Author's Note: I was writing a story about Angela and Lilith already, but I decided to write a new one. Basically what could happen if you let things run their natural corse in the game. Anyways, here it is, hope you guys enjoy. Sorry that I deleted the other story, but it wasn't really going anywhere anyways.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Sims (That belongs to EA Games) and I do not own any of the characters (expect for the OC's that I make...if I make any).

Upside Down- Chapter 1

Angela was writing in her diary since she was already dressed for school. She wore a pink, floral spring dress and some brown sandals. Her hair was the same as usal. A bright red color with a couple of loose hairs hanging out. She wore some pink lip gloss, but other than that there was no makeup on her. Since she had already eaten breakfast, she had decided that she wanted to write in her diary:

Dear Diary:

Today is my first day of my sophomore year in high-school. And I can promise you, it's going to be nothing like my freshman year at all. During my freshman year, I didn't even get to try out for cheer-leading because they don't let freshmans in, only sophmores and up. And I would always hang out with the 'normal' kids. This year, I'm going to hang out with the popular girls. And now I have a great schedule, practically all honors class expect for the fact that I have to take Earth science over again (it was all my boyfriend Dustin's fault because he just would not study with me when we were partners for science in the 8th grade, he kept me distracted with his cute smirk and funny jokes). But Dustin and I have broken up now :( Ever since he got his job in the criminal carrer and ever since his father died, it just hasn't been the same. At least we're friends now...sort of. I really miss him, but I don't think we'll ever get back together...will we?

Meanwhile, Lilith was still getting ready. She was applying some dark and heavy makeup to her face and she smirked just looking at it. Her parents never understood her, they didn't really get why she liked dark makeup. But Lilith never understood her parents...they always put work and Angela before her. Well, expect her dad. Though she didn't exactly have a good relationship with her parents, she had a better one with her dad because her dad at least tried to understand her a little bit. Once she was done she noticed that she still had 15 minutes to kill, and since she had already had breakfast she sighed, and grabbed her diary. She didn't actually want to write in her diary, but ever since her sudden change in clothes and makeup, her parents have been taking her to see a counselor in Pleasant View, who recommended her writing in a diary to get her feelings out:

Dear Diary:

This is so stupid! I should not be writing in a stupid diary right now. But yet, I am anyways. *SIGH*. Well today is my first day of sophmore year in high-school. There's really nothing that's going to change. I'm still going to be known as the 'emo' girl. But, I don't really care because I don't care what people think of me. They're all stupid in my opinion. But luckily, I have my boyfriend Dirk to be with me. Can you believe that he's no longer Dirk Dreamer? But Dirk Goth? It's so strange...but I'm happy for his father. Anyways, I had to admit I was a little shaken when he told me that his stepmother Cassandra, wanted him to go to a private school like Alexander. But then I smiled, and kissed him when he told me that he said no, and that he wanted to stay with me. He's the only one who actually cares about me...

"Angela! Lilith! The bus is here!" Their mother, Mary-Sue called.

"Coming!" They both said at the same time. As they both walked downstairs they had to decide who would go first.

"Move out of the way!" Lilith told Angela.

"No! I was clearly here first. Mom!" Angela called and Lilith rolled her eyes. That was so typical of her, to run to mommy when she didn't get things her way.

"Just get down here you guys! And hurry up, my car for work is already here." She replied, so Lilith sighed, letting Angela go down the stairs first.

Angela smirked and headed down, giving a hug to her mother as she exited the room. Then Lilith left, simply waving to her mom. Once they left the house Daniel waved at his wife, trying to give her a kiss. But she just gave him a hug and was on her merry way.

Daniel sighed, it was so typical of her to do that. They hadn't kissed, let alone wo-hooed in ages. And that's why, whenever she left for work he would call the maid Kaylnn over, though he was madly in love with Mary-Sue.