far.

It is bright red with white linings. The leggings look a lot similar to Laura's [Schwarzer Regen], plus that huge particle gun on its left elbow… that must be where that particle beam came from.

After staring at it for several seconds, Laura's voice can be heard on one of my private channels.

"Guys… That IS… is the sole 3rd generation prototype from Poland… what is it doing here?"

"Laura? How did you know that IS?"

"In order to match up to Germany, Poland began introducing an IS that is based from the [Schwarzer Zweig]. I have only seen it once, but not as developed as what we are seeing now."

The three IS from Phantom Task gathered, and the one in the Polish IS began talking as if she has authority over the others.

If we get her, we can abstract solid information.

"Guys, change of strategy. Let's get the new intruder."

"Wait Ichika, there is still [Silent Zephyrs] and [Arachne]." Char's voice rang in my private channel.

Then all of a sudden, the enemy pilots of the [Raphael Revives] soared to the opening in the ceiling.

The Polish IS blasted its particle cannon into a corner of the arena making a huge hole.

After exchanging a few words with Madoka and Autumn, she flew into the hole.

"Damn it, she is leaving."

Using Ignition Boost, I followed the red IS.

"Ichika! Wait!"

Turning my head slightly I can see Laura coming after me from the corner of my eye.

But the pilot of the red IS sort of saw that coming, and she began shooting the ceiling with her left particle cannon.

"Damn it!"

I managed to avoid getting caught up in the falling rubbles.

This sense of direction, she is going to the 1st arena… why?

Guess the only way to get the answers is to reach that Polish IS pilot.

Same place, Laura POV

"Damn it."

My bride flew in there without thinking. On top of that, the ceiling collapsed.

I immediately activated my railgun and began shooting into the collapse rubble.

One shot, and the whole rubble is cleared.


Where is Ichika?

What I am looking at right now is nothing but a complex path of darkness.

There is no sign of that Polish IS nor my bride.

"Laura! We need help!" Charlotte voice cried in my com-link.

Damn it! Ichika, you are my bride. So don't you dare go dying on me!

Turning my back on the rubble, I flew to fight [Silent Zephyrs] and [Arachne].

1st Arena, Ichika POV

The arena is sealed tight. The only way out is the hole in the protective ceiling.

I looked at the pilot of the unknown IS.

She merely smiled casually at me doing nothing.

I checked the status of [Byakushiki] just to make sure.

Overall estimation: Shield energy remaining – 138

Oh blast it, there is not enough power.

In order to continue chasing, I had to sacrifice a huge portion of my shield energy to bash through some of the collapsing rubble.

Considering the odds, I can only use Reiraku Byakuya once more.

As I looked at that pilot of Phantom Task, she is still smiling.

All of a sudden, she brought both her arms to her face and yanked the helmet off.

"Long time no see. Orimura Ichika-kun"


Looking closely, I recognized the pilot. It was the woman who helped me buy the flower and tuxedo during the dinner where Houki got drunk.

"Squall Meusel!"

"Oh my you do remember my name."

But then, Squall Meusel suddenly diverted her attention.

"Autumn… I am glad you are still alive. What is it?"

She is speaking to Autumn but she is not here, which means… an IS com link channel.

"It's M! She abandoned me in the near end when we are fighting those brats, saying 'I'm bored, you deal with them yourself.' I am so going to kill her!"

Wait, don't people usually talk in private channels?

"Ara, that child does have a major level of intolerance. But are you alright?"

"Yea I managed to get away… shit here they are again. Squall, orders!"

"Fall back, now we clearly do not have a chance to complete our objective. This time we completely underestimated those kids."

"But what about M?"

"No need to worry, she won't fly away and betray us so easily. If she does, the nano-machine inserted in her body will fry her brain."

Say what?

I was shocked, maybe M was fighting today because she was forced to? But I immediately dismissed that naïve thought, considering her twisted smiles during our fights.

There must be a reason why she is doing all this, Family matters! This is a rare chance. I need to look for M.

