Ice Prince Alchemist



'What is the purpose for which we are born…Does God truly have a set plan for us all, a pre-set destiny…Or are we just pawns to be used on a whim?'

"Earth to Zephyrus you there?"

Zephyrus broke out of his musing when Lisa nudged him, causing his spoon to fall into his plate with a clatter They had gotten worried when he stopped paying attention to their nightly conversations at dinner was more focused on staring into his half eaten bowl of stew.

"I'm sorry were you guys saying something?" he asked.

Lisa and Ethan seemed to exchange a concerned look then placed the back of their palms against Zephyrus' cheeks.

"You're a little warm...are you sick?" Ethan asked.

"I'm fine really."

"Just because you're used to the cold doesn't mean you can keep running outside during downpours." Lisa chastised.

Zephyrus twitched. After reading the letter he had been so shaken he took a walk around the grounds just as a strong downpour began.

"I'm just tired, I think I'll just go to bed early." The Ice Prince replied.

"Are you sure?" Lisa asked in a worried voice.

"Yes, I'm fine." He said forcing a smile on his face. "Don't worry about it."

Zephyrus wandered through the empty corridors back to his suite in Ravenclaw Tower. The only noises were his echoing footsteps and the occasional night creature. Upon arriving in his room he swiftly changed into his night clothes and collapsed into his bed.

"What do we do?"

"I don't know."

"Move aside you silly girl!"


"Is that him?"


"That freak."

"No! Stay away, I don't want to hurt you too!"

Zephyrus' eyes opened thanks in part to a sharp pinch on his ear.

"Argh! What the Hell?" he snapped as he touched his ear. He was met by a fearsome screech from a vexed phoenix. Carefully he pried Valkyrie's beak off his ear. He felt warm blood oozing from the injury.

"What was that about?"

"You lost control." The phoenix chastised.

Zephyrus blinked in confusion then looked around, just realizing how cold it had gotten. Starting at his bed was an explosion of ice and snow, forming icicles and heading towards the door. Everything else was covered in a layer of frost.

But instead of pure and clear, the ice seemed to be tainted and dark.

"I…I froze the room?"

His breath shook as he reeled in his fear and started to melt the ice. However instead of melting the ice broke down into magical particles and dissolved into the air.

His magic was connected to his emotions. He knew that since he was a child. If lost control at first random things made of glass mostly would explode or started to shake. After the massacre in Frost Cove the items would frost over at times and lights went out. It frightened him so he started to block off a majority of his emotions, and the accidents started to decrease.

For a long time he thought he had it under control. But then, when he first came to Hogwarts, his magic began to spiral out of control. If he left his emotions run amok, by even the slightest bit, then things began to frost and freeze. It was almost as if something was trying to disrupt the control he worked so hard to maintain.

"Why is all this happening?" Zephyrus cursed as he got up. Valkyrie watched him intently.

"Water is ruled by the Moon; the Celestial of the Mind." the phoenix answered. "With your emotions and mind shocked and conflicted, your magic has fallen out of balance."

Zephyrus looked up at the crescent moon with a confused look.

"So what is that supposed to mean?"

"In order to maintain control of your powers, you must make peace with your chaotic origins." The phoenix's eyes began to glow, and Zephyrus' pupils light up as well. "Find the Truth of All."

The room begun to darken and spin; Zephyrus felt himself collapse on the ground.

'Find the Truth of All?'

Meanwhile a small car was chugging its way up a dark mountain to Nurmengard; the most high security prison in all of Germany. Inside were two wizards and a mundane. One was dressed in robes while the other two wore soldier gear.

"Are you sure you want to do this Falman?" one of the wizards asked, bits of his tawny hair peeked out from his knit cap, a scarf cover his lower face.

His comrade nodded. "The creep may be a monster...but he was one of the insiders to the Nazi regime and he may have some of the information that we need…I just hope he will cooperate."

*Ice Prince Alchemist*

Zephyrus's awoke in a dark void, he wasn't falling or flying…he was just there. Floating.

