Lego - Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu (#24)

Recolection or premonition?

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"Sweet dreams my dear. May the night be kind to us, may the day be merciful, and may we forever be happy together."

A contented sigh was the reply he received and it warmed his heart, after some time had passed, he knew she had fallen fast asleep and he finally tore himself away from her, quietly he slithered out of her room and went to his own, there he laid down in his own bed and felt lonely, like something was missing, he knew it was her, he was getting used to sleeping with her, it was bliss to be near her, but he had to give her some time, there was no rushing this, so with that in mind, the Snake King closed his eyes and let the thoughts of what might or may happen play into his interesting dreams.

(skipping time)

Pythor awoke feeling only slightly better after what happened the night before, the memory of his actions still fresh and teasing to his mind, he had come very close to claiming Sinestra as his mate and the thought of him ever sealing such a deal with her drove him insane, to have been that close to her, it was like a living dream.

Still, he could not afford to risk a repeat of such things, he had to keep away from her till he could settle the yearning within, which was a challenge at the moment, he wasn't going out to look for another Fangblade today, getting the last one had left him tired and given him indigestion, that talent judge he ate and his over affection with her had left his stomach doing flips, he wasn't leaving anytime soon.

But if he was stuck in bed with an upset stomach, who was to watch over the female?


Great, now someone was going to annoy him, just another thing to bother his mind.

"What do you want?"

The door to his chamber opened to reveal his second in command.

"Pythor, my King. What are your plans for the day?" "I don't have any. Just let me rest." "But what of the others?"

Yes, what of the others, he'd given this much thought, and finally came up with a sound decision.

"Put Acidicus in charge till I wake. He should find this highly intriguing." "And what of our Queen? Who will watch her?"

Another tricky and demanding question, who indeed, they've all had their time watch her in a way...well...all but one.

"Skales..." "Yes?" "I want you to keep an eye on her."

Skales's eyes widen, clearly not expecting that.

"Really?" "Don't question me. Or I might change my mind."

A sly smile come to him.

"No sir. I shall do as you command."

Had he not been so ill, Pythor might have been able to sense the scheming tone in Skales voice, but lucky for Skales, he did not.

"See that you do. Now then..."

The Snake King hid his face in his coils and nestled in to return to slumber.

"Leave me to my peace." "As you wish. My King."

And with that, Skales departs and goes about obeying Pythor's orders while he himself laid asleep.


Dreaming was odd this evening for the Serpent Queen, it had her tossing and turning with relentless confusion, she couldn't not find herself to be in this dream at all, but what was shown to her only messed with her more.

There in her dream, high atop a mountain, is a temple, an ancient but well kept thing of beauty, and inside the temple, are four people, an old but wise man, 2 young boys, one blonde and one brunette, and a young girl with a very long ponytail, all of whom are strangely familiar to her, but not sure why.

They seemed very happy, like a family, the old man just watches as the children play, something rather peaceful about such a sight, then the old man begins to call them inside, calling them each by their full name, but that's when the dream got weird.

The old man calls out the children's names, but she can't hear them even though she heard everything just seconds ago, even straining with all her might, she only makes out the faintest of his callings.

"Wu..." "...Garmadon." "L..."

Sinestra awoke violently before she could learn anything else, she was panting, shaking, and dripping in a cold sweat as if the whole thing was a terrible nightmare, she was horribly confused and it scared her, why was she like this, no dream had ever effected her like this, she needed to calm her troubling nerves.

A soak in her pool did the trick and at least settled her body down, but the rest of her was still on alert, something had to have triggered such a dream and she had to admit, she could sense a disturbance somewhere out in the world, she had felt this dark aura since last night but paid it no mind, yet now it was bugging her.

Perhaps this was something worth investigating, it could be a potential danger to her dear boys, if true, then such a thing was not allowed to continue to exist, she cared that much.


Her chamber door suddenly started to open and she dived under the water still on edge.

"Hello...Sinestra? Are you awake?"

Hearing the voice of her charming Hypnobrai, she slowly popped up to see him.

"Good morning Skales."

His eyes instantly locked on her standing visage, water shining off her scales and the light steam surrounding her, it was mesmerizing.

"Uh...Good morning to you my Queen. How are you this day?"

She sighed and exited the pool.

"I've been better." "Oh? What's wrong?"

He approached her carefully, a Female in a bad mood is a dangerous thing that must never be taken lightly, but though he had very little interaction with her, he knew she was not one to lash out.

"It's nothing really. I just had a strange dream and it got to me." "A dream? What was it about?" "That's the odd part. I don't know. It seemed so familiar, as if like a long forgotten memory. But it made no sense." "Oh..."

Now this had him, she had a familiar dream, a memory of her Human life was trying to come back through the Serpentine transformation, this was not a good sign, he had to get her mind off of it and keep her as is, he needed a plan, or better yet, a distraction, but what?

"You need to relax." "What I need is some fresh air. I'd do anything just to be away from all this sand and heat. Even if only for a short while."

And like that he smirks, an idea came to his mind, one that should do the trick.

"I do believe that I can be of help to you there, my Queen."

She was curious to this, each boy had their own way of doing things, and each had their own way of showing their care, this had her interest.

"Do tell, my hypnotic Hypnobrai."

He liked hearing that, it was a boost to his ego as well as his pride.