But then, even if I found her, she would not talk. She will either persist to fight me or this nano-machine thing will kill her.

Only one thing to do, facing Squall, I asked.

"That nano-machine you just spoke of. Why would you do such a thing?"

"Ho, you care for her? Even though she is your enemy?" Squall smiled

"Even if she is the enemy, she is family."

No time for doubts now, I am fully convinced that Madoka is a family member.

"Why would you do such a thing? Isn't she your nakama? Why would you kill her, why would you threaten to end her life? Is this how Phantom Task treats their partners?"

I felt my voice rising, because I completely cannot agree to this treatment of comrades. Inserting a nano-machine to kill of your partner is not a thing I would ever think of doing.

Squall sighed.

"Orimura Ichika-kun, you got it reversed."


"I have full confidence in M's loyalty to our cause and her capabilities to fight with an IS. After all, she is pretty intent to kill your nee-san rather than you."

"If you have full confidence in Madoka then why?"

"I merely inserted the nano-machine in order to control her."

"Wha-what? To control her?"

"You saw M, the way she fights to kill and the twisted smile that demands your death. Tell me one thing, did your Sarashiki bodyguard ever inform you of heavy casualties whenever M is deployed to fight? For an example, the invasion of the USA secret military IS base to steal [Silver Gospel] not long ago?" (LN volume 6)

Come to think of it. Tatenashi-sempai did not inform me of deaths whatsoever.

"Seeing your expression, I guess she did not." Squall continued.

"Ichika-kun, if it were not for the nano-machine, we would be imposing a much dangerous threat to the USA security. When that happens, the international countries would take us a lot more seriously."

"Though they are already aware of our presence and are prepared, we would not want to increase their sense of security by creating reports of mass casualties whenever we send one of our own."

"In M's case, she is one of those kinds who have an unusual urge to kill. So the only way to ensure that she does not go wild and cause unnecessary problems, the nano-machines is a necessity."

"I assure you Ichika-kun. I merely used the nano-machine as a condition to allow M to pilot the [Silent Zephyrs]."

She smiled. At first I thought she was mocking me, but her tone and manner of speech is completely off for mocking. She is merely telling me this for her own leisure.

But now, time to press questions.

"How can I destroy the nano-machine… no wait. Where is the control switch to this nano-machine? I'll force the answer out of you using strength if I have to."

This is an empty threat. I am fully aware that I stand no chance against Squall Meuser since I am alone, but there is no harm in trying.

Surprisingly, Squall smiled and she reached for a pocket in her IS suit and took out what looked like an electronic remote device.

I immediately get ready 'Yukihira'. I got only one shot with Reiraku Byakuya.

"Here you go."


She threw it to my direction. I managed to catch it... but seriously… what… the… hell…?

"Wha- Aren't you going to resist? What is your reason?"

"Do you want the politically correct answer or the politically incorrect answer"?

"The truth."

"I am curious. What would you do? Would you change your twin? If so, what would you do? If not, how would you stop her?"

"Well, I will leave it to you. Be careful with that though, that device can trace M wherever she is. But once it is destroyed, the nano-machine would not work anymore but not only would you lose her trace you would also give her the freedom to kill more people."

"So, what would you do? Ichika-kun?"

"Well I hope you will find your answer. Don't disappoint me."

Turning her back on me, she flew away in the unknown IS.

Looking at the remote device, I stayed motionless.

I do not know how long I stayed there, just looking at the device.

What would you do?

Squall's words remained in my head.


Turning around, I saw Houki burst through the wall

"Ichika! Where is the enemy?"

"… She got away."

"Damn it, they sure know how to get out coming from their entrance."


"Ichika, what's wrong?"

"… Nothing." I said as I began to stare at the broken roof.

But then all of a sudden, I caught the sight of M flying off. Guess that she still has some energy remaining.

Oh no you are not getting away this time. I am going to settle this, now or never.

"Houki, that's [Silent Zephyrs]! Let's give chase! She'll run out of power soon enough."