Windows with images seemed to be flowing around him like broken television screens. Some had images of his friends and family both with events of the past and present. He craned his neck upwards and saw more tiles, but a majority of these were blank, in one however he swore he saw an older version of himself standing in front of a saluting battalion.

"Where…am I now?"

"This is the inside of the Gate."

Zephyrus turned around and his eyes widen in shock. Standing on a tile above him, upside down was a near identical copy of himself wearing black with dark hair and green eyes.

"What the Hell…Who are you?"

The copy scoffed. "Really Little One? How can you not recognize me?"


"The one and only."

"What…Why do you look like that?"

Truth laughed. "I absorb whatever is taken at the Gate. In this case, I absorbed your identity as 'Harry Potter'."

Zephyrus's eyes suddenly softened a little then turned to look at the events of his past. But all there was of his life as 'Harry Potter' were tiny shards.

"So what did you want to talk about now Truth? About Flamel or why this is all happening?"

Truth flipped off the tile and landed beside him.

"You know for a mortal you are rather strange."

"What the Hell is that supposed to mean?" Zephyrus snapped.

Truth crossed his arms. "Well for one thing this is what the fifth time you've come here, and the first that you came here on your own?"


Truth laughed. "Really Little One? One has to have the intent to come here. You can't just appear here."

"Where exactly is here?"

Truth tilted his head. "Tell me Little One…have you ever heard of the Death's Cursed Treasures?"

"Death's Cursed Treasures?" Zephyrus repeated in confusion. Truth vanished and Zephyrus fell through a tile with a yelp. He landed in a forest.

"What the Hell?"

"A long time ago there was a night where the veil between the realms of the Living and Death distorted and the spirits of the fallen were allowed to crossover and visit those who called their names. During those times Death would take a mortal form and walk amongst humanity."

A man wearing all black appeared out of a village, a faint smile was on his face as he entered a thick forest. Zephyrus gasped as he recognized the man to be Truth.

'Wait…Truth…is really Death?'

Death suddenly frowned as he saw three men in front of him standing before a river.

"One such night, Death was walking through the long winding road at midnight. He was approaching the river that lead back into his domain. He stopped as he saw three men standing at the threshold. Three brothers."

"The men seemed to have realized that the path lead somewhere where they could not comprehend."

One of the man, the elder pointed excitedly at something, Zephyrus looked closer and saw a rift of swirling light in the most dangerous part of the river. The men took out their wands created a bridge that stretched out until it reached the rift. They walked to it, the younger seemed to be hesitant about it but followed the other two into the portal.

"Frightened, but curious the men decided that they would step foot into the domain and see for themselves where Death resided. Skilled in the magical arts they constructed a bridge and entered the realm of the dead and stole three of Death's treasures."

Death ran into the room, he looked around the torn apart room, a destroyed weapon hanging on the wall, a broken chain and a tattered cloak lying on the floor.

"Angered by their hubris, Death decided to punish the Wizards by placing a curse on the treasures."

The three men appeared holding the treasures, unaware of Death behind them chanting, causing an eerie green light to appear on them.

"For the first brother…who stole a piece of his scythe in order to fashion a wand, he placed a curse so that if anyone who used it would have their Thread of Life cut."

"For the second brother… who stole the soul finder gem from his medallion, he enchanted it to drain their life force whenever they used it."

"The third brother, who had been hesitant to enter Death's realm and took only part of his cloak, he decided to place a minor curse but fearsome curse. For every year the brother used to cloak to extend his life, his descendants would have a year taken from them."

The scene changed to the eldest man in a pub, in his right hand was a wand and his left arm was around the shoulders of a flustered barmaid amongst a throng of drunks.

"The first brother proudly furnished his new wand and used it immediately to kill a Wizard from whom he quarreled. Sinful with his Pride he bragged of his invincibility." The scene changed to a dingy room where the barmaid, wearing only a bed sheet, opened a door and allowed a man holding a knife, who Zephyrus recognized as the pub owner from the prior memory, to come in and approach the man asleep in the bed. "But that night another Wizard stole the wand and slit the brother's throat for good measure. Thus Death took the first brother."

