Another quick chapter.

A few days later, Natalie found herself holding a ladder for Deb to see into Kev and Veronica's apartment. Apparently, Veronica's brother had insisted on locking himself in the bathroom and threatened to burn the place down.

Natalie felt something on her ear and her heart rose to her throat. "Jesus," she turned to see Lip with a smirk on his face and a twig in his hand.

"What's going on?"

"Shh!" she said as Deb began to talk again.

"He's saying that he's going to light both the dress and the shit sack house on fire." Deb said. She looked down at Fiona, Veronica and Kev, "What's a shit sack?"

Lip and Natalie shared a look before chuckling silently. Fiona gave them a look and the two looked down quickly.

Lip turned to Natalie, "Hey, I was gonna go look for Ian, wanna come?"

"Sure, why not? Besides, later on I'm having a sleepover with Mandy. She's actually growing on me again. And I'm pretty sure she's with him right now."

They both walked off and found Ian and Mandy fairly quickly, hanging around on the school playground. Natalie guessed they never left. Besides, Ian had mentioned something about detention for doing what he did to Mr. Bankroff.

"Hey shit face!" Natalie called to the two of them, hoping at least one of them would look up. Ian complied and rolled his eyes.

Natalie and Lip made their way over to them and sat across from them at another table. "What's going on?"

"Well, Ian is skipping out on detention today." Mandy said.

"Seriously, since when did my little brother become a bad-ass?" Lip asked sarcastically.

"Fuck you, I gotta figure some stuff out." Ian replied.

"What kind of stuff?" Natalie asked.

Ian sighed, "Kash stuff."

The group all got silent. None of them were very supportive of the whole dating situation that Ian had with Kash considering his marriage.

"I went over his house the other night and you know, I always knew he had a wife and kids but I just never really…knew. If that makes any sense," Ian said before getting up and shifting on his feet.

"Oh shit," Mandy said as she looked over to her friends Stacy and Gina. "I have detention today. I'll cover for you, and Natalie don't think I'm skipping out on you tonight. We are going to look for dresses!"

All of the group stood and began walking towards Mandy's friends.

Ian began to talk again, "You know Kash's life actually has a smell? It's weird but it—"

Mandy grabbed a hold of Ian's face and kissed him hard.

"What was that for?" Ian asked.

Mandy shrugged, "I just felt like kissing my boyfriend." She moved her face closer to his and smirked, "have fun fucking Kash."

She then hugged Natalie goodbye and walked off.

"Whoa Ian! Looks like you're pretty happy!" Natalie smiled.

"Yeah, you sure you're not gay?" Lip asked.

"Fuck off, the both of you."

Lip and Natalie turned to face each other, "Nah!"

Later that night, Natalie got a call from Mandy who told her to meet her at this dress store in town. It was a pretty cheap place so there wouldn't be too much of a problem, money wise.

"Alright, I don't know about you but I'm looking for animal prints." Mandy smiled as she made her way through each rack.

"I'm trying for something dark. Anything in a really dark color, pass it on over."

The girls spent an hour there in total, trying on and making decisions for the other on what dress to buy. Mandy ended up with a black dress up to her knees with the top in cheetah print while Natalie ended up with a dark maroon dress that also came up to her knees and had an open back.

The two spent the night at Natalie's house seeing as though Mandy didn't want Natalie to have to be around her family. They ate sour cream and onion chips all night and watched Superbad about three times. Each time the girls muted it on Officer Slater and Officer Michaels' scenes to act it out. It was a good night.

The next day, they woke late and got ready for the wedding that was to take place at the Alibi Room. They made their way over to the Gallaghers' house once they were done.

"Hey checkerboard!" Natalie said examining Ian's shirt. "You look sharp."

Ian rolled his eyes as he hugged her, moving to Mandy next. "You two look good as well. I'm shocked to see you come close to a dress, Nat."

"Oh, I forced her," Mandy said. "It had to be hot so I made sure she got a decent one."

Natalie rolled her eyes as she played with her heels. "The shoes are the problem."

As she fixed the bottom of them, playing with the Kleenex she stuffed in the toe, Lip came downstairs in a blue tux.

"Wow," Mandy said with a hint of sarcasm.

Ian laughed loudly, "Lip, you look—"

Natalie looked up with a smile, fully prepared to take the piss out of Lip and stifled a laugh, "ravishing." She said in response to Ian's statement.

"Hey," Lip began as he made his way towards the group. "I'm not here to impress."

Natalie nodded, "Clearly."

Lip turned to her and rolled his eyes. "At least I have a date."

"Oh, that was harsh. I'm hurt, Lip." Natalie smiled before turning to Ian and Mandy. "Besides, haven't you heard? Your brother is quite the Don Juan."

Mandy and Ian walked to the kitchen, leaving Natalie and Lip behind.

"In all honesty, you look good Nat." Lip said as he looked down at her.

Natalie quirked an eyebrow, " still look like a little kid trying to please his parents by going to a school dance in weird formal wear."

"You always do that," Lip said as he tilted his head back and laughed.

"What?" she asked with a slight smile.

"Ruin the moment." He said as he looked down at her again.

She rolled her eyes, "We don't have moments."