"But your energy level…"

"Activate 'Kenran Butō', replenish me on the way. Please, I am counting on you."

"G-Got it!"

After saying that Houki linked my IS with hers and we both flew through the hole to give chase.

But when we flew out of the hole, we got intercepted.

"It's [Arachne], damn it does it still has power?" Houki cursed.

"In whatever the case, Houki, I will leave it to you."

"What? But your power…"

"No worries, half is more than enough."

Actually it is still less than half, but who cares.

Catching the sight of [Silent Zephyrs] in the air, I adjusted my angle and boosted towards Madoka.

"Wait Ichika!"

I ignored Houki and just continued.

Using [Setsura]'s particle cannon, I began closing onto Madoka and began shooting her IS.

There were misses and hits, but the two of us still moved further and further from the IS Academy.

As we flew, we flew closer to the coast of the main Japanese island. But it is still a distance from the urban city that is close to the IS Academy.

For Madoka to move closer to land… she must be very short on power.

I began switching my focus into the scope of [Setsura]'s particle cannon and began to fire at a slower rate.

As I kept firing, my probability of scoring a direct hit on [Silent Zephyrs] increased.

Just a little bit more, she should be out of power any time.

She began to land on the shore.

Turning around, she began firing her beam rifle at me.

Since I got more power, I have the confidence to use evasive maneuvers.

But I better not move too much or I will end up using too much energy.

Come on, come on!

I continuously aimed at [Silent Zephyrs]' armor, hoping to drain the energy level.

Soon, I realized that Madoka began looking consistently at another direction.

Good, she is becoming more mindful of her energy level. Just need to hammer her more.

Just a bit more…

Then, Madoka's actions suddenly stopped.

Her movements are restricted by her IS.

Which means…


I was successful, I managed to drain all the energy of [Silent Zephyrs]. But even so, Madoka is still insistent on fighting.

She forced herself out of her now-useless IS, drew a knife and charged towards me.

But I then noticed that I had an advantage, the fact that [Byakushiki] still has a quarter of its power remaining means that I can still use the IS. This means that I have a longer reach that she does, and with the IS amour, my physical attacks would inflict hurt triple fold.

Guess I have to wrestle the knife away from her.

Using the the Shinonono ancient martial arts hidden technique 'No Rhythm' (LN volume 5), I managed to put up an adept defence.

As Madoka strikes out towards me, I am already on the move.

I side stepped and closed in immediately before her.

Using the tip of my right elbow, I hit her arm at the point before her elbow.

Taking a quick glance I can see both pain and surprise coming from Madoka's face.

The pain was good, it caused her figure to stagger and loose its center of gravity.

Using this opening I managed to apply pressure on her elbow, causing her to drop her knife.

Then using the long reach of [Byakushiki], I increased the distance between us.

Using my right leg, I kicked the knife behind me, so that Madoka will have to go through me in order to get it.

… Woah, training hand to hand combat with Tatenashi sure does improve my reflexes.

"What… kind of martial arts is that?"

Looking at Madoka clinching to her right arm I can only see shock and surprise.

"Guess you weren't expecting that. That an old martial arts that I first learned besides kendo when I was very young. Now, down to business."

I took out the remote device and held it up so that I can gain her attention.

"Your leader Squall Meuser has kindly provided me this. This controls the nano-device in your brain right?"

"That Squall… so, what are you going to do about it? Guess this is the end road for me… so just do it."

"… No."


"I need answers first."

"So it has come to this huh? Interrogation eh? I like your style of doing things."

"I am not interrogating you. I am going to ask you simple questions and then try to change you."

"GYA HA HA HA! Change me? How? And also, good luck with that."

I ignored that mocking tone.

"Madoka, you must have a very strong convicting reason to push yourself into killing people. I am going to find out the flaws of that reasoning and hopefully, you would change for the better."

"Ha! What are you gonna do? I have been killing people for as long as I can remember!"


"I fought in underground missions given by our family! I have killed and assassinated countless people, even innocents. Even if you are able to change me, you won't change the whole family."

