Unexpected surprises in unexpected places.

*** In Paris, France by the Fountain des Mers at the Place de la Concorde. ***

Caroline was walking through Paris, France with Jack for their third wedding anniversary. It had been four years since Jack and her father returned from Transylvania with Jonathan's body and burying him. Van Helsing told Mr. and Mrs. Evans that Mina and Dracula never showed up at the castle, suspecting that the Count set it up as a distraction to escape with Mina. Van Helsing had no idea where they could have gone to; even the villagers that lived near his castle couldn't say where the count could be. So her father and the others spent two and a half years searching for them but they still couldn't find them.

Caroline and Jack had got married during the time of the search. All of them had nearly had a heart attack when a few of their wedding presents had been sent from Mina and the Count, wishing them the greatest happiness as they were. "They have to be living in happiness if they were wishing us the same thing," she said when she opened her gifts from them. "Yes, but they now drink blood and rest during daytime," said Van Helsing. "Can't help or change that now," said Mr. Evans still grieving over the loss of his daughter and his adopted one. "And pray to God that they are happy and at peace," added Mrs. Evans grieving the same as her husband. Jack nodded in agreement knowing that his adopted sister would be happy with the Count for he understood the love those two had shared, for it was the same he and Caroline share.

Caroline was waiting at the fountain as Jack went into a shop to buy his wedding anniversary present for her. Her expression sad as she remembered all the memories of Maggie and Mina, the only two best friends she ever had were gone. She suddenly felt a tug on her skirt and turned to see a four year old boy holding a red rose up to her. "You shouldn't cry Milady," he said to her as he gave her the rose. Caroline looked at him with curiosity and confusion.

His appearance showed that he was the child of a higher class that she could tell. And from the way he looked, he resembled Mina a lot with the same hair color she had. "What is your name young man?" she asked the boy.

"My name is Stephan," he answered, bowing like a gentleman. "I thank you, Stephan for the rose and also for trying to cheer me up," said Caroline as she gently patted Stephan's head. "You're welcome ma'am," Stephan said as he smiled at her looking really sweet and charming for a four year old boy. Caroline smiled at him enjoying the pleasure and amusement this boy was doing trying to cheer her up. "My mama always told me to try and cheer people up for they might in need of a friend to keep them from being sad," he said to her as he stood next to her, playing with the water of the fountain. Caroline smiled at him as he played. He reminded her of Mina when she played with water as a little girl. "So where are your mama and papa at this hour of the night Stephan?" she asked him.

"Stephan!" a woman's voice called from across the street. Stephan turned his head to where the voice came from. "It is time to go home darling," the voice called again. Stephan looked at Caroline and smiled. "I got to go now, see you around Mrs. Caroline," he said before running across the street to a gorgeous woman that was of high class, whom he hugged lovingly.

Caroline looked at the boy wondering how he knew her name, but then found out as she saw Stephan's mother's face as she then looked back at Caroline...It couldn't be! "Mina...?" Caroline whispered softly, her expression showing that she was surprised.

Mina smiled at Caroline as she saw her old friend. "Good to see you are doing well," she said as Jack walked back to Caroline and then stared in shock as he saw Mina. Stephan looked at Jack and Caroline with a sweet smile. "That boy...He's your...?" asked Caroline looking at Stephan with wide eyes. Mina nodded her head. "Vlad's son," she said to them softly. Jack and Caroline stared at her in surprise and shock. Vlad then appeared by her and Stephan, seeing that Caroline and Jack met his wife and son.

"We must leave now my beloved," he whispered to Mina. Mina nodded as she took her son's hand telling him that they had to leave for home. Vlad, Mina, and their son turned away heading into an alley way that was nearby.

"Wait!" Jack and Caroline called after them as they ran across the street to catch up with them. When they got to the alley way they found Vlad, Mina and Stephan were gone for they had disappeared into the night. They had gone from their lives once again but they wouldn't be forgotten, as long as they both lived.

While over the city of Paris, underneath a full moonlit sky, three bats; two adults and a baby flew through the night.