Chapter One: First Day

Opening the doors to my new school, Sweet Amoris High, I stared in amazement at how empty the hallways where.
Back at my old school, you couldnt get anywhere without being pushed aside or having to knock someone out of the way.
Happily walking freely through the halls, I made my way to the main office so I could meet the principal, (I honestly had no clue who she was, but from what people have told me, she's a chubby old lady who constantly has mood swings)

"Um...hello." I said quietly, immediately frustrated with my voice.
Since the day I learned how to speak, i've always been soft spoken, never being able to make myself sound loud or firm, no matter what I felt like I was whispering.
The principal turned around to look at me, she smiled kindly as she made her way through the messy office and tried to avoid stepping on loose papers lying on the floor, "Hello there!" She said cheerfully, "You must be Rhian Diaz, correct? You aunt never told me which day you'd be arriving for your first day, so this is quite I surprise I must say..." Looking around, she frowned, "I havnt had the time to clean up around here..."
I faked a smile, "Its fine."
"Well! Anyway, its always good to see a new face around here! Why dont you go to the Student Council room and talk to Nathaniel, hm? He's the Student Body President and he can answer any of your quetions!" The old lady told me.
I blinked, "Okay...where is h-"
"You can find him! Just down the hall." The principal snapped, rolling her eyes.
I paused, "But-"
"Go! I have work to do, young lady." The woman growled, then turned away.

For some reason I stayed in the same spot for a few minutes, and then when I finally turned around and walked down the hallway, I noticed that still there was no one in sight.
Class doesnt start for another fifteen minutes... I thought as I looked up at the clock that was hanging on the wall infront of me, So where is everyone?
Deciding to forget about everybody's absense, I looked through every door I passed in hopes to find the Student Council room.
Why do I have to find him, anyway? I thought bitterly, letting out a sigh, I dont have any questions, and im wasting my time.
I stopped walking when I came to the first closed door i've seen in the school all day, glancing through the narrow rectangle window, I saw a boy with short, somewhat straight, somewhat curly blonde hair.
He looked like he was sorting through a few papers, but the view from the window wouldnt allow me to see clearly.
What was he doing?
"Do you need to speak with Nathaniel?" An upbeat voice from behind me asked.
Turning around, I nodded.
The voice belonged to a girl a few inches taller than me, with long brown hair and light blue eyes, her skin was pale as if she hadnt been out in the sun for a few days, but over-all she looked like a nice person.
The girl flashed a smile, "My name is Melody, your the new student, right? Nathaniel mentioned you a few days ago...your Rhian?"
I nodded again.
Melody's smile grew, "I'll let you in, then." She said, pulling out a set of keys from her pocket, "We keep this door locked because of Casti-" She stopped herself from finishing the sentance, and unlocked the door.

The boy looked up, his expression was cold when he saw me, but lightened when he realized Melody was present, too.
"Can I help you?"
"This is Rhian. She needs her student ID card." Melody explained before I even had the chance to open my mouth. I needed an ID card?
Nathaniel nodded as he turned around and grabbed a few papers from his desk, at first I thought he was going to pretend we werent there, but then he turned back around and faced me again, "Here it is." He mumbled as he handed me a small white piece of plastic that contained a picture of me and most of my information.
"But you havnt paid the registration fee."
"What?" I demanded, narrowing my eyes.
Nathaniel shrugged, "Dont ask me why you havnt paid them, its your money."

"But I paid them!" I insisted, "I remember!"
Melody's happy expression turned to worry, "Maybe they just got mixed up...?" She suggested.
Nathaniel nodded, "Maybe."
"So your saying you somehow lost the eighty dollars?" I growled, not impressed.
Melody shifted her feet, "Well...its possible, yes."
"And i'll have to pay it again?"
"If we dont find it." Nathaniel said casually.
Clenching my fists, I left the room.
Doing that was the only way I could stop myself from punching Nathaniel in the face.