The scene changed to the inside of a small house where a man was sitting at a table. The remnants of a meal beside him, but the man was too interested in the ring in his hands.

"The second brother fashioned the gem into a ring, looking at it, he called out the name of a woman with whom he wished to marry before her untimely end." A young woman appeared across the table from him. She smiled softly at him. "To his surprise the gem created a vision of the woman before him but it soon faded. Lonesome, the man would use the gem to see the woman for several days before his life force was completely drained away…and Death collected the second brother."

"As for the third brother, he used cloak to hide whenever he would see Death approaching. For many years he did this, until he realized that the longer he wore it, the more often his children and their own would get sick and die suddenly. Mortified, he returned to the forest where the brothers had wandered into Death's realm. He placed the cloak at the foot of an elder tree and allowed for Death to take him."

The world distorted again, and Zephyrus was in the white void before the Gate.

"This place…this is where Life and Death meet…the border…" he turned to the Gate. "And this…this is the actually portal itself…"


"And the cursed treasures…they still exist in this world don't they?"

Truth just smirked. "Naturally. Humanity has to be reminded that they are not truly superior."

"But what happens if someone attempts to take all of them for themselves?"

If it was possible, Truth's grin became terrifying. "For those fools who dare to try and reign over me…there is a Fate worse than death awaits them. But that is what makes you such a strange mortal. You are able to come to this border without dying and yet you have never willfully attempted to steal any of the knowledge stored here, or the souls."

Zephyrus nodded. "But…who would want to do that?"

Blood started to unwind from death like threads, leaving behind the vague outline of the entity. "Those delusional enough to think they can become the Conqueror of Death."

Zephyrus nodded. But then hesitantly asked. "Truth…would it be possible…to speak to my birth parents?"

Truth looked amused.

"I would willingly pay the toll of course!" he hastily added.

Dead silence passed while Truth pondered this. Zephyrus began to wonder if he was too rash to ask this of the being when Truth answered.

"That would be acceptable…and as for the price…"

Zephyrus gulped, wondering what limb or organ he was going to lose.

"…I would require you to complete some missions for me in the future. However, because of that accursed Arch and those Homunculi, only Lily's soul remains primarily intact."

Zephyrus nodded. "I accept those terms. But-"

"I can assure you that this will be the real Lily Potter nee Evans, and not some artificial copy."

Zephyrus saw the world around him change again, but this time he was in a dark void where the shards seemed to be glistening like stars. Some falling like snowflakes into a void below.


*Ice Prince Alchemist*

Only the footsteps of the soldiers echoed in the silent abyss of Numengard, you could even hear the water dripping from the catacombs below. The stairs on which they were climbing seemed to be spiraling upwards into the darkness.

Finally they reached a single door.

The wizard unlocked it and yelled out "OI! Get you worthless sack of flesh, you have a visitor."

He turned to the two men. "You've got twenty minutes."

"Charming gents aren't they?" the tawny man asked sarcastically.

His comrade nodded. "Wait here."


"He won't attack me…not right away." Falman replied as he pulled his scarf down from his mouth.

"Alright, but if you don't come out in twenty I'm coming after you."

Falman nodded before stepping into the dark room.


*Ice Prince Alchemist*

"Harry…" Lily cried as she hugged the teenager. Unlike last time when it was the Homunculus, her embrace didn't feel cold, even though she was a specter.

"Hello…Lily…" Zephyrus replied.

She looked up at him with a sad smile. Her eyes sparkled, had she been alive Zephyrus was sure that she would be in tears.

"I'm so sorry…I missed out on everything…your birthdays…your entrance letter…" she touched his face. "You've grown up so handsomely."

"It wasn't your fault." Zephyrus replied. "There is more going on in the background then we truly know."

He watched Lily's face with sadness then slowly asked. "Do you regret having me?"

