AN: this was originally going to be one long oneshot, but I decided to split it in to three and maybe include more than I originally planned. Anyway, here's the first part (:

Dean had barely stopped the car when Gabriel ran at the driver-side door and threw it open, diving on to his best friend. Dean laughed and hugged him back as Cas sat bemused next to him, keeping a firm grip on Trouble.

"Dude! You guys are so late! Party's already started!" Gabe grinned, climbing off Dean.

"Well get the fuck off me then. Can you grab some stuff from the trunk?"

"Sure. Hurry up, Papa Winchester misses his first-born."

Castiel sighed; "you've not been harassing John, have you?"

"That man loves me! Now come on!"

Everyone got out of the car and grabbed some luggage - most of which belonged to the cat - and took it upstairs.

"We're going to take fifteen minutes, we've been driving for hours," Dean yawned, dropping his bags the moment they got in to Cas' room. Gabriel nodded.

"I'll let everyone know. It's good to see you again, it's been forever."

"C'mon Gabe! No chick-flick moments!" Dean laughed, giving his friend a soft punch in the shoulder. Castiel smiled from where he was sat on the bed, cradling a sleeping ball of fur to his chest. The two were finally left to themselves; Dean collapsed down on to the bed next to his boyfriend. No. Fiancé.

"When shall we tell them? As soon as?" Dean asked. Castiel shrugged, gently placing Trouble down on the bed.

"I think it'd be best. We don't want people getting upset for being the last to know."

"Good idea... I bet you Gabe screams the loudest."

Cas chuckled, shuffling over to lie next to his fiancé; "I think he shall too."

"...I love you, Cas."

"I love you too, Dean. So much."

They both smiled happily at each other, lying in each other's arms, sharing the occasional kiss for fifteen minutes. After checking Trouble would be fine in Cas' room for the rest of the evening, Dean and Castiel made their way downstairs to join the Novak's Christmas party. This year, only family and very close friends had been invited. The couple stood a couple of steps up, hands practically glued together, looking around at everyone. Dean spotted his brother sat talking to Gabriel, Jessica sat on his knee. Cas had barely just seen Balthazar when he was enveloped in a crippling hug by his older brother.

"Cassie! My dear! You're looking well!"

Cas smiled; "as are you, brother."

Balthazar pulled away, smiling at Dean and giving him a firm handshake; "Winchester."

Dean smirked; "Novak."

"I almost missed your musk."

"I feel the same way about your face."

"That's good to know... So how have you two been?"

"Gather everyone up and we'll tell you."

Balthazar eyed the two of them suspiciously but jogged off, telling everyone to gather at the bottom of the stairs. The music stopped and Dean and Castiel were faced with a large crowd of their loved ones.

"You tell them," Cas hissed quietly. Dean smirked.

"You're sure?"


Dean cleared his throat and looked over the crowd of friends and relatives; "um, hey everyone."

"Woo! Dean-O!"

Everybody chuckled.

"Thanks Gabe... Well, let's cut to the chase. Castiel and I are getting married."

Everyone fell in to a shocked silence. Everyone, except Gabriel.

"Holy fuck that is awesome! Oh my God!"

He was also the first to run over and hug them, rambling happily. When he let go, he turned to face everyone and grinned.

"What are you waiting for? Round of applause for the happy couple!"

Everyone jumped to a loud applause, a few whistles and cheers were heard. Balthazar and John hurried over to hug them. Dean felt tears sting his eyes as he clung to his father.

"Congratulations son. I'm so proud of you!"

Dean half-sobbed and half-laughed; "thanks dad. I told you I'd marry him."

"He was a good find."

Dean felt another pair of arms wrap around him from behind.

"This is so beautiful."

John chuckled; "fuck off, Gabriel."

Dean and Gabriel laughed.

"Charming! I only wanted to join in in the moment!"

Gabriel turned to look at his cousins, not wanting to intrude on their moment. Balthazar was full-on crying, tears rolling down his cheeks, his hand curled around the back of Cas' neck, their foreheads pressed together. Castiel was close to tears himself.