"What? There are more of us?"

"There are more of us. Our generation had a considerable number, plus the last old man who is the current head of the family. Mom's generation died out because of excessive underground missions. All that remained are our current generation and we are all killing so that we can survive."

"Wait… underground missions… just what is our family doing?"

"Our family… was one of the last nationalistic fragments of Imperial Japan coming from the Second World War."


But Madoka ignored my expression and continued.

"When the Americans took over Japan, they changed the entire social structure of the Showa Era. Our family… was against that change, but they forced themselves to adapt to it since the Showa Emperor went along with it."

"But then, after a decade, the majority of the family at that time could not take the 'Americanization' of Japan any longer."

"The Head at that time, seeing that the family itself would create unnecessary trouble ordered the family to retreat into the shadows, so that the family would not oppose the Japanese government by arousing any meaningless nationalistic obstacles."

"The Head then decided that the best route for the family is to take out potential threats to Japan during post war time, such as communists and separatist groups during the Cold War."

"And that is still what the family has been doing today. Even with the current Japanese government being unaware of our presence we went into underground dealings to get international information. When we found that some group is going to be a threat to Japan as a whole we take them out."

"But I would say this now, the remaining family members today are not so nationalistic driven compared to our ancestors."

"But why join Phantom Task? That group itself is already a threat to Japan. The attack during the school anniversary and the Cannonball Fast created a number of troubles for the Japanese government."

"That is why I am in it. The current Head ordered me to join Phantom Task to see how strong it is."


"Since they are now using ISes, women made up the majority of the operational squad, so I happen to fill the gap between that organization and our family."

"We have not done a thing yet, as we do not know the full capacity of the organization. But in time, we will destroy Phantom Task inside out, even if we have to put our lives on the line."

This is big, way bigger than what I expected…

Secret family… underground dealings and fights… dying family members… this is a lot more than I can expect.

But now it is not the time to pounder about this.

I need to know, what happened between Chifuyu-nee and the family.

"Why did I not know of this? What happened between Chifuyu-nee and the family? According to her our parents abandoned us." I began pressing for answers.

"ABANDONED YOU?" Madoka spat.

"Chifuyu nee-san STOLE you from the family before you can be aware of your surroundings."


"I was in the hands of our mother then, so she left the family only with you. Has she not told you a single damn thing?"

"… She avoided the topic aggressively whenever I attempted to ask her."

"Well, it figures, I guess nee-san does not want you to be a killer like the rest of us."




The atmosphere intensified between me and her.



Seeing Madoka before me now, I merely see her as a victim of the road that our family is taking.

And it is not just her, the rest of the family she claimed to exist are all probably undergoing the same burden.

Silence continued, seconds felt like minutes as I am unable to think of what to do.

"…When nee-san became the Brunhilde of the IS, the head of the family contacted her." Madoka said all of a sudden.

Well, it looks that she has finally calmed down…

Wait – What?

"Of course nee-san hung up on the Head the minute she heard his voice. Then our mother called, twice in fact. But nee-san just does not want to talk to her at all. After that, the family made even more attempts to contact the both of you but you guys remained unreachable."

I have no doubt that Madoka is lying. The way she described our family and her suffering all sounded too honest to be a lie.

Why would I trust an enemy? Madoka had tried to kill me before, but her real target is Chifuyu-nee.

I am merely an optional target…

Damn it, why is it that I am so incapable when it comes to situations like this? My experiences I got working socially with my friends are not helping me here.

So now what?

I have Madoka before me, I found out of our family, and for once, Madoka is powerless.

What would you do? Would you change your twin? If so, what would you do? If not, how would you stop her?

… Now that I think of it, I have always been in the dark.

I had never thought that our parents would contact us.

The fact that Chifuyu-nee did not tell me that our family did contact us means that she has always been keeping things from me that she thinks is for my own good.

I appreciate that I really do, but there are just some things that I must know.

If I cannot count on Chifuyu-nee to provide my answers, I have to look for them on my own.

