Ice Prince Alchemist


This story features an OC Harry raised by Olivier Armstrong, and friends with OC characters. Will included some occasional character bashing, threats of death, language that should not be said in polite company, etc… There will be some changes to the Fullmetal story line in order to accommodate some of my future plot twists and ideas…etc.



Secrets of Amestris

The Amestris government and its citizens hold many secrets, some not as strongly important as others.

The government had the Homunculus who had created the country in order to do nothing more than to create a Philosopher's stone out of a large human sacrifice and their leader trying to surpass God.

Lyre Malfoy, a librarian and a witch in Central City had run away from England at the age of sixteen after she became pregnant with the daughter of a serial killer. She had altered her family's memories into believing that she had committed suicide. While she missed being able to use her magic freely, she would gladly give it up to protect her daughter from the mad man she had once loved and the monsters she once considered family and their enemies.

Fabian Prewett, a soldier who was now stationed near Ishval was the former heir to a prominent wizard family. He had fled from England as well after he married a mundane woman. The family's patriarch had despised the idea any mundane married into the family. He had faked his death with the help of his twin brother Gideon in order to save the life of his soon to be born son. His wife's family originating from Ishval made it a good place to start over. He kept that status a secret in order to keep them from being effected by the purge during the Ishvalan War.

And then there was Major General Olivier Mira Armstrong, commander of Fort Briggs, aka the Ice Queen. Olivier had adopted an unknown orphan found in the wilderness of Briggs Mountains in secret. A two year old boy she had named Zephyrus. No one is sure of how it happened, but one day after returning from North City the child was in her company. While many were surprised to see their normally cold commander taking a child under her care they said nothing of it and tolerated the child's presence. Zephyrus was quiet and was often seen sitting in his mother's office reading a book or when he got older; assisting in Development.

Few people outside of Briggs knew about Zephyrus; Olivier's family, a doctor at North City hospital, Hughes (who had helped her to covertly file the paperwork), and finally there was Roy Mustang and his team who found out by accident.


Newly minted Major Roy Mustang was speed walking towards the Commander's Quarters with his faithful companion Riza Hawkeye right behind him trying to get him to slow down.

"Sir! You can't just barge in there!"

"Why not?"

"Because she'll cut your head off!" Riza argued but failed to reach him in time to stop him from slamming open the door. Seeing him frozen there she looked around and into the room.

Instead of finding an enraged Brigadier General she saw a little boy no older than three sitting on the floor with a toy bear almost as big as him. The child looked up at them with frightened green eyes and screamed.

It didn't take long for his mother to appear gun in hand ready to shoot Roy to pieces.

*End Flashback*

Most would have thought Roy would have laughed when he met the child but he just smiled and said 'it was about time she showed she was human' and started to influence the child's curiosity about science and alchemy with books and a few demonstrations.

To his shock after 'showing off' his alchemy the child copied the same simple circle he made in the snow and created a small ice bear. A simple case of 'monkey see, monkey do'...but Roy was still beaten black and blue for introducing the child to Alchemy, something that Olivier was trying to prevent.

Zephyrus however seemed to be confused about the man's exuberant behavior in comparison to the 'professionals' at Briggs. Especially when Roy yelled about it being impossible or a child to use Alchemy. So he blatantly refused to call the man anything else but 'Roy'.

While Olivier was a strict parent there were still some kind points to her. She encouraged her shy son and raised him on the principles of the North. Those who knew about the child understood that he was the General's pride and joy…so if anyone tried to kill/hurt him would be stabbed several times then buried alive in an avalanche.

This would later proven true when her former second in command turned traitor made an attempt to kidnap Zephyrus across the Drachman border. He barely made it out of the Fort before she struck.

The Bears grabbed the child and hid him in the Infirmary all while thinking the same thing; 'That poor kid...'

In all his first few months living in Briggs were quiet until November, a month before Zephyrus' fourth birthday when the Drachmans insurgents decided it was time to attack the fort again. The battle was quite extensive from normal. And with entire close combat squad out they had to rely most on the gunnery division. Then out of nowhere a bright light shot out from above Briggs and created a large avalanche occurred burying a third of the Drachmans and the creating a wall of ice that did not melt until mid-May, even with all the cannon fodder it endured.

When they returned to the fort they found Zephyrus barely conscious lying in a small transmutation circle he had drawn by hand and a large amount of blood streaming from an old scar on his forehead. He had lost so much that an immediate blood transfusion had to be performed.

