E/O Challenge WoW: Sparkle
Word count: 100
Disclaimer: Tried deluding myself, didn't work.

A.N. First, Hello again! Not been around here lately 'cos I've concentrated on getting my new multi chapter story "The Way of the Dead" written and, finally, published. Would love it if you read & feedback (or just give it a glance). Anyway, really happy to join you all again. *fuzzy feelings*

Accidents happen, sometimes precious things are broken

Hazel eyes focus on a droplet of dew clinging to a blade of grass. Like a glass bauble, bulbous, perfect. Glancing sunlight fractures, becomes a rainbow of colours. Sam stares, mesmerised…until a booted foot annihilates the glittering orb. Sam frowns, senses the boot's owner squat down beside him.

A concerned touch,
A hiccupped sob,
"You squished it...squished it dead...s'broken now."
"What's broken Sammy?"
"My sparkle..."

Strong hands turn Sam cautiously, tenderly examine the gash on his forehead.
"I need to take care of this."

Driving back, Dean glances at his concussed brother, and wonders why he looks so sad.


A.N. (2) Don't know where this came from, apologies for any metaphoricals or, indeed, deep & meaningfuls. Must be in need of choccie!
Chick xx