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Song: Breathless by Dan Wilson

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I'm hunting shadows in the dark

In steaming jungles of the world

Either to kill or to be killed

By creatures never named or heard

"Ok so let's sum it up: Our perp prefers brunettes, with successful careers. He attacks them on their apartment, beats them up and rapes them. He doesn't use a condom, so we have fluids and semen but nothing to compare them to. He wears a mask so the victims cannot ID him. Until now, we have five victims and no perp." Elliot let out a deep sigh as he finished summing up the case.

It was one of those frustrating cases, where they had to deal with one rapist-ghost. No one would see him before or after the attack. The victims had nothing in common except from their physical appearance and the fact that they had successful careers.

"It is possible that he had a relationship in the past with a woman who fits his MO and she dumped him, so he started raping women who looked like her to satisfy some short of twisted need of revenge." Huang said to the rest of the team.

"But how did he found out about their career? Did he stalk them? Cause if he did, he made damn sure that no one ever saw him" Fin asked pissed.

"Not necessarily. Look I just found those: they were all on the newspaper because of some success story on their jobs, the last month" Olivia said who had just entered the room with a pile of newspaper in her lap. Fin groaned.

"So what now? Check the newspaper every day and find every woman that might fit his MO?" Munch asked with a tired voice. They were all wrecked. They had been working this case three days non-stop and they were all a pile of nerves from the dead ends they kept meeting

"It might not seem reliable but for now it's the only thing we have." Cragen pointed. "But for now, everyone, go home and get some rest, I want you here first thing tomorrow morning with a clear mind" he continued in a non-negotiable tone and left the room. Everyone started packing their things and leaving mumbling tired 'goodnights'.

Olivia and Elliot were the last to leave. They made their way out of the empty precinct without talking. Before they reached their cars Elliot rubbed his forehead

"The faster we found our guy the better. God I hate those cases." Olivia nodded in agreement

"Yeah… How can you look those women it the eye and tell them that their attacker is still out there and we have no clue who the hell is?" she said with frustration. This case was getting into her head too.

"That's the worst part. Anyway, I'm gonna go now, I really really need some sleep" Elliot said letting out a small yawn

"Tell me about it. Goodnight El" Elliot waved and got into his car. Olivia stood for a moment watching him leave and then left herself.

She opened the door of her building and made her way to the elevator. She leaned on the wall waiting for it. God she was so tired. After making it to her floor she walked to the empty hall towards her apartment. She unlocked her door relieved that she was finally home. She closed the door behind her and threw her badge and gun on the kitchen counter. She entered the living room and while she was taking her coat of she thought about the hot shower she would take on some minutes.

It happened so fast. One moment she was dropping her coat on a chair and the next thing she knew, someone was grabbing her from behind, placing his hands around her neck, choking the life out of her.

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