By Zephyrus' fourth birthday his messy dark hair and green eyes turned to a slightly curly snow white and his eyes the same bright blue as his adopted mother and his scar vanished. While they were surprised by the change, they wrote it off as caused by shock.

Olivier sighed as she looked at her son who had fallen asleep in a chair next to her desk. She was going to need someone to teach him Alchemy before he accidentally hurt himself. She could only deter him from learning on his own by pushing to learn in other subjects like in mechanics or self-defense.

But who could she trust to teach her son that the even the Fuhrer did not know about?

Her brother? No, she was not going to let the pile of muscles contaminate her son. Besides, Buccaneer was starting to teach him hand to hand combat.

Roy Mustang? Hell. No. The child was ice, not fire.

After contemplating ever Alchemist she knew that none of them could really fit a suitable fighting style for someone who used ice and potentially swords in a flowing manner that created a strong defense and offense or one she could trust. Then one day the Alchemist came to her in the forms of a short blonde and a walking suit of armor.

"I hear you two are close to my brother Alex. Is he doing alright?"

"The big strong guy we know and love."

"Alex is doing just great." The Elrics said in unison. They fidgeted when Olivier growled.

'…wait a second…'

"I have an assignment for you than Fullmetal. Have Falman, escort them to Room 731."

"Yes sir."

Falman led them to the room where the numbers were barely legible, they would have thought that it was just an electrician closet had Falman not stopped.


Ed and Al gawked. The small room had entire wall dedicated to notes on alchemy, and some on engineering designs along with a small handmade bookshelf sitting near a cot with a variety of books from novels to engineering and some notebooks.

"Can I help you?"

The voice belonged to a child, who looked to be about nine or ten, wearing civilian clothes under a military style winter jacket. He had ice blue eyes, and snow white hair that curled a bit at the ends, similar to Olivier's. He was sitting against the wall reading with a sword propped up against his chair.

"Elric Brothers, meet, Zephyrus."

"Elrics Brothers…" the boy repeated curiously before looking at Ed. "Are you the State Alchemist Edward Elric?"

"Well, yeah." Ed said with surprise that someone knew it was him and not Al who was the State Alchemist.

"We both are Alchemists." Al added.

"Yes, you're Alphonse Elric." the child said with amusement. "Maybe one of you can tell me what I've been doing wrong on this transmutation."

After five minutes the brothers knew why the General sent them to see this kid. He had talent as an Alchemist, he just need some verification before he tried anything risky. So far he could almost manipulate ice and water to the same extent Ed could with metals.

Out of curiosity Ed pushed Zephyrus to his limits to see how far he could go. Zephyrus had a habit of making dagger like ice shards that could hold their shape unless a really strong blow broke them. He could only use the snow and ice around him however. He could mold water, but he couldn't get the moisture out of the air like Issac the Freezer.

"What's your observation Fullmetal?" Olivier asked.

"That kid is pretty intelligent concerning elemental alchemy, especially with water and ice. He's already got the basics down, and with some guided lessons he could use elemental alchemy to rival the Colonel in less than a few years." Ed replied as he rubbed his sore shoulder. Although that kid wasn't physically strong, he was pretty fast and was quick on his feet.

A dark aura surrounded Olivier and she cackled. "Excellent."

*In Central, Roy sneezed, and felt a series of murderous chills go down his spine. He started to wonder if he had a cold.*

"So who was that kid?" Ed asked Falman as he showed them around.

"He had to be someone important if the General let him stay in Briggs." Al pointed out after he spotted Zephyrus again in Development.

"That was Zephyrus Armstrong, General Armstrong's son." Falman replied.

The Elric brothers stopped and looked at their friend in shock.


"Yeah, came as a surprise to me to. He might look innocent but I've been told that Zephyrus is just as calculating in tactics like his mother."


"I've lost several matches of chess with him to prove it."

The brothers did not see Zephyrus again until after Sloth was thrown out of the fort. He had come down to the prisoner cells to give Al some books and a newspaper to alleviate his boredom, then again in the morning with some breakfast for Ed. He stayed long enough to chat with Al.

Zephyrus sat with Buccaneer and the Elrics during his Mother's conversation with General Raven. They glanced over at Zephyrus when Olivier lied to General Raven about not having a child. To their amazement Zephyrus kept calm until Raven made a pass at his mother.