"I'm so fucking happy for you, Cassie! You did good. I always told you that boy was a keeper!"

Castiel clung to his brother's arms, a tear threatening to fall; "thank you, Balthazar, for giving me a push towards him. I owe a large amount of my happiness to you, and Gabriel... And... We're planning on getting married just after graduation, and... I want you to give me away."

Balthazar let out a sob, clutching his brother to his chest; "I'd be honoured! Fuck, Cas. I don't think I've ever cried like this!"

"I hope you compose yourself better on my wedding day."

Balthazar chuckled; "no can do. I'll be a wreck."

"I'm sure I will too."

They pulled away when Balthazar felt a tap on his shoulder.

"Do you mind if I cut in?" John smiled.

"Go for it, I need a chat with Dean."

Balthazar gave his brother a pat on the shoulder and pushed past to Dean. John grinned down at Castiel.

"Welcome to the family, son."

Castiel smiled; "thank you, Mr Winchester."

"No, thank you, Castiel. You've made my boy the happiest human on the planet."

"I'm sure the feeling goes both ways."


John pulled Castiel in to a hug, a tear finally falling from Cas' eyes.

"I can't believe you, Dean Winchester!" Balthazar said as he shook Dean; "you've made me the proudest and happiest big brother in the world! Look at me! I'm a fucking mess!"

Dean smiled, rubbing Balthazar's arm reassuringly; "I'm sorry, man. I had no idea you'd react like this."

"Did you get him a ring?"

"What makes you think I'm the one who proposed?"

"Come on. Cas propose?"

Dean laughed; "yeah, I got him a ring."

"Good good. Anyway, I think it's Sammy's turn."

Dean turned around and grinned at the youngest Winchester. Sam's lip wobbling slightly as he pulled his brother in to an almost bone-crushing hug.

"I never thought you'd get married!"

"Neither did I. But here we are."

"Congrats, Dean. Seriously. You and Cas are made for each other."

"We totally are."

"I'm best man, right?"

Dean laughed; "obviously."

It took a while, but eventually the couple had been congratulated by everyone. Even Zacharia extended his congratulations when he was usually indifferent towards them.

"Before we get on with the party, give him a kiss!" Crowley shouted. The crowd made a gathered noise of agreement; Gabriel and Sam began chanting "kiss! Kiss! Kiss!" Dean gave Castiel a concerned glance. Cas just smiled and fisted his hand in Dean's shirt, crushing their lips together. Everyone cheered as Dean wrapped his arms around his fiancé's waist, holding him close.

"Get a room!"

The couple pulled away and laughed, resting their foreheads together. Dean turned to look at everyone.

"Fuck off, Gabriel."

Everyone laughed and began to disperse, the party restarting. Dean and Cas shared a few more kisses before joining in with everyone.

The next morning, Dean and Castiel were relaxing in the basement/fun-room; Cas was lay against Dean's chest whilst Trouble lay napping and purring on his chest. Dean had a permanent smile on his face, his hands carding through Cas' soft hair, in desperate need of a cut - Dean joked Castiel was becoming Sam. Dean's mind flashed back to all the memories he'd made in the basement of the Novak house. The male bonding night which led to Cas' first make-out session. The Star Wars marathons held, Cas' confession to liking the Phantom Menace, much to Dean and Gabe's chagrin. The post-prom-hot-tub-party, which Castiel didn't join - which instead was just Dean, Gabe, Crowley, and some girls from school. The post-post-prom-hot-tub-party held the following morning, just Dean and Cas, which involved a very steamy make-out session and being stumbled upon by Gabriel, who wouldn't let it go for two weeks. Dean let out a little chuckle, catching Cas' attention.

"Are you okay, Dean?"

Dean smiled, pressing a kiss to the top of his fiancé's head; "I'm great. Remembering old times in here."

"...You're remembering the time in the hot-tub, aren't you."


"It was a good morning," Cas mused, smiling up at Dean. Dean hummed in agreement, squeezing Castiel tightly.

