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"Wait, wait!"

The skeleton stopped trying to throw Percy off the dam and cocked his head the demigod.

"Look," Percy began, "I really think you should walk away."

The skeleton chattered: "Why?"

"This is the 50th chapter off Perseus Attraction!" He told him. "We have over 2,000 reviews! They're not killing me off now!"

"Maybe this is your end though. Killed off by a boyscout," the skeleton reasoned. I could be your death."

Percy gave him a look. "It's that attitude which is going to get you killed, you know."

"But-" Mark Sue's sword slashed through the skeleton's head.

"Get off you ass," Mark Sue told Percy, hauling him to his feet and dragging him to where the others were making a final face-off with the boyscouts.

"How are we getting out of here?!" Grover cried.

Thalia stepped forward happily. "I can fly us out of here! My weakling brother Jason an only lift one, max, but I'm a regular Jumbo Jet! I'll save us!"

"Greath!" Zoe agreed. "That wouldth be brilliant!"

Mark Sue nodded. "Good plan, Thalia." They all gathered around the daughter of Zeus and held on. Awkward seconds past before Thalia cleared her throat.

"Oh, man, guys, I meant, I probably could. I've never done it before. Heights and all."

Percy shook his head. "You based our escape plan on something you've never done before!?"

"I bet I could!" She replied defensively.

"On what? Our lives?!"

Mark Sue got inbetween them. "Guys, this isn't helping. Neither is Thalia, but that's gone and done. Anyone got any other plans?"

Percy nodded his head. "Yeah, I had a plan to get those bronze angels to help us, but since that came from Athena in the book and I pissed her off, I don't think it's an option."

Zoe groaned. "Is thereth oneth escape planth we didn't screwth up?


They all whipped around to see the bronze angel staring down at them. "You guys okay?"

"We need an escape plan!" Grover cried desperately.

"Sure, we'll help, right Hank?"

The other angel nodded. "You guys are life savers," Thalia told them as she climbed onto his had.

"Whoa," Hank started, "we're not doing this for free."

"Yeah," Frank agreed. "It'll cost you."

"My daddy's rich!" Thalia protested.

"Million bucks," the angels told them.

Mark Sue dug in his pockets. "How about Denarri? They're solid gold. Much more investable."

"Not in this market, son. Cough up."

Percy moved up. "Guys, I need to get to San Francisco to find Annabeth, the love of my life, because, through not having her here, I've finally realised what I really want. I've been an idiot, ignoring reviewers and Canon characters alike in my stupidity, and when I finally realise what I need to do, I'm going to die." He brushed his floppy mullet back and took a deep breath. "I know that's it's cliché, and I know that it's no excuse, but this is real, this moment; it could be our last, and I don't want to die without seeing Annabeth smile at least once more." Percy caught the angel's 'eyes'. "Please."

Hank stared at him. "You use that excuse a lot, kid?"

"Recently, yeah."

Hank frowned. "Okay, we're doing this for two reasons. You're a really good looking kid, and we all like a good love story."

Grover pumped his fist. "Nice one, Jacked!"

After a very boring taxi-drive esque travel, they reached San Francisco.

Zoe breathed in the air and let it out with a sigh. "I can almost smell the season ending."

"Good, right?" Grover agreed happily. "We always have the fourth… oh, wait. You're not on the cast."

"Yesth, I know."

"Oh well," he shrugged, before walking off.

Zoe started crying as Mark Sue tried to console her that she might still be a guest star.

"Right?" Mark Sue asked me, the narrator.


Zoe started crying even harder.

"Look," Percy started, "this is great and all, but don't we need to find out where Artemis and Annabeth are so we can save their lives and all?"

"Good plan," Thalia agreed. "I was already thinking about that, so technically it was my idea, but good work on keeping up."

Percy gave her a sour look. "Of course."

"We shouldth go looking for theth oldth man of the seath," Zoe sighed. "He'll knowth how to end thisth."

"How do we find him?" Thalia asked.

Mark Sue gave them a look. "You guys don't know?"

Percy, Thalia and Grover exchanged a look. "Should we?"

"Am I the only one who read the script?" the Son of Sue asked.

"Probably," Percy agreed. "So, how do we find him?"

One scene transition later, which skips out the whole Percy vs. Nessus bit because I can't be bothered, and we get to this bit.

"What be your wish, you little punk?" Nessus asked Percy. "Is it the way to get rid of that stupid quiff thing, because even I don't know how to do that."

Percy, who had been about to ask that, closed his mouth. "Err, no, of course not."

"Gonna ask about your true love then?"

"No!" Zoe interjected angrily. "We must ask about Artemis!"

Nessus waved a hand. "Cool your jets, biscuit. They're in the same place, so no big deal. The only difference with Percy's question is that he will define him as either a sacrificial bastard who is willing to kill the love of his life who is counting on him to save her, or, he could ask about her and show he's a distrustful prick who only cares about himself and his assets."

Percy rubbed his mouth. "Right… so no real way to win then?"


Thalia moved forward. "Who's going to win the Superbowl?"

"WAIT?" Mark Sue cried.

"Wolves, and that's your only question," Nessus told them, before jumping back into the ocean.

"What was that?" Mark Sue asked Thalia. "You just wasted our question!"

"Waste?" Thalia scoffed. "I'm going to win 12 bucks, now!"

"Why are you even here?" Percy asked. "You're ruining the story!"

"Quite," Dr Thorn agreed.

They all whipped around to find themselves surrounded by Dr Thorn and some gun toting mortals.

"Where are the Boy Scouts?" Mark Sue asked.

