I walked into my house at mid night my parents gone as usual and sat down at the computer desk opened the lap top and studied the changes on the computer it was logged on my account my hands flicked through my black shoulder lengh hair .How could some one so easily hack my password for my password was a guy only I knew my parents nor relatives knew this person just when I mumbled their name the lights went out and all was silent except the moans that I heard every time the wind blew against my house then my door creaked open and that's when I saw it the ghost of Edward K Thave."Ring"the bell to class started and the teens in my high school started to grab their bags and leave but I was still standing in front of the class with my 1 paragragh essay that who we call ms K instructed us to write a seven paragragh story but this is all I could think of.I knew what she was going to say 'Jamie Hall Dana you're a professional writer for your blog but wrote only one paragragh of this this disgraceful story but instead she seemed puzzled and her eyes were fixed opoun the name Edward K Thave "How do you know there name?' I was frozen at her respond "HuH' "How do you know their name" she asked again " I-I just made it up" "No!' she started to step back with a horrid look on her face and her eyes widened."No!' she started to look up.

How I wished I was one of those students who had left but I had to face the facts.I wasn't . I couldn't watch any more so I closed my eyes that's what I do when I'm scared I belive it makes it all go away even I know it deosn't then I opened my eyes when the foot steps stopped and she was gone I looked around no one.'Jamie" went this voice I looked around again "Jamie" the voice moaned "Who's there!" I shouted "Jamie!" It yelled once more I turned around there floating above the teachers desk

Was a pale blond guy with a dimond ring in his hand he dropped it I was petrified with fear a closed my eyes again "Jamie" the voice went No No go away I thought then my eyes opened it was gone I looked down at the ring I picked it up . it wasn't just any ring it was the special one Mrs. K wore .I left the school building and started to walk home through the park

But started to walk to Ambers house one of my best friends I wanted to talk about the problems I'm faceing.

By T.O.H