"Principal Todou, you have a visitor."

"Who may it be?"

"He didn't say his name, he just said that he's from the 'other side'."

"Uh oh…Bring him in immediately."

It was in the middle of the school day at Fumizuki Academy, when the ESB System had a slight malfunction. It wasn't that slight to the victim, however, and he decided to go talk with the principal. He was escorted in by Iron Man, and the principal knew exactly who he was…That victim was me…

"Ah, Principal! How long has it been? 3 years in my timeline?"

"It has been too long, Danny-boy."

"Aye! Don't call me that! Anywho, what's up with the system again? Why is it screwing up? And how come I haven't teleported back to my world yet!"

"Calm down, Daniel…"

"Don't call me that either! It's Dan!"

"Sorry, anywho, the system is in total shock, and we don't even know the problem. It doesn't affect our personal ESB usages, so you're going to be out of luck for the time being."

"Meanie…well then. I might as well register for Fumizuki Academy, eh?"

"Indeed you may, but you will have be in 2-F, as placement tests are over…"


"…but one good thing is that you get to be the subject for our presentation tomorrow for the whole school."


"Until then, lets make sure your information is correct."

Student Name: Dan (Censored)

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Height: 6'4

Weight: 160 lbs

Class: 2-F

"Yeah, that seems about right." I said,"… now, can I see my precious Yuuko?"

"You won't be able to tell her who you are, or were, until tomorrow." Principal Todou said, stacking the papers neatly. "No matter how much you want to."

I looked at my phone wallpaper, and saw the picture of Yuuko on there. I nodded my head in understanding, as I would only have to wait for 24 hours….one whole day until I can tell her that we used to love each other…

"Daniel, it is best that you head to class. We can't have you roaming around like your someone creepy."

"Fine!...I will!"

I waltzed off to class, wearing my shades like a cool kid. I glanced into Class 2-A, and saw Yuuko Kinoshita. I looked at how she acted, and how she smiled, which made me blush from embarrassment. I felt her glance at me and lightly blush the same way. I quickly turned and walked away. I knew her eyes were following me, as I just had this weird vibe. I eventually got to class 2-F and stood outside the door. I was prepared to open it until I felt someone tackle me from behind. I was startled, and yelled lightly, which I believe that 2-F heard. They walked outside to see that Yuuko Kinoshita was on top of my back subduing me.

"Wha- What the…!"

"I saw you looking at me through the window! Tell me who you are!" She said, blushing while still looking angry. I don't know why she was even mad. I didn't do anything. I guess my awesomeness attracted her.

"My name's Dan!"


I think she still has memories of when I created the Dan Oshizumi character…a bit weird, but that's what she is probably thinking of right now. I felt her loosening her grip on my arm and quickly sprung up, knocking her down on her butt.

"Now, that's better. That's not the right way to treat a new student you know!"

"What's going on out here!" Iron Man said. He had walked out of class 2-F, since he was their homeroom teacher. "Seriously, Dan? Causing this much trouble and you just got here? Come on now…And why is the female Kinoshita on the floor? Don't tell me…"

"I didn't do it! I swear. Can we please move this presentation to today! As I'm tired of all the confusion! I just got jumped by a female while trying to get into my class!"

"Fine, I will notify the principal about the situation. You just sit in my class until preparations are ready."

"Ok, damn…"

I walked into the class while everyone was staring at me. I sat in the corner against a wall and dozed off. I wasn't dreaming, however. I was thinking…if I am basically Dan Oshizumi…does that mean I have the same abilities as him? The same skill? I mean, I have almost the same hair, just dark brown…and my facial hair…that's still here for some reason…I'm confused as hell right about now. It doesn't matter right now. I am in the same world with my Yuuko, and once she finds out who I am…well…I don't even know…

"Dan…Dan wake up!"


"Preparations are ready…"

Author's Notes: Yes, I am starting a new series. I thought I was going to be on hiatus, but decided not to. Anywho, I did indeed put myself into the Baka to Test universe, and yes anything I say in the story is something I would say or do in the real world if this situation happened, that's why I'm so aware of everything. If you liked the story, please favorite, and leave a comment to tell me any improvements I need to make.