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Song: Phoenix by Stratovarius

Like the Phoenix I rise From the ashes of life

I don't need fortune

Or fame Just some peace of mind

Like the Phoenix I fly leaving the lies behind

Future's golden for me There is no one who can stop me now

She rubbed her temple and took a deep breath with closed eyes. She walked a few steps but stopped.

"You can do this" she thought. Her mind run again back to when she got the phone call.

She had just woken up and she was in a good mood, since she had managed to go again through the night without waking from a nightmare. That would make it four nights in the row, she thought and smiled. It was almost a month now since the attack and things were getting better and better. She hadn't been back to work yet, but she knew that day wasn't far away. Elliot was coming by often and the last two weeks she had agreed to leave the house and go for a walk in the city or lunch with him, or sometimes movie and dinner to his place.

She was thinking that maybe she would call Casey to schedule a lunch date, when her cell rang. Seeing Elliot's name on the screen, her smiled broadened, a regular habit the past weeks, every time she heard his voice.

"Good morning El"

"Morning Liv. How are you today?"

"Fine" she replied thinking that he was sounding a bit strange

"Something happened El? You're sounding…weird"

"Liv… we got him"

Her hand froze in the air just when she was about to pick up a cup of coffee

"When you're saying him…" she managed to say

"I mean him." Elliot said "Listen, you don't have to do anything, I just wanted you to hear it from me. I'll be there as soon as I can and…"

"I want to see him" She said

"Liv… are you sure?"

"I am. I'll be there in half an hour" she said surprising herself with how steady and sure her voice was coming out. She hung up and stood still for a second. Then with almost mechanic moves, she got ready and left her apartment without farther hesitation.

The minute she walked into the precinct, Elliot was on her.

"Liv, really, there's no…"

But he stopped when Olivia raised her hand

"Don't" she almost commanded. "But first of all…how?"

Elliot sighed

" He had managed to broke into an apartment, and he was about to rape a woman, Emily Patterson, when a dog she was looking after for a friend attacked him. He fell into a table, hit his head and passed out. Patterson then restrained him and called 911"

"And we are sure it's him because…"

"Emily Patterson fits his MO. Brunette, a lawyer whose latest case had hit the newspapers last week. When DNA results will be back we'll know for sure. We have sample from every one of his other attacks."

Elliot stopped and looked at Olivia in the eyes. He saw that she was trying to contemplate what he had just told her. So he raised his hands and placed them gently to her shoulders.

"Liv. We got him. It's over." He said quietly

"I want to talk to him" she repeated "Where is he?"

Elliot looked again into her eyes. And then he saw it. The flame that had been taken violently away from them a month ago, was there, making its appearance slowly but steadily. His heart started beating fast at this sight and then he knew that as much as he didn't like it, he had to let her do this.

"Interrogation room number 3" he said finally and she immediately walked away.

So there she was now, outside the room, not moving. She felt Elliot reaching her side.

"Are you ready?" he asked softly.

She just nodded and without turning to look at him, she pushed the door and stepped inside the room.

The moment she walked in, the man who was sitting cuffed behind the table in the middle of the room, raised his head. Once he saw who she was, he smiled cockily. Olivia felt shivers running down her spine.

"Well isn't that detective Benson. Long time no see, Olivia. It's been a month doesn't it? But I'm sure you remember that very well."

Olivia didn't answer, instead, she took a few steps inside, never losing eye-contact with him.

"A little quiet today, aren't we? You weren't so quiet the last time we met. Please stop, let go of me!" he said imitating a baby voice and then laughed, almost manically. " I have to tell you a secret" he went on, when Olivia didn't respond to him, again. " Beyond all the bitches I did, you were the best. You all think the world revolves around you, that you could get every man you want, with your sexy asses and successful careers, but I taught you who's in charge. And you are my best, my best achievement, the sex crimes detective, becomes the victim. Tell me, detective Benson, how's that feel?" he asked with a wide smile and his voice filled with a sick excitement.

The whole time the guy talked, Olivia didn't move a muscle. Her facial expression saw no emotions at all, but inside, her heart was beating so fast and a million thoughts were crossing her mind. When she finally spoke, her voice was calm and collected, but her eyes were burning.

" I didn't come here today to ask you why, or hear you bribe about your achievements, as you call them. I just came to say to you that everything that happened, made me stronger and more determined to do my job and catch more bastards like you. And that I'm glad that you're going to rotten in prison for the rest of your miserable life. When I'll walk out of that room today, I will never see you, or think about you ever again. I'll forget you'll exist."

And with that, she turned her back at him and walked out of the room, completely ignoring his angry yells. She closed the door behind and came face to face with Elliot.

"It's over El." She said and threw her arms around him. Elliot was at first startled but was quick to lock his arms around her too.

And as she was standing there hugging Elliot, she closed her eyes and suddenly, she felt lighter, and everything seemed better and brighter and then, she knew. She had got closure.


She paced back and forth in front of the entrance of the building. The night was cool and a pleasant wind was blowing, but her cheeks were flushed and her hands were damp with sweat. With one last look on the lighted window, she went inside.

Elliot was sitting on the couch, watching tv, but his mind was barely there. He couldn't stop thinking about Olivia, her smile, her touch, the way her hair smelled of lavender and every time he got close to her or hugged her, he would just close his eyes and got lost to that smell. A knock on his door, brought him back to reality. With a curious look, he sat up and went to answer.

He opened the door, only to find Olivia standing there, with a serious look on her face.

"Liv, is everything alright?" he asked a bit alarmed. She nodded.

" I had to come, I had to talk to you. If there's one thing this whole ordeal taught me is that life is precious and we should not waste it. We should live it, trying our best to have it filled with happy moments."

She raised her eyes and once again, blue met brown. Elliot felt like the air had left the room.

"So will you help me filled it with happy moments? Because right now, I cannot think of something that would make me happier, than being with you" she whisper and got close to him, their heads only inches away now.

There was no need for words or even, thoughts. Elliot leaned forward and captured Olivia's lips on a passionate kiss. After some minutes, they broke apart and Olivia smiled.

"I'll take that as a yes" she whispered.

Elliot stroked her soft cheek.

"You bet you do"

And with that, Olivia walked inside the apartment and closed the door behind them. They didn't know if it was fate or circumstances, but it was life and they were going to live it.

Each day is a gift And I know that I can't lose

Glorious future is waiting for me, See how I run to my destiny

Like the Phoenix...

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I will have a new story uploaded this week! It is called "Love takes time" and it's very different from that one. In that, Olivia gets pregnant by Dean Porter, but he wants nothing to do with the baby. Elliot steps forward to help her, but things are getting perplexed when certain feelings come to surface. How will they manage to get through this?

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