Lego - Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu (#0)

Information on the Serpentine Tribes.

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Note: This is not a new chapter, but info to help you further understand the snakes we all so enjoy. I researched like heck to bring you this, and made some stuff up which should be easy to spot if you know the show, so I do hope you like it. Thank you for reading.

The Serpentine are as old as Ninjago itself, each distinguished by type, power, color, rank, and tribe.

The Serpentine are an ancient race of snake-like humanoids that once ruled Ninjago. They warred with each other for centuries until the people of Ninjago rose up and locked them away in 5 separate tombs with the Sacred flutes.

The Sacred Flutes were once the only thing in all of Ninjago that can control the serpentine. As stated in the legend, the flutes tone drove the serpentine into their individual tombs (not to mention put the Great Devourer into its long, long deep sleep). Unfortunately, the people forgot the abilities of the flutes as time passed on, hence the only one that still exists belongs to Sensei Wu. But was destroyed by Pythor to prevent it from using against the Serpentine and the Great Devourer.

The Serpentine generally appear as scaly humanoids with snake-like heads. This differs in the case of the generals, who have snake tails instead of legs, though they retain arms. Only generals have snake tails, and as soon as a different snake takes dominance in a tribe, its legs will become a tail and the conquered Serpentine will have its tail replaced by legs.

It is unclear if there are any Female Serpentine (aside from Sinestra). Lloyd dictates that no girls are allowed in his tree house, which means either that all the builders were Male and the Females were elsewhere, or that there is no apparent way to tell the difference and that Lloyd thus did not care, or that Female Serpentine do not exist. It is also shown that the Fangpyres must bite people for them to join the tribe, which means there could be exceptions for the Fangpyre.

Vipers, though unsure if normal snakes or premature Serpentine, are normally amongst the tribes and are as follows.

Toxic Viper

Golden Viper

Sly Viper

Red Viper

Hypno Viper

Transparent Blue Viper

Transparent Orange Viper

Transparent Purple Viper

There are 5 known tribes of Serpentine and 6 ranks that indicate their status.

#1 Snake King and Queen (additional)

#2 General

#3 Warrior

#4 Soldier

#5 Scout

#6 Trooper (all those under Scout level)

#1. The Hypnobrai Tribe: They are the cobras of the Serpentine and their Ninjago element is Ice, as evidenced by being locked in an icy tomb, as well as being the Hypnobrai most dominant element in the spinjitzu card game.

[Distinguishing features]

The generals and warriors have a cobra shaped heads.

Their colors are mainly blue-green, gray, and yellow.


Skales (General)

Slithraa (Warrior)

Mezmo (Solider)

Rattla (Scout)


The Hypnobrai have the power of hypnotism. They stare at the victim, and if the victim happens to look their way, they are placed under their control. It has been demonstrated that the Hypnobrai can instead plant post-hypnotic commands, turning the victim into a sleeper agent as Skales did with Cole. The Hypnobrai Snake Staff has anti-venom that will undo the hypnotic spell. They also have a protective second eyelid over their eyes, for when they are not hypnotizing someone.

[How to defeat them]

You can only beat them by finding a way to avoid their stare.

#2. The Fangpyre Tribe: They are the pit vipers of the Serpentine and their Ninjago element is fire, as is evidenced by their red color, as well as fire being the most dominant element in the spinjitzu card game.

[Distinguishing features]

Their higher ranking members have 2 heads.

Their colors are mainly red, white, and faint black.


Fangtom (General)

Fangdam (Warrior)

Fang-Suei (Solider)

Snappa (Scout)


The Fangpyre have the power to turn people, vehicles, and anything else for that matter into snakes. When a Fangpyre bites a person, they begin their transformation into snakes, which takes quite some time to accrue. When a Fangpyre bites a vehicle,the vehicle inherits snake-like abilities and looks almost instantly. When they bite one another, it causes a second head to grow. The anti-venom in the staff turns the person back to normal. Another way to release the venom is to raise their heart rate (demonstrated by Jay when Nya kissed him).

[How to defeat them]

You must not let them bite your skin, as it will cause the venom to turn you into a snake. However their fangs cannot pierce metal armor, so then their venom cannot enter your skin.

#3. The Constrictai Tribe: They are the boa constrictors of the Serpentine and they appear to correspond to the Ninjago element of earth, because their tomb is underground and they have the power to tunnel.

[Distinguishing features]

The generals and warriors have spikes along their heads and backs.

They are generally smaller than other snakes.

There colors are black, orange, and gray.


Skalidor (General)

Bytar (Warrior)

Chokun (Solider)

Snike (Scout)


The Constrictai have strangling/choking abilities along with having a tough hide that lets them survive in the water of the toxic bogs. If a person is choked or strangled by a Constrictai Snake, but they are holding the Constrictai Snake Staff, they will be able to breathe again. They also have the ability to burrow through the ground and some hard surfaces (though this is not technically a power).

[How to defeat them]

You must try to relax in order to loosen up and escape from their holds. Struggling will only make it worse.

#4. The Venomari Tribe: They are the spitting cobras of the Serpentine and their correspond to the Ninjago element of Lightning because Lasha, is known to have it as his dominant element.

[Distinguishing features]

The generals and warriors are extremely gruesome looking with odd tusks and multiple sets of eyes.

Their colors are green, bright yellow, and red.


