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Grover brought Percy into the Poseidon cabin, checking around him to make sure no-one was there.

"Grover, what are we doing?" Percy asked, in a resigned voice.

Grover fixed Percy with one eye, as if sizing him up.

"You do want to make Annabeth fall in love with you again, don't you? You want to escape the friendzone?"

"Course I do," the demigod replied. "But I think people use the word 'friendzone' because there is no escaping it."

"Maybe," Grover conceded, "but we're getting help from the best person we can."

"Yeah? And who's that?"

The satyr smiled at him. "Who do you think? The God of Friendzones!"

Percy gave him a sceptical look. "Seriously? We have a god for that?"

"We have a god for everything," Grover said dismissively. "You want help or not?"

"Yes," he replied without hesitation. "But how on earth are we going to summon him?"

"I have that all down!" Grover told him, waving a hand. "Just leave it to me."

He walked into the centre of the cabin and cleared his throat, before humming a tune under his breath. Percy stared at him, unfamiliar as to where this was going.

"Grover…," Percy started after minutes of tense silence. "Just forget it, he must be busy."

Grover ignored him and continued the hum under his breath. Percy made his way up to the satyr but stopped because, suddenly, he could hear… music?

"He's coming!" Grover cried happily.

Percy cocked his ear as lyrics were starting to emerge:

I like this girl so much

She's always on my mind

We have an awesome time

We never crossed the line

She don't wanna mess-up the friendship


I'm in a frenzy, 'cause my bedroom's empty

And I'm gently attempting to win her over

By being as good as friend as I can be

She's tempting but riddled with doubt

Friend Zone is like the mafia

You'll never get out!

Grover jumped up and down happily, pointing at a spot, where light was starting to appear, a figure spinning very quickly within it. Percy tried to get a better look at him as slowed down but the light was too bright. The song started picking up, getting louder.


She doesn't know the half

In my wallet I keep her photograph

I've made my decision

For you, Babygirl, I'd change religions

'Cause in your eyes I see heaven

Girl, I think about you 24/7

Before this story ends

I wanna know can we be more than friends?

As it sprung into the chorus, the god stretched out as the light retreated, smiling sadly. Percy moved closer for a better look but the god was now dancing to his own song, making it difficult.

I've got the blues 'cause we're not knockin' the boots

We're talkin' gossip news and shoppin' for shoes

I hate when you make me watch Sex and The City until the day ends

I'm not your gay friend!

But I'll do it, just to get next to you.

Just to prove I can best the rest the dudes

I'm obsessed with you. I pester you.

'Cause when we ain't together, I'm probably texting you

"Stop the music!" Percy called, but the god held up a hand.

"Just this last part!" He called back.


You make me the maddest

I just want to change my Facebook status

To "in a relationship"

But "it's complicated"

Well you're makin' it hard for me

'Cause I just can't walk away

I just can't walk away

I just can't walk away.

The god finally stopped moving as the song started to peeter out, singing a repeat of 'I'm in the Friendzone' and held out a hand to Percy.

"Hey, I'm the God of Friendzones."

Percy stared at him out of curiosity. The God was around the taller average height, with a slim build, brown hair, with little bits of light gold in it. His eyes were a warm brown, twinkling slightly and he had a shy but rather devilish smile. In short, he was attractive, but nothing special. Not bad though and Percy couldn't see anything wrong with him. Gods know why he was in the friendzone.

Grover moved forward and took the hand Percy was ignoring.

"Real honour to meet you," the satyr said, "my friend is stuck, well obviously, in the friendzone and we need your help."

The god raised an eyebrow. "You want to get out? You think I can help you?"

"Yeah," both Grover and Percy said together.

"Err, well," he scratched his head. "I don't know how to get out of the friendzone because, well, I'm still stuck in it."

"What? How?" Percy asked.

"Hey, dude, you don't become the god of friendzones without being in it," he laughed, amused by how they hadn't thought of this simple fact. "I've been stuck in the Friendzone for over 3000 years now."

"Shit," Grover whistled.

"Yep," the god agreed. "We were friends as kids-"

"Who?" Percy asked.

"Me and the Goddess of Childhood Friendships," the God of Friendzones clarified. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a wallet. "See, that's her," he said, pointing at the centre picture.

The picture told Grover and Percy everything. In the centre was a pretty girl with brownish-blond hair. She was squeezed up to a brick faced, muscle bound dickhead with shaven hair. Behind them, barely there, was the God of Friendzones, trying to fit in to the picture.

"That's rough," Percy sighed.

"Yeah," the god agreed. "That's her with the God of Jerks, or Dickheads, or Twats, whichever definition he can understand this week," he finished bitterly.

Grover was still looking like he was trying to understand that picture.

"But… if he's such a jerk-"

"The biggest one," the God of Friendzones sighed.

"-then, I mean, it's not like he's the best looking guy, I- why?!" he stuttered.

"Because, sometimes," the god started, "girls just love to ignore the person that actually cares about them, even if she does come back to you, crying because of some crap that her boyfriend gave them and makes you sit with her on the sofa as she tells you all about it, cuddles up to you and generally makes you hate your life."

"Okay, dude," Percy raised his hands. "Just calm down."

The God of Friendzones glared at him. "Easier said than done, friend. Sure you'll be understanding soon enough."

"Look," Percy smiled. "Annabeth might be a little distant at the moment, but I'm not that friendzoned. She used to be all over me and unlike you," he pointed a finger at the god, "I don't have a rival. Soon, Annabeth will get bored of just being friends and Percabeth will ensure."

