So I finally wrote for these two as well. Took me long enough. I hope I got their characters right. Especially Ichigo. He turned out to be a lot more challenging than I had expected. Weird. I tried to make things come across as normal, more everyday life. The downside to that is that things are not going to one point in particular. Or well, they are do I even explain what I mean...Well nevermind that. I hope you'll enjoy this. If you come across any grammar/spelling issues, please tell me so I can correct them. I read this through several times, but I always seem to miss several typos or grammar mistakes after a while, so yeah.



The sun shone brightly through the windows, gracing the room with its warmth and giving it a yellowish glow. The young orange head blinked his eyes open, before tightly shutting them again and rolling over. He let out a sound of protest, not yet willing to wake up. He collided with cold, pale skin, causing the body next to him to stir. The other male did not wake up though. The young teen let out a soft chuckle, remembering some of his more clumsy attics at night, which had rarely caused the other to wake up. Who would have known Kuchiki Byakuya could be such a log when asleep?

At that moment however, his bladder started to stir, his body aware of the fact that morning had arrived. He sat up, the silk blankets falling down to pool around his waist. He stretched his arms behind his head and moved the silk fabric aside before swinging his feet over the edge of the bed and getting out. Behind him, the noble kept on sleeping, a light snore resonating through the room. Ichigo shook his head, an amused smile playing on his lips while he made his way to the bathroom.

After relieving himself, he brushed his teeth, successfully getting rid of both the foul taste in his mouth and his morning breath. He looked up, shielding his eyes from the sun shining through the small window with one hand. He opted for going outside, but as he walked back to the bedroom and saw Byakuya still sleeping away, he decided that this day could be spent a lot better in bed, next to the noble. If he could get him awake that is. Making his way back towards the bed, he crawled back under the covers, closer to Byakuya. He lay next to the man in silence, regarding the way his back rose and fell, for the man was lying on his front, arms wrapped around a pillow. Ichigo frowned after a while though, kicking the covers away. Too warm. His actions however, caused the covers to slip lower on his lover's body as well, exposing the pale skin of his back. Ichigo allowed his eyes to trail over the noble's skin, from his neck, following his spine, to the small dip in his lower back, to where the covers rested.

''Kurosaki Ichigo…How much longer do you plan on staring at my body so shamelessly?''

Ichigo looked up in slight surprise at the words only uttered as a mumble, hazel eyes locking on half lidded grey ones. He smirked. ''For as long as I want, Byakuya...''He almost purred, causing Byakuya to let out a soft huff, closing his eyes again. Ichigo's lips curved up into a small satisfied smile as he crawled closer, nuzzling the noble's neck.

''You finished your paperwork yesterday right?''

Byakuya nodded, slightly opening his eyes again to look Ichigo in the eyes.

''And no meetings?''

''No meetings. Why so interested Kurosaki? Do you have other plans in mind?'' The noble asked, arching a slender eyebrow. Ichigo let himself fall onto his back, feigning annoyance. ''Hah? No way, I just wanted to know if I'd be spending the day alone, that's all.''

Byakuya let out a soft chuckle, stretching himself with a grace only the Kuchiki noble could.

''Very well then. Let me assure you I do not plan on leaving on your own for even an hour, nor do I intend to leave my mansion for today.'' He pushed himself up, following Ichigo's earlier actions as he made his way to the bathroom.

Ichigo closed his eyes as he lay on his back, sprawled out, a satisfied smile playing on his lips. He listened to the sounds outside with content, waiting for Byakuya to return, who returned only a few minutes later. He walked up to the bed with a seemingly sleeping Ichigo, although he knew better.

"You are taking in the whole bed, Ichigo."

"You have three more." Ichigo muttered with his eyes closed, suppressing a shiver that threatened to surface at how his name rolled over the noble's tongue. Byakuya let out a sigh.

"Very well, I shall leave you to yourself then."

I should think about my words more carefully.

''Fine, fine,'' He opened his eyes and sat up, crossing his legs.''Here, now there's room for you too." Byakuya's lips curved upward into the smallest sign of an amused smile, before he crawled back in the bed and leaned over Ichigo to reach for a stack of reports lying on the bedside table, for they could not be ignored, and did not require him leaving. The softest of smirks escaped his lips when a slight blush colored the orange head's cheeks at their sudden close proximity.

"Idiot." Ichigo muttered under his breath as Byakuya moved away from him again. They shared a comfortable silence for a while, during which Ichigo got out of bed again, and opened the sliding door leading to the noble's garden.

"Kurosaki Ichigo, if you plan on allowing view on this room, please put on some undergarments first. I have servants walking outside."

Ichigo snorted. "If I recall correctly, you wanted to get rid of my clothes as soon as possible last night. With quite the enthusiasm too."

He raised his hands in defense when gray eyes shot a glare at him while he searched the drawers under the bed for said clothing. "Yeah yeah, uncalled for, I know. But it's not as if you are wearing anything."