"Never! You were my little angel. I loved you from the moment I held you in my arms." Lily shouted. "James however…"

Zephyrus made a questioning noise as Lily seemed to ponder over her words.

"I loved your birthfather James…but…after we married I realized that…he only married me mainly for two reasons."

"Two reasons?"

"One was to make Severus jealous, while James never truly accepted the propaganda there were times when he acted like he was superior due to his magical ancestry. And the other was to save the Potter bloodline." Lily explained. "As you probably know the Potters were a Pureblood family, and the birth rates of children in the line had dropped dramatically in the last generations."

"So you caught his eye because you were a powerful witch?"

"Exactly. In fact many muggleborn witches who were my classmates married into families who hoped that introducing them to the line would make the next generation more powerful. The Potters had given James that ultimatum when he first went to Hogwarts. I fell into the category of what they were looking for in a potential bride for James."

"There is something…that I really want to ask of you."

"What is it?"

"The Puerperio Potion…Did you really want to take it to force my birth early in order to have someone to fulfill the prophecy?"

Lily's eyes darkened. "No. I wouldn't dare allow anything to risk the birth of my child. James may have been a bit of an egghead at times, but even he didn't want to risk the life of his precious heir. I would have guess my father-in-law, but Charles and Dora died a year before you were even conceived."

"Is there anyone else you can think of that would force you and James to take it? Anyone?"

Lily pondered over this.

"Dumbledore is a possibility…but…he values innocent life."

Zephyrus snorted in defiance. Lily gave him a look.

"I understand why you hate him. At first he attempts to care about all, but loses the sight of the individual in order to look at the bigger feature."

"Ah so instead of 'not being able to see the forest for the trees' it's the other ways around?"

"Dumbledore was once a great man whom many considered a prodigy. But in his youth tragedy befell his family. Both his parents were taken away just after he reached his majority, leaving the affairs of the house and the custody of his younger siblings to him."

"One day he got into an argument with his best friend…and a misaimed spell took the life of his sister. No one knew whose spell it was that took her life. His brother hated him, believing that it was his brother's fault entirely. His best friend wandered off and suddenly indirectly began a war that nearly tore all of Europe apart."

"He was friends with Grindelwald?" Zephyrus exclaimed. 'Hell no wonder Falman was always cursing under his breath whenever the Goat's name was mentioned.'

Zephyrus floated there with her for a few minutes longer exchanging stories of his childhood and getting excellent blackmail on the adult wizards namely Sirius and Remus.

"Your time is up." Echoed the voice of Truth as Zephyrus began to dissolve from that world. Lily hugged Zephyrus once more.

"Good bye, please take care of yourself and your family. Please…don't let me see you again soon."

"I promise…Mum…"

(Central City-Amestris)

"What's got you so energetic tonight?" Olivier as she picked her daughter up from her cradle. Unlike Zephyrus who had been shy as a toddler; Melody was a very cheerful baby, always smiling and looking at the world with her bright eyes in wonder whereas her brother's seemed to stare into the depths of your soul.

Melody cooed and pointed to the window, babbling in her infant language. Olivier looked surprised to see a spectral woman standing before her, hovering in midair.

It didn't take Olivier long to recognize her from some of the old photos.

"Lily Potter?"

"Thank you for taking care of him…" the woman suddenly dissolved into fireflies and disappeared into the night. "Thank you…Thank you."

*Ice Prince Alchemist*


Zephyrus sputtered awake as he was hit with two well-aimed jets of icy water to the face. He got off his bed and saw Lisa and Ethan wearing swim gear and holding water guns. Luna was behind them dress in a light purple one piece grinning in amusement and holding a camera.

"Luna…why did you…How the Hell did you two even get in here?"

"We answered the riddle." Lisa said in a matter of fact voice. She was wearing an orange swim top with brown shorts. "No change into some swim gear, we're spending the day on the lake!"

Zephyrus just laughed. "Have you forgotten…Water is MY ELEMENT?"

Lisa and Ethan screamed as they got an impromptu water slide ride out the window and directly into the lake.