The God of Friendzones just smiled at him knowingly. "Look, kid, the only good thing I ever got out of being a god was that cool song upon my entrances, but I never had the power to reverse the friendzone. It's not possible and the sooner you accept that, the happier you'll be. Or," he thought about it, "maybe not, but you get the point."

With that, he started to walk away. Percy looked at Grover, confused.

"Whoa, wait a second. Aren't you supposed to help us?"

The god looked back. "Yeah, and I already have."

"You told us nothing," Percy argued.

"No, I told you everything there was to it. Sorry, but you're in the friendzone, kid. You get thin soup, then that's your supper." He turned into the air and disappeared with a sigh.

Percy took this all very well, which is to say that he now decided that his case was hopeless and started to sink into despair, but whatever.

Annabeth, on the other hand, seemed to enjoy enforcing Percy's position as a friend and nothing he did seemed to help. Especially since she'd started talking about Luke again…

"Annabeth, he's as bent as they come," Percy reminded her.

She waved a hand. "You make it sound like I want to go out with him."

They were standing in the dining pavilion with the rest of the campers, all armoured up for one of Quintus super special awesome fun games.

"Well, the way you said, and I quote, "he'd make a great boyfriend" does make me wonder."

Annabeth ignored this, instead devoting her attention to one of Percy's armour straps, which was out of place.

"To me," she replied, "it sounds like you're jealous."

"Maybe I am," Percy told her, trying to look over his shoulder at her face.

Annabeth moved around to his front again and gave him a puzzled look. "I thought you wanted to be friends?"

"When on earth did I say that?" he protested.

"Chapter 40, or something. You said, 'Hey, Annabeth, let's be friends!'."

"I never said that," Percy told her.

"Oh, well, okay." She shrugged like the information wasn't important anyway, and turned her back on him to face Quintus who was desperately trying to get the camper's attention, as they continued playing Angry Birds on their iPhones.

"Hey, listen to me!" he whined. "Give me back my shoe or else I'll get Chiron to kick you out! Right, Chiron?"

He turned to the centaur who was sitting in his wheelchair, tucking into his third helping of trifle. Chiron looked up in surprise and bleary carelessness.

"Err, sure? You kids have to, erm, eat all your vegetables," he finished lamely.

He looked at Quintus to see if that was what he wanted. The swordmaster just sighed.

"Whatever. Anyone, I've assigned you partners-"

Everyone started such an uproar that Chiron actually left, taking his trifle with him. Quintus tried to placate them, before throwing his hands down.

"FINE! Partner with whoever you like! You know, I used to be someone! I was the greatest inventor on the planet! I built crazy flying wings and deadly mazes and no-one gave me shit! I was-"

He broke off when he noticed that everyone wasn't listening. Only Chiron had turned around, looking at the swordmaster shrewdly.

"You saying that you were Daedalus?"

Quintus took out a hankie and wiped his sweating brow. "Err, no."

"Good," Chiron said. "Because we hate that guy. He's a traitor, and if he turned up here, we'd gut him and hang him from the climbing wall. Death would be too good for him so I'd let the boys beat him just within an inch of his life. Then… I'd send him to live in the Hermes cabin," he finished darkly.

"But- but, err, he was a son of Athena," Daedalus, sorry, Quintus, gulped.

"And?" Chiron answered aggressively.

"And it sounds just about fair for such a stinking traitor!" Quintus agreed, turning back to the campers. "Anyway," his voice came out as a squeak, so he coughed and tried again. "Anyway, you guys go out and find the monsters. You need to get these packages off the things then whoever has the most can lead the sing-along tonight."

"SCORE!" An Ares kid cried. "I'm going to make us sing 'California Girls'!"

Everyone cheered as Percy shuddered and moved off into the woods. Annabeth tapped his arm lightly.

"Come on, Seaweed Brain. If we get there first we can dump on some Wombats or something."

They headed off into the woods, moving away from the lynching mob that was the demigods. Percy felt sorry for the scorpions…

They walked for a while in the woods, before Annabeth stopped suddenly.

"This is where we stopped looking."

Percy frowned, pulling off his helmet so he could get more face time with the camera. His perfectly messed up hair got a few touch ups quickly.

"Stopped looking for who?"

Annabeth took off her helmet too and turned it around so everyone could see the sponsorship logos.


"No, he blew up like an atomic bomb, remember? Knocked me out for a week, but that was up at Olympus Lane," Percy corrected her.

"Oh…," she frowned. "What script did I get?"

"The original," he guessed.

"Huh, I was wondering why the dialogue was better." She brushed hair out of her eyes. "Any idea where he is?"

"No," said Percy shortly.

"How are you doing?" she asked, giving him a strange look.

"I'm fine," he lied.

"Come on," she smiled. "I'd like to think I know you better than that."

"Do you though?" Percy asked. "Because I can't remember a single time we've had a real conversation."

Annabeth sighed, moving closer. "What do you mean, Percy?"

"I mean that whenever we talk it's like some sort of running gag. Either I embarrass myself, or you do something weird and nothing-," he stopped, trying to find the right words. "I barely know you."

"Don't be stupid, Percy," Annabeth told him seriously. "You've known me for years. Knowing someone isn't about finding out what their favourite colour is, or, like, what music they love. It's understanding them and," she raised a hand, "I know that's not what you want to hear. I know that's just something else to deny but I, in my opinion, would have a hard time finding someone who understands me half as well as you do."

Percy shrugged, but he did feel a little better. "You've actually cheered me up, made me feel better."

"I make everything feel better," she grinned.

"Don't get cocky," he told her, but he was smiling. "Put your helmet on; we've got some scorpions to catch."

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