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Chapter Ten: The Library

12:00pm, Saturday

-Like any other Saturday, I slept in far past early morning, which is when I usually wake up on weekdays. Also like any other Saturday, my Aunt left a note for me on my bedroom dresser explaining in carefully written handwriting that she left for work and wont be back until 11:00pm.
My normal weekend routine was sleeping in, watching TV, maybe doing some homework, and then sleeping again.
Today though, I decided to actually do something that didnt involve being lazy... I went to the library

In complete honesty, I didnt have the slightest clue where the Sweet Amoris Library was, but from experience, I knew that every town had one, even if it was just a small building with like... ten books.
I didnt have a car, so I had to walk around town asking random strangers if they knew where it was, but the problem with that was I always get distracted by the stupidest things when people are giving me directions or giving long speeches.
For example, this old lady was telling me that the library was a few blocks or something away, and then this group of birds began flying around a pine tree, and I was so busy watching them that I hardly heard a word that the lady was saying.
Way to go, Rhian.
Anyway, so long story short, it took me awhile to find the library, and im pretty proud of myself because I think I passed Mcdonalds four times, and each time I was tempted to ditch the library and just get something to eat instead, but I didnt.
So thats... cool... I guess.


I pushed the front doors to the library, expecting that they would open, and then I glared at them when they didnt.
"What the hell?" I mumbled, then tried opening the doors again.
Same result.
A few people inside the building were looking at me now, and I noticed a kid snickering and pointing at me.
That bothered me, because here I was, the girl who apparently couldnt open a door, and there the other people were, not doing anything to help me.
... Pretty pathetic, arent I?

"Having trouble?" A soft yet amused voice asked, and in the faint reflection of the glass door I saw a tall, silvery-white haired guy wearing probably the oddest clothing i've seen... ever.
I turned around and immediatly noticed his eyes.
It wasnt like they were bright like a light blue or noticable like a stormy grey... they were... different coloured, stunning.
The left one was a dark leafy green, while the right was a golden/pale yellow colour.
I know that he knew I was staring, but he flashed a smile and stepped past me, then pulled the library doors open.
"... That wasnt so hard." He said, the smile still on his face.
I felt my face go red with embarrasment.
No... I wasnt just pretty pathetic, I was amazingly dumb.

"Thanks." I say, my head low as I enter the library.
From the corner of my eye, I see the silver haired guy look at me for a breif moment, then in a second he was a little bit behind me.
"Wait!" He said, "I, uh, I didnt catch your name."
I stop walking and look at him, "Je ne comprends pas l'anglais... desole." I say one of the only sentances in French that I know the meaning of.
I think it translates to something about not knowing English...
The guy paused and looked as if he was thinking about how to reply,
"Oh ... ce n'est pas grave, je sais comment parler fran├žais aussi!"
Too bad I didnt understand a word he said.
Instead of being all sweet and kind, I narrow my eyes at him, "What do you want?" I ask flatly, getting straight to the point.

The guy blinked, "So you do speak English! I was thinking that, because I see you in school from time to time."
I tilt my head, "Excuse me?"
He frowned, then apologized as if he thought he had offended me or something, "We go to the same school, Amoris... unless you have a twin sister..."
I forced a laugh, "Ah, really? I havent seen you before, what grade are you in?"
"Eleven... oh, and im Lysander by the way."
I nodded, "Im Rhian."
With that said, Lysander looked at me in surprise, "... You're Castiel's friend?"
I hesitated, then slowly nodded, "Um, yeah I guess. Not sure if 'friend' is the right word to describe it though..."
Lysander chuckled, "Im quite sure that Castiel thinks differently... its been a long time since he-" He stopped talking, and by the look on his face I guess he wasnt supposed to say that much, "Nevermind."
Let me change that, I dont just guess, I know.

-Me and Lysander talked for a few minutes, and then he dragged me over to the very back of the library just so he could show me a few of his favorite Shakespere books.
He seemed to like Hamlet, and for ten minutes he explained to me the plot and told me how much he'd like to see one of the plays someday. I wasnt listening though. I was watching the kid who had been laughing at me earlier, he yelling at the computer he was using because it was slow.

"Im boring you, arent I?" Lysander asked, a disappointed expression on his face.
My head snapped up to look at him, "What? No! Keep talking about, uh, Hamlet. The king was killed, right? What happened next? What did his son do?"
Lysander frowned, "I already finished telling you about that..."
"Oh, right."
Lysander's frown turned in to a slight smile, "Not to worry, Rhian. I should have known that you wouldnt be interested in that, the story and the author himself are old... boring, right?"
"Not really interesting." I corrected, trying to be polite.
Lysander chuckled, "I dont know why I didnt expect you to say that." He said, amusment in his voice, "Anyway, Rhian. It was nice to officially meet you! Sorry that it wasnt exactly fun on your part... but I hope we can hang out again."
I smiled and nodded, "Yeah... that'd be nice."

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