Zephyrus turned to Luna. "So are you following them or do I need to push you too?"

Luna just smiled serenely and followed them down. "Don't keep us waiting too long!"

Zephyrus just chuckled a little as Valkyrie flew to his window with a chirp.

"How is your magic?"

"Balanced." Zephyrus replied. He looked at the phoenix curiously. "How did you send me to the Gate anyway?"

"It was easy to send you to the place of my birth." The phoenix replied cheekily. "After all the Moon is a symbol of both death and rebirth as is the Element of Water."

Zephyrus just stared in shock as his familiar flew off to enjoy the cool breeze.

Love is a beautiful thing, however it can drive even the kindest of people to do unspeakable things.

Next time…Cupid's Deadly Kiss

Love can be used as a double edge blade, so be wary of whom you reveal your heart to.

*trumpet fanfare*

Marauder's Theater's


Malfoy meets Mustang

Roy was twitching as he met with what he could only describe as a very feminine male who made sneering an art form. Looking at him he decided that Lyra Malfoy inherited the better part of the genes.

A few days after discovering the girl's identity, the stuffy man demanded that his niece be placed in his custody. Roy; having heard the man already had some potential suitors waiting in the wings for when he finalized the guardianship.

Lisa was waiting in the Embassy with Riza on the orders to leave the country on the first train if he doesn't return.

"So you are the Muggle that has custody of my niece?" Lucius asked with a sneer.

"Yes; Roy Mustang. Nice to meet you." Roy replied as he raised a hand to shake. Lucius just looked at it like it was contaminated.

"Charmed, I'm sure you are." Lucius replied. Roy twitched. "Now let us stop this charade."

"My thoughts exactly." Roy drawled. "I'll be blunt; I doubt an uncle who is already planning to sell her to the highest bidder and didn't even know that she existed would never classify to be a candidate suitable guardian."

"You dare think that a weak Muggle such as your self would be able to understand the sort of power that exists inside of her?"

Roy's eyes narrowed. "I believe I have plenty of understanding. That was the main reason I was given the guardianship."

"You? A weak and powerless Muggle?"


Lucius jumped as flames flickered out of Roy's gloved finger tips. The heat just barely touched his skin. He felt a stinging sensation at the life side of his forehead.

"Let me explain this to you Lucius." Roy said venomously with a very dark look. "I may not have the same kind of power that you have. But I can assure you that I am not weak, I am not useless, and unlike you; I know that leaving Lisa with someone as demoralized as you…would only drive her to take her life."

Roy snapped his fingers again, creating a large burst of fire that just barely touched the front of Lucius' robes.

"Why else would Lyra never mention her pregnancy…fake her death? I checked the records, Lisa was born several weeks premature. That would imply she was still in her first trimester when she left England." Roy's eyes narrowed. "It was because she didn't want her daughter to be like you."

Lucius raised his wand. The Goblins that had been quietly sitting in the room fell back to a defensive balcony in order to watch the show.

"I best show you your true place Muggle."

Roy grinned. "Actually I think it will be me who shows you the strength of a non-magical."

The two men soon went their separate ways. The guardianship squabble settled in favor of Roy.

"Did everything work out sir?" Riza asked.

"Let's just say that it's a good thing that Ed came by Central a few days ago to annoy me."

"What if-"

"He won't retaliate." Roy replied as he sat down. "Not unless he wants to admit he was beaten by a Muggle."

"Lucius…you're missing an eyebrow." Narcissa gaped.

"Oh…I hadn't noticed." Lucius said with a wince as he tried to sit down. "Love…can you give me the Burn Paste?"

The Child of the Bloody Desert

I was born during a civil war that was destroying our once beautiful city. My grandmother…she told me that I was born in an underground shelter beneath a temple. She held my mother's hand while Madam Shan, delivered me.

My father was above, trying to protect us by deceiving his superiors into thinking the area had been cleared by weaving numerous spells around the buildings. He would not see me until I was a month old.