To prove his point, he pulled the covers away in one big motion, frowning as he saw that the man was, in fact, wearing underwear. He pinched the bridge of his nose. "Of course he is." he muttered under his breath, looking up at an unfazed Byakuya. Letting out a defeated sigh, he put on minimum clothing and threw himself across the bed, his chest connecting with the noble's abdomen with the sound of skin slapping together. Byakuya let out a soft gasp at the unexpected weight knocking the air out of his lungs, and he suppressed a cough.

''What are you doing?''

Ichigo shrugged. ''It's too hot, and your skin is cool. You figure out the rest.'' He spoke, turning his head to grin at the raven haired man, who let out a small sigh. He let the boy be however, and continued to read the reports. Ichigo let out a content sigh at the feeling of the cool skin against his, his fingers toying with the wrinkled sheets and covers. They followed an invisible maze of lines, and the boy became lost in thoughts. He regarded his fingers' movements in silence, slowly drawing them closer to the pale skin. After having reached the target, he lifted his hand and spread it across the noble's lower abdomen, taut muscles flexing under the light touches. The teen's hand continued to caress the pale skin, fingers trailing up Byakuya's sides. The noble suddenly twitched though, moving away from the hand. This reflex continued as Ichigo's movements did, and the teen suddenly grinned.

''Byakuya…Are you ticklish?''

Byakuya's eyes narrowed. ''Nothing of the sort.'' He spoke, obviously lying as his body twitched again when Ichigo's fingers trailed up his side again. Ichigo let out a laugh. ''Who would have known that the head of the Kuchiki clan, the ever so cold and stoic Kuchiki Byakuya, is ticklish.''

He poked the noble in his side, letting out another laugh as taut muscles flexed and a look of shock crossed Byakuya's face.

''Stop it.''

''No way, this is too precious.''He smirked.

He sat up to straddle Byakuya's hips, now able to assault both sides of his body. The reports were dropped and pale hands shot down, taking a hold of Ichigo's wrists. He tried to push them down, while at the same time, forcing his lips to remain pursed together in a thin line. His struggles only motivated the teen though, who flashed him a grin. Byakuya shot him a glare in return, but his eyes widened and his lips parted in a gasp when the teens fingers struck a particular sensitive part of his skin. The assault continued, and the noble started to kick his legs in order to break free.

''K-Kurosaki Ichigo, I insist that you stop t-''

''What's that Byakuya? Did you just stutter?'' He smirked.

His vision suddenly blurred however, as in a split second Byakuya threw him off, pinning his arms on either side of his head to prevent them from doing any more damage to his demeanor. He narrowed his eyes in a dangerous glare.

''That glare doesn't work on me Byakuya.''

''Unfortunately.'' He muttered, casting his eyes away and frowning in annoyance.

Ichigo leaned up, brushing his lips against his pale skin, following his jaw line.

''Fine, I'll stop. Now will you let go of my arms?''

''No more of your foolish antics?'' He asked, turning his head back while trying to ignore the shivers threatening to run down his spine as Ichigo's lips drew closer to his own.

''No more antics.'' Ichigo assured, pushing himself up with his elbows when his arms were released and pressing his lips against Byakuya's. The noble allowed the action, returning the kiss with an equal eagerness. Ichigo smiled into the kiss and slung an arm around the noble's neck, effectively pulling him closer. They broke apart for air they hadn't realized they'd been holding, and Ichigo grinned at Byakuya, who let out a soft sigh, although the small glimmer in his eyes and the satisfied smile on his lips betrayed his content.

''You scattered all of the reports across the bed with your antics.'' Byakuya spoke, trying to ignore the fact that Ichigo was trying to push him down on his back.

''I wasn't the one who dropped them, you were.'' Ichigo spoke, trailing his lips up the noble's jaw line again.

''And why do you think was that?'' The noble retorted, a expression of annoyance flashing across his face, that tiny bit of proof that he had indeed been more like the younger teen on top of him when younger. Which reminded him of the fact that he should probably put an end to this. One hand settled itself on Ichigo's hips in a firm grip.''Moreover, I'd appreciate it if you could keep your hormones at bay. The servants should be preparing breakfast already and I do not wish for them to be traumatized.''

Ichigo snorted, but sat up nonetheless. ''Mood ruiner.'' He muttered under his breath, while his stomach suddenly growled at the mentioning of food. A slight blush crept across his face as Byakuya arched a slender eyebrow, and he crossed his arms, avoiding eye contact. The noble shook his head, his lips curving up into a small amused smile while he gathered the scattered reports and stacked them neatly again, before leaning back against the headboard again to continue reading.

Ichigo let himself fall back as well, crossing his arms behind his head as he stared up at the ceiling. A small snicker escaped his lips as he once more reveled in the knowledge that Byakuya was ticklish. He wondered if Rukia and Renji knew of this? It would be tempting to casually grope the noble's sides when around them for sure now. He looked at Byakuya from the corner of his eyes. There was only one thing bothering him though. While he had succeeded in drawing out a few gasps, twitches and kicks, he had yet to see how Byakuya looked when unable to stop laughing. He should find that out before anything else really.

And so, before Byakuya could react, and with a grin on his face, he launched himself at the noble again.