"If you'd like. I can take you out of this sand, and out of the city itself."

Her eyes widen in shock.

"Don't tease with me like this. Everyone I've asked has told me no, or that it was impossible." "They're just scared. I happen to know that Pythor won't be awake for some time. And the others are all busy." "Are you sure you should do such a bold thing?"

He chuckles smugly.

"Sweet caring Sinestra. What the others don't know won't hurt them. And besides. If my Queen wishes to leave the confines of the city, then I will be more than happy to be the guide that shows her the world." "Oooooh..."

Overjoyed, she giggled with giddy delight and embraced him, much to his shocked enjoyment, now this was a good way to start a morning, by being enveloped in the warmth of a treasured gem like her, he was going to enjoy this day for as long as he could.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you so much Skales! I swear to reward you handsomely for this." "Now-now, no need for that." "No. I insist. You're getting a prize for this, and that's final."

He smiles slyly.

"Then I accept your will my Queen. But now that leaves me with one last question to ask you." "And that would be?" "Where in Ninjago do you want to go?"

She gave that pause for thought, she hadn't really wanted to go anywhere in particular, just out of the city, but then something from her odd dream came calling back to her, maybe this was the perfect time to start her investigation, and she knew just where to begin.

"I want to go to the Mountains of Impossible Height."

Now that had him confused, it was such an odd request, yet it sounded familiar to him some how.

"Why there?" "Why not?" "Very well. Please..."

He offered her his hand.

"Follow me, and we'll see the world."

She smiled and took his arm.

"Yes, let's be off."

Upon leaving her room, they gather up some goodies and hop aboard a Rattlecycle, the two drive away from the city quickly and without notice.

Skales drove the cold-blooded motorcycle while Sinestra held his waist, he wasn't going to do anything that would make her fall, but he wasn't about to make her stop either, it's not like she had anything else to hold onto, and it felt good to have her up against his back.

Once the idea of injury faded from her mind, Sinestra was in total bliss, it felt like ages since she had last felt the wind hit her like this, to truly feel the openness of freedom, it was blissfully uplifting and settled her nearly shattered nerves back into the calm of normalcy.

After a nice long drive, taking in every sight and sound along the way, they arrived at the base of the mountain range, as a reward for the pleasant ride, Skales gave the venomized bike a teat while something seem to pull at the Female, when he turned to join her, he had to chase after her, she had wandered off and began trekking up the steps of one of the mountains.

Great, she was in one of those zoning out moments, this could either be a good or bad thing, she couldn't help it, she just had a feeling that made her do this, and when they reached the top of the mountain, they found the chard remnants of a temple, that's when it hit him.

"Now I remember this place. This was the home of the Ninja." "Ninja?" "They're these four annoying pests that cause us trouble. I help to burn this place in order to get my staff back after they stole it." "They sound interesting." "I wouldn't say that. They're just Humans that spin around in order to fight. I think they call it Spinjitzu." "Spinjitzu?" "It's okay, I guess. But it doesn't hold a candle to Fang-kwan-do. Now that's a fight style."

Spinjitzu...That rang in her head like a loud bell, it was so familiar, but why, she couldn't understand it, it was driving her insane.

"But you needn't worry about such things. The Ninja are no match for our combined might. And once the Devourer is released, we won't have them around anymore." "And Pythor knew about all about this Ninja business?" "Of course." "A bit unfair don't you think? Why wasn't I informed of such things?" "We didn't want you to worry. You care about us, and if you knew of them...We just wanted you to be happy. Which is why we've done everything to keep them from knowing about you." "Fine. But from this point forward. I want to know what's going on. Is that understood?" "Yes. My Queen." "Thank you."

A rare glimpse of the commanding side of her, it was strange to him, but she did have a point, she had every right to know about what they were doing just like all the others did, it was only fair.

Finding her to be curious of the burnt remains, he took the opportunity to set up a picnic spot at the temple's center, she just couldn't help herself, her eyes scourer over the ruins and when something looks of interest, she would snoop to see if there was any worth to what it was, so far she had found some weapons, old clothes, a bunch of videogames, but nothing she would consider treasure, till while going to rejoin Skales, a faint shimmer catches her attention.

Moving away some ash and the shimmering broken glass, she comes across an old but still perfectly intact scroll, with a heavy heart she unfolded the parchment and was in complete disbelief when she saw what was on it.

There, before her eyes and in her hands, was a portrait depicting four people, an old but wise man, 2 young boys, one blonde and one brunette, and a young girl with a really long ponytail, the people from her dream, they were real, this was the temple where they had been in, but hold on a second, Skales said the Ninja lived here, the mystery laid before had just gotten far more interesting than she would've thought, perhaps these Ninja could provide her with some answers that not even she or the other Serpentine knew of, this was going to be a very odd day.

To be continued.)

I have bad news to all of my lovely followers. Though this is far from the ending I have planned, this will mark the end of this story for now. I do have more planned for this, but my head...So much crap has happened in a short time, it's stoped my gears from turning. I want to write more, I really do. But, I find myself unable to put pencil to paper and write more. I'm sorry. I'm so very sorry. I thank you all for taking the time to read my story and I will one day bring it back from this sudden end. But thanks for all the love and support. And for last time, for now anyway, to all of you, may the snakes be with you and the Serpentine be with us all. Thank you.