The Curious Case of Dean Winchester

E/O Drabble challenge, word: sparkle

Summary: The mind is a strange thing. Who can say how it's going to deal with what it can't bear. AU – so: no spoilers.

A/N: Don't ask me where that came from. It knocked at my door and I couldn't resist. And yes: guilty of 200 words – so sorry ;-)

The students left the room talking in hushed voices, most of them heading for the cafeteria. Only a young woman with black curls stayed, looking back through the small barred window.

"How long's he been in that state, Professor Singer?"

"Hm?" The doctor turned to her, absently scratching his graying beard.

"Oh, he has been admitted here shortly after I've started – about 24 years ago."

He shook his head.

"His brother has been shot in the middle of a trial. Prosecutor – a brilliant guy. He was leading the charge against some members of a satanic cult accused of murder. A tragedy. It's been allover the news at that time."

"And he's been keeping that – uh – diary ever since then?"

"Yes. It seems to help him, writing about killing supernatural creatures together with his brother…"

"And that ring of salt around his bed?"

"I know, it's a bit unorthodox, but it makes him feel safe. Saves us a lot of medication, too."

"Professor… you think I could spend some time with him? For my master thesis?"

Her dark eyes sparkled with excitement and he felt a sudden chill run down his spine.

"Sure Meg." He coughed. "I'll give it some thought."