"It was a very good morning."

"Should we have a repeat performance?"

Dean's eyes lit up; "yeah? When?"

"Later, maybe? We'll see... If you behave."

"I always behave!" Dean laughed, tugging Cas up so he was eye level. Trouble mewed in annoyance, jumping down off Cas and curling up on a cushion on the floor.

"I think Trouble would disagree," Cas smiled, stroking his fingers through Dean's hair. Dean chuckled, giving his fiancé a gentle squeeze.

"I'm not planning on getting lucky with the cat, though."

Cas chuckled too; "I should hope not!"

Dean smiled, stroking Cas' cheek with his fore and middle finger, gazing in to his fiancé's eyes. Castiel's hand that wasn't trapped under Dean's body played with the hem of his shirt twisting the cotton between his fingers, lost in the green of Dean's eyes. The larger boy blinked a couple of times in rapid succession to stop himself staring, his lips quirking in to a larger smile as his thumb traced Cas' jawline; his fingers curling around the back of his neck, stroking through the fine hair at the back of Cas' head before pulling him closer, meeting his lips with his own. Castiel moaned appreciatively, wrapping his arm around Dean's waist, holding his body close, enjoying the warmth it provided.

"Break it up, ladies, this is a public domain!"

The couple pulled apart, looking up curiously at a grinning Gabriel, a large leather-bound book in his hand. Trouble began mewing and pawing at the frayed hem of his jeans. Dean smirked.

"What's that?"

Gabriel slumped down by the coffee table, dumping the book on top; "wait for Sam-I-Am, and I'll show you."

"Where is he?"

"Getting his morning caffeine fix. How are you two, anyway?"

Castiel grinned; "we're amazing."

"Aww... That's disgusting... Hey Trouble!"

The cat crawled up on to Gabriel's lap, pawing it's way up his chest, purring loudly as he was scratched behind his ear. Gabe smirked, petting the small animal.

"Aren't you a cute little kitty," he cooed, nuzzling the soft fur. Suddenly, Sam stumbled in to the room, holding on to the wall for support.

"Goddamn, I drank too much last night. Who spiked the punch?"

Dean chuckled and sat up properly, pulling Cas on to his knee to make space for the youngest Winchester to sit. Dean smirked, nudging his leg with his foot.

"How's it going, bro?"

Sam glared; "don't... Even... I am absolutely knackered! My head is pounding... There was no milk so I'm having overly-sweetened black coffee... Just... Couldn't this have waited, Gabe?"

Gabriel grinned, moving Trouble up on to Cas' lap and he pulled the large book on to his own; "nope. Sorry Sammy-O. Had to catch the couple before they went on a walk or something..."

"So what is this?" Cas asked, holding his hand out for the cat to nuzzle of his own accord.

"Sammy and I have been busy whilst you're at college being all educated and stuff... We were originally planning on giving it you as a five-year anniversary present or something, but engagement present is even better, so... What we've done is..."

Gabriel held the book up and opened the cover. On the front page were the words "Dean & Cas" in fancy calligraphy, with fancy patterns around the border. Sam shot his brother and Cas a tired smile.

"We've put together a... Well, a scrapbook of your time together. Photos, conversations I stole from your phones and emails, love notes and things... And everyone's written a little something too... We added that last night, whilst you were mingling."

Castiel felt a lump in his throat as he reached for the book. Sam took a hold of trouble to make space on Cas' lap so he and Dean could look at the book. Dean pressed a quick kiss to Cas' temple, covering his hand with his own as they turned the first page together.

The first few pages were dedicated to when they first got together; pictures of Balthazar's party, the text prank, the pictures Gabriel took of them at the ice-bar. Dean chuckled.

"Dude, you were spying on us?"

Gabriel grinned; "I had to report back to Balth about what you guys were doing!"

Castiel turned the page; there were pictures from the Halloween dance, Dean and Castiel dressed as the two incarnations of Indianna Jones; Dean straightening Cas' bow-tie; Cas forcing his wire frames on to Dean's face; Gabriel trying to tie the two together with Dean's whip. Castiel let out a watery chuckle, his eyes beginning to water. Sam grinned.

