I'm BACK! School has been taking up my time, so this was supposed to come out before, but, oh well. Let's do this!

"Ugh, what the hell happened?" Kim asked as she got up and surveyed the theater, which had been turned into a battleground. However, something clicked in her head and immediately she yelled out, "Knives!" She tried to see if anyone was awake, but the most she got was Kairi. "What's happening, did we lose?" She asked. She tried to wake up Scott, but Kim didn't let her. "No time, we need to find Knives." Kim said as she was straightening herself out. "No offense Kim, but how are we going to beat those two if even all of us, including Scott, couldn't." Kim's face said that she didn't know. Then out of nowhere, a black flash came out of the room, and appeared Knives' father.

"M-Mr. Chau!" Kim weakly said, knowing she lost his daughter to only two people. "I know." He said, and started to walk off. "They have my daughter on top of the Empire State Building, and I'm only here to get you two so I can beat them." He started again, but turned back to say. "Hurry up and don't slow down." And like that, he was gone in a flash. "What are you doing?" Kim asked Kairi. "I'm texting my ex-boyfriend to see if he could help us beat these two. He's really nice but also he's a real good fighter." Kim didn't think so, knowing in the back of her mind how bad ex-boyfriends are. "I know what you are thinking, you and Scott blah blah blah, but trust me on this one." Kim huffed and muttered a 'fine'. Then, a poof of blue smoke came out of the ground and out came what Kim guessed was Kairi's ex-boyfriend. He was wearing some straight legged blue jeans, a blue and grey pattered shirt, and a soft grey beanie on the back of his head, with his black hair reaching down his neck and over his forehead, with a few bangs on his left eyes. He had red eyes under blue rectangular glasses, and was smoking a cigarette. But he also had these black skeleton wings on his back. A dark blue katana was in his left hand with a similar red one in his right. He looked at us and slid his katana in the belt holisters in his pants. He came over to Kairi first.

"Hey, what's up?" Kim was surprised at the calmness of his voice; it was really nice and sincere. "Cal, I need your help, most of these guys are knocked out, and are probably not going to wake up. My ex-girlfriend got kidnapped by these two and she's being held hostage. Her dad's going there and I'm not sure that even the three of us could help." She told him. However, he just stood there and nodded. "Are we going now!?" Kim shook the two up. "Sure." He said in a cool voice. "Hold on." We both took a hand, and then the two were teleported onto the top of the building. We saw Knives, handcuffed and blindfolded on the needle, and then we saw,


Marshall had blasted Mr. Chau into the ground. He was bleeding and broken, and Marshall and Marcel (Marceline) were hovering up in front of him. "Had enough?" Marshall asked. Mr. Chau got his sword and tried to go up for an upper slash, but Marshall dodged it, and was about to blast him, but Cal countered with his own weapon. While Marshall was focused on the injured Mr. Chau and Cal, Marcel was focused on Kairi and Kim. "Damn it, now it's us three huh?" She said, but as she played her guitar, the two were knocked into the air by a wave that hit the both of them like an uppercut. Marcel shot into the air and first aimed at Kairi, who then pulled out a gun and started to fire at her. It was a revolver, and 5 out of the six shots missed or hit her guitar, which for some reason bounced right off, but one was able to hit her shoulder.

"You'll pay for that!" Even with the wound in her shoulder, Marceliene ( don't know how to spell it? ) swung at Kairi, knocking her into Kim as they both fell down onto the roof of the building. "Had enough, because we're just getting started."

"Well well, looks like they're having trouble." Marshall looked back at the two girls struggling and looked back at his opponents. "I think it would be better if he sat this round out, you know." He pointed to Mr. Chau. "I'll give you two a minute to make a decision. Unlike my partner, I'm actually laid back." He then floated toward Knives and sat right beside her. Cal knew Mr. Chau couldn't fight, at the same time, he knew that his pride wouldn't let him sit this one out, so he did something he knew Knives would hate him for doing. He then shot Knives dad. He pulled out a pistol and shot him in the leg, so he would pass out from the pain. "Now, to heal him." He snapped his fingers and a green aura circled around Mr. Chau as his wounds were healed. "And, to protect." Another one came around him, but this one was blue and had a hexagon pattern to it. When that was done, Cal turned to his opponent.

"Let's go."

Calest Nekora Marshall

HP: 6000/6000 HP: 5000/5000

MP: 2200/2000 MP: 2750/2750

Strength: 70 Strength: 85

Defense: 65 Defense: 45

Speed: 100 Speed: 140

Agility: 100 Agility: 110

Predictive Txt is Back Guys!

"Hey, no fair! I want my stats to stack up too!" Marcel complained to the predictive txt.

But you're evil!

"Give me another excuse and I'll blast you as well!" She shouted.

Fine, you still suck though. Predictive txt mumbled as he got it ready for her.

Kairi Kim Pine Marceliene the Vampire Queen

( that's so she won't hurt me! )

HP: 1750/2000 HP: 1300/1900 HP: 4000/4000

MP: 800/800 MP: 600/600 MP: 1500/1500

Strength: 30 Strength: 55 Strength: 75

Defense: 25 Defense: 40 Defense: 30

Speed: 60 Speed: 40 Speed: 150

Agility: 70 Agility: 50 Agility: 80

"How come we suck PT!?" Kairi asked. "Why don't we find out next chapter, I need to rest if I am going to narrate this." While everyone was busy talking, Marceliene grabbed Knives and…

"Looks like we should just kill her now." She said as she release one of her hands off her and she floated with Knives toward the edge. "Hey, don't do that, we still need her for…" Marshall's partner however was impatient. "Look, let Anora get angry, I'm killing her… now." She said as she dropped her.

"KNIVES!" Kim said as she dove for her.

Yes, it is evil, but will it bring you back for more? Stay tuned.