Author's Note: This is the LAST chapter. Can you believe it? There will be a sequel to this though. Oh and I was playing the sims and I noticed that even though they try and set Darren up with Cassandra, Darren also might like Brandi Broke. Omg and this guy is pregnant in strange town, I love playing for him. He's also gay. Yes I can be a Christian and still play for gay people! lol.

Birthday Party- Chapter 15

The Pleasant family arrived just in time to the Goth families house. Mary rang the door bell and Cassandra opened it a couple minutes later.

"Mary! Hey!" Cassandra said, giving her best friend a hug.

"Hey! We're all ready for the party. Right girls?" Mary said, looking to her children.

"Yup." They replied simply, and headed on into the house.

"Oooh, I see you've been decorating a little." Mary said to Cassandra with a smile. Cassandra smiled back, "Yup. Oh, you can put the gifts right over there." She pointed to a pile of gifts in the living room.

"Alright, thanks." Mary said.


Angela and Lilith split up and Daniel went to go talk to John Burb. Angela laughed when she saw Alexander and Lucy playing together. She put her small gift near the pile and went to go talk to them. Lucy looked adorable in her dress, and Alexander looked very mature in his tuxedo.

"Hey! You guys excited for the party?" Angela asked them, and they both nodded eagerly, and gave Angela a hug.

"I just want cake!" Lucy said in a loud tone. Angela rolled her eyes at her cousin, "Well in a few minutes, I'm sure we will be cutting the cake."

From the corner of her eye, she saw a couple of townies that were probably Alexander and Lucy's friends. Then she saw Dirk and Lilith talking, and Lilith didn't seem too happy. She turned her head away, not really wanting to hear what Lilith and Dirk were talking about. She noticed Mortimer sitting on the couch, his head down, and a disappointing look on his face. She took a seat next to him awkwardly, "Hey Mr. Goth. How's Dina?"

He sighed, "Dina's...alright. She's putting the finishing touches on the cake."

"Then what's the matter?" Angela asked him.

Mortimer let tears fall from his face, "Bella should have been here right now...she would have loved to see our son grow up I know it."

Angela gave him a sad smile, "If you love have to let them go."

Mortimer chuckled at what Angela had said, "Yeah, I've heard that time and time again child. But have you heard this one? If you're in love with someone, you fight for them no matter what?"

"No, actually I haven' I guess I'm not in love with him. Because I'm not willing to fight for him. It makes perfect sense." Angela said, muttering the last part.

"What was that dear?" Mortimer said, and Angela shook her head, "N-nothing sir. Anyways, I hope she comes back. I hope someone finds her."

" too. But it's a hopeless case." Mortimer sighed, and Angela gave him a pat on the back, knowing that he was right.


Lilith walked over to help Dina with the cake when someone tapped her shoulder lightly. She turned around to see that it was Dirk, and she couldn't help but notice how amazing he looked in his formal wear.

"Hey Lilith." He said with a smile.

"Um, hi." Lilith stated awkwardly, trying to hide a blush on her cheek.

"Do you want to talk?" He asked her.

"No, not really. Look, I meant what I said. We're really over Dirk. We just don't have enough in common." Lilith stated, and Dirk gave her a frown.

"All because you're being stupid and trying to run away from your problems?" Dirk said angrily, trying to be heard over the loud music.

"So now I'm stupid? Well you definitely don't deserve a girl who's stupid now do you Dirk? Just leave me alone." Lilith said angrily, pushing him out of the way.

"Lilith, that's not what I meant-"

"I said leave! Now!" Lilith yelled, earning attention from some of the little kids who were playing around.

Dirk sighed, "You'll regret this Lilith, we had something special."

"Not really. We were friends, we thought we could be more. Obviously we were wrong." Lilith said, hiding her tears, but Dirk didn't reply, he just walked away.


Several minutes later, everyone was gathered around the table. There were two cakes there. One for Alexander, one for Lucy. Everyone shouted and cheered for them, and Angela smiled when she saw Lucy and Alexander step on a tiny stool and blow out their candles.

"WOOOH!" Everyone cheered, and clapped their hands. Mary and Daniel watched eagerly as the two kids began to wobble their legs a little. They finally spun up in the air and became two beautiful teenagers.

Lucy turned out beautiful, with long thick, brown hair and big eyes. She wore a brown skirt, and a blue top. She had a pleasure aspiration which fit her well.

Alexander became an even bigger nerd, still wearing his same glasses. He had on khaki pants, and a blue vest with a white blouse under it. He received a knowledge aspiration (who would have guessed?)

"Happy birthday!" Lucy said to Alexander, then threw the cake at his face.

"Hey! Stop that!" Alexander chuckled, throwing some cake back at her. They started chasing each other around until finally they stopped because they couldn't breathe well. They laughed the entire time though, and tried to wipe some cake off their face.

Lilith watched the whole thing, Alexander stared into Lucy's eyes and as they leaned closer, Alexander pulled away and helped her up, his face flushed.

Lilith snickered, "Newbies."

Everyone was dancing. Lilith and Angela danced a little until Dirk cut in and started dancing with Angela, looking back at Lilith every few seconds, and noticing that Lilith wasn't even looking at him.

Lilith danced with Lucy a little, and gave her tons of hugs because well, she knew that this would be the last time that she saw her.

As the party came to an end she got a text from Dustin.

I think it's time- Dustin

Yeah you're right it is. Meet you there in 5- Lilith

Before she snuck away, she whispered a goodbye to her parents. And even though they couldn't hear her, it made her feel just a little bit better.

"Hey Angela!" Lilith called her sister.

"Yeah?" Angela said, stopping her dance with Alexander.

"I want you to have this." Lilith said, taking her necklace off of her.

"Why?" Angela asked, staring at the pretty necklace.

"Just take it. Oh, I'm going out for some air, don't wait up." Lilith said, trying not to sound too obvious.

Angela shrugged, taking the necklace, "Alright. See you later."

Lilith smiled, trying to hold in tears, "Yeah, see you later."

And with that she walked out of the Goth house, and she never returned.


After the birthday party Angela and her parents were very worried about Lilith. She hadn't returned from the party and she wasn't answering her calls or texts. They reported it to the police but it would take weeks to figure out where she had gone.

Sunday came...No sign of Lilith. Angela wanted to cry.

Monday came...It was time for Angela to pack her bags and leave to Bluewater Village. Still no sign of Lilith. Now Angela was crying.

As they drove off, Angela's sadness turned into anger. She had gotten a text from Lilith finally.

Lilith, where are you? I'm really worried :( - Angela

I'm heading to a better place now. I'm sorry I couldn't handle the divorce like you. It was just too much. And I needed a break from everyone. I'm sorry Angela, but hey at least I'm not dead...I hope you have fun in Bluewater Village, I really do. - Lilith

Angela gasped, sobs escaped her mouth and her mothers too. But by now they were close to Bluewater Village, and they couldn't do anything about it.