I do not own anything associated with Lord of the Rings, its characters or its existing plotline. I do however own the dark and twister thoughts in my head, my twisted sense of humor, and the alternate theory of this story. I will get no financial compensation for writing this story, save those who join my cult like following, and even then, it will be for other means.

Long Summary:

Long Ago a war was fought, the Dark Lord Sauron had a Ring crafted that would ensure his dominance over the realm of Middle Earth and enslave all the insignificant beings that dwelt there. There was nothing to stop him from ruling, with his Dark Queen Elssandra beside him, she cast a protective spell that dealt any who dared to steal the ring instant death. Though there is no love in the darkness, only lust, greed, and betrayal, which led to the loss of the One Ring, which fell into legend.

The evil sorceress had removed the spell, allowing Isildur to take the Ring, and hoped to steal it in the chaos, instead of retrieving the Ring Sauron realized her folly and used the last of his power to banish her to a realm of diminished magic.

And long has she waited, and now the One Ring had reawakened, and with it her plan. She had heard of a creature within the borders of Mirkwood that had information, and probably the possession of her quarry.

Elssandra has kidnaped the Mirkwood Prince in hopes to trade for the Ring, though he has escaped. Now it is up to him to survive in the strange world long enough to find his way back and get the message out of the evil sorceress' plans, and perhaps find something he didn't expect in a land so alien to his own.


Fluff, angst, will drive you insane with the madness, character abuse, alternate realm (21st century earth, minus existence of Tolkein.)

Alternate Universe Theory:

Tolkien did not write his works because the events had yet to take place. My character is a human, born on our world, otherwise known as the realm of diminished magic. I may at any time incorporate the use of any historical myth, religious works. or old wives tales as facts within this AU.

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Her breath caught in her lungs as dread filled her, she stood on the tips of her toes and peaked behind the curtain to the expanse below. Outside in the faded moonlight the trees littered beyond her backyard were set upon with an eerie glow as the fog diluted its light and cast lingering shadows on their swaying limbs. Fog condensed on the window as she breathed heavily pressed up against the window pane, in an attempt for a better view.

A sound in the distance stilled her breath, in her chest her heart hammered at an unrelenting speed. Silence taunted her as her lungs burned with the need for air as each moment seemed more painful and suffocation feeling overrode her need to be silent. She yielded another breath as her eyes darted rapidly scanning to find the source of the sound, yet finding nothing amiss.

She tried to calm herself, rationalizing that this was not some horror movie. Perhaps it was just a stray dog that had wandered out this way, or some animal in the trees that had been injured in the storm.

Slowly, she let the curtain fall and proceeded through her bedroom door, whether man or beast, she would not go out into the night unarmed. The dark house creaked as she made way down the steps, she pondered as she scanned items around her house before she settled on what to take with her, she let out a shaky breath and crossed into the kitchen and withdrew a knife from the stand on the counter.

The dining room was bathed in the faint light that came in through the glass door that led out into the yard. She was unnerved by the quiet; the break in the storm left scattered limbs and overturned furniture on her back porch. It was still for the moment, but the clouds in the distance warned that it would not hold. She bit her lip as she worked up the courage and walked toward the glass.

She hesitated, her hand hovered over the handle, fear prickled her skin, and the chill of the glass radiated through her thin clothing. She raised her hand to run her fingers through her hair with her free hand while the other adjusted the grip on the knife.

She groaned out an out a frustrated sigh. This is ridiculous.

The moon overhead mocked her, as if it dared her to venture outside and away from her home, into the night to see what lay beyond her sight. To discover the source of the disturbing sounds that she had heard in the distance. She focused on the ticking sound of a distant clock and tried to calm herself. She closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip.

What if it's a puppy? Or a small kitten?

It didn't sound like a small animal...

Shut up! She demanded as she grabbed the handle, slid the door open, and stepped out into the chilly night.

Twigs crunched under her dark sneakers, she felt the icy chill of something sneaked beneath her black cotton pants, she stopped and looked down and noticed her shoelaces had come undone and twisted underneath her black cotton pants, the frigid water had soaked them and was now lashing her skin at every step.

She shivered and pulled her thick black leather jacket closer around her, whatever it was that was out there had to hear her coming, she felt as if she sounded like an elephant in her steps. As her steps drew her closer to the tree line, her vision improved, the lump of a solid shape, and something that reflected as if it were metallic.

