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The corridor was only dark for a second more. The lights snapped on, and standing front of the two Fairy Tail mages was a man dressed in a Prussian Blue military coat, a picklehaube on his head. He was a stone faced man with brown eyes and a brown handlebar mustache. Gray and Mitsu tensed as the man folded his muscular arms, observing the two Fairy Tail mages.

"They sent a child to fight against me. They injure me with their arrogance." said the man calmly as Mitsu stepped forward.

"I'll show you what a simple child can do!" shouted Mitsu as a sword made of ice appeared in Gray's hand.

The ice mage charged forward first, swinging the sword down towards the muscular man's neck. Gray was confident that he had ended the battle in a single swing, but was shocked to see the man hand grab the sword, snap it in half, and smash his fist into Gray's stomach, sending the ice mage flying back to where Mitsu was standing. The man dusted himself off and looked at Gray as he stood up, grabbing his stomach.

"My name is Bauer, and I-"

"I don't care what your name is! Ice Make: Hammer!" shouted Gray as a huge block of ice smashed down onto Bauer.

Instead of completely crushing him, Bauer raised a single fist into the air, the huge block of ice smashing into tiny pieces of ice with a single touch of his fist. Gray and Mitsu took a step back. Gray's techniques were formidable, but this man, Bauer, was something else. He had deflected every attack!

"You're fighting with just your fists? That was just the first round! Ice Make: Wave!" shouted Gray as jagged icicles smashed across the floor, heading right towards Bauer.

The immortal didn't even take a step backward as he grabbed two icicles, and snapped the entire wave in half. The pieces of ice fell to the concrete floor and quickly melted, evaporating faster than physically possible. Gray and Mitsu watched the immortal named Bauer stretch his arms, looking at the two mages with a sympathetic look on his face.

"Let me tell you two something few people know. Among the immortals, I am the strongest. I am the only immortal who can control all the other immortals with a single command. As the strongest immortal, I heal the slowest out of all of us." Bauer cracked his neck and raised his fists, steel blades sliding out of the cuffs on his sleeves. "Hudson was one gravely injured by a man by the name of Polganic*, and he appeared to be dead. The stronger an immortal is, the longer it takes to heal. Hudson took several decades to heal. If I was injured, it would take centuries for me to heal, and so, I make it a priority to never get injured. I toughened my body because the fists of men are weapons. You would do well to remember that." said Bauer wisely as Mitsu stepped forward.

Mitsu did not look happy. He was getting tired of all the sophisticated talk from Bauer. He looked towards Gray, and the ice mage nodded. They had to step up their game to even scratch Bauer. Mitsu and Gray charged forward, well aware of the risk. Gray sent several sharp disks of ice spinning towards the immortal, and Mitsu decided to use his own magic.

"Darkness Reign: Stalker's Shaodw!" Mitsu shouted as hundreds of shadows formed in front of him, shooting towards Bauer.

The two attacks were strong enough to rival that of an S-Class mage, but Bauer did not look impressed as he held out a hand.

"An impressive string of attacks, but not good enough. I can see that this level of magic is acceptable for an S-Class, but an S-Class could never lay a hand on me. Clockwork." said Bauer as a large gear appeared in front of him, opening up to reveal orange fire.

Mistu's and Gray's attacks looked as if they were about to slam through the gear, but the fire erupted from within the gear and turned the disks into little more than vapor, and the shadows melted away at the presence of intense orange flame. The gear closed itself, and disappeared. Bauer looked content, but noticed that Gray was missing. Mitsu had a grin on his face, and Bauer barely managed to turn around before Gray's sword of ice cut the side of Bauer's face, a single drop of immortal blood falling from his cheek. The immortal smiled at Gray as he held out his hand, ready to finish Gray off.

"Time Paradox!"

Mitsu felt something run through him, and then he threw up, his stomach twisting into a knot. The last thing he saw as Gray fall to the ground.

Mitsu woke up, his body still intact. He slowly sat up, realizing where he was. He looked down the corridor where Gray used to be, and he was surprised to see a small child that looked like Gray with the exact same hair. Bauer stood over the child, and he looked at Mitsu with a faint smile as the Ryuusaga stood up.

"You didn't have to fight me." said the immortal as Mitsu shook his head.

"I couldn't just let you trample over me or Gray. It would be disgraceful." replied Mitsu, Bauer smiling slightly.

The immortal walked towards Mitsu, leaving the child behind. Mitsu tensed as the immortal walked past him.

"The spell isn't permanent for your friend. I made sure it wouldn't last forever. If you were wondering about all these strange events…" said Bauer as he suddenly stopped. "I guess I have to tell you. We caused them. I caused clocks to run out of control, Hudson was the murderer, Malice caused the windstorms, Fahmak made the sun hotter, and last of all, Noland caused plants to die. Now if you excuse me, I need to see somebody."

And with that, the immortal walked away, leaving Mitsu with the child version of Gray Fullbuster.

A short chapter, I know, but I didn't have much time and Bauer is way too strong for Mitsu and Gray to beat. From all the mages I have written about, only Goldfinger or a Nightmare Mage could even make a scratch on him. The fight would just be overly long if I even bothered to have Gray and Mitsu constantly attack him without a single chance of them ever hitting him.

References:*If you actually remembered this scene from The Silence Uprising then bonus points

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