"I'm going to kill him." Was all that Zephyrus said with a hint of malice in his voice as he stood up.

"Sit down." Buccaneer replied and forced him to stay in the room.

After Raven's speech to the Northern Forces Olivier had a caravan going to Central for supplies sneak Zephyrus out of the fort while Raven oversaw the resealing of the tunnel.

"But Mother, I can fight!" Zephyrus argued as he was forced to pack.

"No!" Olivier snapped. "It's too dangerous!"

"How is this any different than when I participate in the skirmishes with Drachma or combat training with the troops? Is it because of that transmutation circle that was created under Amestris that Fullmetal was talking about?"

"How did you-?"

Zephyrus held up a small black disk from his desk.

"I attached one of the remote radios I've been working on to your jacket so I could listen in on the conversation. I heard enough to know that Fuhrer Bradley isn't who we think he is."

Olivier took the radio from him and lightly cuffed him on the head for spying.

"If those bastards at Central truly plan on making a Philosopher's stone by sacrificing our entire country, I don't want you in it! I will convince my parents to leave on vacation; it would look none too suspicious. Until then you will stay with them at the manor."

"And if I disobey you?" Zephyrus asked.

Olivier glared at him. "Then I will knock you unconscious and have you smuggled out of Amestris."

Zephyrus reluctantly obeyed and left with his grandparents to Xing, only to sneak back into Amestris a few months later with Prince Ling's bodyguard Lan Fan and two other youths his age that he met at a dojo in the Peng Kangrui district then again at a Herbalist's shop in the Yao province.

Ethan Prewett and Lisa Malfoy; two eleven year old Alchemists whose families had stumbled upon Amestris's secret.

The two had family that was going to be involved in the fighting. Ethan's father Fabian was part of the Eastern soldiers that had been chased out originally from Ishval prior to the civil way. However he still sympathized with the Ishvalans and often visited the refugee camps to ensure everyone was alive and receiving enough care, as well as staying under Central's radar.

Zephyrus discovered by accident that Ethan was an Ishvalan himself. At first things were tense between them, but once Ethan realized that Zephyrus had no prejudice towards him, things settled.

While Lisa's mother Lyre was a librarian but after the Central library burned she was later transferred to Central Command as part of the Hughes' investigation team then later on the communication department as part Fuhrer's office. A month after the transfer Lisa had described her mother as edgy and acting as she had uncovered some kind of conspiracy in the government.

They arrived just as the battle was about to begin. After losing his 'allies' in the chaos when a wall collapse; Zephyrus was slicing the flesh eating mannequins that headed his way, eventually meeting up with some of the Briggsmen. None of the soldiers paid any mind to the children fighting alongside them except for the Briggs soldiers.

The Northern forces shared a look at Zephyrus as he ducked around the fighting to give them a bag of ammunition then began to take down some of the remaining mannequin soldiers with his sword.

"Aren't you supposed to be in Xing?" one of the soldiers asked.

"Aren't all of you supposed to be at Briggs?" he retorted as he sliced apart another one of the undead.

"Cheeky brat." Someone muttered.

"You know she is going to be pissed at you for this." One of them muttered.

"Then I better live so she has someone to be pissed at." Zephyrus replied.

The fight with Father was brutal. Lisa ended up running out to help Roy propel his flames out even further with a variation of alchemy combustion. The two's combined alchemy created intensive blue flames. Ethan provided several defenses of coffin walls and tossed some large stones to Alex for ammunition while Zephyrus created a ring of slippery ice to freeze Father in place and to help move Ed and Izumi , as well as block out any attacks whenever the Homunculus attempted to strike the soldiers or civilians.

After it was all over Zephyrus' uncle Alex took him aside.

"I have informed your mother about what you have done." Alex said with a small wince as Zephyrus used what little medical alchemy he knew to fix up his bruised ribs.

"How upset is she?"

Alex cringed as he remembered the loud promises his sister made about disciplining her son when she finally got her hands on him. "More than she ever was with me."

"So she is unharmed." Zephyrus said with a relieved sigh.

"She is, but she was hurt quite a bit. I'd give it a few days before heading home."


Zephyrus turned to see Lisa running towards a covered body being carried out of the Fuhrer's office. Long blonde hair and a bloody handy was all that was visible. Lisa reached it and started to cry uncontrollably.

"We believe the Fuhrer did her in." one soldier whispered to Roy. "We found one of his swords sticking out of her stomach in that burnout office."