Now that I know roughly what kind of situation our family is in, the question is now what do I want to do about it.

It may sound odd, but I want to change the family. Call me naïve, but that is what I want.

I wanted to help Madoka and the rest of our family so that there can be a way out of this 'killing' lifestyle.

But how do I stop Madoka? She looks like the kind of people in need of emotional assistance. Mom's generation died so that means that dad died too, so I think she has been kind of lonely.

Judging from her tone in our conversation, I guess that she does not speak to our cousins that she claimed to exist either.

Having to kill and not tell others of your own distress is an environment of hardship that is not easy at all.

If I think of her in that situation, what Madoka needs is a proper family member to let her shout out her grief and hear out her emotional problems, and most important, help her.

And that is what I want to do.

"Madoka… if you and I had approached Chifuyu-nee together like you approached to me at September 27th, things might be different."

"What are you dumb? Nee-san ignored the Head and our mother. What makes you think that she would accept me?"

"If Chifuyu-nee does not accept you that does not mean that I won't."


"Madoka, what you need now is a close family member to help you out. On hearing your story you must had shared a lot of burden alone for our family. Well, you don't have to anymore."

"Call me naïve, idiot or an absolute blockhead. But now, I want to help you."

"Even if you pilot an IS to take my head, I want to help you."

"Even though you raised a gun to kill me, I want to help you."

"Even if you raise a knife against me, I want to help you."

I am saying this with affirmation for it is the truth. I do not want to create any false hope, action speaks louder than words so they say. I want to do anything that is in my power so that I can help Madoka.

No responses, never mind, just keep talking.

"You have walked enough alone. I am sick of myself actually, for being both ignorant and incapable in the first place."

"I have always been in Chifuyu-nee's shadow. I am not outstanding like her nor am I as smart."

"But I make up for it by making my own decisions with my own will. Not as Chifuyu-nee's outoto, but as Orimura Ichika."

"Now that I know what I want to know, what I want to do now is to help you out."

"GYA HA HA HA HA! You sure speak funny things at a time like this! AH HA HA HA HA!"

What? Oi oi, I am speaking the truth here…

"AH HA HA HA HA! You are so entertaining for an idiot who does not kill! AH HA HA HA HA!"

"So, let's put it in a hypothetical situation Ichika oni-san."


"Let's just say I agree to let you help me out, what are you intending to do?"

"I intent to help you out in any way I can, plus I want to know my current position in the family."

"If it is possible Madoka, I would like to speak to the Head. Let him know my thoughts and try to convince him to change the road our family is taking."

"Ichika oni-san, you know what you intent to do would make yourself an enemy of nee-san right?"

"I don't think so, I know Chifuyu-nee very well… well, to a considerable extent. I think she would know why I would do such a thing, though I would expect a major five-hour lecture in seiza position as punishment."

"But since nee-san is against the family wouldn't you be affected by it?"

"But what Chifuyu-nee has towards the family is not the current problem right?"

"… What?"

"Now the problem is how I see the situation. Chifuyu-nee has always kept me in the dark. Now that I know the full story, I can do something out of my own will. And when that happens, I make sure that I get what I want done logically."

"Hearing your story of our family's history, I can only see that the family's current path in this period of time is unnecessary. And before you start thinking, I am not making fun of those of our family who had died."

"Their deaths to get rid of the threats from the underground organizations are admirable. But I think that is not necessary nowadays. My friends, though they had not killed before, are quite capable in defending and protecting those that they cherish so killing does not have to be compulsory."

"That is why I want to let the family follow their example, so that they can find another way to resolve threats."

"But then Ichika oni-san, violence and killing are also a means to put an end to threats. If you fail to kill me, I will just come back another day to create problems you, and then you will be the cause of the suffering of whoever gets in the way. If I create that kind of scenario, what would you do?"

She is using that mocking tone again, but thankfully I managed to ignore it.

"Well… I would still try to use logic and words to convince you to stop. If the worse happens, I'll ram you through, just enough to knock you out. Then I will shut you in an isolated location to talk some more sense into you."