Acidicus (General)

Lizaru (Warrior)

Spitta (Solider)

Lasha (Scout)


The Venomari have the power to spit hallucination-inducing venom. The Venomari Snake Staff also has the Anti-Venom Power, exactly like the Hypnobrai Snake Staff and the Fangpyre Snake Staff. Also, they are immune to acid as shown in Can of Worms. The Venomari have 2 different kinds of venom. The first is hallucination venom that makes the victim see their worst fears. It was seen in Can of Worms, Once Bitten-Twice Shy, and All of Nothing. The second is acid venom that can dissolve most material.

[How to defeat them]

Protective eye-wear is highly recommended, as the hallucinations don't affect the image you see. Zane uses a built-in eye-camera to do this.

#5. The Anacondrai Tribe: They are the anacondas of the Serpentine and have no known elemental link.

They were and are the most feared of the five Serpentine tribes.

[Distinguishing features]

The Anacondrai share the same characteristics as other tribes do with their generals.

They possess long necks and are the largest of the Serpentine.

They are represented by a violet, black, and light yellow colors.


Pythor P. Chumsworth (Snake King/General)

All others of the tribe are dead.


The Anacondrai have the ability to turn invisible, they also can swallow people whole, like what happened in the Ninjago Talent show when a judge was eaten and took their place was taken (The Royal Blacksmiths). Pythor was also about to eat Sensei Wu, and the process seems to be slow, him lowering his head towards Sensei slowly. Although, he could have been trying to torture Sensei. In Tick Tock, it was shown that they have a Snake Staff, although it is unknown what the anti-venom does, but its possible it lets people see any invisible Anacondrai, it may also make the Anacondrai regurgitate who it has swallowed.

[How to defeat them]

Other than the anti-venom of their staff, the only known way to beat them is the Sacred Flute, which its music annoys all Serpentine what so ever.

But there is a 6th Serpentine tribe, one with so few #'s it was never designated as a proper tribe.

They are the Mysterai, an extremely rare and ancient race of Serpentine.

#6. The Mysterai Tribe: They are the albino burmese pythons of the Serpentine and have no known elemental link.

Due to their rarity, they were treated as royalty by the other tribes and acted as advisers to their generals. They were keepers of lore and the history regarding their kind, it was known Serpentine legend that when one was born or made by Fangpyre bite, great change was sure to come.

[Distinguishing features]

The Mysterai were in so few of number that rarely were there more than 4 per decade, a general being the most rare and elusive.

Second longest to the Anacondrai, the Females dwarfed any Male of any tribe.

They are represented by white, yellow, and light gray colors.


Sinestra (General/Queen)

All others of the tribe are dead.


Though lacking any real magic, they were considered mystics due to their vast knowledge and ability to manipulate things in their favor, as if controlling luck itself. Though the general has a staff, it is unknown what the anti-venom does, but its possible it reverses the luck of the Mysterai from good to bad. As keepers of the old ways, they also knew of things to keep balance amongst the other 5 tribes.

[How to defeat them]

Other than the anti-venom of their staff, the only known way to beat them is the Sacred Flute, which its music annoys all Serpentine what so ever.

Sad to say the last of these mighty snakes died out when the good people of Ninjago used the Sacred Flutes to banish the Serpentine into 5 separate tombs, without a means of creation and lack of care from their tribes, they became little more than a fairytale and all that they did as well.

It would be many centuries later before the Serpentine would roam the land of Ninjago again, and only after the tribes were united when a King was claimed, did one rise in the lost city of Ouroboros to serve once more and undo the damage of lost time.


Lloyd Garmadon has been betrayed by the Serpentine three times: once by the Hypnobrai, once by the Fangpyre, and once by the Anacondrai general Pythor.

Strangely, if you look at the generals and warriors, they have almost the same headpiece, unlike the Constrictai and Venomari, who have the same head mold but different colors.

Each of the four members of each tribe have a unique appearance categorized by their rank. The general has the tribe staff and a snake's lower body. The warrior has very similar traits compared to the general, except they have normal legs instead of snake tails. The soldier has large fangs as front teeth, and the scout's have normal minifigure traits, without any special snake head or other body parts other than a snake head hat.

All five Serpentine tombs are in line with the Ninjago symbol for serpent.

The Serpentine worship The Great Devourer as a god. Ironically it is said by Zane and Sensei Wu that The Great Devourer will even consume the Serpentine. It even consumed Pythor, though he is believed to still be alive.

Both Lasha, Mezmo,and Fang-Suei have been said to like candy, so this may mean candy is a popular food choice for the race. Ironically, this is the same food item Lloyd Garmadon requested when he became leader of the Hypnobrai.

There are currently no Serpentine identified as being female.

It appears that the Anacondrai are the biggest in size of the Serpentine.

The Anacondrai are the smallest tribe in numbers.

The Constrictai are unusually smaller when compared to the height of other Serpentine.

Serpentine is actually a type of rock known for its scaly snake-like texture.

The Serpentine named Mezmo is often seen picking up various foods including a turkey in Episode 12.

The Serpentine can live for a very long time. This is shown when it is revealed that Skales and Fangtom were friends before they were locked in the tombs.

And there you have it. I do hope you liked it, I worked hard to make this. Use it as a guide if you get lost on what the deal is with each snake. So thanks for taking the time to look at this and my the snake be with you.