"Jeez, Cas. You're only about five pages in! You'd better go get some tissues for the personal messages, Gabe. I don't think he's going to make it!"

Dean smiled, giving his fiancé a squeeze; "come on, Cas. Pull yourself together."

Castiel smiled, resting his head against Dean's; "I know. I'm sorry. Just... Realising how amazing my life is. It's overwhelming."

Dean gave Gabriel a stern look; "go get the tissues. He's definitely not going to last."

Gabriel laughed and jumped up. Castiel continued to pour through the book; his and Dean's first Thanksgiving and Christmas; New Year, Dean's birthday, Cas' birthday; the vacation at the cabins, prom, graduation... Everything was in there. Major events and day-to-day happenings. Gabriel returned just in time as Castiel skipped past his and Dean's time in college to the personal messages. Each person had their own page, in the centre was a picture of them and the couple.

Sam's was first; a picture of him, Dean, and Cas from the previous year's Christmas wrapped in tinsel, his message written in red around it; "after everything you've done for me, Dean, I'm so happy to see you finally do something for yourself. You and Castiel are literally perfect for each other, and I knew once you actually got together you'd stay together. I hope I grow up to be even half the man you are, and I hope I find someone who loves me as much as Cas loves you.
"Castiel, you've been like another brother to me, and I'm so stoked you're actually going to join our weird little family. I really look up to you, and I'm glad I can call you my friend, and not just my brother's boyfriend. I'm so proud of the two of you, and wish you nothing but happiness."

Surprisingly, Dean teared up before Castiel did; sliding out from underneath his fiancé and pulling his brother in to a headlock-hug. Sam laughed, hugging his brother back just as tightly.

"I hate you so much, sometimes," Dean choked, burying his face in to Sam's shoulder so no one could see him cry.

"Love you too, Dean."

Castiel smiled, reaching for the tissues, dabbing the corners of his eyes before pushing one in to Dean's hand; "thank you, Sam. Really. Just... Thank you."

"It's all right, Cas."

Gabriel knelt up, taking a hold of the book; "I think I might have to take this away. There's no way you'll last through Balthazar's and John's messages, for sure..."

"Perhaps you should read them out whilst Dean and Cas hold each other and cry," Sam smirked; Dean pinched Sam, finally having regained control over his tear-glands, and sat back in his place, snaking his arm around Cas' waist. Gabriel grinned.

"I'm happy reading them out for you if you like. Leave both hands free for tissues?"

Smiling, Castiel pushed the book towards Gabriel; "go ahead. But please don't mock our love. It's legendary."

Dean barked out a laugh, pulling Cas in to a tight hug, pressing a wet kiss to his cheek; "I fucking love you, Cas."

Castiel grinned up at Dean; "I love you too."

"Okay, you two. Save it for the bedroom... Everyone get comfy. I'm going to read a tale of two boys who fell in love and made it their life ambition to make me want to hurl every time I see them... Ready?"

"Oh come off it, Gabe. I've seen you and Kali; you're just as bad as these two!"

Gabriel's jaw dropped; "how dare you spew such lies! Slander!"

Dean grinned; "just get on with it."

Gabriel cleared his throat obnoxiously, and deciding on saving the best until last, began reading out the dedications, starting with the twins'. He turned the book around at every new page so Castiel and Dean could see the picture put with the message; the two of them with twins on New Year; with Anna on Cas' 20th birthday; with Crowley at their senior prom; with Bobby on Dean's 20th birthday. Most surprising was Zacharia's message, apologising for not being supportive and wishing them luck in the future. Castiel was already crying at that point, but his resolve broke after his little brother's message, burying his face in to Dean's neck.

"I hope you two have plenty of tissues... It's Balthy's message next."

Dean nodded; "go for it. Cas is going to run out of tears soon..."