"GYA HA HA HA HA! Hilarious! AH HA HA HA HA!"

"Oi oi! I am telling the truth here…"

So now what?

I have told Madoka the truth.

Now what I need is to convince her that I am with her.

Thinking about that, I commanded [Byakushiki] to go into standby mode.

"Ichika oni-san, what the hell are you doing? You know that I can easily overrun you right?"

"I took you knife away and I know a little martial arts. I can still put up a fight without using my IS."

"Fuu… is that so? ... Oh right, you still have that remote device."

"To tell you the truth, I don't need this."

I waved the remote device and then threw it between my foot.

In activating just the leggings of [Byakushiki], I squashed it.

"… What are you doing? You lost the chance to control me!"

"Controlling you? That has never been my intention in the beginning."


"Bending people into my will is just so not me. I am with you, not against you. I will not force you or anything."

"You should force me. I am not going to listen to you anyway. What do I gain out of it?"

"Madoka, you can't keep this up forever. If you are just going to keep killing people just to vent your frustration, you are not helping yourself at all. Once you kill people, you make them die just so that you can feel better. That is not right at all."

"That is why from today onwards, I am going to help you Madoka."

Madoka's expression changed. At first I see a fire intent on killing me. But now, her face is just full of doubts.

Then, I did the most daring thing ever.

I moved forward and hugged her.


"… Everything is going to be fine. Madoka, I promise you that I will help you in any way possible."

"That is why, I am going to be with you from now on. So please, don't resist me anymore."

I kept hugging her, for minutes.

"You would help me… even if I just tried to kill you?"

"I told you before, even if you did try, I will forgive you. We are twins, so why must the whole world pit you and me against each other?"

"Well even if the world did, that changes now. I finally found out about our family, and I've made my choice to help you."

"Now Madoka, will you allow me to be with you?"

No response, well she does need some time I guess.

But then miraculously, I felt her arms fold around my back, squeezing it.

Finally, she has accepted me.

"You better keep to your promise, oni-san"

I couldn't help but smile, I got another family member.

Speaking of family members…

"Madoka, can I ask you something?"

"Go ahead… Ichika… nii."

Ichika-nii? So that means I am the older twin… anyways…

"Do we have anymore siblings?"

"Yes, three more imoutos. Two of them are twins like us."

Oh wow, I can't wait to meet them.

"It must be very hard Madoka, to act as a nee-san without sharing you burdens."

"Your damn right! So you better help me in whatever way you can. If you fail, I will gun your balls such that you'll ever regret crossing with me."

Wha so violent…

But I couldn't stop smiling. I finally solved this mystery that I had always pounded, the very same mystery that Chifuyu-nee has always avoided talking about.

I confronted Madoka and managed to settle our differences.

Now it is just the matter of changing the family. I mean, hell, if I can convince Madoka, I should be able to convince the rest of the family.


An explosion occurred from a distance, causing me to slightly release my hold on Madoka.

Looking at the direction, I saw Houki's [Akastubaki] staggering.

And her opponent…


Looks like for some reason, Autumn managed to get away, and now Squall is fighting Houki.

As for Houki, it looks like she is staggering. And for some reason, I don't see Houki activating 'Kenran Butō'.

Then, all of a sudden, I see the Polish IS round up some kind of charge. Then I saw an immense glow coming from its particle cannon.

If Houki is low on energy, she won't survive that hit.

This is so not good.

Letting go of Madoka, I immediately activate [Byakushiki] and soared towards Houki.

Warning, shield energy estimation – 29, approaching dangerous level

Damn it who cares…

Using the last ounce of [Byakushiki]'s energy, I reached Houki and knocked her hard to the side.

Then all of a sudden, as I turn my head slightly to the left, my whole world became bright green.

It felt like I was hit, very hard, around my whole body.

My head and torso began to burn, terribly.

Then from a bright green, my whole world became blurry before changing to pitch black.