As I tried for the ninth time to find my science class, a boy shorter than me ran right infront of me, I stuck out my foot and tripped him, then laughed a bit when he fell.
The boy looked up at me, then his face brightened while mine probably looked as if I was horrified.
I knew that face.
"Rhian! Oh my gosh im so happy I found you! I switched schools as soon as I found out you were moving here! Isnt this great? Now we can be together forever!" He practicaly shouted as he hugged me. I flinched, "Uh...yeah, Ken. This is...a real supprise, thats for sure."
Why couldnt he leave me alone? Couldnt this little bug take no for an answer?
I didnt want to go out with him!
The fact of being friends made me want to puke.
The though of dating? NO! Why did he think I was his girlfriend? I wasnt!
"Anyway, great as this...reunion is, I have to go." I said slowly, pushing the kid away. Ken frowned at me, "What? But we just found eachother again!"
"Yeah, well, I have more important stuff to do." I growled, then bolted down the hall.

"Rhian? Arent you suppose to be in class?" Nathaniel asked when I ran into him.
I took a few steps back, "Yeah...I got lost, though."
Nathaniel chuckled, "I would show you around, but Violette has asked me to help her with her French. Perhaps you'll find Melody and she'll show you where all your classes are." He told me, then walked away.
Or, I thought, I could just get a map of the school from the office.


Surprisingly it took forever to find the office again.
I somehow wandered up to the second floor of the school, which caused me to get yelled at by some girl Ailes, and she explained that the second floor was strictly for grade twelves only, no exceptions.
So then I went back down the the main level, but curiousity got the best of me and I explored a little bit in the basement... apparently Sweet Amoris had a music program, because a guitar, a drum kit, and a microphone stand where neatly placed against the left wall, as well as a few music sheets.
However, the rest of the basement held stacks of boxes, extra school supplies, and a few rooms that where locked.
After the lights flickered two or three times, I was a bit freaked out and ran back up to the first floor, then found my way to the office.

"Hello," The woman at the desk said, her black hair neatly tied in a low ponytail, "Is there something you need?"
"Is there a school map or something I can use to find my way around?" I asked, once again my voice failing me and trailed into a quiet whisper.
The woman smiled, "The first days are always the worst, but dont worry, soon you'll know your way around like you know anything else."
She grabbed something from a shelf, then handed it to me, "Make sure you recycle it when you dont need it anymore."
Nodding, I took the map and left.

My hopes of getting to science(which was most likely over by now) without having to talk to anyone else were crushed when a curly blonde haired girl in five inch heels stepped infront of me.
She was wearing probably the ugliest shirt i've ever seen in my life, but she seemed to like it, and that made no sense to me at all.
"We're the welcoming comittee." She snickered, pointing to the two girls behind her, one with long, straight black hair and dark brown eyes, and the other with light brown hair, bright green eyes, and a smile even worse than the blondes.
"Sorry we're late." The black haired girl apologized, though her voice was hollow.
"We've been trying to track down that other new kid, he's been avoiding us all day, isnt that a shame, Charlotte?" The blondie asked, a faked sad expression on her face.
The brown haired girl who I guess was Charlotte nodded, "Yeah, he's missing out on so much."
I crossed my arms, "I bet."
The black haired girl gasped, "Ooh, Amber!" She squealed, "Look who's talking when she shouldnt be!"
The blonde, Amber, glared at me, "I can tell your stupid, Diaz. But try to remember this: If you even think you can be even the lowest rank of friends with Nathaniel, your dead, got it?"
"Why cant I be friends with Nathaniel?" I demanded.
I didnt want to, but I didnt want to be told who the people I hang out with could be, either.
Amber pursed her lips, "Just stay away, and your year here will be a blast."
Then her and the other two girls marched away.


"Why the hell are you walking so slow? Didnt you notice I nearly ran right into you?" An angry voice growled, then a pale girl with long black hair whipped infront of me.
Her eyes where a bright orange and they reminded me of a blazing fire.
"I cant see from the back of my head. Sorry." I muttered.
The girl crossed her arms and glared at me,
"Just who do you think you are, talking to me like that?" She snapped.
I frowned, "Aw, am I making you angry?"
"No shit."
"Whatever. Your Rhian, right?"
I nodded, "How'd you-"
"The whole school knows about you, so dont mess anything up and become the next laughing stock. I dont want to be friends with a complete loser, got it?" The girl smirked,
"And by the way, im Gwen."

-Me and Gwen talked for a bit, and I found out she was pissed off because of some guy named Castiel. From what she told me, he sounded like a total jerk. And just to my luck, I met him after school while I was walking home-