"My beloved… remember me…. I'll find you and never leave you again….." whispered the dark and enchanting voice in Mina's ear. She moaned in her sleep turning her head on her pillow as she slept. "Who's there…? Who's calling me…?" She thought in her sleep. "Mina…you are the one…to be mine…my bride…." The voice whispered again.

"Mina! Mina wake up!" shouts a voice. "Hmm?" Mina responds. "MINA GET UP!" shouts the other voice again. "WE HAVE TO GET READY FOR THE BALL TONIGHT!" shouted Maggie. Mina woke up fast almost knocking her head against Maggie's forehead. "About time you get up Mina. We have a ball to get dressed up for, and I want you ready in a half an hour," said Maggie with a great eagerness that showed how badly she wanted to have her friend ready. "Don't want to disappoint my brother and Caroline do you?" she asked. "No," Mina answered getting out of bed and letting the maids start getting her ready. "I had that dream again…" She said to Maggie as she was getting her corset on.

"Really? The one with the voice?" Maggie asks as she sits down on the bed watching her friend. "It must be someone from your past if you had that dream for the past few years," suggests Maggie. "I better tell Caroline's father, Professor Van Hellsing about this….the dream was more…alluring then the others," replies Mina as she went behind the dressing room to change into her dress she had ready for tonight's evening."Yeah, that might be a good idea," Maggie agrees.

"I'm going to go and get ready for the party," says Maggie as she gets up and heads for the door. "I'll see you later tonight Mina," Maggie says as she heads out the door. "See you then Maggie….." replies Mina. She still couldn't get the seductive voice from her dream out of her head….who was it?