Eh? Is that Houki? That's odd… why do I feel funny… why…

12th November, Tokyo, Parliament building

"And that concludes the report on the recent Attack on the IS Academy."

The whole cabinet is in silence.

News of the attack on the IS academy left a negative impression on the security level of the country.

"So… do we still broadcast this event to the public?" the Minister of Media said.

"Broadcast it. There is no point hiding it from the public." That voice belongs to the Prime Minister.

Silence continues…

"… Phantom Task, what a frightening group, to be able to steal Poland's sole 3rd generation prototype and other ISes." The Minister of defense commented.

"They had stolen enough! I trust that the defense ministry will tighten security in all IS-related facilities from now on, and that includes the IS Academy. The other international nations are becoming extremely fussy about this attack." The Minister of foreign affairs followed.

"Yes off course. We will inform all military personas to take down whoever belongs to that organization, dead or alive."

"Just one last thing." The Minister of Media said.

"Do we inform the Emperor and the public of his death?"

"Let the whole world know. Like I said, there is no point in hiding facts." The Prime Minister said.

He is looking at a file separate to the others.

The heading contains the words 'Orimura Ichika'. All the contents of the file is about his time in the IS Academy.

But the Prime Minister is not looking at the contents.

His gaze fall upon the image of Ichika posted bellow the heading.

Three red letters were imprinted over the image.


"He was the world's first to pilot an IS… shame that it has to come to this."

Since the existence of Orimura Ichika became known to the government, the cabinet had made sure that Ichika would remain in Japan at all costs.

Being a Japanese and the only male in the whole world to use an IS, it would greatly serve Japan's national interests if Ichika is able to become a Representative or a Representative Cadet.

The international committee is still delaying the final decision as to if Ichika can be a National representative.

Even so, the cabinet is hoping that Ichika would at least remain attached to a Japanese IS industry.

Also, with close study of the compatibility rate between Ichika and his registered IS core, it would explain how he can pilot an IS.

There are scientific predictions that with the knowledge on how to unlock the gender restriction, the door to a new era will be opened.

"Is the body found?" the Prime Minister just want to confirm.

"Based on the report, the rescue team found nothing. The registered IS core assigned to Orimura Ichika disappeared too. The team found no trace and concluded that both the core and the pilot were obliterated in that fired particle beam."

Shame, Shame.

"Well, at least with this abnormity gone, the whole world will be back to normal."

Unknown Island, unknown date

Two female figures stood at a shore, one is a child who looks like a 12-year old, while the other looks like she is in her early to mid twenties.

They both stared at what was washed up earlier by the waves of the sea.

What was lying in front of them is a 16-year old girl bearing the same face as a certain Brunhilde, hugging protectively over a blood covered boy whose build is about her same age.

Both lay there unconscious, unaware of whoever is currently looking at them. Taking a closer look, it appears that the boy was seriously wounded in the head and the upper body. He also has lost a considerable volume of blood from his body.

The 12-year old looked up to her guardian. Catching her attention, the adult lady smiled, knelt down and patted her on the head.

"Ku-chan, can you run back to the house, activate and bring four [Golem IV]s? Oh, and don't forget to equip them with two stretchers."

"Yes, Tabane-sama!" The little girl than begin to ran as fast as her legs can carry her.

Turning her attention to the two lying bodies, Dr. Shinonono Tabane opened a holographic communication channel.

She rarely contacted those of the outside world, those who remained in her contacts are the original professors and technicians who worked with her when she first introduced the IS to the world.

She initially refused to keep the contact number of those she failed to recognized but finally accepted to keep them due to various security measures back then.

She then became surprised of the fact that she had not deleted them, since she is barely able to recognize anyone of them. The only people she recognized are Chi-chan, Ikkun, Houki-chan and Ku-chan.

Now, she questioned the need to contact one of her ex-colleagues. She roughly knows biology, as it involves the research of the compatibility rate between the IS pilot and the IS core.

However, she had never attempted a proper surgery, and the only way to save that bleeding boy is to get a professional doctor.

Thinking once, thinking twice, she dialled the contact number.

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