Last Zephyrus saw his new allies Ethan was leaving with his father to be reprimanded and Lisa was being escorted away by Hawkeye.

One Week Later…Armstrong Manor

After finally being reunited with her son, the first thing Olivier did was hug him.

"Thank God, you're alright." She whispered.

Zephyrus looked down slightly sheepish. "Sorry that I worried you…"

Suddenly she cuffed him on the head and started to yell. "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING COMING BACK HERE WITHOUT PERMISSON? YOU COULD HAVE BEEN KILLED!"

"Oh like you wouldn't do the same?" Zephyrus retorted.

Olivier paused but then screamed "THAT'S NOT THE POINT!"


"Who are you calling a Hypocrite you hellion!"

"You expected me to listen blindly? I overheard you and Fullmetal talking about the giant circle under Amestris! I was not going to just leave and let you possible get killed!" Zephyrus snapped. "I am not one of your soldiers!"

Olivier slammed her hands on the table.

"You may not be one of my soldiers, but you are still my son and unless you want to be put on report while you are under my command from now on you will watch that sass mouth!"

"I'm not allowed to officially enlist until I turn eighteen remember?" Zephyrus replied in a low voice.

"In this case, an exception has been made."

Zephyrus stared at his mother in shock as she placed a form with the Amestrian Alchemist Branch symbol on her the desk.

"Grumman has been elected as Fuhrer and has made your adoption part of the public record. He was impressed by your skills at on the battlefield and has suggested you to be a State Alchemist. I convinced him that if you decide to take the exam and pass to have you stationed at Briggs. You'll be eligible to take the exam after you turn thirteen, but for now you are at the apprentice level."

Zephyrus gingerly took the form in his hands. "Who am I apprenticed to?"

Olivier sighed as she leaned back in her chair. "The closest one who can match your fighting style is the Fullmetal Alchemist; Edward Elric. I would have preferred Izumi Curtis, but she refused to take on any more students."

"I understand. But Mother, didn't Fullmetal loose his abilities to use Alchemy when he revived his brother though?" Zephyrus asked with confusion.

"That is something we though as well…but it would seem that someone else already paid a price equivalent to that needed to resurrect a human." She looked at her son with a distant gaze as she touched his forehead where a distinct lightning bolt shaped scar once was. "When you drew that alchemy circle as a child you caused the very mountains of Briggs to shake. From what the others have told me that the amount of raw power used to do that alone should have killed you."

"But it didn't." Zephyrus replied.

"Which mean something was taken from you besides your original appearance. The question is what?"

A phone call stopped their conversation.


"General Armstrong? Fuhrer Grumman has requested you and your son's presence at a meeting along tomorrow at ten hundred hours."

"Very well then." Olivier replied and hung up. "It's late; we can finish this discussion in the morning."

"Yes Mother."

Zephyrus retired to his room curious as to what his mother had said. Had he met the Gate of Truth that Ed had described, but couldn't remember? He had been quite young when the incident happened.

All he had remembered from that night was a lot of explosions and screaming. But then again...when he did focus hard he remembered...white...a place where it was white...

Looking at a glass of water on his night stand he clapped his hands and placed them on the glass. The water immediately froze over.


To be Continued

In the North the rules are simple. "Only the strongest can survive." New powers are witnessed. Allies are created, past lives are revealed, and the saga of the Ice Prince begins.

Next time: The Invitation

We cannot always run away from the past. But we can forge our own futures.

Character Data

Zephyrus Rex Armstrong: Slightly curly white hair and blue eyes

Parents: Biological: James & Lily Potter (Both deceased).

-Adopted by Olivier Mira Armstrong.

Alchemy Instructor: Edward Elric

Birthday: Original: July 31st, New: December 21st

Alchemy: Ice

Age: 11

Lisa Morgana Malfoy: Long blonde hair and dark hazel eyes.

Parents: Lyre Malfoy (deceased) & Tom Riddle (unknown)

Guardian(s): Roy Mustang & Riza Hawkeye

Alchemy Instructor: Roy Mustang

Birthday: June 24th

Alchemy: Combustive fire

Age: 11

Ethan Gideon Prewett: Short copper red hair and red eyes.

Parents: Fabian & Abigail Prewett

Alchemy Instructor: Alex Louis Armstrong

Birthday: January 1st

Alchemy: Earth

Age: 11