Her mind reeled at the form that she saw beneath the tree, and she froze as she realized it was human. The person was lying on their stomach with their face buried in folded arms. Whoever it was, appeared to be injured, they moved their arm and let out a muffled moan. As she stood darkness surrounded her, a quick glance up revealed the moon decided to abandon her behind a cloud. Terror filled her, moments passed, and there was no sound. Her pulse spiked as her heart hammered in her ribcage as the cloud passed over and light spilled out once more. She took a deep breath, and drew upon some unknown resolve as she stepped forward to examine the person.

She studied the length of the person, but whomever it was partially hidden by a rock. Long blonde hair shimmered in the moonlight as it hung in silver sheet, over an arm, and along the body and braids that hung loose and covered the face.

Men don't have hair like that. Oh God, what could have happened to her?

Fear was replaced at once with compassion and worry for the injured soul.

She dropped the knife as she rushed forward, gently she pulled the hair back to check for a pulse, she bit her lip and sent up a pray it would still be strong. Though when her eyes were met with a strong bone structure that had her heart drop into her stomach as the realization dawned on her that she was a definite he, she paused.

He moaned then as her gaze traveled over his body which had a faint tremor as she took in the scratches and caked blood that covered the length of him.

He had to have gone through hell.

She threw a glance behind her, looking back over the distance of the yard.

I need to go call 911, there is no way I can carry him.

It was then the sky flashed, and she jerked her head up as the lighting flash across the sky. The thunder followed, far closer and much louder, than she expected, and she let out a startled cry.

There was a blur, and she was on her back beneath him. The wet frigid grass soaked through her clothing as she looked up into a face that was masked with hatred. He held his hand to her throat and squeezed as her hands flew up to struggle against his iron grip.

I'm going to die.

"Where is the witch?" He growled each syllable. She choked and sputtered, but he remained in control. Her frail attempts were in vain against his super-human strength that held her in place.

"Where is she? Her attempts to contain me are folly! I will find my way back, and what she hoped to remain in secret will be laid before the ears of Saruman himself!" He threatened.

Oh my God. He's insane.

He relented just enough for her to pull air into her burning lungs so she could speak. She stuttered a frail attempt to reason with him as Fear engulfed her as the crazed lunatic held her down and the wind began to howl.

"I..I..I'm n..n..not a witch!" She sputtered.

It was only then he glanced up, and scanned the dark house in the distance. He released her throat as he grabbed her arm and jerked her up on her feet. His movements were unbalanced, and she felt him loosen his grip on her arm as he tried to steady himself.

She ran.

She had gotten only a few feet when she felt her hair was yanked from behind, the pain seared up her neck and shoulders as her head whipped back from his hold. She froze as the metallic glean of the knife was now pressed against her throat.

"Your treachery is useless; do you really think you can outwit an elf?" In an arrogant voice, he demanded.

She closed her eyes realizing that there was no hope.

She ceased her struggles as his words sunk in.

Just my luck, there must have been a break out of some asylum nearby during the storm. And now I am playing the part of some evil witch in his fictional story.

She felt the tears sting her eyes as she desperately wished she had her cell phone on her to somehow call for help. She let out a breath and closed her eyes as moon reflected off of the blade.

I would be long dead before they arrived.

Fate was not done punishing her, as the wet sting from above pierced her face and neck. She felt him push her forward, toward the dark house, each step waned on her hope of survival, she bit her lip, and prayed to whatever Gods who were to blame for this, just a bit of mercy, and if they could, a miracle would be lovely, as they entered the door.

An inspiring true story:

I had lost my muse on this story, but in February of 2013 I was tracked down by a reader on Facebook, who quite hesitant to let me know she was a fan, and hoped I would not freak out that she found me. I wasn't, in fact I was actually delighted that someone found my story that interesting. I do have links on my profile, to my website, facebook, twitter... And also my blog where I post this story, and sometimes add pictures. So I would like to give a shout out to my one really determined fan, and as promised I am back, and the story moves forward.

Thank you, it means a lot to me to know that there are people who really enjoy what I am writing. I can imagine so many things, but knowing others love it too helps motivate me to sit at the keyboard and keep writing.