"Ok: My dearest Cassie. I don't even have the words to express how unfathomably happy I am for you - and I minored in English! I am so proud of you; of how much you've grown, and how far you've come. I grow nostalgic thinking back to the awkward little boy you used to be, and how you've become the man you are today. And it's all because of that hunk you now call a fiancé. I honestly couldn't be any more proud of you as I am now.
"And Dean, I can't thank you enough for completing my little brother. I'm sure everyone thought he would forever be a lone wolf, but then you popped along. You make him happier than I've ever seen him, and for that reason alone you have my full blessing. You're just what he needs; you're nurturing, faithful, patient, and I can see you love him with a burning passion. Do please take care of him; and I sincerely wish the two of you so much love and happiness for the future..."

Castiel let out a loud sniff, his face hidden in Dean's chest as his body trembled. Dean had wet cheeks, but was too concerned comforting his fiancé to worry about the tears leaking down his face; he pressed a kiss to the top of Cas' head, rubbing soothing circles in to his back.

"Come on, Cas. Just one more message, and then we can grab some ice-cream or something."

"I know," Cas moaned; "it's just hard to believe I'm surrounded by such amazing people."

"Come on, Cassie. Just Papa Winchester to go. You're going to have to hold Dean, because I have a feeling he's going to break down after this. Hell, I'm close to crying myself..."

Dean chuckled; "yeah, come on, Cas, I need my rock."

Castiel took a couple of deep breaths before nodding, lacing his fingers with Dean's. Gabriel smiled and cleared his throat, quickly flipping the book around to show the picture of John with Dean and Castiel at their High School graduation before starting reading.

"Before I start, I'm sorry if I fuck up, your dad's handwriting is fucking awful!
"Anyway: Dean. I know I haven't been a great dad, Hell, I've been an awful dad, but I want you to know I'll always be proud of you, and I'll support you through anything. I want to apologise for making you spend such a long period of your life on the road with me, but I also don't, because every moment of those eleven years shaped you in to who you are, and ultimately led up to you meeting Castiel, and I'll never apologise for that. I've never seen anyone as happy as you are with him; I don't even think your mother and I were as happy as you two.
"If your mother were alive today, I know for a fact she'd love Castiel, and if she'd have anything to do with it, the two of you would be married already and adopting a litter of children for her to spoil. I know we're not a religious family by any means, but I honestly believe she's looking down smiling. She'd be so proud of you, Dean.
"Cas; I can't thank you enough for capturing my son's heart and making him the happiest guy alive. He's truly lucky having found you, and I'd be proud to call you my son. I hope to be a better father figure to Dean and hopefully one to you too.
"I wish you both more happiness than frankly anyone deserves..."

Gabriel wiped his watering eyes and looked up at Dean and Castiel who were silently weeping in to each other's necks, noticing Sam trying to hide the fact he was crying too. Snorting out a watery laugh, Gabriel pushed the book back on to Cas' lap before pulling himself to his feet. He offered and hand out to Sam, smiling meekly.

"Come on, let's leave them to... I don't know... Cry and cuddle I suppose."

Sam chuckled too, taking the proffered hand and following the smaller Novak out of the room. After a few moments, Dean took a long shakey breath, pulling away from Castiel, wiping his eyes and face with his sleeve.

"I fucking hate my dad," he chuckled, reaching out to cup his lover's cheek, stroking it with his thumb. Castiel managed a small smile.

"You're lucky to have him. I feel so fortuitous to have him see me as a son... I can't..."

"And to think you were afraid he wouldn't like you all those years ago," Dean laughed, pulling Cas' forehead to rest against his own.

"It was a valid fear. Were you not afraid Balthazar wouldn't like you?"

"Good point... I love you, Cas. So fucking much."

The two stared in to the other's eyes, amused smiles on their lips.

"I love you too, Dean."

Cupping Cas' face with both hands, Dean surged forward, crushing their lips together. Castiel gave out a surprised grunt, his hands scrabbling to find purchase on Dean's shirt, chuckling in to his mouth as he was pushed down against the sofa, Dean covering his body with his own.

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