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Transferring schools would have been quite a hassle for almost anybody. You would have to get ready to leave friends behind, memories and double check every single paper was in order and ready to go. For Serenade Vega, it was probably the happiest thing for her. Although she did not want to leave at first, she knew it was because of her parents' job and she had to comply; her parents' travelling job meant the world to them and she hated to disappoint them. So grudgingly, as any other pre-teen, she accepted her fate and moved away from her true home.

Serenade especially hated to have to leave her best friend, Nathaniel Hunter, behind. The two had been best friends since kindergarten and it hit him the worse when she told him that she would be moving away soon. Like any other guy, Nathaniel did not express how he felt about her moving away, but when the time came for Serenade to leave, Nathaniel gave her a silver locket encrusted with her birthstone, garnet; inside the locket was a picture of the two friends arms around each other's shoulders and giving a goofy smile at the camera.

Ever since then, Serenade has always worn that locket. It reminds her of her beloved friend, and hopes he still remembers her despite losing contact with Nathaniel after starting high school.

But now that Serenade is seventeen years old, her parents allowed her to move into her own apartment to transfer back and finish high school in Sweet Amouris. Of course they would be sending in money since their job required for them to travel and they would be overseas in different places. And being an only child had its advantages so her parents send a little extra money when they had the chance.

Soon, Serenade arrived back in her old hometown, said hello to her aunt who lived nearby and was appointed temporary guardian by her parents, then finally began making her way to her brand new high school. Feeling slightly nervous, Serenade made her way into her new high school and entered the doors.

At the door, there was her new principal waiting to greet her new coming student.

"Well, hello there Serenade," the Principal said. "I am your new Principal and I welcome you to Sweet Amouris High School! I hope you get to enjoy your time here."

Serenade sweetly smiled and thanked her then the principal replied, "Now you have your paperwork in order right? If you already have it done, you may go into that classroom right there and give your paper work to our student body president, Nathaniel Hunter."

That part made Serenade's heart flutter. I can't believe he's the student body president! She thought to herself. I can't wait to see him!

Serenade quickly made her way over to the classroom, knocked on the door, opened it and saw him…

Her jaw dropped at the sight of him; Nathaniel was no longer small, skinny and had his blonde hair neatly combed like Draco Malfoy's in the first Harry Potter movie. Instead, what stood before her was a tall, toned and messy haired seventeen year old Nathaniel Hunter. She couldn't help but think that her best friend had gotten quite handsome over the course of the years.

As she still goggled at Nathaniel looking through some books, he looked up as he realized he was being watched. His golden eyes widened at the sight of Serenade and he quickly put the papers down and made his way to her.

"Serenade?" he asked slowly as he stared at her. "Is it really you?"

The girl smiled at him and said, "Of course it's me Nathaniel!"

Nathaniel smiled and hugged the girl very tightly, and Serenade returned the hug as well. As soon as the two broke apart, they began to catch up immediately.

"It's been so long!" Serenade exclaimed. "How have you been? What's going on?"

Nathaniel chuckled. "Well, I am the student body president. It took me awhile, but I finally realized I had some good leadership qualities so I decided to pursue the top positions of everything I'm in."

Serenade smiled at him. "So I guess you're not the little boy who caused trouble all the time anymore?"

Her best friend chuckled again. "No, I've reformed myself Serenade. But enough about me, what's going on with my best friend?"

"Well, my parents decided to let me live on my own! So I decided to transfer back here," Serenade began. "I missed it here so much! I couldn't wait."

Nathaniel continued to listen to her story and was very impressed at the fact that her parents let their only daughter move back to their old hometown on her very own. In a way, he secretly envied her for having her parents trust her so much. His parents still had trouble trusting him despite his success at achieving student body president, and keeping straight A's in all of his classes.

Once done with her story, Nathaniel beamed at her and said, "Well, I'm glad that my best friend got to move back here with me. Not to mention, that she's gotten quite pretty since the last time I saw her."

Serenade blushed lightly but grinned at him. She was surprised that he had said that, but it flattered her nonetheless. She hadn't even thought that Nathaniel would notice her looks! Her black hair had gotten quite longer, her body was less straight and flat, but it grew curves in places that made her blush, and she even developed a taste for fashion thanks to her mother. But Serenade was proud to have inherited her grandmother's natural emerald green eyes that turned quite a few heads.

"Well it's also nice to know my best friend grew pretty handsome since then," Serenade replied teasingly, though was yet again surprised to see Nathaniel blush but very faintly.

"Now, I know you didn't come just to see me," Nathaniel started as he smiled. "So may I have your paperwork Serenade?"

Serenade then handed Nathaniel the paper work and he began to look through them, and make sure everything was in order for her to enroll. After a few minutes, Nathaniel was finished and he looked up and smiled at Serenade once again.

"Everything seems to be in order. Alright then, welcome to Sweet Amouris High School, Serenade Vega," Nathaniel stated importantly.

That made Serenade giggle and Nathaniel beamed proudly, knowing he still could make his best friend smile and laugh. Afterwards, he handed her own ID and told her she may go take a picture at the store across the street, and also handed her school schedule for the rest of the year.

However, as Nathaniel handed her everything he had mentioned, their hands grazed each other, and at that moment, it felt as if Nathaniel wanted to take hold of her hand and never let go. It made Serenade feel a little confused as to why Nathaniel had done that. The only time they had held hands was when they were still small and they were playing around in the park, and even then Serenade had not thought too much of it.

She shrugged it off and thanked Nathaniel before she headed off to take her ID picture. But as she left, Serenade missed the look of happiness, and longing on Nathaniel's face as he watched her depart from his company.