Ahhh, the promised reader-insert. I've never done one of these before, so please excuse me if it's a bit... Meh. As always I don't own Hetalia and neither do I own you. Your own thoughts are in squiggly-brackets {like this}.

It had been the hot topic for about a week. A rumour going around that, while everyone was out, Sweden would dance around to Caramelldansen in pants and a shirt. And, as a fully paid-up member of the Yaoi Brigade [1], you saw it as your duty to help the world in gaining precious footage of this unnatural phenomenon. You had already succeeded in gaining one of the house keys from Finland and a brand new, high definition camcorder from Denmark. As he handed this to you he said AND I QUOTE: "(y/n), whatever happens, get the footage. If it's the last thing you do on this fair planet, get IT on film. Even if you have to sacrifice your own life, ge- BLERGH!" And that's when Norway throttled the over-excited Dane with his own tie. Again.

Now here you were, crouched behind a bush across the road from Sweden's house. Peering over the top, you took note of how the curtains were closed, and how no lights were on. {Is he even at home? Well, only one way to find out!} You crawled around the bush, then executed a perfect double-0-ninja style sprint across the road, and dived into a shrub. Once you were satisfied that no-one had seen you, you poked one arm out of hiding, pushed the doorbell button and waited... and waited... and waited. Nothing happened. You sighed, and pulled out your phone. {Time for some expert advice.} All the other Nordics were already on standby in a specially arranged chat room, ready for a time like this:

(y/n) signed in.

(y/n): Guys, there's no-one home.

Denmark: O_O Whut?

Norway: ?

Finland: Are you sure?

(y/n): The lights aren't on, the curtains are closed, and no-one answered the doorbell...

Iceland: He won't answer the door. That's how Denmark got in.

Norway: Brother dear is right.


Denmark: XD Bwahahahahaaaa!

Finland: *facepalm*

(y/n): As funny as it is to watch you all argue, WHAT DO I DO NOW?!

Finland: Try the basement.

Iceland: I thought he hated the basement.

Denmark: You guys have a basement?

Norway: Danmark, if you were here right now I would throttle you.

Finland: Yes, we have a basement. It's the only part of the house that hasn't been cleaned yet!

(y/n): I'll try there then. Wish me luck! :D

Iceland: Gangi þér vel.

Norway: Lykke til...

Denmark: Held og lykke, (y/n)!

Finland: Onnea~!

(y/n): Thanks guys. I'm goin' in!

(y/n) signed out

You shut down the chat window, and then crept out of your hiding spot. Crouching on the doorstep, you pulled the key out of your pocket and silently unlocked the door. You slowly opened the door and sneaked inside, closing it behind you. You took a deep breath, checked the camcorder to make sure it was ready, and advanced into the house. After a nervous 5 minutes of looking, you found a set of stairs with some very familiar music coming from the door at the bottom. You held your camera in front of you and tiptoed down without a problem. Once at the bottom, you gently opened the door and... Holy. Shit. The rumours were true, and now the whole reason for your mission came in. You pointed the camera at the happily dancing Swede, pressed record, and watched...

~~~Le fabulous timeskip brought to you by IKEA~~~

Ten minutes later, the song ended. The sudden silence made you jump, making the stairs beneath you creak alarmingly. In the centre of the room Sweden turned to look at the door. Your eyes widened as your gaze met his. You grabbed the camera and scrambled madly up the stairs, through the house, and out the front door. It was only when you were halfway down the street when you realised that you weren't being chased. Grinning in jubilation, you stopped the camera recording and pulled your phone out of your pocket again:

(y/n) signed in

Finland: (y/n)!

Denmark: Bro, you made it!

Iceland: How'd it go?

Norway: Did he catch you?

(y/n): Guys...

Denmark: O_O*

Norway: ^^^ This.

Iceland: ... I'm scared now.

Finland: OMG what happened?!

(y/n): ...

Denmark: If I chew my nails any more, I'm not gonna have any fingers left!

Iceland: Eww...


Finland: YAAAY~! ^w^

Norway: You had us worried for a second.


Iceland: Computer's ready. :3

(y/n): I'm on my way! :D

(y/n) signed out

Still grinning, you put away your phone. {This is gonna be sweet~!} Off to Iceland's for some uploading!

~~~Meanwhile, with Sweden~~~

"... (y/n)?"

~~~ 1 week later, at the World Meeting ~~~

Smiling proudly, you strolled into the conference room. It was time to find out just how viral that glorious video had gone. You walked to your seat and sat down, exchanging winks with all the Nordics except one: Sweden. As far as you knew he had no idea about the video, only that you had been watching him that day in the basement and that you had run away pretty damn quickly. You sighed as the meeting began with the usual stuff: Germany shouting, England and France releasing sexual tensions through fighting, Greece sleeping, and the Nordics being pretty much ignored. {Dammit! I thought sending it to America would've been enough...} The meeting dragged on with no mention of the video, until...

"One last thing before we all leave. I'm sure many of you have seen the video that popped up recently, of somebo-." Germany was cut off by America.

"That really awesome video that (y/n) filmed in secret of Sweden doin' that crazy Caramell Dance thing in his basement!" Everyone went silent, before all turning to look at Sweden and you. This wasn't the kind of attention you had expected. A heavy hand clapped down on your shoulder, startling you. You looked up to see Sweden looming over you with a very scary expression on his face. The room froze for a second before Denmark, in a fit of random chivalry, threw a book at Sweden's head distracting him enough for you to slip out of his grasp and sprint out of the door and down the hallway, laughing manically as you went.

Sweden rubbed the back of his head, glared at Denmark, and then announced to the whole room:

"Only wanted t' ask if she/he'd send me a copy."

Et viola~! That is the end of Sweden's Caramelldansen! I hope you all enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Honestly, the reviews I've got have made my day every time I read them. Whether you've been here since the beginning, or you've only just joined us, thank you. *Internet Hugs!* And now...


[1]: Props if you get the reference! If you don't, check out my Headcanons fic. :D