When the midwife saw my hair and eyes…she proclaimed that the blood that stained our lands had also stained my body as a reminder of the violence. Whereas most Ishvalans have white hair, mine was the shade of blood.

I was a Child of the Desert. Baptized in the blood of all those whose lives were taken by senseless violence.

A reminder of Ishval's bloody history.

My eyes. My hair…my very soul…stained with the blood of those killed in our sacred city.

And I swear on my life that I will never allow such senseless violence to claim the lives of innocents ever again.

(9foxgrl Notes: Ethan's design is based off the Ishvalan boy that you see in Roy's flashback that he had to kill in Fullmetal vs. Flame. The boy had red hair and red eyes. Whereas in the FMA:B anime all Ishvalans had white/grey hair.)

Let It Go

(So…I was trying to think of ideas when my lil sisters came in my room to watch Frozen…If you haven't seen it, you may want to skip over this.)

The teenagers watch Frozen

It had been a quiet weekend, Lisa and Ethan were staying over with Zephyrus at the Armstrong manor, a sleepover as declared by Lisa. Zephyrus didn't care…as long as they didn't try to find the family photo albums again. He never truly forgave them for calling him 'an Ebil chibi' when they found a picture of him frowning as a child holding a toy sword trying to mimic his amused mother.

They had a television and a small movie theater system set up in the sitting room. Ethan had gone out and gotten a small stack of films with a majority of them being horror flicks while the Lisa prepared the snacks and Zephyrus locked up the rooms with very breakable objects and hid the photo albums.

The adults were out and Melody was asleep in her nursery with two maids minding her should she wake up. All was going well.

The first film was Silent Hill, and then The Last House on the Left, House of Wax, and the original Night of the Living Dead. Zephyrus was blinking slowly as the film ended, Ethan was startling pale and Lisa was peeking from under a blanket.

"…Is it over?"

"Yeah…umm what's next?"

"We could try watching this." Ethan said holding up a Disney film. "It's a new one that they are testing before putting it in the cinemas."

"This isn't going to be like the last one we saw where you guys started to sing at random intervals in the day?" Zephyrus asked warily.

"No." the duo replied. They had bugged Zephyrus a lot by randomly popping into a training session and started to sing 'I'll Make a Man out of you' at the top of their lungs. Then there was a duet of 'Colors of the Wind' and 'Part of your World'.

"Unless they have some really catchy songs."





"Ice has a magic, can't be controlled. Stronger than one, stronger than ten, stronger than a hundred men! Ho!"


*face palm*

"So…Elsa has powers like Zephyrus?"

"Yeah, but unlike her, I have control over mine."

"You sit on a throne of lies! I know you have difficulty control them sometimes."

"Like that time you nearly froze over an entire classroom."

"…do you wanna make a snow man~?"

"Shut up."


"Elsa should freeze that narcissist into an icicle."

"How do you know he's a narcissist?"

"Look at him!"

"Let it go~! Let it go~!"


"Hey Zephyrus did you ever run off and make your own ice palace as a kid?"

"No. And I sure as Hell don't go off to the mountains to sing."

"Well you two use magic to create some awesome clothes."


"A talking snow man?"


"No! I am not going to even attempt to make one!"

"Not even if Melody asked you?"

"She can't speak yet!"

"Singing match maker trolls…now I've seen it all."


"So…love melts the icy heart?"


"Let it go, Let it go~!" sang Lisa along with the ending credits.

"ENOUGH!" Zephyrus yelled as he chased them out of the room just as his parents returned.

"What's gotten into them?" Olivier asked aloud, Miles just looked at the television and hit play.

The next morning Zephyrus twitched as he heard Olivier hum 'Frozen Heart' to Melody as she woke the baby up.

Miles greeted him with a wry smile. "So…you want to make a snow man?"

Zephyrus screamed in frustration.

(LOL. This came from an original OMAKE idea of Zephyrus doing a critic review of a film or a book in a newspaper. Then there was an idea of little Zephyrus watching film with everyone at Briggs listening to Miles and Oliver's commentary as a little kid.)