"Oh, them," Thorn waved a hand. "They won't be seen until the end when Nico kills them. Don't worry. I can complete the job myself."

"Are you going to kill us?" Grover asked.

"Most of you, yes," he agreed. "Besides Percy. We need him."

"To sacrifice me or something?" Percy clarified.

Thorn frowned at him. "Wait… what do you think Atlas' plan is?"

Percy frowned. "Erm, like, kill me. Isn't that most of the plans? That and take over the story."

Thorn shook his head. "No, no, I don't think so. Atlas wants to destroy the Perseus Attraction, the story that is, and make it into his first fully directed Rom-Com, featuring you and Annabeth! Isn't that lovely?"

"It's worse than I ever suspected…," Mark Sue groaned.

"Shut it, extra," Thorn growled, whipping his tail across Mark Sue's face and knocking him out.

Zoe paled as she watched the Son of Sue slump to the ground, but she took and spoke. "Soth… are weth expendableth?"

Thorn studied her before nodding. "Yes… see, Percy and Annabeth are going to be the leads. Grover will be the best friend-"

"Score!" Grover cried happily.

"- and I shall be Annabeth's father, who is against her relationship. But you, Thalia and Mark Sue are to die. I tried to get you parts, but the other love interest is already going to be Luke, and we have no other female role which needs filling. So, you see, I really have no choice." Thorn looked over at Mount Tam. "They're filming up there as we speak."

Percy drew Retard and moved in front of his friends. "We're not taking part in your movie."

"The General's movie," Thorn corrected. "I just wrote the screenplay. It's a cute little story, about a guy meeting a girl on top of the mountain and even though her father disapproves-"

"-they end up together," Percy finished. "Yeah, that's the same story that the last 200 ones have had."

Thorn scowled. "I assure you that it's truly original."

"Boring," the Son of Poseidon decided.

Thorn looked dangerously close to losing it. "You don't want to be a part in this movie then?"

"Sorry, contracts full," Percy told him, raising his sword.

Thorn roared, transforming into his true form, before grabbing Percy and throwing him across the pier.

The Hunter slammed into the side of a shop and hit the ground hard. He blinked lights out of his eyes and got slowly to his feet. Thorn was on him before he'd even fully recovered, his tail whipping towards Percy's head.

The son of Poseidon ducked of the way and slashed at Thorn's leg, leaving a deep cut which started smouldering.

The manticore roared in pain, before whipping claws in Percy's direction. The son of Poseidon deflected two off Retard, before using his Hunter-enhanced reflexes to catch the third and stab it into the monsters side.

Percy dove out of the way as Thorn charged and ripped as bronze stake out of his coat. He threw it at the manticore, but the monster knocked it away with his paw and drove his tail towards Percy.

The Hunter made to cut it off as it came towards him, but Retard let it go straight through, forcing Percy to make a wild duck under it which caused him to slip. He fell on his back, the breath leaving his chest as he hit the wooden boards.

Groaning, he tried to find his feet as Thorn approached.

"Shame…," the manticore mused. "You would have made such a good Rom-Com character." Thorn whipped the spike of his tail down onto Percy, but the Hunter managed to grab it and hold it at bay.

"You're strong," Thorn growled, pushing his tail closer, "but not strong enough."

Percy tried to move his face away as the tip of the tail touched his face. He was straining to keep it way, but he couldn't keep it up much longer. Just as his arms were about to give way, Thorn was yanked away.

Percy looked around groggily to see Thorn thrown off the hood of Blackjack and hit the dock hard. Mr D leapt out and ran towards Percy.

"Percy! Are you okay?" He asked, crouching next to him.

The son of Poseidon rubbed his head. "Yeah, just my stupid sword acting up again."

Mr D took his arm before pulling him into a hug. "Just tell me when it becomes uncomfortable," Mr D told him as he started stroking Percy's quiff.

"Erm," Percy tried to get free. "This was uncomfortable before it even started."

"Monster getting up bros!" Chris Rock's voice told them.

Mr D pulled Percy to his feet. "Go, save Annabeth! I've got this monster!"

This is what should have happened:

Percy: "I can't leave you!"

Mr D: "You have to Percy… it's your only hope. I'll try to buy you enough time to escape, but it's highly likely that I will die and that same death will haunt you for years to come."

Percy: "I can't let you do this…"

Mr D: "We don't have a choice! (Shoves Percy away) Just remember that I love you…"

Percy: "I will, father."

What really happened…

"Bye guys," Percy told them before sprinting off. The son of Poseidon went flying around the dock, before finding Mark Sue, Thalia, Grover and Zoe at the end, all looking decidedly worse for wear.

"You guys okay?" Percy asked.

"Yeah, we trounced those guys easily," Grover informed him.

Percy frowned. "Wait, if that's true, how come you guys didn't come looking for me?"

They all shuffled awkwardly. "Well," Grover began, "we were thinking that if you died, we could have your screen time."

Percy gave Grover the evil eye. "I can't believe you guys! That's disgusting!"

Mark Sue nodded sadly. "You're right. But… since you don't really care about screen time, maybe you could give some of yours to the less fortunate?"

Percy smiled at him. "Bitch, please."

Thalia groaned. "This is all great and all, but what do we do now? How are we getting to that mountain?"

"Here's a crazy idea," Percy proposed. "How about we walk there?"

Grover waved a hand. "Nah, doesn't Annabeth have some father here we can steal a car from?"

"What?" Percy asked. "Like GTA style?"


Zoe shrugged. "Soundsth like a goodth plan."

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