The nights were cold and the frost ferocious, it was in the winter month of December, when the Hydrangea plants started to sleep for the winter, to hopefully come out, new in spring, rejuvenated and refreshed.

In the middle of December, we had our first frost which forced most of the hydrangea plants to sleep and so they dropped their leaves, it was then when Rea had a turn for the worst and it had its consequences.

On the morning after the first frost, the leaves had already started decomposing under the thick sheet of icy snow; Mero went outside as normal in the early morning to pick the leaves for Rea and Baabu, she got the rusty shovel and dug under the snow, but as she discovered there were no green leaves only decomposed, rotting ones. Quickly she ran to Furuya with the rusted shovel still in her hand, "Furuya!" she ran upstairs, "what? Mero"

"Furuya, the Hydrangea leaves, there... there rotten and we have no more"

"What!" it took a while for the fact to get to his head

"... What can we do Mero? Rea could turn restless, remember last time, and she was going to eat Wanko San and...and.." He said while thinking

Rea stumbled into the hallway

"I need a leaf and quick... I'm feeling a bit sick...Ughhhhhh!" she threw up over the hallway"

Rea collapsed and eventually Baabu, It was about a day before Rea and Baabu turned ravenous, it was unexpected as they had no Idea what happened if they didn't eat the leaves, they presumed they would just die, but they soon learned that was not the case.