Ice Prince Survival Guide by Corona and Graveyard

-Unless it's the end of the world or a serious emergency, it can wait until 6am. If you're the enemy you better wait until 6am or any chance of begging for mercy will melt away. A minimum of four to five hours is needed in order to have a moderately sane Ice Prince. Six for him to not have a hairline temper trigger in the morning. There was that one time that we made the mistake of waking him at 2am over something trivial…And we nearly lost our heads for it.

- Do not mess with the coffee. Coffee is sacred to a northern, even more so to someone at Fort Briggs. We suspect they dubbed it an official food group.

- Do not try to troll, prank or mess with him, his allied and most importantly his family. Seriously! There is a reason that the older soldiers fear him when he decides to prank someone and why he earned the nickname of Demon of the North!

- Do no comment on his bishonen appearance or refer to him as a 'pretty boy'! Seriously, the last guy was lucky to get away with a dislocated knee! Although several people can't help but admit his Veela ancestry gives worked out great for him. In addition; the topic of his adventure cross-dressing and magically turned into a girl is also taboo!

-Do not call him by his birth name. Just because he admits that he did have a life before Amestris, he doesn't not like to be acknowledged as 'Harry Potter'. To him that name is taboo and be warned he is proficient at ice alchemy, swordsmanship and has wicked accuracy with knives.

-He's not emotionless. Just because he acts like it…does not mean its 100% true. He's just good at controlling them. But if the room temperature suddenly drops to near zero temperatures or if stuff starts to ice over…you screwed up big time. And sometimes…he's like the reaper, you get no warning what so ever.

Or Slenderman.

-Don't try to give him nicknames. Only a few select people can get away with giving him an accustomed nickname and use it. Like the Veterans who call him 'Cub' or his dad who dubbed him 'Hellion'. There is also 'Fear', 'Devil of the North', 'Prince of Briggs', etc…. But call him 'Boy Who Lived' or 'Chosen One' and all bets are out the window.

-Just don't piss him off. Do we need to remind you he knows marital arts, weaponry, alchemy AND magic? If he doesn't beat the piss out of you, he will humiliate you to the breaking point.

Corona and Graveyard Survival Guide by Ice Prince

-Do not assume with them. Just when you think you know them…they throw something out of left field.

-Do not insult Graveyard's religion. In fact try not to bring up the topic of religion or anything of the spiritual nature. He will either go into 'philosopher mode' or psycho maniac. So unless you are a philosopher, religious zealot or a politician full of hot air…don't go there.

-Do not refer to Corona as the 'Child of Darkness'. The girl is practically a walking sun. Literally. Look at her wardrobe; it's all bright colors! Orange mainly. She nearly flipped when she saw our school uniforms were black! Hell, she breaks military dress code by always wearing either an orange barrette or earrings! And the day she goes 'Goth' will be when the Apocalypse occurs.

-Never Corona to choose the outcome of a gamble. Especially if she puts up a 'you must go to a formal event as the opposite gender' clause. She more than likely already looked up the information you're betting on or rigged it in her favor.

-Do not attack Corona's family. She has the 'Eye of the Hawk' and the Flame Alchemist as Step parents. I shudder to think how her brother is going to end up. The Malfoys tried to intimidate them…Lucius left without eyebrows and couldn't sit properly for weeks.

-Do not attack Graveyard's family. If the Wizard doesn't get you the Ladle wielding mother will. …then Graveyard will beat the Hell out of you. That's if his Devil Twin cousins don't get you first.

-Do not antagonize Corona. She has a hobby of setting people's pants on fire, especially if they insult her because she's is female.

-Don't underestimate Graveyard. Oh you may think that he's a God fearing man who couldn't hurt a flea…but you would be wrong. I get enough bruised ribs from our sparing to prove it. I didn't even know that Strong Arm made gunnery and explosive disposal part of his studies.

Sorry for the wait folks. Its just bee a stressful few weeks at work. That and my lil sis has gotten me into the Shingeki no Kyojin fandom.

Hopefully this meets your fanfiction needs.